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ArShi SS: Woh Humsafar Tha (Ch 7 - Pg 51) 05/12/16 *new* (Page 51)

falakanand Senior Member

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Posted: 28 November 2016 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
read this in one go
its very well written 
almost cried in each chapter 
please update soon and do pm me 

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SA_nimk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 November 2016 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
read all in a go!!

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IArmageddonI IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2016 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
Hello guys, I am back! A quick hug and thank you to all those who sent me love/comment/like. Sorry I don't have time to reply for once! Just to clarify, you'll only find this story as He Was Mine in Wattpad under the username Jappa Satya or in my blog If you find this story anywhere else - do tell me asap :) 

So yeah, no more holding you back - check the chapter below as soon as possible!

Love you all!

Chapter Seven - Smile

"Simple. Meaningful. Important. Loveable. Effortless."  - IArmageddonI

Khushi locked her bedroom door and ran to her bed. Huddling under a blanket, she hugged a pillow close to her chest. She couldn't name her emotions. There was this searing ache in her heart, but her eyes refused to shed a tear.

His audacity... the audacity to normalize everything, which he had destroyed! She remembered his shocked face when she walked out of his home without a second glance. Her words hurt him, but she couldn't care less.

"Khushi? Beta (child) are you ok?" Khushi stiffened as Garima called out. Wiping her tears aside, she forced a smile and unlocked the door. Garima grabbed Khushi's arms, knowing her daughter was hurt. "What happened Khushi? I haven't asked anything because you haven't said... but Beta I can't see you like this." Khushi broke in Garima's arms, holding onto her as a still Garima caressed Khushi's short hair.

"Amma (mother) I'm sorry for not saying..."

"Shut up! Who apologizes to their mother?" Garima scolded, fondly. Pushing her locks behind her hair, Garima sighed "Khushi, I know you need time."

"Thank you." Khushi smiled, leaning to her mother's touch.

Before Garima could say another word, they were interrupted by a bell.

"Kaun ho sasura? (Who in the world is it?)" Madhumati hollered from the kitchen. To her horror, there were a dozen red roses bouquets waiting for her at the other end.

Khushi stiffened, knowing who this could be from.

"Is there a Khushi Raizada here?" The delivery boy asked.


Khushi held a bouquet in her hand, her fingers running over the soft petals. A part of her wished to dish them out to the garbage, but every flower was just so... endearing.

"As if the same can be said about the sender," Khushi grumbled, sniffing the blood red roses once again. She had known Arnav long enough to know that this wasn't a showcase of money - that man probably couldn't decide which bouquet was beautiful enough!

The barely there smile on Khushi's face dimmed when she saw the handwriting on the cards attached. It was anything but Arnav's.


"You sent the roses?" Arnav nearly dropped his phone at her clipped tone. "Why, anything wrong with them? Weren't they beautiful enough? Wait... don't tell me there were insects - I asked Aman to send the best quality-"

"Oh, Aman selected them."

Arnav frowned. "Khushi I paid for them."

He heard Khushi sigh from the other end "Yes I know... but convey my thanks to Aman for having chosen the twelve most beautiful bouquets I have ever seen." With Khushi cutting the line at that, Arnav gnashed. What did this woman want?

"Khushi, what did you mean by that! I got them for you!" He barked once she accepted his call.

"Did you select the roses?" She asked.


"You must have selected the number of roses then?"

"Uh... no."

"The bouquet design? That must have been your selection?"

Arnav shuffled his feet, embarrassment striking him "No."

"Didn't you even pick up the roses?"

"No Khushi..."

"I see... anyways. Thank you for them." Arnav had nothing more to reply at that. Damn it! He should have known that the many flowers wouldn't faze Khushi. The last time he had gifted her, she had been glowing in surprise and happiness - even though they were nothing but cheap glass bangles.

His heart clenched at that thought; those days had been the most beautiful ones.

If only he hadn't ruined it all.


"Amma, we should plant these roses in the courtyard. It will be a waste if these wilt away." Khushi murmured, looking at the flowers all across the living room. Her family had, gratefully, refused to say anything or ask anything about the flowers.

Grabbing a bunch, she walked in front and dug the earth. A curse left her lips as she tried to figure out how to put the flowers in.

"Let me help." Khushi gasped, losing her balance as Arnav grabbed a stem and carefully assessed it.

Arnav wiped the soil from her hands, smiling briefly as Khushi remained shocked. "I came here and saw you hunched over with roses and all..."

"Why are you here?" She asked, dusting her hands on her shirt.

"I want to take you somewhere."

Khushi was about to snap off when she saw his eyes, full of hope and expectation. No matter how much she was hurt, she had never learned to bruise others.

"I don't want to go anywhere..." She murmured.

"Khushi I... I just want to celebrate your birthday." He said, hesitantly.

"Yesterday night was my birthday Arnav, and you celebrated it well enough." Khushi snapped, holding her arms tight as anger flashed through his eyes. "It was a fcking mistake Khushi! I'm sorry if I want to make you happy!" He glared.

"Thank you. I knew something was wrong without your anger. We have to go somewhere, right? Let's go." Khushi stormed to his car, leaving Arnav in a bottomless pit of guilt.

Fck, he ended up hurting her!


"I didn't mean to hurt you," Arnav whispered, his hand ghosting over hers. "Say something new," Khushi whispered, texting her mother about her impromptu trip. Holding her hands close, she let the haunting romantic melodies play through the radio till they reached his house.

Grabbing her wrist, he took her straight to their bedroom pool.

Khushi stopped short. The room was bathed in a soft gold as scented floating candles bobbed on the water. Fairy lights draped from one tree to the other, beckoning an enchanted glow. In the center, right between a table of roses stood a giant chocolate cake with Happy Birthday Khushi written on top of it. To the side, there were several gifts in wrapped boxes, each wrapping paper different from the other.

Stepping tentatively, her eyes watered as she felt herself relive the few, cherished moments of Diwali and pre-wedding days. The time he first kissed her cheek. Her hands curled around the silken decorative ribbons. It was beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful.

Arnav walked in gently, placing a warm hand on her shoulder. "I hope you like it." Khushi nodded slightly, no part of her ungrateful for the surprise. "Let everything be the way it was before Khushi..." He whispered.

"If you weren't there then everything would have been perfect! Just the way it was before! Shyam wouldn't have lusted over you and my sister... she would have been happy! Everything would have been the way it was before!" Arnav snarled, grabbing a crying Khushi's arms in anger.

Khushi snapped back, stepping far from Arnav. No number of lights or decorations could hide the bitter memories of this place. "No Arnav, nothing was great with me being here. Please, I agreed to come here, but you're taking things differently."

"Differently? Khushi, a few words of mine can't make such a big difference!" Arnav growled, dragging her to the cake. Khushi blew out the candles and took her bag "No, there are too many memories down here. Why fight for something that won't be there in a few days?"

"Few days? What the fck Khushi? I have done so much for you and you don't even care about that?" Arnav shouted, lighting the candle.

"Why don't you understand Arnav?" Khushi asked, ripping off the ribbons entangled in her bangles. "I don't understand? I chose this cake - I drove into the bakery and got this for you. I wrote the Happy Birthday Khushi personally. Every single gift out here - I selected them myself. The whole day I've been getting things for you myself. I haven't let anyone else touch anything!"

Khushi grew quiet at that, a small part of her heart was overwhelmed with the thought of someone going to the extremes for her! But before she could say anything, Arnav yanked her in front of the cake and forcefully cut the cake along with him.

"SO when I want you to fcking cut the cake, you do it - okay?" Arnav seethed in a fury, his temper returning once a nice slice was out. Grabbing her jaw, he forced the cake slice into her mouth, till Khushi pushed him away, choking.

"Sht, Khushi are you okay?" Arnav patted her back, passing water to soothe her coughs. Khushi rejected the glass of water and walked aside, her throat aching as much as her heart - if not more.

"I didn't expect this Arnav... I really didn't." Khushi coughed out, her eyes stinging. She didn't expect him to force feed her. Was it her fault that his bitter memories refused to make her happy?

"I just wanted a smile on your face Khushi." Arnav banged the glass on the table.

"You can buy the world Arnav, not my smile-" She barely completed her sentence when Arnav cornered her to the wall, all too familiar anger on his face. "Why? What in the world has happened that you can't even spare me a smile?"

Khushi looked on as Arnav stormed out of his room, throwing the entire cake in his rage. Collecting herself, Khushi walked out to find him fuming in his car - waiting to drop her home.

Having no cent in her pocket and too worried to awake a sleepy Payal, 

Khushi sat in Arnav's car and stared at the window till she reached her home. Unbuckling herself, she sighed "Arnav. I do appreciate whatever you did for me..."

"I can see that by your face." He snapped.

Shaking her head, Khushi took in a deep breath "I smiled when I loved you; it doesn't take a genius to understand now why I can't."

With that, Arnav's ego, pride, arrogance and heart cracked



"Arnav Singh Raizada... whenever I think you're the best for me - you're hell bent on proving me wrong." Khushi seethed, throwing a file at his face. 

Laying down there was the latest copies of the purchase of her aunt's property, father's sweet shop and the details of their medical bills and pension. Everything was clear and all debts were off their head... if only Khushi Kumari Gupta would, with her own will, reside with Arnav Singh Raizada.

My dearest readers,

Ah, this Khushi isn't really going to bend easily!Really sorry for the late update but now I promise I'm going to update these stories as soon as possible! Usually I stay up to pitch in an update or two but late nights have proven to being pretty fatal for me! So please keep up with me while I try to keep up with my new schedule!



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Prettycool Senior Member

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Posted: 05 December 2016 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
It took me while to recollect the story after gap to read today's update but it was good update , hope you will come sooner that I have red the story

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-Roshini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2016 at 5:44pm | IP Logged
Amazing update

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zaniax IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2016 at 6:51pm | IP Logged
Arnav still doesn't realise the impact of his words. Khushi should definitely not give in easily until Arnav understands the gravity of his mistakes and sets his priorities right.

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lara3110 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2016 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
Love your story and all the chapters. Great writing, full of emotion and Arnav's ego...

Waiting to read your next update.Thumbs Up

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falakanand Senior Member

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Posted: 05 December 2016 at 7:38pm | IP Logged
loved it
update soon

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