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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 95)

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So sad ...
:( :( 
Thanks for PM..
Please update POH :( :(

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Superb chptr
loved it
update soon

thnks for pm
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Cry waiting for the next part
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Awesome chapter dear..
Hope jo is fine
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Hey plzzz update
When will u update??????
Plz reply
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What happens to u..
U are the only person giving long n daily updates n now u r also not updating
Plzzz update

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Chapter 246



                Jalal with help from sonali try to stop the bleed on jodha's wound, jalal totally worry because jodha face now white as if there is no bloon inside her body and she almost lost her conscious.

With his hands cover with her blood he touch her face " jodha . . my love . . sweety . . . hang on there ok ? . . . you hear me " told jalal.

Jodha feel her stomache really hurt and she start to loose her strength, she want to scream to jalal not to let her go " ja . . . ja . . . " she whispering with weak.

Jalal hold her face closer to him " ssttt sweety . . . don't talk too much . . you will be alright . . . you will be alright " said jalal, he try to convince jodha and himself that she will be just fine, he is really scare to death.

Jodha looking at him with teary eyes " I  . . . I don't . .  wwwant . . to leave you " she said.

" you wont . . . and I wont let you leave me . . you hear me . . . no matter what . . . no matter how hurt you hang in there . . . I can't live without you jodha . . . " said jalal, he try to getting through to her who looks almost pass out.

" I . . I'm so scare . . . I . . . I don't want to leave you . . . . " jodha start to cry and winch because she feel very hurt on her stomache, sonali and Imran try to holding back their tears watching the sad scenc in front of them.

Jalal hold her tight " you wont go anywhere . . you wont leave me . . you will always be with me till the day I die " told jalal, tears fall on his cheeks.

" I  . . I . . . love . . . you . . . love . . love " said jodha, she try her best to keep awake but she have no strength to leave, her eyes start to closed.

Jalal in panic watching jodha unconsciously " jodha . . sweety . . wake up . . wake up "

" ooohh my God . . . " sonali now break watching jodha fainted with while face " jodha . .  jodha . .  please . . wake up . . " she begged and crying in the same time, Imran hug her from back to pacify her.

" zahir . . . faster . . . . " yell jalal, he is soo scared that jodha wont make it but he will turn hell and heaven upside down if jodha don't make it, she must live otherwise his life will be over.

Sujamal, moti, amrita, mirza, abdul, bakhsi, bobby, tariq, salim, aram, maan bai, mustafa and maan singh waiting for jalal and jodha at the emergency room gate, they all just arrive few minutes a go, mirza carry aram who still crying and keep calling her mimi, everyone in hospital see the news and they all pray for jodha safety, sonia, arjun and lily with some people from shelter go to hospital to see jodha condition.

" aunt mirza  . . where . .  where is mimi ? " ask aram between her sob, her eyes swollen because no stop crying, abdul carry salim who crying too but he try to be strong for the sake of his sister.

" mimi will be arrive here " reply mirza.

" I want mimi . . I want mimi " said aram, salim hold aram hands.

" mimi will be here soon aram " told salim, then mirza phone rings and he answer it fast.

" yes ammijan . . . " said mirza.

" mirza oohh my God . . is this true . . me and juhi just watch the news that jodha being shoot . . . ? " ask hamida.

Mirza try to hold back his anger because someone dare to hurt his sister in law " yes ammijan that is true . . we all now at hospital waiting for bhaijan . . they used care so they must be stuck on the road " told mirza.

" ooohh God . . . who do this mirza ? who is cruel enough to hurt my jodha " ask hamida with angry,  juhi hold her shoulders to make her calm.

" I don't know ammijan but we will find out and will make whoever responsible pay for this " reply mirza and his attention got distract when he heard cars stop in painful sound " ammijan I think bhaijan and bhabijan arrive . . I will call you and let you know everything " told mirza.

" yes you do that mirza . . . oooh God please protect jodha " hamida really worry because she can't imagine what jalal feel right now, then she end the call so mirza can help his brother.

Zahir come out from car and opened the door for jalal, his heart beating soo fast looking how much blood on jodha's cloth, he can't imagine his bos feel right now, then jalal in hurry carry jodha enter emergency room following by sonali, Imran, zahir and some bodyguards.

Sujamal feel his hearts stop when he see blood cover jodha body and he need all his strength to not to break down " my God . . . . " he whispering and amrita hold his hands to give him strength.

Salim and aram very shocking when they see jodha condition " mimi . . mimi . . . " calling aram with panic when she see blood.

" mijaaannn " salim too now can't holding back himself.

" mimi . . . mimi . .  wake uppp " calling aram, she is desperate want to be with jodha, mirza try his best to keep aram on his arms.

Doctors and nurses come and they hurry jalal to lay jodha on hospital bed, jalal with shaking hands lay jodha lifeless body and he refuse to leave jodha.

" she lost much blood and we must take out the bullet " told dr john then he looking at his nurses " prepare her for operation now . . come we must hurry " he told, he must take out the buller as soon as possible before jodha lost more blood.

" where . . where are you taking my wife ? " ask jalal.

Dr john looking at jalal and see that he is in turmoil watching jodha condition and he can hears their kids crying outside " I must perform surgery to take out the bullet, I must stop the bleeding as soon as possible before it's too late " told dr john.

" you must save her . . . you hear me ? " told jalal.

Dr john heard a lot about how this man really love his wife and everyone in hospital watching on news when jodha been shot and he can understand jalal feel right now " I will do my best mr jalal " reply dr john, then he and some nurses take jodha to operation room and jalal following them, while sujamal and abdul keep stay behind him, jalal keep standing in front of operation room, his heart in mess and the only he can think now that God must save jodha, she is his life and sould, he couldn't live without him.

Sujamal want to say something but abdul prevent him, abdul know jalal very well and the only thin they all can do now is to let him alone, let him to compose his own feeling, mirza try to pacify aram and salim who still crying calling out for jodha, selima then come with rahim, hassan and hussain and they all searching for jodha too, when they see salim and aram crying they try to pacify their sister and brother, rahim try not to cry and he keep pray to God that he wont loose jodha too.

                Meanwhile in London ravi fly to india using private jet, he hope he can prevent blood war between mughal and mehra family, he is very shock when he watch the news, he know that ranjit must be involve in jodha shooting, his brother keep drag their family into deep trouble, but ranjit now really cross the limit and jalal wont let him alive this time so that is why he fly back to india, he will try his best to solve this problem between mughal and mehra, he hope that he hasn't too late to prevent blood war.

Hamida and juhi too decide to back to india, their family need them, hamida really angry because someone dare to attack jodha, she is the sweetest and kind she ever know and evil hands dare to lays on his daughter in law, hamida will make sure whoever responsible for shooting jodha will pay what they've done.

In hospital everyone waiting doctor doing surgery and they all feel tense, no one dare to approach jalal, he is like wounded lion now and will hurt anyone who come close to him, jalal really angry because jodha got hurt right in front of him, and he still can heard how jodha warning him then use her body to shield him, he never ever forget how jodha receive bullet that meant for him, ooh he realize now that he is the target but jodha save him, his gentle and kind wife protect him with her body, he is the one who should in operation table not jodha, she sacrifice herself for him and he feel frustrated and angry because jodha must suffers because of him, the image of bloody jodha in his arms torture him, then in angry jalal hit the wall with his fist, everyone with shock watching his action, blood drool from his fist leave red mark on the wall.

" shit . .  shit . . shit . .  damn you . . . " he yell in angry, sonali really feel guilty because she caused pain to this family, she remember how devon shot jodha and she don't know what will happen if jalal know that it's devon who shot his dear wife.

" mirza . . . you should stop him . . he will injured himself if he keep doin that " told selima.

" there is nothing can make bhaijan feel better right now . . only jodha bhabijan who can ease his pain " reply mirza, he feel hurt too see jalal like this, he know how much jalal love jodha.

" abdul . . . sujamal . . . why not try to talk to him ? I'm really afraid that he will hurting himself " told selima to abdul and sujamal but they know what mirza said is true, only jodha who can pacify jalal right now.

" it's my fault . . I kept take problem to this family and now jodha been shot because of me too . . I'm truly sorry " said sonali, imran hold her hands and he hold his hands back.

" don't blame yourself because of this sonali . . jodha wont like you blame yourself . . " reply moti, she try to make sonali feel less guilty but inside moti really piss off, his sister being hurt like this and she want to kill whoever shot jodha, aram watching jalal and she can feel that her bubu in soo much pain now, she feel that not only her who want to see her mimi, then to everyone surprise aram walking towards angry and frustrated jalal who still hitting wall to release his feeling.

" ooh my God what aram doin . . mirza bring her back . . jalal is in anger now and he wont see anyone . . I'm afraid he will hurt aram " told bakhsi.

Mirza looking at aram who really like jodha and he think may be this is what jalal need " wait and see . . . . may be aram is the one who can make jalal bhaijan calm " told mirza, then everyone watching little aram with brave walking toward jalal and stop beside him, she touch his hands when he is about to hit the wall again, like a magic aram's touch pull out jalal from darkness that start to cloud his heart, jalal looking down and see aram, and he likes to see jodha who staring at him.

" bubu . . . . aram want to see mimi " said aram and that is what jalal need, innocent aram cast away the darkness in heart that almost take over his sanity, jalal then kneel in front of atam and with his shaking bloody hands he take aram into his arms.

" ooohh little princesss . . you will see mimi as soon as possible . .  bubu promise " said jalal, he holf her little body tight as if he try to gained strength from her pure and innocent soul.

" aram want to see mimi . .  aram miss mimi " said aram with sad and she start to cry again, she wrap her small hands around jalal neck and snuggle her face on his neck, rahim, hassan, hussaina and salim what to give their abbujan support too so they all running to jalal and hug him, jalal then hug all his kids and he feel a sunlight through his heart and mind, his little angels love and support really pull him out from his insanity, after see how kids can make jalal relax, mirza, abdul, sujamal, imran, sonali, moti, selima, bakhi, bobby, tariq, mustafa, maan sigh and maan bai come to jalal, they want to give support to him too, jalal feel bless that he have amazing family who always ready to support him but his soulmate fighting for het life and jalal pray to all God to help jodha and make her survive, they all waiting for hours and for that long his kids always stay with him, they all having and giving each other support and strength.

Finally after five hours waiting dr john come out from operation room, and jalal following by kids and family come forward, dr john can see concern and fear on their faces and he think how lucky jodha to have family like this.

" how is my wife doctor ? " ask jalal, his heart beating soo fast and he is worry to death.

Dr john smile to everyone " we success to take out a bullet and stop the bleeding . . she is really lucky . . . she can go home in few days but make sure she wont lift something heavy in few weeks " said dr john and everyone feel relieve that jodha will be fine.

" can we see her ? " ask jalal, he want to see her, touch her to make himself belive that she will be just fine.

" she will move to intensive care soon and then you all can see her " reply dr john, he can see jalal look like just free from nightmare " she will just fine " he said to jalal and he just nod, then dr john leave, jalal and others waiting almost one houres until jodha move into intensive care and mirza asking jalal to go inside with kids, they all need to see that their mother will be just fine jalal carry aram and following by boys enter intensive room, he can hear jodha heavy breath and her heartbeat from monitor, jalal try to holding back his tears watching condition of the love of his love.

" mimi . . . " aram calling jodha and he almost jump out from jalal arms, she want to be with her mimi.

" sssttt . . aram don't talk too loud . . mimi need to sleep " jalal warn sad aram and she obey him because she want to be near her mimi, while rahim, hassan, hussain and salim watching jodha with tears on their faces, they all sad to see their mother laying lifeless on hospital bed.

Then jalal put aram on jodha bed and aram rest her face on her chest and her hands above her stomache " mimi . . . mimi . .  aram is here for you . . open your eyes mimi " said aram between her sobbing.

Jalal bend and kiss jodha forehead then he whispering on her ears " we all here for you sweety . . . come back to us soon . . . we all worry you soo much sweety . . . " he said.

Rahim touch jodha hand and hold it " ammijan . . don't leave me . . don't leave us . . . I will always need you in my life " said rahim and eventhough he try to be strong but his cry break at last, he really scare jodha will leave him.

Hassan, hussain and salim holding jodha other hands and they all crying too " mijan . .  please wake up . . I promise wont ask spiders ad pet anymore " said hussain and jalal smile because hussain innocent words.

" yes mijan . . please wake up . . we love you mijan " said hassan and he wipe his tears.

" mijan . . salim promise to take care of you so you wont got hurt anymore . . so please wake up ammijan " said salim, jalal looking at his kids who love their mother soo much.

" kids let's pray for ammijan . . I believe that ammijan will hear out pray " told jalal and they all nod, then jalal lead the prayer and kids following jalal, jodha even in her unconscious can hear pray from her kids and husband and she try her best to come out from pain, she want to come back to her family and she will do that no matter what because her soulmate and her belove kids waiting for her and she wont let them down.





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