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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 90)

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superb update ndi...
waiting to knw what this stupid ranjit will do ...
update soon... nd thanks for pm...

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Sonali received support and help from everyone in the family of Jalal, Moti her lawyer ... But I think, that's support of Jodha and  Sujamal  for her the most important thing. It is as the veteran war can't be the clear (can't to explain his feelings) for a person which was not at war.
This it understands only one, who went through the war.
The scene between Sujamal and Sonali written wonderful. As the all chapter.  Eagerly wait! Smile

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waiting for your all updates do
please update
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Chapter 245



                Sunday morning everyone gathering together and kids really having fun with each other, jodha asking zahir to buy her bunnies for maabai, jalal don't want her to leave house if not for important matter and all for her safety so she ask zahir to help her to buy bunnies for maanbai.

" bubu . . do you know why mimi asking us to gathering here ? " askaram.

" no little princess . . . I don't know " reply jalal.

" may be mijan will give us a surprise " told rahim.

" may be mijan finally will allow us to have spiders as pet " said hassan.

Jalal and everyone chukles listening to hassan" in your dream son . .iwont allow that kind animal crawlings in my house " said jalal.

Hassan and hussain make sad faces " ooohhhbujan . . they are soo cute and innocent . . . you and mijan will love them if you let us have them as our pets " told hussain, he never give up to persuade jodha and jalal to allowing them to have spiders as their pets.

Jalal touch the top of their heads" nice try kiddos but it still a no " saidjalal, he know what hassanhussain try to do.

" but they are good bhaijan " praise mirza, it's very fun to watching hassanhussain try to persuade jalal to let them have spiders as their pet.

" yes they are . . . I can see they will be a great businessman " reply sujamal.

" where is mimi . .  she is been gone too long " protest aram.

Maanbai touch aram's shoulders " auntjodha will be back soon aram " said maanbai.

" seearam . . that is mijan " salim pointing to jodha who walking with them with zahir, jalal see that zahir bring something.

" what are zahir take with him " ask jalal.

" bubu . . . are they bunnies that uncle zahir take with him ? " ask aram and mirza, sujamal , rahim, hassan, hussain, maan bai, and maan singh looking at bunnies on zahir hand,

Aram run towards jodha and then stop in front of her "mimi . .  are those bunnies ? " ask aram with curious.

Jodha smile to aram " yes little princess . . they are bunnies " said jodha " those bunnies are for maan bai " she add.

Aram's eyes widened because of happiness " ooohhh mimi is that right ? are those bunnies really for maan bai ? " ask aram.

" yes little princess . . . you want to give this bunnies to maan bai ? " ask jodha.

" ooh mimi can I ? " aram asking jodha with hopefully.

" yes little princess . . . zahir give those bunnies to aram " told jodha to zahir then he do what she said, aram take those bunnies from zahir and hold them in her chest.

" ooohh mimi . . they are soo cute . . . " aram caress the black and white bunnies with love " but my jo and j are more cute because they are very look like mimi and bubu " add aram with proud, zahir try to holding back his smile because only mughal little princess who have privileage to compara jalal with bunny.

" yes no one can beat how cute jo and h " reply jodha and aram nod with happy " come . . let give these bunnies to aram " told jodha, then she and aram with zahir behind them walking toward their family.

" mijan . . are those bunnies ? " ask salim.

" yes salim that are bunnies " reply jodha, maan bai with excited and enthusiasm come to aram side and looking at the cute bunnies.

" ooohhh aunt jodha they are very cute . . can I touch them ? " ask maan bai, aram looking at jodha and she nod.

" maan bai . . you can have these bunnies " said aram, maan bai looking at aram with confuse.

" what do you mean I can have those bunnies ? " ask maan bai.

" mimi buy this bunnies for you . . see maan bai . . mimi is very kind " reply aram with proud, jalal wrap his hands around jodha waist and pull her closer to him.

" you really buy those bunnies for maan bai ? " ask jalal.

" yes . . i asked zahir to help me to bought those bunnies . . . " said jodha.

" ooohhh aunt jodha . . . is this real ? these bunnies for me ? " ask maan bai.

" yes sweety . . . those bunnies for you . .  I promise to buy you right so I ask uncle zahir to help me buy it for you " told jodha.

Maan bai run to jodha and she hug her " oooh thank you thank you thank you aunt jodha . . . " she said with happy, jodha then kneel in front of her.

" you must take care those bunnies alright . . . " said jodha.

Maan bai nod " I will aunt jodha . .  I will . . ..  " reply maan bai with determination then suddenly she calling sonali " mommyyy . . moommyyy " salim, rahim, hassan, hussain and maan singh come to aram and they all see bunnies, sonali rushing to maan bai when she heard maan bai calling her, amritea, moti, selima, bakhsi, bobby, tariq and mustafa following from behind.

" maan bai .. maan bai . . what's wrong ? why are you screams like that ? " ask sonali with hurry, she really worry when hears maan bai screams.

" mommy . . mommy . . . . look what aunt jodha give to me " said maan bai, she take sonali to aram and show bunnies " look mommy . . aunt jodha buy those bunnies for me " she add with happy.

Sonali looking at cute bunnies then she look at jodha " jodha . . . . "

" I promise to buy bunnies for maan bai so I asked zahir to help me buy those bunnies . . . . " reply jodha.

" aram can I hold them ? " ask maan bai.

" of course they are your bunnies " said aram and then slowly maan bai take the cute bunnies and hold them on her chest, she caress them with gentle.

Maan bai look up to sonali " mommy . .  they are very cute right mommy ? " ask maan bai.

Sonali with teary eyes looking at happy maan bai, she never see maan bai very happy like this " yes maan bai they are very cute just like you " reply sonali then she look at jodha " thank you jodha . . what you've done for use beyond words and thank you is not enough to show my gratitude " said sonali.

" don't think too much sonali as long as maan bai is happy that is the most important " said jodha.

" maan bai do you need help to give name for your bunnies ? " ask hassan " we all can help you " he add.

" oooh God . .  this is gonna be nightmare . .  when hassan hussain have idea it always something " tease jalal and everyone laugh.

" hmmm mommy this white one I want to call it snowy because it color is white like snow . . . .. " told maan bai.

" that is a good name maan bai " said aram " snowy . . snowy . . . " aram call the white bunny.

" what if you give name the black one is blacky " suggest salim, and maan bai thinking for a while then she smile to salim.

" snowy and blacky . . . . I like that . . .  " said maan bai and salim smug because maan bai like his idea.

Sonali kneel in front of maan bai " beautiful name for cute bunnies " she said and maan bai nod then she show sonali her bunnies, everyone watching the scene with smile.

" you are really an angel walking on earth you know that my loving wife " jalal whispering on jodha ears " you bring happiness to a little girl " he add.

" it always bring joyful to give other happiness especially kids " reply jodha.

" and I'm very proud and bless to have an angle as my wife " said jalal and jodha rest her head on his chest, sujamal too feel proud how his sister always do kindness and goodness to others, she really have a golden heart, that sunday everyone feel very happy but they are not realize that they will face the worst day in their day tomorrow.

                Ranjit see devon just about to leave then he call him, he just wan to make sure ranjit do his duty successful.

" yes bos " said devon.

" don't fail . . make me proud devon . . . I want jalaluddin muhammad akbar disappear for good . . . " told ranjit.

" I will do my best bos . . . " reply devon.

" good . .  now go . . . " said ranjit, then he watch devon and some of his men enter their car and leave, ranjit smile with happy because after today jalal will become history, he will gone for good and no one will helping sonali again.

Meanwhile sonali feel terrible nervouse because today she will filled divorce against ranjit to mumbai court, she feel scare, happy, excited in the same time because this is the first step to release herself from ranjit and mehra family, she make sure maan bai eat her breakfast then she, aram, salim and maan singh play with their bunnies, while amrita helping jodha and jalal to take rahim, hassan and hussain to school.

" are you ready ? " ask jodha to sonali when they are walking headed to car.

" yes . . but I feel really scare and nervous " reply sonali.

" don't worry me, jalal and abhi will help you and we will be there for you " jodha try to pacify her.

Sonali nod and she try to gathering her courage " yes jodha . . I hope this can end as soon as possible " told jodha " and I believe imran will be there for you too " she tease her.

Sonali face redden when jodha mentioned about imran " hmm yes . . he said he will waiting for me at court . .  he want to give me support " said sonali.

" that is good sonali . . . I can feel love in the air " tease jodha and sonali face totally red now.

" jodha sweety come on . . . " told jalal and then jodha with sonali enter car, sujamal look at them through the window.

" be carefull you all . . . " said sujamal, he really have bad feeling about sonali and ranjit problem.

" we will bhaisa . . don't worry " reply jodha.

" you take care my sister jalal " told sujamal to jalal.

Jalal nod " you know I will do that sujamal " said jalal, then they leave and sujamal watching them until their car disappear, he totally feel unsettle as if something bad will happen, he just hope and pray that everything will be just fine.

In front or mumbai high court there are reporters everywhere, they want to give live report bout ranjit and sonali divorced, they all got leak that sonali will filled divorce today and she will accompany by jalal and jodha, they really want to get special footage about this, while sujamal, moti, selima, bakhsi and amrita with kids watching the news and see the situation in front of court.

When jalal car arrive everyone get crazy, reporters crowded around jalal car and try to take picture inside, zahir as his men to get ready because it's gonna be messy, it will need hard effort to goin through those reporters.

Sonali already feel worry and scare with soo many reporters " ooohhh my God jodha . .  I never imagine that my divorce will gained soo much attention " said sonali.

Jodha hold her hands " don't worry and don't be afraid we all are here for you sonali " jodha try to pacify her and sonali try to relax and calm.

" my bodyguards will protect you sonali and you don't have to said anything to those reporters just said no comment " told jalal and sonali nod again, then car stop and door opened, jalal come out first follow by jodha and sonali, jalal protect jodha and shield her from those reporters while zahir and other bodyguards protect sonali.

" mrs sonali is that right that your husband abused you ? " ask one female reporter.

" how much you will get from this divorce ? " ask another female reporters.

" why you filled divorce against your husband now ? " ask one male reporters, imran who see the scene from far away come forward to help protection sonali, reporters really want to get answer and they will do anything, they start to push hard againt jalal and jodha, they try to break through jalal bodyguards barricade, they want answer from sonali, zahir think that this will out of control now and so he is hurrying jalal, jodha and sonali to enter courthouse, they all busy to protect jalal, jodha and sonali from reporters that they don't realize devon infiltrated amongs reporters and he hold gun on his hands, imran finally arrive at sonali side and he shield her from reporters, jodha and jalal get cornered by reporters and in just a mere of second devon come forward then he point his gun to jalal, jalal busy protecting and shielding jodha that he don't see devon try to shoot him but jodha see that and she recognize devon, jodha know that devon want to kill jalal and she only have one chance to protect jalal, she wont let him getting hurt.

" jalalll . . . loookkk ouuuttt " screams jodha and before everyone can react to jodha screams they hear a loud gun shot, jodha shield jalal's body and she feel hurt when a bullet enter her body, her ice blue long dress start to chance color to red, everyone screams in panic and get down on the ground, jodha lifeless body fall on jalal's arms, and sonali with shock looking at jodha and she see shocking devon still with gun on his hands, then he take advantage from everyone panic and runaway but sonali know it's devon who shot jodha, the news about shooting in front of court house make everyone who watch it from house shocking.

Jalal hold jodha face and he look like hell, he don't understand how this happening " jodha . .  jodha . . . sweety . . . . " call jalal with panic, his hands cover with blood because he try to stop her bleed.

" ja . . ja . . . ja . . . . lal . . . . " jodha need her strength to talk.

" get ready for car . . .  bos mam gto shoot we must hurry to hospital " zahir bark an order and his men obey and move fast, reporters look shock and they totally still confuse what just happening.

" ssttt . . sweety . .  ssstt . .  we will take you to hospital .  . hang on there " told jalal.

Sonali and imran kneel beside jodha and jalal " oohh my God . .  jodha . .  you must hang on there . . don't die . . please jodha " said soanli with teary eyes, reporters decide to stop to give life reports, they must respect mughal family feeling now that jodha getting shoot, everyone adore jodha because of her golden heart and whoever shot her just sign a death wish.

" sonali . . . be calm " imran try to pacify sonali " we must go to hospital now " told imran to jalal and jalal no need to tell twice, the carry jodha body with gentle and reporters give them a way to passing through, no one can guess what's in jalal mind, his face not show soo much emotion but inside he is in mess, jodha hurting right in front of him, he totally angry to himself, jalal enter care fast following by sonali and imran then leave to hospital, reporters rushing to following them, they want to know how jodha condition.

Meanwhile in mughal resident aram and salim in shock and crying when they see jodha cover in blood.

" mimi . . . . mimi . . what's wrong with mimi . .  why there are blood in mimi body " ask aram, she come in front of television and touch it where she see jodha, amrita can see sujamal in shock then she touch his hands.

" suja . . . . " she call him.

Sujamal looking at amrita with confuse " wh . . what . .  just happening ? " ask sujamal.

Amrita know that sujamal in shock " moti . . . told pilot to get ready then call zahir . . ask where they were headed we will go there by helichopther " told amrita and moti nod then she make phone call.

" selima  . . . go to school and pick up rahim, hassan and hussain and bring them to hospital, notice their teacher and head master " told amrita to selima.

" leave them to me " reply selima and then she carry mustafa and leave to pick up rahim, hassan and hussain.

" mijan . . mijan . .  what is happening with mijan ? " ask salim, she and aram now start to crying.

" aunt suja . . mimi . . I want my mimi " demand aram in panic, she can feel her mimi in great danger.

" ooohh what is happening with aunt jodha ? " ask maan bai, she look very shock too.

Sujamal back to reality and he know that jodha and jalal depend on him now, he can fall now " I don't know little princess . . but we will find out bout that soon . . . come . .  aunt suja will take you to hospital " said sujamal, then he carry aram and salim while amrita hold maan bai hands and they all go to heliport, sujamal pray to God to save jodha, she must survive, she must live, she is everything for everyone and they all will pray to God to give her strength, moti jump in helichopter and told pilot where they headed, aram still crying calling out her dear mimi and salim try to give support to his twins while maan bai hold salim hands and give him support, three pure sould giving each other support and they all pray for jodha safety.


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Res Di 
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Yippee I'm first Di 
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Thanks for pm Di 
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Originally posted by Kavya_P

Res Di 

Unres Di 
Awesome chappy Di 
Family time is amazing 
Ranjit is wanting death 
He want to kill Jalalludin Mohammed 
But Jo saved her husband by taking the bullet to her 
Devon and Ranjit will have a painful death 
Sujamal gut proved right 
He still in shock with this
Reporters r good for Jo because they left them 
Jalal's emotions are in mess n he will kill those bas***ds
Kids praying for Jo 
Aram is crying for her mother 
Hope Hassan Hussain n Rahim will be safe 
Hope Jo will be safe 
Update soon Di 

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