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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 9)

lovespari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
awesome ndii...
wow soo now all mughal ladies on a mission ...mission benazir band bajaoWinkLOL
ohh every pne thinking n ferling pity on those boys who try to cm close to araam...ohh god thes ladies she still a baby girl it will tk time LOLbtw its going to funsee Ja n all brothers Bodyguard of princess araamBig smile
gud tht arjun brok partnership he free.
waiting fr selima n moti frst move...
thank u fr pm

mamtasingla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
nice chapter
jodha taking care of all kidsBig smile
continue soon
Ms.Oswal Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
Wow awesome update.
So finally mughal ladies in 
Wow aram is so cute n innocent  n lovely scene. of no n children sleeping.
Nice that finally shrub is away from chudail finally forever.
I hope he helps the mughal ladies.
Ndi81 Goldie

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Chapter 217



          Arjun arrive at mughal building and security take him straight to abdul's office, arjun don't know how to face his friend abdul, abdul secretary escor him to abdul's office and then she knock the door

" come in " said abdul, arjun open he door and then he enter, abdul look up to see who is coming and he smile " oooh it's you arjun . .  come and sit my frien " he add then arjun sit across abdul.

" hmm abdul you don't angry with me  " ask arjun, he feel uneasy that abdul still friendly after what benazir did to him.

" why angry wth you ? " ask abdul then he remember benazir " oohhh . . wel it's my problem with her not with you arjun and I know so I'm vey sure you are not with benazir in this matter " told abdul.

" no abdul . .  and to be honest I was very surprise when I saw the news . . I don't understand what her intention doing this ? I know that in the past she likes to seduce rich married guy untill they leave family and after she got their suck out their money she leave them . . but I never guess she will do something like this" said arjun.

" I don't know her intention but judging by what you just said may be she think she can tame one of mughal men .  after failed with jala so she tried with me  . . . " arjun can't believe what he just hear.

" what ? she try to seducing jala too ? " ask arjun and then he remember that day.

" yes she did and jala rejectd her in a blink of eyes  " reply abdul " funny though that everyone know how much jalal really love his family . . he is family guy and I don't understand why on earth she try to do that " reply abdul with amusement.

" what happen that day abdul ? please tell me " said arjun and abdul told him everything, arjun really can't believe that benazir will do something low lie that " my God abdul . . . I truly sorry . . " he add.

" why you feel sorry .  . it's her not you that doing that shamefull and low act " reply abdul

" she is my ex business partner . . . . "

Abdul looking at arjun with curious " what you mean ex business partner ? " he ask.

" I've just break our partnersip . . I had enough to deal with her personal matter that drag our architect firm and beside sonia support me to out firm and open my own " told arjun.

Abdud nod " that is a good idea arjun . . you are very talented architect and I believe you will success by your own . . . I've seen your design and I can say that is amazing even jodha can see how amazing your design " abdul try to give him confident, he seen arjun's design and his ethic work so he sometimes wonder why abdul not open his own architect firm.

" yes sonia said the same thing and she really want me to open my own architect firm . . . even she ask me to not worry about her and lily just concentration on our dream to built firm architect " said arjun and abdul smile because he can feel how proud arjun toward his wife

" sound very amazing woman " reply abdul.

Arjun smile " she is and I'm bless to have her in my life . . . sonia and out little girl lily are the most precious thing in my life " he said with a happy smile and soften eyes.

" I can understand you man  . . selima and mustafa are the best thing ever happen to me and I love them soo much " reply abdul.

" yes I feel the same . . .but abdul what are you plan with benazir ? the project still go on or will hold ? " ask arjun.

" I still don't know yet . . but after work will talk with my lawyer and I will ask jalal about that matter " told abdul " benazir take the cheque but jalal already ask bank to hold it so she wont able to cash it " said abdul.

" benazir ruined everthing by her own selfish action . . but I'm happy too that finally I can come out from her shadow . . . . and you know jalal invite me and sonia along with lily to come to his house and sonia been waiting for that but now I'm not sure if it the right time to do that " said arjun.

Abdul smile " don't worry about that arjun I will asking jalal about that too later and let you know " reply abdul.

" I appreciate that abdul because it's sonia who want to see jodha .  . she is really admire jodha and looking forward finally can meet jodha in person " told arjun.

" ahhh I see . . .  and like  said don't worry about that " told abdul try to reassure him and arjun nod then they talk about arjun plan for hir future and abdul will try to talk to jalal if abdul can carry the project by his own

Mirza just arrive at jalal's house and he find jodha with kids while jalal, moti selima and abdul have meeting in jalal's study room.

" how long they've been in there ? " ask mirza to jodha, tariq who see mirza run to him and mirza carry him.

"dad . . mom been in there for some quite time . . . " tariq pointing to jalal's study room.

" they've been there for half an hours " reply jodha.

" ooh ok . . . so I heard it's the battle of ladies ? " ask mirza with amusement.

" mimi . .  what battle ? I am a lady too . . . " told aram.

Jodha laugh " yes you are my very beautiful little lady and bout battle it's nothing aram " said jodha.

" oooh ok mimi " reply aram then she is back play puzzle with salim while his bhaijan doin their homework.

" selima didi decide she and moti will give benazir hard lesson for messing around with mughal men " said jodha.

" ooohhh my God . . . . I really want to see that . . . . it will amazing to see selima become lioness to protect abdul . . . . " reply mirza and he giggle.

" can't imagine what will happen if you are the one benazir target . . . moti will become devil lioness " tease jodha.

Mirza laugh " ooohh no no  . . when moti become jealous I'm the one who will in lot trouble . . .  so I will try my best to avoid beautiful woman especially the kind like benazir " said mirza and jodha laugh too, then mirza's phone ring and he see it's bobby who calling him.

" yoo man . .  what's up ? " ask mirza.

" man is jalal bhaijan with you ? " ask bobby.

" he is in study toom with abul bhaijan, selima, and moti . .  what's wrong ? " reply mirza.

" oooh I need to tell him something and I try to call him but he isn't answering his phone " told bobby.

" oooh jalal leave his phone at bedroom . ..  " said jodha.

" man . . .  jalal bhaijan leave his phone at his bed room . . . if this important I will go to study room and let jalal bhaijan know that you are looking for him " told mirza.

" please do man . . this is very important . . . it might help abdul case and prove his innocent " said bobby.

" ok hold on . . . " then mirza still carry tariq go to study room and knock the door, opened it and enter " sorry to disturb bhaijan but bobby want to talk to you and he said he want to say something . . it might can help to prove abdul bhaijan innocent " told mirza, jalal, moti, selima and abdul of course feel very surprise to hear that, then jalal with hurry take mirza phone.

" yes bobby . . . tell  me " said jalal and with curious mirza, selima, abdul and moti watching jalal talking with bobby, jalal not talk too much almost listening to bobby " I understand so I will meet you at office tomorrow morning with selima, moti and abdul . . . .thank you for remind me about that bobby I almost forget it " said jalal.

" I just remember about that too bhaijan . . .  hope we can find that evident we can prove abdul bhaijan innocence " told bobby.

" yes me too bobby and that cheap woman will be bury by shame now " told jalal, then he end the call.

" what is that all about ? " ask abdul.

" bobby just remind me something that I almost forgot " said jalal.

" what is it jalal ? " ask selima with curious.

" well I forget that every office in mughal building have hidden camera . . " said jalal.

" what ? hidden camera ? " ask mirza with surprise, he don't know about this.

Jalal nod " yes and I plant hidden camera to anticipate in case someone steal important file or whatever . . . and only me who have access that security tape . .  . and tomorrow we will check the video the day when benazir accused abdul try to rape her " told jalal.

Abdul look relief " ooohhh God thank you . . . I hope the video still exist that can be my solid prove that I didn't do what that woman accused me . . . . " said abdul.

" you are a good man abdul so I believe God will give you a way  " reply jalal and abdul nod.

" ahhh finally we will have a solid prove that abdul is innocent and I swear abdul I will fry that woman " said selima with angry and confident.

" I suggest we keep that video untill court . . if you want to destroy benazir better destroy her through court and no one will able to save her that time and abdul name will completely clear but we must see the video first tomorrow . . . " said moti.

" I agree with you moti  . .  this time benazir pick the wrong man and the wrong family to messing up . . .  I will show her what it's like to messing around with mughal " reply selima.

" but if we hold the video until court those stupid media will keep speculation that abdul bhaijan really did that " said mirza.

Abdul smile " don't worry about me mirza . . . I can take it . . like I promise to my wife that I will let her to deal with benazir if she try to messing with me again and so this is her fight . . . I will support her " reply abdul and then he reach selima's hands and hold them " I believe that God will always be with us  " he add.

Selima smile with love to abdul " don't worry abdul I will win this war and bury benazir forever . . .  and don't worry too because I don't care what people especially what those stupid reporter think the worst of you . . . " she said and abdul nod.

" ok then tomorrow morning we go with bobby to check the video but I don't think I want to watch benazir doing her trick on abdul " said jalal with amusement.

" yes it's kinda embarrassing when you all watch that video . . . " reply abdul and everyone laugh, even in hard time this family will always find a way to laugh because that is the most important thing, selima really can't wait to get rid that horrible evil woman and she will make sure she wont be able to face the world again . . never.




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Res :)
Unres Big smile

Awesome update teh Ndi 
Can't wait see mughal ladies destroying Benazir Big smile
Thanks for the pm Smile

Edited by erning_w - 29 April 2016 at 9:48am
kartikaJA IF-Dazzler

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awesome update
can't wait for next update
please update soon
sweety992 Goldie

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Nyc chappy
Update dr
-Kavya_P- IF-Stunnerz

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awesome chappy di
lioness is waiting for her prey
update soon di

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