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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 84)

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Chapter 243



                Dinner time very fun and sonali feel happy because after her parents death she never had such wonderful dinner, maan bai too very happy and she get a long with mughal kids, but sonali heart bleed when she think about anarkali, how is she doing and what she is thinking now, she is very worry about anarkali condition and she don't know how to contact her.

" mommy . . . I had soo much fun playing with bunnies . .  I hope I can have one " said maan bai to sonali.

Sonali looking at maan bai and smile to her " may be . . . . " reply sonali.

" maan bai if you want bunnies . . mimi and bubu can buy it for you " told aram " they are very kind and if I ask them to buy bunnies for you they will " said aram, jodha and jalal with everyone chuckled listen to aram.

" really ??? " ask maan bai.

Aram nod " yes . . .  " then aram look at jodha and jalal " mimi . . bubu . . maan bai want bunnies too . . . can you buy bunnies for maan bai ? " ask aram.

" hahaha she know that she got her abbujan wrap around her little finger " tease sujamal.

" careful bhaijan that little princes will rule you like a true princess " mirza tease jalal too.

Jalal smile with wide " what can I say . . I love my little princess " said jalal.

Sonali feel shy because aram asking jodha and jalal to buy bunnies for maan bai " hmmm aram thank you for your good intention but I think . . " maan bai looking at her with hope and pleaded make sonali heart melt.

" don't worry sonali it's not a big thing . . . " told jodha, she know how sonali feel and she understand it, then jodha look at aram and maan bai " of course aram .  . if maan bai want bunnies too we can buy for them " told jodha.

" yeaayyy . . . see maan bai . . .mimi and bubu are very kind . . . you hear that mimi will buy bunnies for you " said aram with happy and look proud of her mother.

Maan bai nod " thank you aunt jodha . . ooh mommy I will have my own bunnies " reply maan bai.

" thank you jodha " said sonali.

" you are welcome " reply jodha.

" mijan . . now may be you can let us to have our own spiders ? " ask hassan with hope.

" yes mijan . . aram can have her own bunnies . . we want spiders " said hussain.

" no no . . . hassan hussain no that kind animal in my house . . . " told jalal.

" but bujan . .  spiders very cute " reply hassan.

" hah . . cute for you but not for me . . . " said jalal.

" they are not naughty bujan . . they will always stay in their box wont come out " hassan still persuade jalal.

" with naughty master like you two I'm afraid even the harmless animal will beome naughty like their master " tease jalal, hassan hussain giggle " and I heard from rahim teacher and headmaster that you two are very naughty " he said.

" ooohh really bhaijan ? " ask bobby.

" yes . . . they said these two kids famous for their naughtiness . . . " said jalal.

" and you are surprise ? " ask mirza " with you as their abbujan I don't think that is a strange thing " he add with evil smile on his face.

" you too very naughty jalal when you were kid . . may be not in the same level with mirza naughtiness but yes you are naughty " reply selima.

" I guess apple fall not far from tree . . . . " said bakhsi.

" why I'm not surprise to hear mughal man very naughty when they were kids " tease moti.

" so they inherit that side from their abbujan " told sujamal.

" oooh definitely from their abbujan " reply jodha.

" but beside naughty they are smart too . . . smart and naughty . . very dangerous combination " said jalal with proud and jodha chuckled because she can see how proud jalal that hassan hussain naughty but smart in the same time.

" you know bhaijan . . . you and jodha bhabijan should have one more set twins . . that will more amazing " suggest mirza and he wink to jodha and jalal.

" ooohh my God . . please spare my soui " reply jodha with funny terrible face expression.

Jalal laugh watching jodha expression " I want another kids but mrs jalal here said our kids now are enough . . I don't mind if we have another kids " said jalal with happy and he smile with evil intention to jodha.

" ooh no no no . .  don't even think about that " warn jodha.

" hahaha . . . come on bhabijan may be next time you will have one set princess " reply bobby.

" ooohh dear lord if you have another twins you wil create history jodha . . one set boys . . one set mix . . one set girls . . " tease abdul and everyone laugh looking at jodha expression.

" bujan .  . how abou cat ? can we have cat ? " ask hassan.

" cat will suffer here because bujan already have lioness " reply jalal.

Hassan hussain look confuse " you have lioness ? no way " said hussain.

" yes way . . . " reply jalal.

" where is your lioness ? we never see it " ask hassan.

" it's invicible but my lioness always come out when she feel her family in dangerous " told jalal while he look at jodha.

Hassan, hussain and other kids look confuse but rahim smile because he can guess who is jalal talking about " abbujan . . .  I don't understand what are you talking about " protest hussain.

" what abbujan mean . .  ammijan is abbujan lioness " told rahim, jodha and jalal looking at rahim and smile to him.

Aram feel horrible imagine jodha become lioness " no . . no . . no . . ammijan is not a lioness . .  lioness is scary . .  ammijan is nice " said aram, she reach out jodha hands an hold on to it.

" hahahah scary ? you should see your self when you angry little princess even lion scare to death when see you angry " tease jalal and everyone burst into laughter, sonali really love the bond between this family, jalal then looking at sonali " sonali . . everyone here know bout your problem with mehra family so I can say this in front of them and with they know what happened it will help me and you to watch out for this family " told jalal and sonali nod " abhi can process everything . . at first I will let moti to handle your divorce matters in court but mehra family very dangerous too especially your husband . . . . and I don't want moti or bakhsi or selima even jodha become target . . . " moti try to protest but jalal stop her " I know you are very brave and strong but this is not only bout divorce . .  once sonali filled divorce to ranjit the dirty secret about ranjit will come to surface, they will do whetever they can to clesn ranjit image and add to that I asked mirza and abdul to destroy their business empire as my revenge to ranjit for daring hit jodha . . so I guess he will take revenge too so I want to make sure jodha, moti, bakhsi, selim and sonali save, abhi have experience to face the worst human being and he can be a devil when he face evil and he know how to take care himself " jalal explain the real situation to everyone.

" bhaijan is right baby . . . you are not only a good lawyer but a mother too . . so you mus think about your own safety too " said mirza to moti.

Sonali never guess and her problem will involve this amazing family into great dangerous " he is right moti . . you and madhu enough helping me but I hate to put you and this family in danger and for that I truly feel sorry " said sonali.

" don't worry about us . . . we will survive " said selima, she try to pacify sonali from her guilt.

" we are strong woman but bhaijan is right . . if this battle really danger what bhaijan do is right " told bakhsi.

" abhi will come here tomorrow to talk to you sonali, time for you to stand up for yourself . .  and I already ask mirza to publish this news on newspaper company that my ammijan owned . . tomorrow the real battle will start . . I hope you can be strong because once it's leak to public they all will start to digging your and ranjit past . . but you are here with us very safe for you . . no one can enter mughal resident . . " sonali nod and she ready to face whatever might come.

" I'm ready " she said with determination.

" good . . tomorrow abhi will come . .  he need to know everything about what happened to you while you are married to ranjit and on Monday me and jodha will accompany you to filled divorce againt ranjit mehra " said jalal.

" don't worry sonali . . we all will support you " told bobby, he can see slight of fears on her eyes even she try to be strong.

" thank you  all . . I never imagine that I can find great people like you who willing to help me " reply sonali.

" let say that it's a fate that bring you to meet jodha . . and now here you are with us . . and mughal always protect their relatives and friends " told mirza, sujamal can't help to think how jodha felt when she was trap in hell when she still married to surya, she didn't have someone to asked for help, she suffered and beared all the pain by herself, sujamal feel sad and guilty that she is wasn't there when his baby sister need him the most, then sujamal feel jodha looking at him and he see jodha shook her head gentle, told him in silent that he shouldn't feel guilty for what happened to her because it wasn't his fault, jalal see the interaction between jodha and sujamal, deep down jalal feel guilty too because it was his father who caused pain for jodha and he truly sorry for that.

                Ranjit just finish his dinner, he want to go to his penthouse where alia waiting for him, he want to make sex with her, couple days without sex is torture for him, then he hear his phone rings and when he see it's his lawyer who call he don't want to answer it but it keep rings so he answer it " you better have good damn reason to called me this hours " he said to his lawyer rohit.

" jalal start to make a move . . . his lawyer find sonali parents lawyer, even sonali and jodha come to house that her parents give to her " told rohit.

" what . . . . how on earth they can find out about that with fast ? " ask ranjit in angry.

" with that kind money jalal can have every information he want to know in very short time . . . what you want to do now . . if I'm right then it's not possible that finally sonali will filled divorced you and she can add the reason that you are abusive husband . . when the news about it spread to media your family will be the center of attention " told rohit.

" that jalal and his wife really like to meddle in other people personal matter . . .  hate them . . grandmother will be furious when people talking bout her proudly family name . . . if only jalal and jodha not helping sonali this all wont happening . . . . if sonali really dare to said anything about me beating her then she just sign her death . . I wont think twice to kill her to shut her mouth up " said ranjit, he really want to kill sonali for causing him soo much trouble.

" I doubt that you will able to do such things since she now live in mughal resident and that place have insane security . . . but I think about what you've just said that if jalal didn't interfere in this matter may be situation will different now . . hmm what do you think if we make jalal obey us . .  we can kidnap his kids and demand him not to help sonali anymore . . . . " suggest rohit.

Ranjit think about what rohit just said and he smile because he already have evil plan " very good rohit . . . you are really something . . I've got an idea . . .. " told ranjit.

" if you want to kidnap his kids I suggest to kidnap his daughter . .i heard that little girl is everything to jalal . . he will do anything for her daughter safety " reply rohit.

" hahhaha . . I've got a better idea . . . . " said ranjit " I will hang up now and call devon " he add then he end the call and dialed devon number " I need you to do something for me . . . ." ranjit told him what he need to do.

In the other side the house devon look intense " you do realize if he it fail he will hunt us back and this time he wont let us go . . . " warn devon.

" I'm aware of that . . . so do it right . . . . . I want it done before sonali have a chance to fight in court " told ranjit.

" alright . . . . I will make arrangement . .  let's hope that it work or we all will go down " reply devon, honesty he don't like to do this but he can't do anything.

" good . . I want a good news . .  not bad news . . let me know when it's done " told ranjit.

" ok . . . " devon put back the phone when ranjit ended the call, then take out a suitcase and he opened it, there is a gun inside, he take out the gun and breath with heavy, he must make his heart black to do this, he hate to harm or kill innocent person but he is loyal person and he must do whatever his master ask him to do, like it or not he must kill jalaluddin muhammad .


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waiting for your update di
please update your all stories
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Me first 
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Res Di 
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Originally posted by Kavya_P

Res Di 

Thanks for pm Di 
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Originally posted by Rajat_loverr

Originally posted by Rajat_loverr

Originally posted by Rajat_loverr

Originally posted by Rajat_loverr

Nice update..
Jo so happy when she see Sujamal...
now Ravi give in., what will Ranjit do,,, hope he not make mistake again...


THANKU FOR PM ME Embarrassed

welcome and thank you buddy
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Originally posted by sho123

really a sweet chappi 
but end was scary 
between Loved family time especially jo teased by all about extending the family 
thanks for pm
continue asap

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