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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 80)

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Chapter 242



                Sonali help jodha to prepare breakfast for everyone while maan bai and aram and kids sitting on their chairs, sonali still think about imran and how she couldn't belive that imran divorced long time a go, she really curious why he separed from his wife because all sonali know imran and his wife are childhood sweetheart and they love each other, she thought that she buried that feeling for her deep inside but when when she looking at him all the feeling she had for him come to surface.

" sonali are you ok ? " ask jodha.

Sonali look at jodha with shy because she got caught loost on her own thought " I'm fine jodha . .  " reply sonali.

" I want to ask about how it felt to met Imran again but it's not the right time to talk about that " said jodha.

" good morning everyone " suddenly jalal enter dining room and jodha come to him, he kiss her lips and he smile, jodha wrap one his hand around his waist while he wrap his hand around her shoulder.

" good morning " kids greet jalal.

" good morning kids . . .  " reply jalal " good morning sonali " greet jalal.

" good morning " said sonali.

" I want to announce that I've got surprise for everyone . . especially for my wife jodha " told jalal and everyone looking at jalal with curious.

" surprise for me ? wow jalal . .  what kind surprise ? " ask jodha.

" what surprise bubu ? ooohh I really want to know " said aram.

" me too bujan . . me want to know " said salim.

" bujan . . bujan  .  . me too want to know " hassan and hussain in the same time.

" be patient " rahim reminder his siblings.

Jalal laugh then he laugh " ok you all can come out now " told jalal, jodha and kids with sonali look at to the living room direction and when they see sujamal, amrita and maan singh jodha screams with happy.

" sujamal bhaisaaa " jodha screams then she release herself from jalal and run towards her brother, sujamal smile and he open her arms with wide and jodha jump on him and he catch her, he lift her and huge her.

" ooohh my baby sister . . I miss you so much " said sujamal, he really miss his sister.

" sujamal bhai . . . me too miss you so much " reply jodha " miss you .. miss you . . miss you " jodha snuggle her face on his neck, jalal, amrita and sonali smile watching how jodha look so happy to see her brother.

" mimi . . . mimi . . aram want to hug uncle suja too " protest aram .

"oooh I forget my little princess " said sujamal and jodha chuckle then he put jodha on her own again and lift aram, aram laugh with happy

" my little princess looks very beautiful " praise sujamal.

Aram laugh" uncle suja you are very handsome . . " aram praise sujamal back.

" oooh so this is how it will going from now on . . . I'm not the very handsome man for you . .  " protest jalal and he pouted.

Aram looking at jalal and she smile " bubu no 1 very handsome man . .  and uncle suja no 2 " said aram.

" oooh so now I'm number 2 " protest sujamal.

" yes uncle . . . bubu always number 1 " told aram and then she rise her and to jalal asking him to carry her, and jalal with happy carry aram with happy.

Jodha looking at amrita " oohh amrita didi . . it's good to see you . . I really missing you so much " jodha hug amrita.

" I miss you too jodha . . . and it's good to see you jodha " said amrita.

" oowhhh when your due ? " ask jodha while touch amrita baby bump.

" if everything according to schedule our baby girl will be born third weeks of next month " reply amrita.

" see I will have my own little princess " said sujamal with proud.

Aram looking at amrita baby bump and she look curious " mimi . .  her tummy look funny . . . if mimi have that kind big tummy you will look funny too " said aram, jodha, jalal, sujamal and amrita laugh then sujamal and amrita greet kids and sonali.

" wow rahim . . hasssan . . hussain . .  salim you all look handsome " praise amrita.

" we all look bujan . .  very handsome " said hassan with proud.

Sujamal laugh " well not only handsome that you all look like your abbujan " tease sujamal.

" aram . . I bring my bunnies too . . would you see them ? " ask maan singh.

" wow . .  you have bunnies too ? " ask aram.

Maan singh nod " I have two bunnies . . . "

" can I see them too ? " ask maan bai with hopefully.

" of course . . . " reply maan singh.

" what their name maan singh ? " ask rahim.

" they are rome and cleo " said maan singh, jalal looking at sujamal when he hear the names.

Sujamal chuckled " don't look at me . . . . " he said.

" come let's play with my bunnies and aram bunnies " maan singh then leave with kids, they have time before go to school.

Amrita look at sonali and come to her " I'm sorry for what happened, I've seen the news " said amrita and sonali nod while sujamal watching jodha closely and see there is bruise in her face.

Jodha know what he is thinking " I'm ok bhaisa . . . " jodha try to pacify him.

" I don't like and I hate the idea that someone dare to hit you . . wish I were here so I can beaten him to death " said sujamal with angry.

" I'm so sorry . .  jodha got hit because she try to save me " said sonali.

" it's not your fault sonali . . but your husband fault " jalal correct her.

" he is right . . your husband that hit jodha and of course I wont blame you for his bad behaviour " reply sujamal.

" come we will talk for a whle before me and jalal take kids to school . . we must meet with rahim teacher . . . " told jodha and then they all sit in living room and talk.

                In london ravi just got bad news again, someone messing with mehra shipping company, and there are trouble in one of their finance consultant, ravi expect this to happens but he never guess jalal will attacking them from everywhere, his brother really make their family in huge problem.

Ravi take his phone and call his grandmother " helo . .  it's me ravi " said ravi.

" wait ravi I will put you on speaker so ranjit can hear you " said laxmi " ok go a head " she add.

" what's wrong ravi ? " ask ranjit.

" jalal start to attacking us . .  there are problem in our resort project then with one of our shipping company and just got new that there is problem too with one our financial consultant . . . "

" are you sure all because of jalal ? " cut ranjit.

" hell yes I damn sure . . this all happened in the same time . . quincidence ? I guess not " reply ravi.

" you think we can solve the problem ? " ask laxmi.

" I hope so if not then we will be doom " said ravi " shit . . . . . " he curse in angry " and this is because of you ranjit . . . . you really pick the wrong person to meesing with this time . . and me and grandmother who must pay the price for your stupidity " said ravi.

" don't you dare to talk to me like that " ranjit snap listening ravi blaiimg him.

" but this all your fault . . you should the one who fix this not me . . you pissed off the most dangerous man and she what happened " scold ravi.

" ravi it's not time to point finger " laxmi want him.

" why are you keep defending him ? he caused so much trouble before and I always pardon him but enough is enough . . . now he make all of us in deep trouble . . . " ravi very angry now and he is explode.

" ravi . . . . . " warn laxmi.

" you know what grandma . . . I wont care anymore, I have my own business so if jalal destroy our family business it wont matter to me . . so good luck for you and ranjit . . . I don't know how long we all can survive if jalal attacking us from all direction .  . . . . " told ravi " it's your and ranjit fault . . . you keep quite and protecting ranjit when he beaten up soanli . . I've warn you couple times that when sonali start to fight it will get ugly and now she got powerful people help her and stupid ranjit just make everything worst by hit jalal's wife . . damn ranjit have no idea that jalal really love and treasure his family especially his wife and kids . . . shit . . .  shit . . . shit " ravi curse in angry.

" shut up ravi . . . . " yell ranjit in angry.

" fine I don't want talk anymore . . I will just wait and see how we all can surive from jalal revenge . . .  " said ravi and then before anyone can talk he end the call.

" ravi . .  shit " yell ranjit.

" you should start to find a way to escape from jalal revenge " told laxmi, she feel scare too about what will happen to them and if they will able to survive from jalal's revenge.

" don't worry grandmother I already have a plan " said ranjit and there is cruelty in hie eyes.

" what plan ? " ask laxmi with curious.

" you'll see " reply ranjit, he will set this problem once for all.

Jodha and jalal waiting for rahim's teacher and jodha feel nervous what this is all about.

" don't worry jodha everything will be just fine " told jalal, the reach her hands and hold them.

" I hope so . . rahim is smart and nice kid so I wont believe if they said something bad about him " said jodha.

Jalal chuckled " of course he is smart and kind . . his role model are an amazing woman " praise jalal and jodha smile with happy, then the door opened and enter jenny she is rahim teacher and mrs chani she is the headmaster.

" helo mr jalal . . mrs jodha " greet jenny and she then she handshake with odha and jalal.

" helo ms jenny " reply jodha.

" this is the headmaster mrs chain " told jenny then jodha and jalal hand shake too with chain.

" thank you for coming here mr jalal and mrs jodha, I know you two must be busy " said chani and she give sign for jodha and jalal to sit.

" kids always our priority . . . is there something wrong with rahim ? " ask jalal.

Chani smile and she can understand if every parents thing something bad happen they they got called to school about their kids " oh no no there is no such thing . . Rahim very smart and everyone love him  " chani try to pacify jodha and jalal that there is nothing bad " the reason I called you two here is because we must discuss about rahim future, do you realize that rahim is very special kid ? " ask chani.

" if what you mean that he is very smart yes we are aware of that but we always tell rahim to do whatever he like and never force him to study hard . . for us he want to go to school and meet lots of friends more important . . . " told jodha.

Chani and jenny looking at each other and now they can understand why rahim seems very enjoy and having fun whenever he study, he seems don't have any burden " I see now understand everything . .  " said chani and jenny nod agree with her words " well to be honest rahim's IQ is way above average . .  if I may said in this way he is genius " told chani.

Jodha and jalal seems not surprise " aah I see . .  well that is not surprising . . . we know that rahim very smart and we always proud of him " reply jalal " and so what do you mean by saying that we must talking about rahim future ? " ask jalal.

" well since you two not surprise that your son is genius so I will tell you that we've been test rahim with subject for grade above him and he can follow everything and I'm sorry that without noticing you first ms jenny apply scholarship for rahim to harvard, oxford and john hopkins university and to her surprise all three famous university interesting in rahim and want to see his grade and his IQ test result . . and they all can't wait to see rahim " said chani.

Now jalal and jodha little bit shock about that but they have their own way to raise their kids " mrs chani . . ms jenny . .  I appreciate your effort to give the best for rahim but for us rahim happiness is the most important, we want him to have normal childhood, he don't need to be a prodigy something because for us he already special, we feel honor and flattered that three most famous and respect university interesting in rahim but rahim still a kid and I want him to be happy and play with his siblings and friends " told jodha, chani can feel the love for rahim from jodha and jalal, of couse she know that rahim is not their biological son but they still love him soo much, not everyone who have adopt kids can give love the way jodha and jalal love rahim.

Chani nod " I really understand and in some point I agree with you and one of the three university already think possibility that you two wont let rahim go so they said that they are willing to wait until rahim old enough to study abroad, rahim now thirteen years older so they estimate rahim mature enough to enter university . . . and to be honest this school really proud to have student like rahim, there are lot kids who like teasing him at beginning but they now all love him " told chani.

" yes mrs jodha . . mr jalal . .  rahim is great kid and it's been pleasure to teach someone like him . . and he always talk about his ammijan and his family . . he really adore and love you mrs jodha " said ms jenny, she always amaze with the bond between jodha and rahim.

Jodha smile with happy " I love him too . . he is everything to me " reply jodha.

" we will talk about this with rahim but from our side we wont let rahim leave india to study abroad until he understand that he is about to face the world " said jalal.

" I'm glad to hear that . .  when other rich parents send their kids to boarding school at early age you two are different " praise chani.

" we are not most rich people . .  family is always our top priority " reply jalal and chani nod.

" and I hear that twins doing really great . . I can see they will take rahim path . . I hear they both very smart yet naughty too . . . " tease chani.

Jalal and jodha laugh " ohh yes they are very naughty but they are nice and kind kids " said jalal.

" yes they are . . I've couple time caught them teasing their friends but everyone love them . . . hmm hassan and hussain if I'm not mistaken right ? " ask chani, jodha and jalal nod and they they all talk about hassan hussain who is famous with the naughty twins, jodha and jalal laugh when they hear about how naughty they at school until everyone know how naughty they are, jalal feel proud of hassan hussain eventhoug they very naughty but everyone love and adore them, he is a proud father but he wont let that naughty twins know that he is proud for their naughtiness, jodha will kill him if she know that he is proud to hassan hussain because they are naughty, jalal and jodha finish meeting with headmaster after lunch and they all waiting for kids to finish they study then back to Mughal resident together.



 WinkWink sorry guys in this ramadan i got  trouble to spend time in front from computer hopefully after Ied Mubarak everything will normal again . .  so be patient if i update late





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