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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 8)

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Chapter 216



          Selima, moti, jodha and hamida they all gathering in jodha's house, they discuss about what happen to abdul and how they will save him from that evil woman.

" this benazir really shameless woman . . . how can she doing something like that " said hamida.

" yes ammijan I really can't understand what is her motive . . . she know that jalal and abdul clearly married men but she keep try to seducing them " told selima with angry tone.

" she try to seduce jalal too ? " ask moti with disbelief.

Selima nod " yes jalal told me and abdul that before that evil woman try to seducing abdul she try it on jalal and well jalal show her where her place " reply selima.

Jodha chuckled " well she pick the wrong man this time " she said.

" did she try to seduce mirza too ? " ask moti with curious.

" I don't know . . . why don't you ask mirza " reply selima.

Hamida laugh " she will be dead if she seducing mirza " tease hamida.

" ooh yes I can imagine what moti will do . .  she will eat her alive " jodha tease moti too, selima and moti laugh listening hamida along with jodha teasing moti for his nature, selima feel happy because in this situation her family can make her smile.

" I want you to be abdul lawyer moti . . I know that he can get the best lawyer but I want us mughal ladies to teach that benazir a lesson . . she disgrace woman doing dirty trick like this " told selima.

" I will doing my best to clear abdul name . .  we will destroy that woman " said moti and selima nod.

" mimiii " aram call jodha while run to her,

" what's wrong aram ? " ask jodha, she lift up aram and put on her lap.

" mimi . . . . aram want to go to seaworld .  . salim bhaijan and mustafa bhaijan talk about this so why don't we go to seaworld mimi " said aram.

" well we'll talk about this with abbujan first ok . . . but you know by the end of this month we will go to italy for harvest season . . . you will see vineyard " reply jodha.

Aram look interested " wow .  . that sound very amazing mimi . .  aram want to see vineyard " told aram.

Hamida smile looking at aram " I bet you will like it aram . . it's very beautiful " told hamida.

Aram clapping her hands with happy " ooowwhh dadisa aram can't wait to go there " reply aram then she look at jodha " but now aram want to eat mimi . . I'm hungry " she said.

Jodha chuckled " ok . .  what you want to eat aram and ammijan will ask marco to cook it for you ? " ask jodha.

Cutie aram think for a while before she answer jodha " hmmm aram want chicken soup and fruit salad " reply aram.

" ok . . why don't you ask salim bhaijan and mustafa bhaijan if they are hungry too " told jodha and aram nod then she get down from jodha's lap and run looking for salim and mustafa.

" I swear jodha that little princess will become beautiful butterfly . . . lot boys will after her " said moti.

Jodha chuckled " poor those boys then because jalal said every boys want to get closer to aram must face him first " said jodha with amusement.

" owhhh yes that will a huge problem for whoever want to get close to aram and add to that her bhaijan will become her private bodyguards too " said hamida.

" haha that will interesting to watch ammijan " said moti and she giggle.

" yes that will be very interesting to watch jalal and boys become aram bodyguards " reply selima and they all laugh.

" ok now back to abdul matters . . . as his lawyer I will need to hear the whole story from abdul and we will prepare everything to face benazir " said moti.

" you can talk to abdul when he is back from office and jalal want to be there too when you talk to abdul, he want to know everything " told selima.

Moti nod " sound good to me " reply moti.

" what will happen to adventure park ? " ask hamida.

" that all depend on jalal ammijan if he want to continue the project or stop it " said jodha.

" I hope jalal can find a way to keep that project on . .  I feel bad for arjun because his architect farm with benazir will face problem because of benazir act " said selima " and from what I heard from abdul . .  arjun is nice, kind and hardworking man so I hope everything going well in that adventure project " she add.

" yes I can feel that he seem very nice and kind, his design too amazing " reply jodha, then selima handphone ring and she answer it, jodha, hamida and moti curious when selima's face turn red in angry.

" ok abdul . . I understand that . . . ok . . we will talk about that when you are back " said selima, everyone wonder what is happening.

" what happen selima didi ? " ask jodha.

" abdul said police ready to start investigation tomorrow . . abdul will come to police station for interrogation and give his statement . . . and he told me not to watch news because now reporters in their imagination world " reply selima, she really angry that because of that woman her husband must face this, and she will make her pay for what she done.

" ba patient selima . . . truth will come out . . . don't let your anger take control, show that woman what is like to messing around with mughal ladies " told hamida.

Selima nod and she know what hamida said is true she must calm don't show emotion in front of benazir and media " don't worry ammijan . . me and moti will teach her a lesson " then selima look at jodha " jodha I'm gonna need your help to watch out mustafa for me until this matter solve " said selima.

Jodha smile to her " of course selia didi . . kids always have fun whenever they are playing together . . . and I know that moti too will busy with this case so let me and ammijan take care mustafa and tariq . .  you two concentrate on how to deal with benazir " said jodha.

" yes don't worry selima . .  me, juhi and jodha will taking care mustafa and tariq . . I believe bakhsi will do the same but she is out town now to check some material " reply hamida and selima along with moti feel glad because now they can give their concentrate to abdul case.

Arjun arrive at his office and find benazir there too, she is standing in front of the window.

" benazir " call arjun.

Benazir turn around and face arjun " yes arjun . . . "

" do you really serious with that fake accusation towards abdul ? " ask arjun.

" fake accusation ? how do you know it's fake ? you don't know what really happening " said benazir.

" but I know you benazir . . . you have no idea what you are doing " reply arjun.

" of course I know arjun . . . I know exactly what I'm doing " said benazir with confident.

Arjun shake his head " no you don't . . . you think that mughal just bunch of stupid rich people . . . you think abdul just common man ? he if jalal right hand and one his most trusted man . . . and I assure you that you don't who are you dealing with . .  if they can prove abdul innocent which I know they would . .  you and I along with this architect firm will be in huge problem, they can destroy our business in a blink of eyes " told arjun.

Benazir chuckled " they wont able to prove abdul is innocent . . in his office there are only me and him, only me and him who know what was really happening . . it's my words against his . . but you'll see that I will destroy your friend " said benazir with confident and arjun totally lost it.

" you are stupid and selfish woman . . . all this time you only think about yourself . . you keep involving me and this firm into your personal matter . . "

" if you don't like how the way it is you can leave this firm anytime you want, beside this firm famous because of me so basically I don't need you " cut benazir.

Arjun grip his hand to hold back his anger " fine . . . you know what finally I can do what I always want to do . . . starting from this moment our partnership end here " announce arjun, benazir look surprise " why ? surprise ? but I have enough of you . . . I don't know what waiting for me in future but now I will come out from your shadow and show the world my real talent " said arjun then without waiting benazir reaction arjun leave, benazir can't believe what just happening, she never guess that arjun will take that decision, all this time he always try to hold on to their architect firm but now he break their partnership, benazir think may be she must look for another partner but that is not the important thing now because she now have one mission to destroy mughal men arrogancy and she will make abdul for her humiliation.

Jalal enter house with hassan hussain, he just pick them up from school but when he realize that its soo quite he wondering where is jodha, salim, aram, tariq and mustafa.

" where are they bujan ? " ask hassan.

" I don't know . . let look for them " said jalal, then he with hassan hussain searching for jodha and kids, when they arrive at aram's bedroom jalal smile, jodha and kids fall asleep on the floor, kids snuggle to jodha who sleep in the middle, aram sleep beside her and her small hands over jodha chest, salim sleep beside aram while tariq and mustafa sleep on jodha other side.

" what is happening here ? they all sleep ? " ask hussain, he look amusement watching his mother sleep with kids.

" may be they got tired after play and falling asleep " told jalal.

" yes . . . . " said hussain and hassan, then jalal catch aram move little bit and her eyes open slowly, she look around and then she look at jalal and hassan hussain, she raise her hand to jalal then jalal kneel on the floor and carry aram.

" where is mimi ? " ask aram with her sleepy voice then jalal pointing to jodha and aram see jodha still sleep.

" oooh mimi still sleep " reply aram.

Jalal nod " she must be tired taking care all of you . . " reply jodha and aram nod " why don't we all go outside and wait until ammijan and everyone wake up " told jalal.

" bujan . . I want to eat " said hassan.

Jalal chuckled " ok hassan . . now you with hussain change your uniform first while abbujan told marco to prepare food for you " told jalal, hassan and hussain nod then they leave to their room, while jalal with aram who snuggle on his neck come down to told marco to prepare food for kids he think that when jodha and salim, tariq and mustafa wake up they will want to eat too.



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Originally posted by sho123

yaay first
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Originally posted by sho123

chappi ia awsm
looking forward to see how salima and moti will deal with beenezir
i guess arjun will help mughul
thanks for pm
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awesome update
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Nyc chappy dr

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