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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 69)

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Lovely chptr
loved it

natashathakur IF-Dazzler

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Awesome chapter di n thnxx for pm n update nxt asap eagerly waiting for update
cutecc753 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 June 2016 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
ohhh..Ha nd Hu want spider as pet...Big smile family time is nice. Next part really horrible...Ranjit wants to kill Jalal?????? Update next asappp. I love dis story soh
Akdhalover6898 Goldie

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binduprasad41 IF-Rockerz

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awesome update dear
everybody enjoying family time
aram is cute
hassan and hussian want spider as their pet
everybody teasing jodha
my god ranjit started playing dirty tricks
last part was scary
update next chapter fast
thanks for PM
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Chapter 244



                Sujamal just out from kitchen, he take milk for amrita when he see sonali sit near swimming pool, he wondering why sonali still awake and sitting there alone, she look sad and lonely, sujamal don't want to bother her but he feel that she seemd need someone to talk, sujamal put glass on dinning table then he walk outside toward swimming pool.

" sonali . . .. " he call sonali.

Sonali jump a little bit because she is really surprise someone calling her, she turn around and see sujamal " ooohh it's you . . did I disturbing you ? " ask sonali with worry and with fast she wipe tears on her cheeks.

Sujamal shook his head then he sit beside her " no need to apologize I was just bring milk for amrita when I see you here alone . . need someone to talk ? " ask sujamal, he can see trace of her tears eventhough she is wipe her tears earlier.

Sonali smile with sad " thank you . . it just that I really miss my daughters . .  " sujamal look confuse " I have twins . .  my husband taken away maan bai twins when he beaten me when I was on my way to shelter " told sonali.

" I'm really sorry for what you've going though . . but I can said that you are lucky enough to have jodha and we all ready to help you . . and I couldn't help to think about what jodha been thought in her previous marriage . .  she didn't have someone to rely on . . she beared everything and that dark past almost destroy her . . but thank God aunt juhi and moti alwast help her when she need their strength and jalal heal all the pain and trauma . . . I always felt sad and guilty that I wasn't around when she need me . . . " told sujamal.

" I heard that you are jodha half brother ? " ask sonali.

Sujamal nod " me and my mother are abused victim from my father but mother couldn't take it anymore so we were escape and leave india . . until years later I see about jodha . . it was totally shock that I had half sister and all that time she is suffered in the hands of our father and her husband . . . " said sujamal, he look at sonali and smile " I know it wasn't easy for you too . . I can't imagine what you've been through but now you have all of us and with happy we will halping you . . your husband is not a man at all . . he is just cowards because no man will lay hands on woman no matter what " he add.

" I hope I can take back anarkali . . . she will suffers if they keep her . . " sreply sonali " I may be can't give much to my daughters but I will try my best . . I will become father and mother for them if I have to " she said with determination.

" yes .  . the most important is that you give them the love they need " told sujamal " never give up and I believe you will able to be a great mother for your daughters " said sujamal, sonali still feel sad because anarkali is not with her " ok . . . I will leave now . . amrita might waiting for me . . . good night " told sujamal.

" good night and thank you for talking with me " reply sonali, sujamal nod then he leave, sonali think about what sujamal talk about and she can't deny that she is afraid if she can be a good mother but no matter what she must try and will give the best she can for maan bai and anarkali, she will fight to take back anarkali, then suddenly one face come to her mind and she feel a sting on her heart, she know that Imran divorced but she though that he still love his ex wife, sonali dont know if she will able to holding back her feeling for him anymore, seeing him again make all her feeling that she buried deep inside her heart start to awaken and her heart start to beat again and only Imran who can make her feel like this, but she doubt if Imran will even falling for her.

Meanwhile in his bedroom Imran standing in balcony, he look up to the sky and see how the moon and stars shing very bright tonight, there is sonali image in his mind that wont go away now, the mature sonali really alluring and like always she can make him going crazy, if only he didn't have strength to control his self probably now he and sonali together, he always love sonali even when she was just teenager but he is almost ten years older than her and he is her parents collague and so he feel it was inappropriate to have feeling for her beside her parents want her to marry with a man with good background while he is just an orphan who even didn't know who is his parents and he already in relationship with his ex wife that time but his love for too big that even his ex wife couldn't compete with sonali shadow and that lead her to having affairs with another man, they decide to divorce for each other sake happiness but she never knew that the woman never existed yet she must compete to gained love and attention from him is sonali.

Imran looking at sonali picture when she is reading book at the back of her home when she is in college and he always had that picture with him, he lost her once but he wont let that happen again, he will set her free from that bas***d husband of hers and he will love her and her daughters, he will give the world for her, imran looking at her picture and caress her face gentle.

" I love you sonali . .  I've got you know and I wont loose you for the second time " he said and his heart fill with love for the woman who now fight for her freedom and he will help her, he will set her free from that monster and take her into his arms, he know that she still love him and now he will show her that he love her too.

                Jodha feel very happy that sujamal, amrita and maan singh here with her and her naughty husband didn't tell her that they will come, he is very bad, jalal checking some document and he look very handsome when he is soo serious like that, jalal notice that jodha staring at him.

" what's wrong ? why staring at me like that ? " ask jalal.

Jodha smile with shy because got caught staring at him, then she get out from bed and come to him, jalal move back and tap his lap asking jodha to sit on his lap, then jodha sit on sit lap " I haven't thank you for giving me very lovely surprise . . . " said jodha.

" since yesterday I want to see your expression when you see your brother . . . . " jalal caress her hairs.

" I'm very very very happy . . . you always know how to make me happy but you are naughty too because you hide that from me " told jodha.

Jalal chuckled " if I'm not hide about sujamal arrival then it wont be a surprise sweety " reply jalal.

Jodha kiss his lips gentle " thank you . . . . you are the best husband . . " said jodha with love.

" anything for you sweety . . . . . " reply jalal " so am I will get any reward for making you happy ? " ask jalal and he wink to her.

" oooh you can ask for anything my jalal . . . tell me want you want " reply jodha with seductive voice.

Jalal grin with happy " rather than tell you what I want better I show you what I want how around that " said jalal and jodha, he carry her back to bed and strip her, he feel hardened just looking at her naked body " you know jodha . . I will always addicted to your body and even we are old I will still make love to my beautiful wife . . . " said jalal while he strip then he back to bed and lay over her.

" I will always want to make love to you . . my handsome and sexy husband jalaluddin muhammad akbar " reply jodha, she touch his face then he hold the back of his head, pull his face down and kiss him with hunger, jalal kiss her back with the same hunger, if possible he want to make love to her everyday but he know that is impossible but he will try that from now on, his body always yearning for her, while they kissing jalal touch her breasts and squeeze them gentle, jodha can feel his hardened manhood on her stomache, jalal spread her leds using his knee and she open her legs wide and he start to entered her, they don't need foreplay and want to make love fast, he penetrate and jodha moans " hmm ooohhh " she moans.

" ooh sweety . . . jodha . . jodha . .  love you jodha " he whispering on her ears while move his bottom faster.

" lo . . . . love you too jalal . .  soo much . . " she said with heavy breath, they making love with wild and passion then in another session with gentle, they are not newly wed couple, they've been married for years yet the passion between them never faded, they always hunger for each other, jalal increase his speed and jodha going wild, their body wet by sweats now and jodha in the edge of her desire, jalal can feel the muscle around her womanhood very tense and know that she is ready to explode, in the same time he too almost explode then he kiss her when finaly both explode, he spurt his seed inside her and he though that it will wondefull if jodha pregnant again, he want another little princess but he don't know if now is the right time since jodha been busy enough but if God give them bless with another kid he will accept with whole heartly, jalal still kiss her while thinking another little princess like jodha and aram would be wonderfull for him and he hope jodha will happy like him if they bless with another little princess.

                Saturday morning kids swimming together, mirza and abdul make sure kids are on in swimming pool while jalal and sujamal watching not far, bakhsi sit in bobby arms and she really enjoy this family time, selima and moti sit beside pool and put their foot inside, sonali now with abhi and they are talking in jalal's study room, jodha take time to be alone in her studio, she make painting of aram, she always want to finish this and she plan to held another exhibition, after soo many years she don't know if people still like her painting but pratap told her that people will always love her painting, jodha lost herself when she make painting but she can feel someone enter her studio, jodha turn around and see rahim.

" ammijan . . . . are you busy ? " ask rahim.

" kinda but ammijan will always have time for you rahim . .  " reply jodha " come and sit here " said jodha.

Rahim then sit next to her and he see what jodha made a paint of aram " aram look soo cute and beautiful " said rahim.

Jodha smile " yes she is . . " reply jodha then she look at him " do you want to say something ? " ask jodha.

Rahim nod " yes . . I just want to ask about what you and abbujan talking about with my teacher and headmaster . . I feel soo worry " said rahim.

" aahh about that yes . . yes . . " jodha touch the top of his head with gentle " nothing bad rahim . . . they said that you are genius and want you to go to university earlier . .  but ammijan and abbujan wont allow you to study abroad at this age " told jodha.

" why ? " ask rahim.

" because ammijan and abbujan love you . . we want you to enjoy your time with friends and family . . we don't want you to miss even just for a second your childhood . . " jodha explain to him and he nod understand what jodha and jalal try to do, jodha looking at him with thoroughly " do you want to go rahim ? study abroad ? " ask jodha, she know that she and jalal do whatever they can for his happiness and give him freedom to pursue whatever he want.

Rahim shook his head fast " no no on ammijan . . I'm soo afraid that you and abbujan will want me to leave . . . I don't want to leave you and this family " said rahim with teary eyes.

Jodha heart hurt see his tears " hey . .  hey . . . don't cry and don't be sad . . you know that we wont asking you to do something you don't want and don't like especially we wont force you t study abroad if you don't want to " said jodha, she try to pacify rahim.

" promise ammijan ? " ask rahim, he really love his ammijan and his siblings and never want to leave them.

" promise rahim . . . you are my son and I love you . . me too don't want to see you leave but one day you must fly from your nest so you can fly high, we will watch out with proud and we will always wait when you come home . . . no matter you go these home will always your home, we all will always be your family . . understand " told jodha and rahim nod, rahim then get up and he hug jodha tight as if he will loose her anytime but he will hold on to her so she wont ever go away from him, jodha hug him back and caress his hairs, she know that rahim still afraid to loose people he love after her mother death and jodha can't blame him, all she can do for him that to make him sure that she will always be there for him no matter what.

                 Adhi leave the house and sonali watch him leave, that old man give her a hope, now she is more confident that she will able to set herself free from ranjit and mehra family, abhi make her sure that she will get back the house that her parents gave to her and the money too because naturally her assets before she married with ranjit and since they sign prenuptial so her house and money from her parents are belong to her and ranjit wont able to touch that, instead she can demand huge settlement but sonali refused she only want her daughters, she don't want even a penny from mehra family money, abhi said that they will filled divorce on monday so sonali must prepare herself because the real battle will start on Monday.

Laxmi in rage watching the news that make her family name bad and she can't forgive anyone who drag her family name into this circus, all because of that stupid daughter in law, but now she will cut her loose and she will make sure she wont get any penny from mehra family money and she wont let her take maan bai and anarkali but in the worst situation she will let her take maan bai only, anarkali will always with mehra family and she will make sure that happen.

In mughal resident jalal, sujamal, mirza, abdul and bobby watch the news, now the cats out from the box and every media give coverage bout ranjit and sonali divorce and allegation to ranjit for assault his own wife, they now dig deep into ranjit and sonali life.

" so cat on the loose now . . .  mehra family member now must be in rage watching those news " said abdul.

" yes . . and I can imagine they all in hot chait now " reply mirza.

" laxmi mehra in the edge of her anger now . . that one cruel and cold old lady . .  I could never imagine that she just keep silent watching sonali beinb beaten " told jalal " if ammijan here probably she want to teach her a lesson " he add and everyone nod.

" but jalal watch your back . . never underestimate those people " warn sujamal.

" I know sujamal . . I even told abhi to be careful and watch his back because judging ranjit nature I wont surprise he will try to intimade abhi to drop this case " reply jalal.

Sujamal nod but he feel something bad will happen " good but still jalal I feel that something bad will to happen . . call this intuition or what but all I'm asking is that please be careful . . my little sister, nephews and niece will terrible sad if something happen to you " told sujamal, abdul, mirza and bobby look worry too when they hear sujamal because they feel the same thing, ranjit mehra is a cruel person and they guess he will doing something, they all just hope nothing bad will happen.


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Yippee I'm first Di 
-Kavya_P- IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Kavya_P

Res Di 
Unres Di 
Amazing chappy Di 
Sonali have support of Mughal family 
Hot love making jo n jalal 
Hope God grant his wish for another little princess Wink
Imran's love Smile
Hope nothing bad happens to Mughal family 
Sujamal says right that something bad happens to them because of that bas***d 
Update soon Di plz 

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