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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 61)

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Awesome chapter di n thnxx for pm

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awesome chapter dear
thanks for PM
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Originally posted by Rajat_loverr

AWOSOME chappy di

THANKU for pm
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Awesome update..
Sonali take back her fortune...
Sujamal and his family will come to India...
Thanks for pm...dear..
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Chapter 241



                Jodha waiting jalal finish his bath because she can't wait to tell him about sonali and imran, she feel that what sonali experience now just like what happened to her, she married with abusive husband then she met jalal again and the man she love help her to come over her trauma and pain, jalal come out from bathroom and find jodha look like in deep thinking, he smile then come to her.

" what are my beautiful wife thinking about ? " ask jalal.

Jodha looking at jalal and chuckled because she didn't realize that jalal finished his bath " oohh jalal . . do you know that I feel dejavu with what happened t sonali " said jodha.

Jalal laugh " yes sweety I can see the similarity what happened to her and you . . . "

" and now the man from her past coming back into her life " cut jodha with happy " see that was what happened to me too . . you were coming back into my life is the best thing even happen to me " she add.

Jalal can't believe what he just heard " are you serious ? " ask jalal.

Jodha nod " yes . . . but I guess it more like one sided love . . sonali seems have feeling for him but he might not feel the same " reply jodha.

" hmmm  . . .   and now they met again . .  how strange " said jalal and he looking at hie beautiful wife, she really one in million how she care about sonali and all people in shelter " you know sweety you all those poor woman very lucky to have you in their life . . you care for them and really helping them to start their new life . . . I've must done something good in my previous life so God send you to be my wife,the mother of my childs and the love of my life ... not everyone have luck like me " jalal really this woman, he can't imagine his life without jodha and he even don't want to think about that even for a moment.

Jodha come close to jalal and she then kiss his lips with gentle " I'm the one who feel lucky jalal to have you in my life . . you are my everything, my soul, my heart and my life . . . I was born to be with you " told jodha and jalal feel bunch of happiness.

" and I was born only for you sweety " reply jalal then he hold the back of her head and pull it down,he kiss her with sweet and gentle, jodha wrap her hands around his neck and hold on to him, their kiss change from sweet and gentle to hard and passionate, jodha feel that jalal want to take out her soul, slowly jalal push her back untill she laying on the bed, they keep kissing and he spread her leg by his kneel and lay between, jodha wrap her legs around his waist making her sleepwear push over, jalal touch her breasts and kneaded it slowly, he can feel her hardened nipples, the he kiss her chin, her neck and he bite there, he like to leave mark on her body because that show she is belong to him, jalal licking her nipples through her silk sleepwear, he can see can see her nipples then she lift up his body and then she pull over her sleepwear and take it off from her body, jalal get out from bed and he take off his under garmen, jodha watching jalal strip with redden face yet passion in her eyes, jalal back into bed " I always love to see you blusing whenever you see me naked .  . sweety you've seen me naked for only God know how many times but it always feel like the first time whenever you see me " tease jalal while he take off the only barrier between his naked body and hers.

" well .  .  you are very beautiful so I always amaze everytime I see you like this " told jodha.

Jalal chuckled " you are the one who very beautiful jodha . . . ."

Jodha feel shy because she know how her body change since she had four kids and beastfeding them " my body changed and I know this is not like used to . . . . . "

" sssttt " jalal close her mouth with his hands gentle " sweety your body is he most beautiful one for me . . and I'm will always crazy about your body sweety . . you shouldn't shy with your body shape, you bear our kids for nine month, you breastfeeding them . . you willing to let your body changed for them . . . and I don't care if your body changed because I will always love it no matter what . . . " told jalal with love and his words make her feel happy.

Jodha looking at him with a smile on her face " I love you jalal " said jodha.

" I love you too jodha and I will show you how much I love your body " said jalal, and that night jalal really show jodha how he love and adoring her body no matter what, jodha lost herself in him and they become one, only after midnight both falling asleep and they feel really satisfied and happy

                The next morning jodha and sonali taking kids to school, bakhsi watch over salim, aram and maan bai, while jalal who on the way to his work got a call from sujamal.

" good morning .  . . "

" hell jalal what is this rubbish that I watched ? it said that some guy hit jodha and wounded her . . is that true ? " ask sujamal with angry tone, he feel furious about who is dare to hit his princess.

" yes that is true and it's a long story . . when you've got here I wil told you everything . . . ok " reply jalal.

" ok . . .  but hell you better to take me to those idiots who dare to lay their hands on my princess . .  they had death wish or something " said sujamal.

Jalal smile because he know how protective sujamal toward jodha " don't worry I already make them paid for what they've don't to jodha and I promise you that they wil regret it dearly to dare hurt jodha " told jalal

Sujamal smile with satisfied " good to hear that . . I want the full story and don't forget to pick up us at airport . . I can't wait to see jodha reaction when she know that I'm india with amrita and maan singh "

" she will realy happy . . ." reply jalal.

" I can imagine . . ok need to go now and take care my sister will you " said sujamal.

Jalal nod as if sujamal are right in front of him " of course sujamal I will take care of her " told jalal, then he put his phone on his pocket.

Meanwhile in london ravi just got bad news, he never imagine that jalal wil move very fast to destroy mehra family, he start to messing with their hotel and resot project, ravi curse his brother for making someone like jalal as his enemy, ravi call their bank and make sure no one can take over their assets without their acknowledge , he must let ranjit and their grandmother know about this, ravi feel upset because of his personal matter ranjit make mehra family in trouble.

Jalal and jodha arrive at one real estate complex and jodha see that this is a good place to live and security is quite tight, while sonali look nervous because she will meet imran again, the car stop in front of a very nice townhouse, it's painted in while broken white, zahir get out from car and helping jodha with sonali to come out from car, jodha notice a black mitsbishi pajero parking in front of garage and she wonder if imran already waiting for them, jodha looking at sonali nervous face.

" are you ok ? " ask jodha.

Sonali nod " yes . . I just feel . . . " she can feel her heart beating so fast.

Jodha touch her shoulder to make her relax " relax sonali . . " jodha try to make her calm, but then suddenly someone come out from house, jodha see a tall handsome man coming toward them, she guess his ade early fourty but he still look handsome, young and attractive, sonali watch imran with mixed feeling and she don't know what to say since they haven't meet for a long time a go.

Imran see sonali come with very beautiful woman, and he guess she is jodha the wife of jalal, jodha might the most beautiful woman on earth but imran eyes lays on sonali, she now become very beautiful woman, she always beautiful but now she look very mature.

Imran standing in front of jodha and he shaking her hand " you must be jodha . . it's nice to meet you " greet imran, he notice that sonali keep watching him.

" and you must be imran . . nice to meet you too " jodha greet him back, then he face sonali and he smile to her, he can still see some bruises on her face that start to faded but he feel angry to her husband who beaten her like this " sonali . . it's been a long time " he said.

Sonali feel totally nervous in front of the man show loved once " yes it's been a long time " reply sonali.

Imran looking at her with sad " I'm sorry about your parents and for what happened to you " imran become her parents lawyer few months before the accident and they rarely talk about her so he didn't know about what happened to her.

" thank you . . . " said sonali, and for a moment both just looking at each other and jodha something in imran eyes, she thought this is one sided love but she is not sure about that now " how is your wife ? how many kids do you have ? " ask sonali and she feel like someone stab her heart.

" me and my wife divorce two years after we married " told imran.

Sonali and jodha look surprise to hear that " ooohh I'm so sorry " reply sonali, she curious why he decide to divorced.

" I'm sorry about that too " said jodha.

Imran smile to them " it's ok . . this is no one fault and sometimes in life not everything can run like the way we wanted it " told imran " now why don't we get inside and I will show you this beautiful house, your parenst leave money to maintaint this house so as you can see this house till beautiful eventhoug not used for years " he add.

" that is a great idea . . . " said sonali then she looking at jodha with worry as if she asking her support because she is not ready be with imran alone.

Jodha can understand her feeling " of course sonali . . I would love to see your house around . . this is beautiful house " reply jodha.

Imran can feel that sonali look frighthened and he think may be it because what happened to her " so come . . . I will show you around " said imran then he walking back toward house following by jodha and sonali.

                Jalal waiting for sujamal, amrita and little maan singh at airport, it's very late and jodha probably in deep sleep, he hope jodha wont wake up because they both can't sleep without each other, jalal already waiting for half na hours and then he see sujamal and amrita come out from vip arrival gate, sujamal carry sleeping maan singh while amrita who now in her last trimester following him from behind, he baby bump looks very big.

" jalal . .  it's nice to meet you again " greet sonali.

" welcome in india . . . how was yout flight ? " ask jalal.

" it's a long long long time journey " reply amrita " and this little princess keep kicking me . . seems like she is very excited " add amrita.

" maan singh very happy and can't wait to meet his cousins . . he take his bunnies and impatient want to show it to aram . . " told sujamal.

Jalal laugh and she look at maan singh " he look like you a lot sujamal " reply jalal.

" and that is a good thing I guess " said sujamal and both laugh.

" come let's go home . . you all two must be feel tired after long flight " sujamal and amrita nod then they all leave airport.

Aram feel restless and she want her mother, she sit on bed then slowly she get down from her bed and go to jodha bedroom, she open the door and see jodha sleeping, aram come to bed and touch jodha.

" mimi . . . " aram shaking jodha hands while calling her, jodha open her eyes slowly and she see aram standing beside bed "mimi . .  I can't sleep . . I want to sleep with you " said aram with sad.

Jodha smile to her then she sit and lift aram then she lay aram next to her " why you can't sleep aram ? " ask jodha.

" I don't know but I want sleep here now mimi . . I want to sleep with mimi " reply aram, she snuggle into jodha chest.

" come . . ammijan will hold you " said jodha and she pull her closer.

" are you having a nightmare so you can't sleep ? " ask jodha.

" no mimi . . aram want to sleep here . . I want with mimi and bubu " said aram.

Jodha kiss the top of her head " sure aram . . you can sleep here whenever you want "

" where is bubu ? " ask aram.

" he is here " jodha and aram listen jalal voice, aram turn around and she smile to him.

" bubu . . where are you from . . come and sleep with us bubu " said aram, jodha wonder where is jalal from.

" wait I wil change clothes first " reply jalal then he get into bathroom and change his clothes then after that he come to bed and sit next to aram " abbujan is here so you must sleep now " told jalal.

" ok bubu . . love you bubu . . love you mimi " said aram with smile.

" good night little princess . . .  ammijan love you too aram " reply jodha.

" good night . . . abbujan love you so much aram " told jalal and aram very happy to heat that then she close her eyes and falling sleep  in few minutes and so does jodha, jalal with love watching his queen and his little princess, they are so much alike, when jodha little kid she must be like aram, jalal caress jodha face and he smile because jodha will very shock and happy when she see sujamal, amrita and maan singh, she can't wait to see jodha surprise face but now he need to rest too so he close his eyes and he falling sleep too after sometimes.


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Wow suja nd family reached safely. .ja in action so fast. ..Sonali nd imran part nice. ..continue soon nd do pm
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Awesome as usual Embarrassed
Thanks for the pm Big smile

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