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Chapter 237



                In horror laxmi listening ranjit told her about what just happening, she think ranjit must to holding back him self, he always lost his temper easily and make problem with anyone who make him angry, sonali always become his punching bag whenever he feel angry about something, laxmi and ravi are the one who must clean his mess, how many times laxmi must persuade even threat sonali not to report his abusive behavior to police, but now ranjit really make huse problem, ravi already warn him to be careful over jalal muhammad akbar but he seems not listen to ravi advice.

"ranjit . . why don't you create more huge problem . . . you've beaten sonali on the street in front of lot of people and now you attacking her and jalal wife . . . you really make your chance to do business with jalal disappears . . I hope you know what are you doing " said laxmi.

" I know what I'm doing grandma and im not afraid of jalal, not even a little bit . .  I don't care if we wil do bussines together or not . . . his family have no righ to come between me and sonali . . even his wife bodyguard dare to attacking me . . . I will make them pay for they've done to me today . .  especially sonali and jodha "said ranjit with angry.

" I just want to remind you that jalal in not an ordinary man and you must know your enemy first before you will fight with them " warn laxmi.

" all I care is to take sonali and maan bai out from there and I don't care who I must to fight to get what I want " reply ranjit.

Laxmi take a deep breath " so sonali still want divorce ? " ask laxmi.

Ranjit nod " that stupid woman should be grateful that she is become mehra family daughter in law . .  but she bring so much trouble . . . and now she caused the rift between me and jalal . .   eventhoug I don't care if me and jalal wont do business together but I have how this chance gone . . she is useless . .  I can't believe that I let you made me marry her . .  " said ranjit " better I never married and just having fun with beautiful women  " he add.

" that is why I made you marry her because you tarnish our family good name with flauting your love affair .  . she is quite a nice woman you know . .  she may not the beauty queen but she have clean past and raised with good by her late parents and she is the one you need to be a perfect wife . . but you start making trouble with hitting her whenever you in bad mood . . . and now here comes the problem . . you think she will filling case for your abusive behaviour toward your ? " ask laxmi.

" I doubt that grandma  . . .  she just want to threat me but she wont have gut to do that . . I will drag her to london with maan bai and this time I will make sure she even wont able come out from her room " said ranjit with cruelty.

" you and sonali caused so much trouble for this family . . . I hope you solve this problem as soon as possible before it getting complicated, beside take her out from shelter fast I don't want involve jalal in this matters but judging how you behave to his wife I guess we must prepare to get full payback from him " warn laxmi " we must really carefull to him . . . you are reckless ranjit to cause problem with jalal, you shouldn't hit his wife and just ignore her because even she try to protect sonali but she is outsider and you shouldn't angry to her, it's sonali fault not her . . . . " said laxmi, she can understand ranjit have problem with his temper but to take it to someone like jodha who is the wife powerfull man like jalal is not a good idea and she already can feel that jalal plan to make ranjit pay for what he did to his wife, ranjit just sit there look even not concern for his action and laxmi wish ravi here so he can help her to control his brother temper, ravi and ranjit is very different ranjit more like fire while ravi more like water, what ravi is true don't look trouble with jalal but it happened and now all they can do is wait what jalal will do.

Meanwhile jalal and his bodyguards arrive not far from mehra family house, it's a big white house, and there is huge gate at front complete with security guards.

" bos . . . should I told them that you wan to meet ranjit ? " ask zahir.

Jalal looking at him with cold eyes " no need .  . break the gate the way he break shelter gate " told jalal, driver looking at zahir asking him in silence if their bos turn crazy, zahir chuckled " don't  worry it wont our car who break the gate . . . " said zahir, he want to laugh watching driver face then zahir talk to other bodyguards who use another car " break the gate . .  prepare for full impact . .  and don't worry if it's not break we will take you all to hospital " told zahir and driver want to laugh how zahir can said something funny in this situation, then one car pull back to give distance because it will need high speed to create crazy impact, security guys at gate look curious see three black sedan and they wonder what they want because no one come out and then to their horror one car come toward gate with high speed.

" call mr ranjit we've got uninvited company " yell one guars " watch outtt " he warn other security guys to move back from gate, the car with horrible sound break the gate, ranjit and laxi even can hear that from inside, ranjit just got phone his security that he got uninvited guess.

" ooohh my God what is that ? " ask laxmi.

" I don't know grandma . .  I will check what is happening " said ranjit, he think the possibility the uninvited guess is jalal, he come out following by laxmi who don't want left out, she want to see what is happening, both come out and see three black sedan and his security run after the three cars, devon come from the side of hosue direction and he with his bodyguards standing in front of ranjit and laxmi to protect them, the cars stop and bunch people in black suite come out, zahir jump out from care and then he open the door for jalal, he come out with classy, he wear expensive dark grey armany, he look at to the house like a predator searching for his prey then he found ranjit, with killing instinct he start to walk toward ranjit, jalal bodyguards start to fight ranjit security guys who start to stop jalal and in few minutes they all fall on the ground, jalal lead by zahir and other bodyguards come to ranjit but zahir know that this is jalal battle and he know that he and other bodyguards should not interfere jalal.

" protect sir and mam " told devon to his men and then they almost run to attack and ranjit, laxmi and devon watching with surprise when zahir and other bodyguards make a way for jalal.

" what he try to do ? " ask laxmi, she is can't believe that jalal bodyguards intentionally let their bos open in attack, but what happen next make everyone shocking except zahir and jalal bodyguards because they know jalal can fight very well, jalal fight with ranjit bodyguards and he is very strong and fast, laxmi and ranjit hear couple times like something broken, laxmi and ranjit can't believe what they saw that jalal can fight like a warrior, his skill and power show that he is expert in martial arts, in less 5 minutes make 5 guys fall on the ground then he look to his prey, devon come to protect ranjit and laxmi but even devon who is ranjit best man can't stand against jalal who in rage and only see blood, he beaten devon badly, in horror and scare to death laxmi looking at jalal who know only less one metre from them and before she and ranjit can talk he hit ranjit so hard that ranjit loose his balance and almost fall.

" ooohhh my God . . . ranjittt " screams laxmi, she hold ranjit but when ranjit just steady himself another hit come and it land on his other side of his face make him looksing balance again, blood come out from ranjit nouse and corner of his mouth " stop it . .  stop it " order laxmi.

Jalal looking at her with cold and even laxmi feel shivering " what are you talking about ? it just a starter . . . he will pay for what he did to my wife . . . how much my wife got hurt I will make him pay 100 times more that that " said jalal with cruel and laxmi eyes open wide, ranjit try to attacking jalal but even devon can't beat jalal so he is just become punching bag for jalal, laxmi sceams in panic watching how jalal beaten ranjit, zahir come and touch jalal shoulders to told him that is enough, he is afraid jalal might kill ranjit, laxmi kneel beside ranjit, he cough in pain and then he look up to jalal with angry.

" you bas***d . . . . . " said ranjit with angry tone.

" you dare to lay a hand on my wife . . it's your lucky that I didn't cut of the hands whick hit my wife . . . you are messing with wrong people this time . . . . " jalal kneel on one his foot so his eyes in the same high like laxmi and ranjit, he look at them with cold and killing glare " how it felt laxmi mehra watching your coward grandson beaten in front of your eyes ? " ask jalal and laxmi still shock to what just happening " may be now you can taste what sonali must going through all this time and how maan bai watched her mommy beaten by her daddy . . " said jalal.

" you . . . you . . . you . . . . " laxmi really lost her words.

" listen you two . . .  I don't want to interfere the problem between sonali and this coward . .  but you will face me the moment you lay your dirty hands on my wife, she is just try to protect abused victim, and now jalaluddin muhammad akbar will become your enemy . . I will burn mehra family in ashes and you can count on me that I will destroy mehra business empire . . . and I will throw you all to street " threat jalal and laxmi know better that he will do what he just say, jalal then stand up and about to leave but then he turn around and look at laxmi " next time your grandson dare to lay a hands again to my wife you can consider that he is as good as died . . . I will never spare anyone who hurt my wife . . .  keeo that in your mind . . . and you two can count that I will give sonali freedom from this sick family " said jalal, then he leave following by zahir and other bodyguards, laxmi and ranjit only can watch jalal enter his car and then he leave mehra family house, ranjit really angry and will take revenge for jalal did, he try to stand up but all his body hurt, so laxmi asked devon and others to helo ranjit and take him inside, laxmi now really worry about what jalal do, she must let ravi know what happened, she can feel they all in great dangerous and problem because ranjit just make one of powerfull man in the world become his enemy, laxmi then enter and she called doctor to check ranjit, after doctor check ranjit she will call ravi.

Sonali and maan bai really happy can stay with jodha, she amaze with jodha house, and she is more admiring jodha because she had luxurious life and have money but instead living with all that she is working hard in shelter, how many sonali can find a woman like jodha is almost like impposible, she know that jodha come from ordinaly family eventhough her husband and her brother are multi-billionaire she is still down to earth, even she can feel this home full of love and warmth, she see and feel jodha's touch in every corner of this house.

" mommy . . . look there is a piano " said maan bai with happy.

Sonali smile looking at maan bai " yes maan bai . . . It's beautiful piano right " reply sonali.

Maan bai nod with " yes mommy . . . . mommy do you think aunt jodha will allow me to play that piano ? " ask maan bai with low tone.

" I don't know why don't we ask aunt jodha " reply sonali, and maan bai witn enthusiasm searching at jodha who prepare table for dinner, they all waiting for jalal and jodha eventhough know that jalal can ake care of himself but she still feel worry about him, aram play with her bunnies at the back along with hassan and hussain, while rahim watching television with salim.

" aunt jodha . .  can I play piano ? " ask maan bai, salim and rahim looking at maan bai with interesting.

" you can play piano ? " ask jodha.

" yes . . . " reply maan bai, salim run to maan bai.

" maan bai .  . come let's play together " suggest salim and jodha chuckled looking at salim who very smitten to maan bai.

Maan bai nod " that is great idea salim . . . . " reply maan bai, sonali too smile watching maan bai very close to salim and aram, maan bai actually introvert and usually had hard time to get along with strangers but with jodha and kids seems like she open to them and she wonder what makes her like that, may be because she can feel jodha and kids are very kind and good people so she can trust them.

" why don't you two play piano while we waiting for abbujan " told jodha.

" ok mijan " said salim then he take maan bai hands and they both go to piano and sit in front of it, salim let maan bai play first and jodha can feel that maan bai really good in play piano.

" she really good playing piano " said jodha to sonali.

Sonali nod " yes . . I taught my daughters my self to play piano . . before I married ranjit I was a music teacher . .  maan bai more into music while anarkali more like into act, ranjit pay acting class for anarkali while I kept taught maan bai playing piano " told sonali " when maan bai play piano she look different . . . her favorite is Beethoven and Mozart " she add.

" you have amazing daughters . . . maan bai very sweet kid and you can see all my kids love her " reply jodha.

Sonali smile with proud " she is always like that . .  even she is introvert but she is strong kids . . and my heart feel hurt when she said that her nana said that she is not beautiful like anarkali . . . " sonali really upset to laxmi about this.

" how can she said something like that to little kid . . . maan bai and anarkali definitely have different appreance and that is not s strange because they are fraternal twins . . . I see maan bai more look like you sonali and anarkali I think more like ranjit . . . . " reply jodha.

" may be that is way grandma don't like maan bai because she look like me " said sonali " you know she refused to be called great-grandmother so she asked kids to called her nana " she add with amuse.

Jodha chuckled " I can imagine"

Then sonali looking at jodha with serious " jodha . . I really appreciate and thank you for defending me . . this is the first time someone stand for me . . I feel sorry too that ranjit hit you because you try to protect me " told sonali, she still can remember how jodha stand for her.

" we are woman should protect each other . . . don't worry too much ok . . . me being hurt can make your free from ranjit " said jodha.

Sonali look confuse " what do you mean ? " ask sonali.

Jodha smile " well I know that jalal wont interfere your problem with ranjit . .  he may help from behind the curtain but now he will stand for me . . for us . .  now ranjit and his family will face jalal for what ranjit did to me and believe me they will regret that ranjit ever hit me " told jodha.

" and he will regret that " jalal suddenly appears and jodha feel glad see he is ok, jalal come to jodha and kiss her lips gentle, his blood boiling again looking at bruise on her face.

" what are you doin to him ? " ask jodha with curious and sonali feel the same way.

Jalal wrap one his hand around jodha waist and pull her closer to him " not much . .  just break the gate of his family house and beaten him and his bodyguards " told jalal with lightly as if he just doing something exercise.

Sonali close her mouth in shock " you . . you . .  beaten ranjit ? seriously ? " she ask, she almost can't believe what she just heard.

" yes . . if possible want to kill him but zahir stop me . . . that coward dare to hit my wife so make him pay 100 times from what he did to jodha " said jalal, jodha should know that jalal would do that.

" ooohh I wish I can see that . . . . " said sonali and jalal with jodha looking at her and then they all laugh " seriously I'm willing to pay just to see you beaten up ranjit . . that is very rare occation " she add.

" that coward used to hit women so don't have a chance when he must fight someone with his own size . . .  and that laxmi mehra screams in panic, now she tasted how you and your daughters feeling when ranjit beaten you badly " told jalal and sonali want to see that, laxmi mehar crying and screams in panic are worth to watch " I will destroy that family . . . they pick the wrong woman to mess with now they all must face me . . .  I promise you sonali I will set you free " said jalala and sonali feel happy that now she got helped from everyone.

" thank you . . thank you . . . " reply sonali, she never stop thank to God for sending these amazing people into her life " I don't want anything from them . . just my freedom and my daughters " said sonali.

" that is wise decision sonali .  . if I were in your place I don't want to accept anything from them either " reply jodha.

" yes . . . . " said sonali but then something strike her " but . . there is something I wish you could help me to taking back from them " said sonali.

Jalal nod " sure what can I do ? " ask jalal.

" when my parents died they left me money and one house in mumbai that they buy for me before I marry to ranjit .  . they want to make sure after I married I have a house to live " said sonali.

" they take all of that from you ? " ask jodha, she can't believe they did that.

" they did that to take full control over sonali life . .  I can even guess they are not allow sonali to have own money . .  am I right " guss jalal.

Sonali nod " yes what you said are right . . . I even don't have bank account . . . when I buy everything grandma will make me to take her credit card and then she will check what I buy in case I spend her money buying something that I shouldn't buy, I'm not allow to go outside without grandma or ranjit, since I married ranjit I always stay at home " sonali told everything to jodha and jalal.

Jodha close her mouth in shock " ooohhh my God . .  "

" that is classic emotional abused . . . " reply jalal, he can't imagine what sonali been through and all he can do now is to give her what she want the most her freedom and what her parents give her " I will help you to take back what is belong to you . . give me your parents lawyer so my lawyer can deal with this and tomorrow I will call my bank to open account in your name " told jalal and sonali nod.

" with my parents money I wish I can start a new life . . I want to resume my job as music teacher " said sonali.

" you will able to stand on your own again sonali . . you are strong than you think " reply jodha, sonali feel that her future wont darker like she though at first and all because of this family, she pray that God will always bless this family, she owed them big time, she really can't wait to free from mehra family and start everything with maan bai and anarkali.




Sorry uys hcq and poh will update tomorow just about to write . . busy with work SmileSmile

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