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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 59)

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Originally posted by Akdhalover6898

Originally posted by Akdhalover6898


amzing chappy dear
hamida and juhi really worried what happened with jodha
i love the convo of kids with there grandma and dadijaan...its really cute and aram is amazing
poor sonali i feel peety for her when she wish to have her family like jalal while watching there bond with eachother
ranjit never changed...such a idiot
update next soon
thanks for pm dear

Aram such a cutie pie Wink

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Originally posted by CindyTruong

Amazing update..
wow Aram so cute...she warned Ja...lovely...
Ja help Sonali regain her fortune...
Thanks for pm...dear

Hahaha she have jalal wrap around her cute little fingers
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Originally posted by pinu20


Thank you man Wink
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Originally posted by sho123


Thank you manSmile
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Originally posted by ndi.anggraeni81

Originally posted by Kavya_P

di update frequently please
even read our pms too

Will try ...

We want all ur Updates Di 
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Jalal evil game starts woow
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Awsome update
loved it

thnks for pm
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Chapter 240



                Sonali looking for jodha, kids are play together with aram bunnies and she need to talk to jodha, she want to tell her that she ready to fight with ranjit at court and she wont give maan bai and anarkali to them, she find jodha in her study room and she look busy then she see on huge screen and see sonia, she smile because she thought when jalal said jodha cant work from home and everything communication can do by video conference was just a kidding but he is really serious, sonali then knock the door and jodha look up to her.

" ooohhh sonali come on . . .  " said jodha then she look at sonia on screen " sonia I will call you later . . . " told jodha.

" alright jodha . . . see you " reply sonali then she end the line.

" do I disturb you jodha ? " ask sonali, she feel uneasy when she think that she might disturb her.

" not at all . .  come and sit sonali " reply jodha then sonali sit across her " so how are you doing ? are you feeling better ?  I hope you and maan bai like to stay here . . if you need anything please don't hesitate to let me know " said jodha.

" I feel better jodha . .  marco spoiling me and maan bai with delicious food, and I like staying here especially maan bai . . . thank you for letting us to stay here . . . thank you is not enough to show my gratitude to you jodha " and sonali honesty feel like that, what jodha do are beyond her imagination, she never think and guess that a person willing to help others like the way jodha.

" there is no need to feel gratitude to me sonali . .  I feel glad that I can help others " reply jodha.

" hmmm jodha I want to discuss something with you " told sonali.

" sure sonali . .  what you want to talk about ? " ask jodha.

" I . . I think I'm ready to filed divorce and fight for custody battle for maan bai and anarkali . .  and I'm ready to filled assault for what ranjit did to me " told sonali " I will break free this time from mehra family " she add.

Jodha smile " it's a great news sonali that finally you decide that . . trust me I know it's not something easy to decide . . " she said " and I will helping you as much as I can " she add.

Sonali nod " I know jodha and I really thank God that I have you and everyone with me . . . this is very important to me . . . since my parents died I never had someone that who will stand by me . . . but you give me that feeling back jodha " said sonali.

Jodha feel interesting because sonali never said anything about her parents " tell me about them ? how they died and when " ask jodha.

Sonali lean her back on the chair " they were amazing parents and always let me do whatever I want . .  we may not rich but we were happy, we always do everything together . . my dad only a common employee at bank and mom just housewife who likes to cook . . dad and mom never force me to do I didn't like that so when they know I like music and play piano they supporting me and I really enjoying my job as music teacher. . . but since they died two months after my wedding with ranjit my life changed . . . " told sonali with sad, she really missed her parents, their death really shock her and she wish she had time to say good bye to them.

" you said you parents leave some money and a house for you . . but why your husband and his family taken it away from you . . it's your right " said jodha.

" I don't know why they done that since I think it a small money and not too big house I guess . . but she kept all away from me . . they said they will helped me to manage my financial " reply sonali.

" don't worry jalal will met his lawyer and abhi will bring back what belong to you " told jodha.

" I don't want anything from my divorce . . . I only want my daughters and what my parents left for me " said sonali and jodha can see determination in her eyes.

" I will do the same if I'm in your position . . " told jodha " believe in God that you will be able to stand on your own again " she add.

" yes . . . sometimes I feel so stupid why I didn't try to break free from him and his family long time a go . . . " jodha smile to sonali because she can understand her feeling.

" may be it just need the right time and the right moment . . I believe everything happen for a reason . . and no matter what you've been going through you will survive . . just like people said . .  what didn't kill you will make you stronger " told jodha and sonali nod.

" and I will do anything to give the best for my daughters " said sonali, then jodha phone rings and jodha see it's jalal who call her.

" it's jalal . . . " told jodha to sonali then she answer her phone " helo jalal " she greet him.

" helo sweety . . . . where are you now ? " ask jalal.

" I'm at study room with sonali . .  why ? " jodha asking him back.

" ooh good that she is there with you . . I've just got called from abhi and he already found out about the money and house that her parents left for her " reply jalal.

" already ? " ask jodha, abhi really fast finding out about that.

Jalal laugh " that man is worth with his paycheck and his reputation " said jalal, and he is quite surprise too that abhi able to collect information in short time.

" and what he said ? " ask jodha.

" well . . . sonali parents left left her enough money . .  and sonali is the beneficiary of their life insurance that conventiently been hidinf from her by her husband and abhi said the amount is quite a lot . .  and about the house it address at one nice and famous real estate and it's quite maintaint because her parents set a money for it since sonali married to ranjit and they thought ranjit and sonali wont live there and their lawyer can sense something not right with mehra family so he keep the house certificate and will give it to sonali when he got a chance but mehra family blocked his access to sonali . .  abhi said the laywer name is imran and he told abhi to asked sonali if she remember him " told jalal " and if she want to see the house she can go with you and bodyguards but do not take kids in case something happen " he warn jodha.

" that is a great news . . . . I will tell sonali about this . . . " reply jodha with happy and sonali curious what jalal said to her.

" here imran phone number you write it down . . he said call him when you want to see the house he will meet you and sonali there " said jalal.

" wait . . . ok tell me the number " reply jodha and sonali write something on a paper then she looking at her with big " ok jalal . . thank you husband . . you are the best . . . love you " said jodha.

Jalal laugh with happy " aaahhh sweety . . I know that you love me sooo muchhh " said jalal and jodha too laugh with happy, sonali who see that feel jealous that hope that one day she will find a man who will love her they way jalal love jodha.

Jodha put her phone back and she looking at sonali " sonali do you know a guy name imran ? may be he is your parents friend . . . . "

" imran . . . are you sure ? " ask sonali, she look surprise and shock.

" yes . . jalal lawyer said that your late parents lawyer named imran and he is refused to give house certificate to your husband and his family, he want to give it straight to you but seems like they cut him everythimg he tried to contact you " said jodha.

Sonali feel her heart beating so fast when she hear his name " I know imran . . . jodha  . . . he . . he . . well let say that he is my first love " said sonali.

Jodha really shock to hear that " ooh sonali . . is that true ? " ask jodha.

Sonali nod " yes jodha but he married with someone else few months before I married to ranjit " told sonali " wow . . I never knew that my late parents hire him as their lawyer " she add.

" are you and him been in relationship once ? " ask jodha.

Sonali shaking her head " no . . I think he don't know about my feeling for him . .  he is my father friend but he is younger than him . . "

" he is older then you ? " ask jodha.

" 10 years . . and he always treat me like her a sister but I fall for him, he married with his long time girlfriend, she is her sweetheart . .  after he married I never heard again from him then I got married too and so we lost contact " told sonali.

Jodha looking at sonali eyes like she see through her soul and jodha see what sonali been buried deep down inside her heart " why don't I call him and make appointment that we want to see the house tomorrow . . after I take kids to school we can see the house, jalal said we better don't take kids because it safer that way "

Sonali nod with enthusiasm " oooh yes jodha please . . . I want to see the house that my parents bough for me " said sonali.

Jodha know that sonali probably still love imran but she wont ask her about that because now it's not the right time " ok I will call imran and make a appointment for tomorrow . . because if friday me and jalal must go to school and meet rahim teacher . . . " told jodha.

" yes jodha please . . . " said sonali, she is like a teenager who will meet her first crush, she know that imran married and she already accepted that from long time a go.

Jodha then dialed imran phone number that jalal gave to her, it answer after the fourth rings " helo . . good afternoon . . . is this imran . . . "

" you must be jodha . .  you are jalaluddin muhammad akbar wife " cut imran and jodha look surprise that he recognize her.

" yes I am . .  how do you know it's me ? " ask jodha, sonali listening to jodha words.

" well it not need math to figure it out . . I've seen the news about you and sonali, then abhi the best lawyer in this country calling me and he said he work for jalal but now represent sonali . . . so when you call I know that it must be jalal's wife " told imran.

" wow . . . . but yes I'm jodha . . wife of jalal . .  and I'm calling you because I want to make appointment to meet you with sonali tomorrow at the house that her late parents bough for her " reply jodha " we will be there after I take my kids to school . . . is that ok ? " ask jodha.

" that would be great .  . I hadn't meet sonali for years . . and her parents never talked about her either . . .  how is she ? " ask imran, he really shock when he watched the news about sonali, since her married to the eldest son of mehra family he never heard about her again.

" she is here . .  you want to talk to her ? " ask jodha.

Sonali shocking when jodha offering imran to talk to her " sure if you don't mind can I talk to her " said imran.

" of course . . . wait . . . " jodha give the phone to sonali, with shaking hands she accept her phone and then jodha leave to give sonali privacy to talk with imran, but when jodha close the door she can hear sonali crying, she smile because finally she have someone from her past who will help her going through all of this.

In united states sujamal and amrita busy to packing, maan singh too with happy helping them, amrita now almost nine month pregnant and she want to giving birth in india, she want to be close with jodha and everyone.

" jodha will very happy with us coming there  . .  I intentionally not let her know that we will come there . . .  " said sujamal.

" your sister always happy everytime she meet you . .  and you are the same " tease amrita.

" mommy . . . I can't wait to meet aunt jodha and others . . . ooohh I'm so happy . .  and beside my bunnies can play with aram bunnies " said maan singh.

" oooh you are right cowboy . . your bunnies will love there . . . you can play with aram bunnies too . . . " reply sujamal.

" yes daddy . . . and I want to swim with everyone " maan singh really happy to meet his cousins.

" and don't forget gifts for everyone " amrita reminded sujamal.

" oooh yes of course . . . especially for princess aram . . . she will be mad if we forget to bring her gifts " reply sujamal with amuse, he will have his own little princess but jodha and aram will always be his special little princess.

" and you better call jalal to remind him that we will flight to india tonight . . you two very naughty hiding this from jodha " said amrita.

" aahh you know that we love to make surprise and beside jodha and jalal will celebrate their anniversary and you already prepare gifts for jodha I assume " ask sujamal.

" hahahah it's a secret sujamal but jalal asked me to make something very special . . .  and I've just finished to make it " said amrita.

" ahhh I see well if it jalal who asking you to making this then I can guess it will very special and will cost a fortune " tease sujamal.

Amrita laugh " you and him are the same that you two like to spoliing your ladies . . and can't imagine how you will spoiling this little one " amrita caress her baby bump " you've been spoiling maan singh like hell . . . and when out little princess born you can't imagine how you will spoiling her " said amrita.

Sujamal smile with big " well you know me soo well . . . I work really hard for my wife and my kids . . . so I will spoiling my family like hell " said sujamal.

" ok then . .  here . . take this to downstairs and don't forget to told jalal about our arrival " told amrita.

" aye aye my captain " reply sujamal.

" daddy . . I will help you " said maan singh.

" come on cowboy . . let take this to downstair " said sujamal and then he and maan singh leave while amrita watching her loving husband and son, her life been amazing and she never stop to God for what she had now, she can't wait to meet jodha and everyone, she missing them but she will able to be with them for two months and she will enjoying to the fullest.




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