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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 55)


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Chapter - 238...

My ja is back on angry mod...
Feel pitty for Sonali n her daughter..
Ja give the kiss medicine n jo is akso enjoying...
Ravi is shocked ti know what his bas***d brother did...
Now also Laxmi is protecting Ranjit...
Mirza is hell shocked to know abt jo
Ja plam is good to destroy ...
Finally the war started...

Ramzan Mubarak Didu..
Tc n miss u..

kartikaJA IF-Dazzler

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update di
please update
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Update diii
Eagerly waiting 
Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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Well done jalal..ranjit deserves it..
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Chapter 239



                Media went crazy when they found about the incident at shelter, it seems someone leak what happened to media and when people found out about how jodha being hit by ranjit all give hard reaction because they know that jodha is very nice and kind woman with a golden heart and in short times reporters found out ranjit and sonali identity, everyone curse him for beating up sonali and jodha, hamida and juhi who are at korea see the news and hamida in hurry call jodha.

" helo ammijan . . . . " greet jodha.

" jodha what it this about you've been hit by this man . .  what is happening there . . ooh I'm so much worry now " ask hamida, she always count on jodha to take care her family when she is not around and she wont forgive anyone who hurting jodha.

" oooh it's nothing ammijan . . . . . "

" mimi . . is that dadijan . .  I want to talk to her " demand aram, and hamida smile when she hears aram voice then she put the phone to loudspeaker so juhi can hear too.

" ooohh mijan . . I want to talk to dadijan and juhi grandma too " said salim.

" me too . . me too . . . " rahim, hassan and hussain reply in the same time.

Jodha laugh watching how her sons very excited to talk to hamida " alright . . I will put this on loudspeaker so we all can hear dadijan ok " said jodha and everyone nod then she see jalal " it's ammijan " she told him and jalal then sit beside jodha.

" helo ammijan " greet jalal.

" helo jalal . .  juhi is with me " told hamida.

" helo . . jodha . . jalal and kids " greet juhi.

" helo grandma . .  dadijan  . . . aram missing you two " said aram, she climb on jalal lap and sit there, then she take the phone from jodha hands and her brothers come closer to her, salim sit between jodha and jalal while hassan, hussain and rahim standing behind jalal and jodha.

" dadijan missing you too aram and rahim, hussain, hassan, salim, tariq and mustafa " reply hamida.

" me too . . I miss you all you " said juhi.

" dadijan . . . grandma . . mimi got hurt but aram help put medicine on her . . .  aram will taking care of mimi . . . aram love mimi " said aram then she look at jodha with bright smile.

" oowhh that is such sweet of you aram . . . are your brothers helping you ? " ask hamida.

" of course we help too dadijan . .  we all love mijan " said hassan.

" we all will take care of ammijan . . " reply rahim, and he really meant that, eventhough he still kids but he determine to always protect and  taking care of jodha.

" I know you all will do that . . dadijan very proud of you . . . " praise hamida and boys look happy being praise like that.

" jodha what is happening . .  what it is about you've been hit by a rich man ? we are so shock and worry when we hear about that " ask juhi.

Jalal think that this conversation it not for kids to hear.

" listen kids abbujan need to speak with dadijan and grandma for awhile ok . .  and after I've done with them then you all can talk again with dadijan and grandma " told jalal.

" don't talk to long bubu . .  aram still want to talk with dadijan " aram warn jalal.

Jalal chuckled listen to her " of course aram . .  abbujan promise wont take long to talk to dadijan " reply jalal, then he get out and move out and standing near swimming pool, jodha wonder how hamida and juhi will react to this problem " are you still there ammijan . . . aunt juhi ? " ask jalal.

" yes jalal we are still here . . . so tell me what is happening ? " ask hamida.

" well jodha trying to help a woman who is abused victim . .  we don't know who is she until I met ranjit mehra . .  he warned me that jodha shouldn't come in between him and his wife sonali . .  and that bas***d dare to come to shelter and force to take sonali and their daughter and when jodha tried to protect sonali he hit her and push her . .  she bruise and wounds " jalal told hamida nd juhi everything.

" ooohh my God . .  that mean man dare to touch jodha . . . I wish I was there so I can hit him back " said juhi with angry tone, everyone know how juhi love jodha like her own daughter so she will really piss off when someone hurt jodha.

" please tell me jalal that you already make that man pay for what he did to jodha " said hamida with angry.

Jalal chuckled because that is what he think his mother will said, she really love jodha and wont allow anyone hurting her " of course ammijan . . I make him pay for daring hit my jodha " reply jalal.

" good jalal . . no one touch mughal ladies and still breath the free air " said amida.

" anyway who is this ranjit and sonali ? news getting wild that ranjit if the eldest son of mehra family but I never hears about them " ask juhi.

" I never heard about them either . . may be I never encounter with them before so I never heard about them " told jalal.

" I remembered met laxmi mehra once . . if not mistaken before her daughter and son in law . . . she don't have a son so she trust everything to her son in law . . . she is not too kind person and look very cold and cruel " said hamida while she tried to pictured that old lady but since it's been years so she only had vague memory of her.

" ranjit mehra just a coward who dare to lay hands to weak woman . . but he did huge mistake by hit my jodha . . now he will face someone at his own size and I swear ammijan . . aunt juhi that I will destroy him and that damn family . . . a woman who let another woman being beaten is not woman at all " reply jalal with cold and cruel and hamida know that jalal mean with his everywords, this ranjit awaken up the devil inside him because he is feeling hurt when jodha got hurt.

" I'm supporting you jalal . . . " hamida stop her talk because she heard kids voice at back.

" bubu . .  what take you so long . . . I want to talk to dadijan " protest aram " mimi . . . told bubu to stop talking " said aram to jodha.

Jalal laugh " ammijan . . . little princess want to talk to you "

Hamida and juhi laugh too listening to aram " yes we can hear her voice . . . let us talk to her . . I know you and kids must tleave for work and school any minutes . . . " said hamida, then jalal back inside and give handphone to aram.

" please forgive me little princess for taking too much time to talk with dadijan " said jalal, jodha and boys chuckled watching jalal.

Aram smile to jalal " it's ok bubu don't do it again " reply aram.

" ok my little princess . . your wish my command " said jalal and aram giggling then she take the phone from jalal and talk to hamida and juhi, the boys talking too, jalal then standing behind jodha and he hug her from the back, jodha can guess what hamida and jalal talking about so she put her hands over him then jalal kiss the top of her head, while sonali and maan bai watch from a far, sonali ask maan bai not to interefere for awhile because she know jodha, jalal and kids need their private time and thankfully maan bai understand, sonali feel sad when she saw how jalal love jodha and how this family always happy, sometimes she wish her marriage with ranjit will worked out but ranjit made there is no chance for that, she just hope that she can free and take her daughter away from them, she will give them her love, she will become their mother and father but first she must free from them and she pray God with her now.

                Ranjit open his eyes and he feel her body and face ache all over, he remembered what happened and he feelt very angry, he will never forget how jalal beaten him up, this is all because his stupid wife, he will make her pay for what she did.

" finally you wake up " ranjit turn his head and see laxmi sitting not far from him.

" grandma . . . how long you stay there ? "ask ranjit.

" long enough . . . . you really make this family in trouble ranjit " scold laxmi " you just make one of powerfull man on earth as our enemy . . you've taste how it feel to make someone like jalal your enemy . . I always warn you for your temper but you never listen to me . . when you beat sonali I still can understand and protect you, I tried my best to hold sonali tight under my hands but you hit jalal's wife " she add with angry.

" like I said I'm not afraid of jalal and I will face him no matter what the consequences . . . . . "

" this is not about you anymore " said laxmi and she look at ranjit with angry " this is about our family now .  . you think I can be in peace when jalal threat to throw us out to street ? even ravi really angry and worry with what jalal will do now . . . he said we must prepare for what will happen in future . .  and he warn us jalal payback because of your stupid act hitting his wife will fast and hard . . . " told laxmi.

" this is all because of sonali . . .  I swear grandma I will make her pay for this . .  especially for every bruise that jalal give to me " reply ranjit.

Laxmi shakin her head with slow " I'm thinking to let you and sonali separated this time . . . let her go but don't let her take anarkali and maan bai . .  especially anarkali " said laxmi.

Ranjit look surprise listening to her finally agree with him and sonali divorce " well . . .  finally . . . thank God that your heart and eyes open and set me free from this pathetic marriage " said ranjit.

" finish this matter as soon as possible before jalal and his family interfere too deep " told laxmi.

" I will grandma . . I can't wait to be free . .  I will arrange everything after I feel better . . now all my body feel hurt " reply ranjit and laxmi nod, ranjit feel glad that finally he will be free from that stupid sonali and he will enjoying his freedom with having great sex with alia, he already imagine alia will feel happy with this, they will have freedom to go together whenever they want wont afraid will get scold by laxmi ot ravi, but before that he will make sonali pay for her behaviour.

Jalal have close meeting with his lawyer and he is the best lawyer in this country and he is been working for jalal for years.

" so you want mrs sonali got back what belong to her ? " ask abhi.

" yes . . you track her late parents lawyer and told that you represent sonali and ask how much her parents leave for her and where is the house that her parents bough for her . . " told jalal.

" you know it unbelievable that rich people like mehra family still want to take her small fortune . . . that is pathetic from my point of view " said abhi " why rich people can not be like you jalal . . . " he add with amuse.

" well if they all like me then I wont look special don't I " reply jalal and both laugh.

" and so I guess it is true that ranjit mehra hit your wife " told abhi, people who know jalal know how much this man love his wife and no one even dare to lay an eyes on her but ranjit dare to lay a hands on her.

" she got bruise on her face and wounds on her hands . . but how much she got hurt I already make him pay one hundred worse " reply jalal with cold eyes, his blood boiling everytime he remembered ranjit dare to hurt jodha.

Abdi chuckled " why I don't feel strange about that . . . . hope you didn't beaten him up very badly " tease abhi.

Jalal laugh " of course . . you know if possible I want to killed him with my bare hands but I want to torture him and that damn family . . . laxmi mehra is a cruel old lady even she wouldn't stop what happened to sonali " said jalal " and like I said I don't want to interfere but ranjit involved me in this matter so I will make him regret for that " he add.

Abhi nod and he can guess what jalal will do to mehra family, ranjit and his family have no idea who they are facing " I will find mrs sonali late parents family and will make sure she got everything that belong to her . . . . "

" you should watch yourself abhi because once the news out that you will represent sonali to take back her right mehra family may targeted you too . . . " cut jalal, he can feeling that mehra family will use dirty tricks to keep their dirty behaviour.

" don't worry abou me . . I can take care my self jalal . . . ok so I've got everything I need . . I will done with this fast . . . you can assure that mrs sonali will get her right back " reply abhi with confident.

Jalal smile " I know I can count on you abhi and I will pay your fee for this matter . . . . . "

Abhi laugh " ahhh jalal don't worry about that too . . I've been your lawyer for years " cut abhi and jalal nod " ok . . I will start to work now .. I will keep update " said abhi.

" alright . . .  thanks abhi " reply jalal, and then abhi leave jalal office to start his work, while jalal look at the document on his desk with evil smile on his face, he will make sure mehra family sink with their sins and he know that mirza and abdul start their mission to destroy mehra family business and take over their assets, ranjit mehra will regret ever lay his dirty hands over his dear wife jodha and he will make sure he wont able to beat another woman, and that is a promise.


happy reading guyzzz Wink

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awesome update
hamida support jalal
I hope sujamal also destroy ranjeet
because when two powerful man make ranjeet life hell
than they know what was the consequences of their deeds
waiting for next update
please update soon
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Awesome update... Looking forward to jala's plan. Thanks for the pm
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Originally posted by Kavya_P

one more res

Unres Di 
Awesome chappy Di 
So Hamida n Juhi got the news
Kids are so cute mainly Aram 
Mehras r gone 
Revenge on Mehras 
Downfall begins for Mehras 
Update soon Di 

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