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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 51)

sweety992 Goldie

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Oh jalal no tht finally ranjit is sonali hus
Nyc chappy dr

sweety992 Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2016 at 2:19am | IP Logged
I love this jalal lottt
kartikaJA IF-Dazzler

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waiting for your all updates
please update di
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Chapter 238



                Aram take maan bai to see her room and maan bai amaze looking at it, her room painted in pink color and there is butterfly handmade creation on the wall above the head of bed.

"maan bai .  . this is my room " said aram.

" oooh aram . .  this room very pretty . . I love it . . . " praise maan bai.

Aram smile with happy " yes and mimi make this room for me . . mimi love me a lot  . . . and I love mimi more for making me this pretty bedroom " told aram.

" I wish anar is here so she can see this pretty bedroom " said maan bai with sad.

Aram can feel maan bai sadness then she hold maan bai hand " don't be sad maan bai . .  come I will let you play with my dolls but you shouldn't feel sad anymore " said aram.

Maan bai nod and her eyes brighten with happiness " ok aram . . . I promise I wont feel sad anymore " said maan bai.

" good . . . .  now come let's play " reply aram and then they are playing with aram dolls.

At night sonali hug maan bai try to make her sleep but it seem maan bai is restless.

" are you ok maan bai ? can't sleep ? " ask sonali.

Maan bai nod " I'm very happy mommy and I like it here . .  everyone very nice and kind . . . I like everyone here especially aram, salim and aunt jodha . .  but I miss anar mommy . .  when I can meet anar ? " ask maan bai with sad.

" I hope we will meet her very soon maan bai . . .  very soon . . . mommy miss anar too " reply sonali.

" and mommy I hate daddy . . . "

Sonali close maanbai mouth " maan bai . . no matter what happen he is your daddy and mommy don't want you to hate your own daddy . .  " sonali know that what ranjit did really make him bad in front of his own daughters but sonali don't want to teach maan bai and anarkali to hate their own father, she want them to live with pure heart without feeling hatred toward others.

Maan bai snuggle into sonali chest " maan bai only want to be with mommy, I don't want to go back with daddy and nana . . here maan bai feel more happy because everyone very kind and nice even aunt jodha keep asking me what I want to eat, drink and do ..  she is like you mommy . . beautiful and very kind " praise maan bai.

Sonali hug her daughter " we are very lucky to meet them . . .  but now you need to sleep ok " said sonali and maan bai nod, then sonali sing lullaby for maan bai and slowly she close her eyes and falling asleep, sonali kiss the top of her head and smile, maan bai may be an introvert little girl but she is strong, she can adapt situation here fast and not to mention aram, lily and salim help maan bai to coped with what happened and she is thank to God that they can meet with such great, kind and nice couple.

Jalal bring medicine for jodha and she is waiting for him, she sit on the side of bed then jalal sit next to her.

Jodha smell the medicine " yuckkk . . . it smell really bad " protest jodha.

" well it can make your bruises and wounds healing fast . . . " reply jalal and jodha pouted with cute " but you know there it something that can make those bruises and wounds healing faster " he add.

Jodha look interesting " oooh tell me how ? " ask jodha, then jalal wink to her and he kiss the bruises on the corner of her mouth " this the the medicine " he said and he keep kissing with gentle bruises on her cheeks.

Jodha smile when jalal keep kissing her with gentle " my upper arm too got bruises " told jodha.

Jalal looking at her upper arms and he look at jodha with love " I will kiss all yout bruises and wounds . .  . so you will recovery faster " said jalal, then he kiss bruises on jodha upper arms, first he kiss the left one then the right one and jodha enjoying his gentle kiss on her skins.

" this is the best medicine ever " tease jodha and jalal chuckled.

" in future if one of us got hurt we can use this methods to make us recovery soon " reply jalal.

" sounds very good idea " said jodha, she watching her loving husband and she caress his face " thank you for standing up for me and sonali . . but I'm very scare when you leave to give ranjit lesson . . I'm worry that you will got hurt " said jodha.

" don't worry sweety . . .  I always thinking of you and our kids in everything that I do so I know that I should taking care of my self for you and kids " reply jalal " you and kids the most important in my life and I wont do something that will make my self in dangerous situation " said jalal.

" I'm so lucky to have you and this family . . you are the best man in the world " praise jodha.

" not all rich guy and rich family like ranjit and his family . . . they are still good rich people " reply jalal and jodha nod.

" I know jalal . . .  I just feel happy that I've got you and loved by you " jodha always feel that her life been bless to have amazing man like jalal, then she hug jalal and he is smile then he hug her tighten.

" I love you jalal . .  so much " whispers jodha.

" love you too sweety . . . so much " reply jalal and they both hug each other while thank God to bring them into their each other life.

Meanwhile laxmi answer her phone the moment it rings, and turn out it's ravi who calling her.

" grandma . .  what the hell is happening ? I've got your message . . I must attending important meeting so could call you earlier " said ravi,

" we are in big trouble ravi . .  you brother really something . . and he pick the worst enemy . . .  " reply laxmi.

" what are you talking about grandma ? " ravi really curious what is really happening.

" ranjit go to shelter to bring back sonali and maan bai . . and he created problem again . . .  he . . . he . . . " ravi really curious what to know what is happening.

" geez grandma can you just say it what happen " told ravi impatient.

" oooh ravi . . .  ranjit hit jalal wife " reply laxmi.

Ravi feel his body shiver in anger " he did what ? grandma please tell me that he didn't do what you just say ? " said ravi with angry tone.

" he did that . .  then jalal come to our family house and he . . he beaten up ranjit badly . . and he even beaten up devon . . . oooh ravi she threat will destroy our business and throw us out street . . .  what we should do ravi ? " ask laxmi, she usually have a way for every problem in her family but this time she really don't know what to do.

" see . .  . that is why I told you to let ranjit and sonali divorced . .  this is what I'm afraid of . . that sonali have enough of ranjit and finally she fight . . . I don't want to interfere their personal problem but look what happen . . . now ranjit and sonali personal problem drag our business  . .  . shit . .  can't ranjit acted more stupid than this . . make a man like jalal as our enemy . . have ranjit heard that jalal is love his wife so much and he even will destroy everyone who dare to lays evil eyes on her . .  and he hit hi wife . . . . " laxmi just keep silent listening to ravi who sound very angry and she never hear his angry like this.

" ravi can we do something to make peace with jalal ? " ask laxmi.

" after ranjit hit his wife ? I doubt that he will let us out of the hook easily . .  now I must start to prepare for whatever might come . .  if my guess is right he will attacking very soon . . .  shit . . . shit . . I swear grandma if I was there I will beat ranjit untill he come to his sense " reply ravi.

" ravi . . he is your brother " warn laxmi.

" who need to be knock down so he can come to his sense . . stop protecting grandma . . he is grown up man . .  and you should let them divorced long time a go . . .  " laxmi feel angry because ravi and ranjit blame her for what happen in ranjit and sonali marriage.

" enough ravi . . I don't want to hear about that again . .  enough with ranjit who blame me for making him married with sonali " scold laxmi.

" well I couldn't agree more . . ranjit and sonali better solve their problem as soon as possible . .  before everything getting ugky which I suspect it already are because now jalal standing between them . . . . it just great grandma . . very great " said ravi with sarcasm " ok I'm hang up now . .  there are lot things I need to do . . jalal will attack with hard I guarantee you grandma " he add then then he end the called before laxmi can reply, laxmi thinking how to solve sonali and ranjit problem, if they must divorce she will make sure mehra family got kids custody especially anarkali, she wont let sonali take anarkali, she can have maan bai.

The next morning mirza and abdul go together to jalal office, mirza curious what's wrong with jalal, why suddenly he ask this meeting.

" do you know why bhaijan call us for meeting ? "ask mirza to abdul.

" I can guess " reply abdul.

" tell me then " said mirza.

" you know about sonali ? " ask abdul.

" she is the woman that jodha helped . .  who got abused by her rich husband right " reply mirza.

" well turn out her husband is ranjit mehra . .  and yesterday he come to shelter to bring sonali and their daughter but I don't know how he hit jodha and push her untill she fall . .  she got bruise and wounds . .  jalal really in range and he come to mehra family house and beaten up ranjit mehra " abdul told what happen.

" oooh geez . . I miss so much . .  I was so busy that I come home very late and moti already sleep . . and this I'm rushing here so when moti want to said something I told her that I will listening to her later . . . . shit . . that ranjit sing his own death even I will beaten him for hurting bhabijan " reply mirza with angry and he can't imagine how furious jalal.

" oohh jalal really piss off . .  and I think meeting had something to do with that incident " said abdul and mirza agree, then they bot arrive at jalal office and they enter since the door is open, jalal standing in front window while reading something, he look very dangerous and mirza think that ranjit will regret big time for hitting jodha.

Jalal look at mirza and abdul " sit . . . . " he told them, mirza and abdul can feel the cold and cruel jalaluddin muhammad akbar aura.

" what's wrong bhaijan ? " ask mirza, he never see his brother like this again since she marry with jodha and settle down, this other side of jalal only awaken when someone hurting his the one he love.

Jalal handed mirza and abdul documents and they accepts them and read, mirza and abdul look surprise when they read the list of mehra business and assets " what are thses list for jalal ? " ask abdul, he and mirza look at jalal with confuse.

"I asked atgah to gathering information about mehra business and assets . .  and he is doing a very good job . . . " reply jalal " I want you two destroy their business and take over their assets . . . I want to throw out mehra family to the steets " he add.

Abdul feel pity for mehra family because ranjit mehra upsetting jalal and now whole family must pray for it's price " are you sure want to do this ? " ask abdul.

Jalal looking at him with his sharp eyes " yes abdul . . ranjit dare to lay his hands on jodha . . he hit here and push her til she fall on the ground cause bruise and wound on jodha face and body . .  I'm still not satisfied eventhough I already beaten him up . .  " reply jalal.

Abdul and mirza can understand jalal feel and probably they will do the same if it was moti or selima that been hit buy ranjit " ok bhaijan . . I'm in . . so tell us what we must do " reply mirza.

Abdul nod " I'm in too jalal . .  hurting one mughal mean hurting all of us . . so will make ranjit pay for it " said abdul and jalal smile to them.

" ok and here I want you two to do " said jalal, then he told abdul and mirza what they must do and jajal give them full power to make ranjit mehra and his family sink till they are drowning.

Ramadan Mubarak . . .  will try to update at least one story since there are lot things to do in this precious ramadan Big smile

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shivangiganesh9 Senior Member

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The jallaludin Mohammad akbar is back
Waiting for next update.
Update soon 

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woo awesome update
know ranjeet regret
his deed
can't wait to read more
update soon next part
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Amazing update waiting for jalal attack plz update soon
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Awesome update 

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