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Chapter 236



                Jodha and sonia go to the gate with escort by zahir and other bodyguards, jodha see a tall handsome man with some bodyguards in front of him, jodha think may be that man is sonali husband, jodha can feel sonali little bit shaking and jodha think sonali really scare of her husband, they arrive not far from gate and sonali hold on to jodha try to make herself strong to face ranjit, since they married she never go against him and last time they met was the first time sonali raise her voice towards her.

" wh .  . what are you doing here ? " asksonali with scare.

" to take you and maanbai back to London . . . grandma waiting for you " reply ranjit and sonali really shock to hear laxmi here in india, ranjit looking at beautiful jodha and wonder if this is jalal's wife.

" Iwont come back to London and I will filing for divorce and will fight for anarkali and maanbaicuctody " said sonali, she gather all her strength so finally said those words to him.

Ranjit looking at his wife with cold and cruel " I wont discuss that matters in front of strangers so you better come with me then we will talk " said ranjit.

Sonali shaking her head " no . . I wont ever come with you . .  enough is enough . . I will stay here while recovery my injured and filing for divorce . .  I want to be free from you . . from a monster like you "

" what did you said ? " ask ranjit with disbelief that she just calling him a monster.

" you are a monster . .  a coward  . . .  and I will set free from you " reply sonali.

" how dare you said such thing to me . .  you forget who I am ? " askranjiit and his loud voice enough to make sonali scare to death, jodha feel sorry for sonali and she try to make her strong.

" of course she is not forget who are you and what you have done to her " reply jodha and ranjit looking at her with his sharp angry eyes.

" you are an outsider so don't interfere in my personal matter with my wife " scold ranjit.

" I will interfere since I'm the one who found her beaten and being leave just  like that on the street . . . I wont let a man like you who only dare to beat up a woman " reply jodha with cold tone.

" who are you ? " ask ranjit.

" I'mjodha . . . "

" aahhh so you are the wife of jalaluddinmuhammadakbar . . for your information I'm not afraid of you or your husband . . so I don't care who you are but I wont let you come in between me and her " cut ranjit.

Jodha chuckled " Idon't to come in between again . . . but since now sonalistay in my shelter so her safety is my concern " reply jodha.

" she is my resposibilty not yours so now I will take her back to London with my daughter " said ranjit.

" listen you heard what sonali said . .  she is done with you . . enough is enough " told jodha.

" I don't care what you said jodha . . she is still my wife and I have right over her and maanbai . . . " said ranjit, sonali really amaze how jodha face ranjit with calm and she wish she can have half her calmness.

" ranjit . . . I don't want to come baclk . . I want a divorce and I want anarkali back to me " saidsonali.

" thatwont happened .  . anarkali in London now . . so if you want to meet her you must come with me to London " reply ranjit and sonali very shock to hear that, how can he did such thing, rage and anger explode inside her, and to jodha surprise sonali walk toward gate and looking at him with hatred.

" you bas***d . . . how can you do this to me . . how can you take my daughter back to that hell . .  bring back my anarkali . . you bas***d . . . bring back my anarkali" screams sonali with anger while crying, everyone who watch feel sad, that is like a painful cry from a mother.

Ranjit in rage too because sonali dare to call him bas***d in front of everyone, he walk with angry to gate and he slide his hand then grapsonali hairs with hard" listen to me . .  you think I want to stay in our marriage ? you are useless woman . .  I don't need you in my life " he said with crule and sonali winch in pain because ranjit pull her hairs soo hard, jodha run to sonali but zahir and his men prevent jodha to come closer.

" let her go . . . you coward " yell jodha.

" I will divorce you and I will report your for abused me . . . I kept my mouth shut up all this years because of my daughters but not anymore . . I will fight for my self and for them . . you hear me . . screw with you and your family " reply sonali with angry and she look straight at him.

" I wont let you take my daughters . . . I will destroy you if you try " threat ranjit.

" zahir help her " told jodha then zahir told his men to help sonali, ranjit see three men coming closer to him then he push sonali.

" break the gate " ranjit told his and then devon order one of his man to use car to break the gate, zahir who see their intention ask his man to take sonali away from gate and they in rush take sonali away and just few second later a car break the gate make it very loud sound, after the gate open ranjit and his men enter, sonali in horror watching ranjit walking with angry toward her and jodha, but zahir and his men stay in front of jodha and sonali to protect them.

Jodha turn over to her employee who watching from the door and she look at shelter security team, jodha know she and sonali wont make it to run inside so she yell to her security team" close the door and don't opened it until I said so " said jodha and everyone come inside and close the door, curious what will happen everyone see through the window.

" this is bad idea . .  you don't want to make jalaluddin angry . . " warnzahir to ranjit.

" I'm not afraid of him " reply ranjit with confident.

" don't blame me that I don't warn you " said zahir then the fight is unavoidable, zahir and his men try to protect jodha and sonali while ranjit bodyguards try to take sonali from jodha side.

Jodha look at sonali" don't be afraid . .  eventhough we are woman we must fight with all we have .  . you understand ? " said jodha and sonali nod, jodha is right they must fight and she wont let ranjit make her suffer anymore, jodha and sonali watching the men fight and zahir keep standing in front of jodha and sonali, then ranjit mam attacking him and while protecting his boss, jalal will kicking his ass if something happen to jodha, ranjit see that zahir busy fighting and protecting jodha and sonali, he used that moment to come to them, he will drag sonali and his men will break inside to search maanbai, jodhasee ranjit come to her and jodha stand in front of sonali to protect her, ranjit give sign to his other man to attack zahir so he fight with two man now, jodha can see what ranjit try to do but she will do everything to protect sonali,  ranjit try to grap sonali hands but jodha hit his hands.

" don't ever touch her again " said jodha.

Ranjit looking at her with rage " move away woman . .  I don't care if I have to hurt you to take her " replyranjit.

" I wont let you take her . . . . she is suffered enough in your hands " told jodha then ranjit grab jodha upper arm very hard that jodha afraid it might to break but she don't sit quie and se fight him, she hit and kick him, and then to anyone horror he slap jodha then push her until she fall on the ground, jodha feel blood on the corner or her mouth and she see blood from her hands, sonali very angry watching how ranjit dare to hurt jodha.

" you son of bitch . . " sonali even her body still hurt attacking ranjit with wild, she hit him everywhere, she slap him and that make ranjit in more I rage he slap sonali hard that she feel dizzy,  zahir defeated two man who attacking him and he help jodha to stand up.

" shit . . . boss will chopping me this time " said zahir when he see bruise on jodha's cheek and wound on her hands.

" don't worry . . I'll had your back " reply jodha and zahir chuckled " help sonali . . . . " told jodha and then zahir run to help sonali, ranjitt try to fight him but he is not zahir match so he is beaten in few minutes, then they all hear police sirens and ranjit helping by his men run to their car but when he about enter car he look at to jodha and sonali.

" you will pay for this " ranjit threat jodha and sonali then like a coward he runaway, sonia leave kids with bodyguards and she check what happen and she is shock to see jodha and sonali hurt, then she take jodha and sonali back inside.

" ooohh my God . .  what happen jodha . . why are you hurt like this ? and yo too sonali" ask sonia " hurry take first aid kit here " told sonia and one employee run inside.

Sonali kneel in front of jodha and crying " I'm so sorry jodha . . I don't know that he will hurt you like that "

Sonia totally shock to hear that " don't tell me your husband did this to jodha ? " ask sonia.

Sonali nod " she try to protect me . . . I'm so sorry jodha . . . I really am " sonali feel guilty that her problem make another person hurt.

Jodha smile to her then she touch her shoulders " sonali . . it's ok . . it's not your fault . . this is his fault . . . but you fight . . you see you have courage to fight him . . . " said jodha and sonali nod " so don't give up and fight till the end . .  you shouldn't scare to man like that . .  " told jodha, one employee come and give sonia first aid kit and she help to pust come medicine on jodha and sonali wound , while zahir deal with police, he told them what is happening.

" jodha I called moti when sonali husband come and she will come here to check everything " said sonali and jodha nod, she is afraid how jalal will react when he know that ranjit hit her and push her until he got hurt.

Zahir who still with police winch when his phone rings and he see it's jalal who calling him " yes bos " and everyone even police looking at him.

" zahir . .  what the hell is happening there ? moti got called from sonia said that sonali husband come " ask jalal.

" yes bos he was here . . at first he and sonali mam fighting with gate between them but then he ask his man to break the gate using their car . . so bos fight was unavoidable " told zahir and he hasn't drop the bomb.

" sonali and maan bai safe ? they were hurt ? " ask jalal.

" they are safe bos . .  sonali mam got slap but he is fighting when her husband try to drag her . . . " reply zahir.

" good to hear that . . . " jalal feel relax that sonali and her daughter is safe .

" yes . . . hmmm . .  but bos . .  something happened to bos mam " told zahir, jalal who listen to that feel tense, he is on the way there when moti called him something happened in shelter, and when he can't reach zahir and jodha phone so he is worry to death, moti too looking at jalal with curious, she know something might happened to jodha.

" bos mam got hit . . . . . . . . "

" whaaattt ? what the hell are you talking about ? how jodha got hurt ? who dare to hurt her ? and where the hell are you doing that she got hurt ? " ask jalal with angry, moti, driver and jalal bodyguards feel sorry for zahir and they don't want in his position now.

Zahir winch as if he already feel jalal beaten him up for letting jodha getting hurt " well boss I try to protect them and they keep attacking me and sonali mam husband try can take her but bos mam try to protect her so . . . "

" don't tell me ranjit mehra was the one who hurt my jodha ? " ask jalal and moti looking at jalal with shock, she think this is gonna be a blood war.

" I'm afraid so bos . . . bos mam really want to protect sonali mam and in the end sonali mam figh back and not allow her husband take her " said zahir " you are gonna to chop me into pieces this time . . right bos " tease zahir, jalal know that zahir and other bodyguard really afraid if something happen to jodha and his kids but zahir been with him soo long and he know he must be did his best to protect jodha.

" I will kicking you ass for sure zahir . . .  " said jalal with amusement and he don't know zahir release his breath that he hold because he is scare to death jalal will kill him.

" I can take that " said zahir.

" I almost arrive . . . make sure my wife wont get hurt again until I come " told jalal.

" yes bos " reply zahir and then he put his phone back, he feel like he just come back from death sentence, jalal explain to moti what happened and moti ready to filling case against ranjit mehra for assault jodha.

Sonia check jodha in case she miss any wound " jodha . . your husband will very furious " said sonia, and sonali looking at them with curious.

" yeah and that is what I'm afraid of " reply jodha.

" what are you talking about ? " ask sonali.

Jodha smile to sonali" oooh nothing . . just that when jalal know that it's your husband who hit me  . . . well let say that your husband just started war with jalal " said jodha, then they heard jalal voice" speak of the devil . . . . ." add jodha and sonia smile while sonali feel scare what jalal will say when he know that jodha hit bu ranji.

" jodhaaa . .  where are you " call jalal.

" I'm here jalal . . " jalal hear jodha voice and then he walk towards where her sound come from, then he see jodha and in rush he kneel in front of her and hug her tight.

" ooohhhs weety . .  I'm very glad that you are ok . .  when moti told me something happen here and I can't reach your phone or zahir I'm afraid something happen to you " said jalal, then he check bruise on jodha face and wounds on her hands, his blood boiling with anger and he want to taste the blood of ranjit mehra.

Sonali see the killing desire in jalal eyes and to be honest she feel freak out " ja . . ja . . . lal . . I'm sorry that because of me jodha got hurt " said sonali, jalal looking at her without expression then he take out his phone.

" abdul . . . I want you to find out where is ranjit mehra stay . . . I want to know in fifteen minues " told jalal , jodha feel tense because she know what will happening, while sonali and sonia curious what jalal will do.

 " in fifteen minutes ? are you crazy jalal ? " ask abdul.

" he came to shelter . . making scene here and he dare to touch jodha, he hit her damn it " yell jalal in angry.

Abdul shock to hear that, who is stupid enough to touch jodha and hurt her " I'm on it . . . will get back to you in fifteen minutes " reply abdul then he end the call.

Jalal then dial another number " I want you to come to shelter as soon as possible . . one helichopter is enough . . " told jalal then he end the call and put back his phone to hs pocket.

Jodha want to try to pacify jalal " jalal. . . . . "

Jalal stop her " no jodha . . . he is the one who started this . . . now he will face me . .  " then he look at sonali " are you ready to fight him ? " ask jala.

Sonali nod " I'm ready . . . .  after what happened I wont back off . . I want my freedom " said sonali with determination.

" ok then I will show you how to deal with people like him . . . " reply jalal " now jodha after this you know I wont let you out of my sight so I wont allow to come here until sonali ranjit problem solve " said jalal.

" but . . but . . . jalal . .  . . "

 " jalal is right jodha . . . I can handle this shelte for sometimes and we stil can communication by phone or video conference " said sonia.

" but sonia . . sonali life in danger too . . . "

" that is why sonali and maan bai will come with us so this shelter will be safe " told jalal, jodha smile because jala think about everything then she hug him.

" oohh jalal thank you . . thank you . . . . " said jodha

Jalal hug her tighten and he feel relieve that jodha is ok eventhough she  got bruises and wounds " of course I know how what you thinking " said jalal,

" jalal are you sure want to take me to your house ? it will more dangerous for your family  ..  ranjit can come there and create problem for you " said sonali.

 " if he want to dead then he can try it . . you and maan bai will come with us so I can protect you both . . . I don't want to interfere but he started it . . he dare to lay his hands on my dear wife and now he will pay the consequences " said jala with cruelty, then moti come after she deal with police, she see bruise and wound on jodha and sonali.

" that bas***d really dare to hit my jodha and sonali . . I swear I wil fry him " said moti with angry.

" moti  . .  you, jodha, sonali and kids back to mughal resident use helichopter, sonali and maan bai will leave with me and jodha for a while . . . " told jalal.

" that is good idea jalal " reply moti.

" where are you going ? " ask jodha and she really worry.

" I will give that cowad a lesson . . .  how much he hurt you I will make him pay hundres times " reply jalal " zahir . . . " call jalal and zahir come to him " prepare the car . . and someone to fix the gate . . change it into something more strong that even car can't break it " said jalal, and while waiting helicopther and abdul call him back jalal take kids downstairs, aram and salim run to jodha and they look shock looking at jodha bruise and wound, while maan bai crying looking new bruise on sonali face and sonali just hug her.

" mimi . .  what happen to your face ? and why your hands hurtin ? " as aram, she and lily check on jodha bruise and wounds.

" mijan . . . who is hurting you ? " ask salim, he feel sad and angry looking jodha like that.

" some bad man hurt ammijan " told jalal.

Aram hug jodha " oooh mimi . . . don't worry mimi . . aram will take care of you " said aram and jodha smile.

" salim with hit that bad man . . . salim will tell this to rahim bhaijan, hassan bhaijan and hussain bhaijan .  . we will hit that bad man together " said salim, and jodha hug salim too, then jalal phone rings.

" yes abdul . . . . " said jalal and abdul told jalal where is ranjit " ok thank you . . you and mirza meet me in office tomorrow morning . . . " told jalal then he end he call and in the same time they all hear helichopter sound " salim, aram, maan bai . . you all go home with ammijan by helichoper ok " said jalal.

Maan bai stop crying when she hear she will ride helichopter " mommy . .  we will ride helichopter ? " ask maan bai.

" yes maan bai . . . " reply sonali.

" ooohh yeayyy that will very fun mommy " said maan bai with happy.

" mommy I want to ride helichopter too " protest lily.

" but lily . .  . . "

" let her come with them sonia . . arjun is with mirza to discuss about the adventure park design so he can pick up lily " told jalal.

Sonia nod " ok then . . don't get naughty and obey what aunt jodha tod you ok " warn sonia.

" ok mommy . . . " reply lily " aram . . . . maan bai . . . saim . . we will ride helichopter together " said lily and kids all very happy.

" ok come on . . . . I will walk you will to helichopter " said jalal and then he escort jodha, moti, sonali and kids, he help kids get in to helichopter, then when he about to help jodha he kiss her lips gentle.

" be carefull ok " said jodha.

" always dear . . " jalal touch the bruise on her cheeks " tonight I will will give special treatment for all the bruise and wounds ok " he said.

Jodha nod " ok .  . love you " she said.

" I love you sweety " reply jalal then he help her to get in the helichoper, he watch when pilot start the engine and helichopter start to fly, and when it start to disappears from his sight he look at zahir with hard and cold " come on zahir . . time for payback " said jalal and zahir and others bodyguards know that it's time for war so they all prepare and they think whoever this ranjit mehra just awaken a lion and now this lion ready to hunt.




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Amazing update 
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woo awesome update
ranjeet do her life biggest mistake
he awake lion
can't wait for next update
please update soon
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Ohhh di you updated... Wow Hug
Nice chappy
The last moments of joja is awesome Heart
Thanks for pm
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Ndi, you really put us into tension.. great.. we are waiting anxiously ClapClapClap

Ranjit is really a brainless person SleepySleepy

Knowing Jalal's love for his wife and family yet he put his life in jeopardy...D'oh

It is better for Sonali to leave this kind of heartless husband..ShockedShocked

We are waiting for the Lion Jalal roaring and Ranjit become his preyDay Dreaming

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Awesome update ndi...
Nw ranjit have to face worst. ...
All becoz he hurt jalal wife... nd jalal will never take that...
Nd jo wad superb to fight. ...
Nd sonail did good job...
Update soon...
Nd thanks for pm...
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OMG Di wonderful chappy Di 
That ba****d slapped Jodha 
Now jalal will chop him in to pieces 
Poor zahir got scared 
Salim n Aram r cute and they are angry for what happened to their mother 
Update soon Di 
Eagerly waiting for your update in which jalal gonna destroy Ranjit for touching n slapping  his dear wife 
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Sorry for the late reply Di 

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