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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 43)

shyana3 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2016 at 3:33am | IP Logged
awesome jalal want to show jodha whole world on their anniversary waiting for their anniversary part

binduprasad41 IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update dear
thanks for pm
Akdhalover6898 Goldie

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Amazing chappy dear
thanks for pm
anu012 IF-Dazzler

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Awsome update
jalal know about sonali husband
dinning table scene lovely
loved it
Ndi81 Goldie

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Chapter 235



                Laxmi try to find where is ranjit, it's been late of night and she hasn't meet him since he back from meeting with jalal, while ravi already back London with anarkali, she must make sure that sonaliwont get anarkali if in the end she and ranjit must divorce, laxmi found ranjit sitting in the dark in family room, she see bottle of vodka and she know that ranjit might drunk.

" ranjit what are you doin here in this hours ? you should take rest rather than drunk " told laxmi.

Ranjit chuckled " only this that can make me forget everything grandma .. today I just found out something that make me quite shock " told ranjit, he is drunk but still little but sober.

" found out about what ranjit ? " ask laxmi.

" you are not gonna believe who is helping sonali . . . . . . shit she is really useless even now she is jeopardize my important project . .  it's all your fault grandma . .  you are the one who insist me married her . .  now look what happen " said ranjit with angry but his tone still low.

Laxmilooking at ranjitwith angry " are you blaming me for whatever happen in you life ? is that it ? " asklaxmi.

" yes it's your fault grandma . . I trap in loveless marriage . .  that stupid sonali even can't satisfied my lust . . . " reply ranjit with disgust expression.

" you are drunk now and not in capacity to say something right . . you better go to sleep now and we will talk again tomorrow when you are sober . . ." told laxmi, she know it wont do any good to talk to ranjit now and if they continue this conversation they will getting fight in the end, then laxmi call devon and told him to take ranjit to his bedroom, laxmiwathingranjit being taken by devon and she curious what makes ranjit drunk like this, he mentioned about his project with jalal and he hevent told her who is helping sonali, when devon come out from ranjit bedroom laxmi calling him.

" yes mam . . what can I do for you ? " askdevon.

" ranjit told me that he knew who helping sonalibut he haven't told me . . do you know anything about this ? " asklaxmi.

Devon nod " yes mam . . I'm the one who told ranjit sir about the indentity people who helping sonali mam . . . " replydevon.

" oooh really . . then tell me who is helping sonali ? " asklaxmi.

Devon feel little bit doubt to tell laxmi who is helping her daughter in law but there is no use to hide it from her " the one who is helping sonali mam is jodha . .  she is the wife of jalaluddinmuhammadakbar " told devon.

Laxmi totally shock to hear that " are you sure devon ? " ask laxmi, she want to make sure herself that it's all real.

" unfortunately that is truth mam . . . I succeed to find out where sonali mam being hospitalized but when I got there she already check out, I tried to find out about who is helping her and where she is been taken, everyone in hospital seems afraid to tell me the truth so finally after I asked here and there I got news that it's jodha who helping her and probably she is taken sonali mam to her shelter . . " devon told everything to laxmi.

Laxmi feel her body weaken so she sit " I couple times heard about jodha but I didn't pay too much attention about what people said about her but all I know she is like to help others " said laxmi.

" jodha own a shelter that help abused victim especially woman and kids, there are lot rich who supporting her shelter and give her monthy money to help her run the shelter but without them she don't have problem because her husband and her half brother totally supporting her . . . if sonali really at that shelter we will have face problem . . the security there very tight and jodha with her collague will try to help sonali, there are some woman who are abused victim success to stand on their own again, even there is one success to open bakery and pastry store with help from jodha" tolddevon, she explain everything to laxmi, he got full report about jodha and her shelter.

" do you think it's possible to take sonali and maanbai from jodha shelter ? she is my daughter in law, wife of ranjitmehra so we have power over her and maanbai " said laxmi.

" I'm afraid that will little bit hard . . beside we must deal with jodha we must see too who is her family . . . I don't think we want to mess with multi-billionaire wife and half sister . . I think the only way so we wont have to deal with jodha we must contact sonali mam " suggestdevon.

" thatsonali really something . . I've been kind enough to her but she created such trouble like this . . . and ranjit very sloppy . . . how can he beaten her in front of lot people . .  now sonali can create problem of us . . .  I wont give my grand daughters to her if she and and ranjit separated . . . " saidlaxmi with cold and cruel, everyone in mehra household know bout laxmi reputation and devon know that she is very cruel woman, he always wonder why laxmididn't kick out sonali since long time a go " ok that all for now devon . . I will think how to deal with sonali and ranjit problem . . . you can go now " told laxmi then devon leave while laxmi go to her bedroom and thinking hot to solve problem between ranjit and sonali.

The next morning jalal go to shelter while jodha take kids to school like usual, he actually take this chance so he can talk to sonali alone, jalal go straight to sonali room, she already awake and he see lily no where.

 " good morning " greet jalal.

" go . . . good morning " sonali greet back with nervous" where is jodha ? " ask sonali, she fee scare to be alone with jalal.

" she take kids to school first . . . I need to talk something to you . . . if you don't mind " reply jalal.

Sonali nod slowly " ook  . . what you want to talk? "

" it's not easy for me to said this to you because I know how your feeling  . . I don't know if you ready talk about what happened to you but don't worry im here to ask detail about that . . . I just need one confirmation from you  . . correct me if Im wrong but your husband is ranjit mehra . . . is that right ? " ask jalal with straight, sonali eyes open wide in shock and her body shaking little bit because she scare to death.

"ho . . ho . . . how do you know about that ? I haven't told anyone about this  " ask sonali, she is really panic if suddenly ranjit will knock on the door anytime.

Jalal can see and feel her fear and he remember when jodha have the same fear once " don't worry ranjit wont come here . . . not now I mean . .  yesterday I had business meeting with him . .  and then suddenly he got a called and told me to warn my wife to keep away from you and his problem " told jalal, he try to make sonali relax because he feel sorry for her who look freak out.

" you met him ? really ? " she ask, she stil can't believe that jalal met ranjit, she already guess that ranjit have something to do in india.

" yes I met him . .  so it's true that he is your husband? " ask jalal.

Sonali nod " yes . . I . . I'm sorry for not telling you and jodha sooner but . . I "

" it's ok sonali I understand . . I know exactly what you've been through, may be you've heard that my wife once abused victim also and not just her husband who like to make her as punching bag but her father too . . "

Sonali know that jodha first husband is abusive but she never knew that her father abusive too " ooh dear . . . I cant imagine how much jodha been through . . don't know about his fater abused her " said sonali.

" yes and so I know and understand what you've been through and what you must face . . . but yesterday when your husband said that I take that as a threat and I don't like to think that jodha life may be in danger . . . "

Sonali never though about that, of course jodha and everyone in shelter can be in danger because of her " oohhh I'm so sorry . . I didn't mean to make jodha and everyone her in dangerous . . I will leave as soon as possible . . I just need sometimes to recover .  . . "

" you misunderstand my wods . . . I don't ask you to leave, I know the risk for jodha to help woman from their abusive family, that is why security here very tight,  I love my wife and I will protect her . . . . " jalal explain to sonali and she feel a slight jealous because jodha have a husband who really love and care for her, and that make sonali wish that if she able to be free from ranjit she will find someone who will love her the way jalal love jodha "I know that you are afraid of ranjit and his family but if you keep hiding and don't have gut to stand for your own you will always fear of him . . . I can't speak for you but from my experienced with jodha you are lucky that you have jodha, moti , sonia and everyone here who ready to help and support you . .  jodha don't have anyone back then and when I found out bout what happened to her its already too late . . she is in deep trauma and keep have nightmare about her ex husband . . . . even in her sleep her ex wouldn't give her peace " told jalal.

" why are you telling me this ? " ask sonali.

" because I don't want you to become like jodha . . let your fear take over you, fight with all you have . .  you have daughters so fight for them . . . your husbad rich or not is not problem . . . you have people who ready to help you so use it and fight for your freedom . . . " reply jalal and listening to his words is like getting slap ver hard, but sonali think that jalal is right, she should fight not let her fear getting in the way.

" you are right . . . .  I should fight and not give up because my husband beaten me up . . . "said sonali and jalal see determination in her eyes.

" true . . .  don't let them win . . show them what made you from . . you are strong than you think .  you beared everything for the sake of your daughters if normal person wil be crazy already but you surive and not it's time for you to stand up for yourself and fight " reply jalal and sonali feel new strength and confident with jalal words.

Sonali smile to jalal " thank you . .  listening you said those to me is like slapping me hard but it opened my eyes . . . " said sonali.

Jalal chuckled " I'm glad if you realize that . . good luck and don't worry you've got amazing women around you who ready to help and fight with you " reply jalal and sonali nod because yes she feel lucky with jodha, moti, sonia and madhu who ready to fight with her " ok . . I need to go now . . if you need my help just let me know " add jalal.

" I will and thank you and your wife for willing to help me " said sonali.

" I didn't do nothing it's all jodha " reply jalal and then he leave, while sonali feel that she just awaken from long nightmare and it's funny that need a man like jalal to said those straight to her face but it workds, she now ready to fight and she wont let that family step on her head anymore.


                Ranjit after what happe last night try his best to avoid laxmi, he choose to stay at penthouse with alia, he don't want to fight with his grandmother, he waiting for devon got information where is this shelter that sonali live now and when he got the address he will go there and drag sonali and maan bai back to london, and now he don't think business with jalal will come true at least jalal wife not meddle between him and sonali, but he will see until everyting is clear, and the news about shelter address come after lunch so along with his bodyguards ranjit go there.

Jodha, sonia and sonali along with aram, salim, lily and maan bai having luch together, sonia start to learn to walking around, her stomache still feel hurt when she move a lot but she with determination want to recover fast.

Jodha watch kids eat with happy " so maan bai . . you like the food ? " ask jodha.

Maan bai nod " yes aunt jodha I like it . . . see salim give this to me . . he said I should eat this a lot since I like it " said maan bai.

" yes mijan . . . she really like fruit pudding so I give her mine " said salim while watching maan bai.

Jodha caress salim hairs with gentle " ooohh you are so sweet salim . . . " praise jodha and salim look proud.

" your kid are amazing jodha and yours too sonia . . maan bai and anar didn't have much time so I feel very happy that maan bai have aram, lily and salim " reply sonali and she feel sad because anarkali is not here, and she know that maan bai feel sad to without anarkali but thanks to kids she can forget her sadness.

" all kids are amazing . . maan bai too very amazing and beautiful " reply sonia.

" yes kids always amazing . . . I'm glad aram and salim have friends . . they can get along almost with everyone " said jodha, then jodha see zahir and some bodyguards come to her, their face look tense " what's wrong zahit ? " ask jodha.

Zahir look at jodha then to sonali " there is someone guys outside and one of them claim to be her husband . . he demand to meet her ? " zahir pointing to sonali.

" that's him . . my husband " said sonali with low tone afraid maan bai can hera her.

" don't let him enter shelter zahir . . I will come out and face him . .  sonali who don't you and kids going back to your room . . it will more safe there " told jodha.

Sonali decide to face ranjit " no jodha . .  I think it's time for me to deal with it . .  but I don't want maan bai see him . . " said sonali.

Jodha and sonia looking at her with surprise and worry " are you sure sonali ? don't force your self . . me, sonia and my security team can handle your husband " reply jodha.

Sonali smile then she nod " I'm sure jodha . . . I can't hide forever and I know soon or later I have face him " said sonali.

 " ok then if you are sure . . .  sonia take kids to upstairs and let them play,zahir arrange some men to protect sonia and kids " told jodha and then zahir told three men to do what jodha just ordered them, kids very happy to play upstairs, after sonali make sure maan bai along with aram, lily and salim safe then she gather her strength and her courage to finally face the man she scare the most " are you ready ? " ask jodha.

" yes " reply jodha, then she hold sonali hands and escort by zahir and his men jodha with sonali come out to face ranjit.


Big smileBig smile

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Hm1608 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2016 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
Amazing update ... I always like too see clash between rich ppl in story ... Waiting for next part ... Plz update other 2 story soon ... Waiting ...SmileLOLBig smile
Akdhalover6898 Goldie

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Amazing update dear
jalal really have some power to give encouragement to person and he will always succesful in his work
i just loved it when jalal encourage sonali for facing her problems
and very excited to see the clash between ranjit and sonali and jodha
update next soon thanks for pm
kartikaJA IF-Dazzler

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woo awesome update
waiting for their fight
I hope sonali get her both daughter
waiting for next update
update soon

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