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Chapter 231



            Jalal along with salim and aram rushing to hospital where jodha take sonali, he is been upset when zahir called him and told him what happened, he leave as soon as possible, he carry aram while his free hand holding salim who walking beside him, he found jodha with bodyguards around her at lounge and she carry a little girl.

" mimiii " call aram when she see jodha.

Jodha look at her family and she can see worry and concern in jalal eyes " heyaram . .  salim " said jodha.

Jalal kiss her lips fast " are you ok ? " ask jalal and he check on her to make sure that she is not hurt.

" I'm ok . . . but not with this beautiful little girl mother " reply jodha and jalal look at maanbai who snuggle on jodha neck.

" come sit with me sweety and tell me what is happening " said jalal then they sit on chair.

" me too confused with what happened . . I was on my way to shelter when suddenly car stop and turns out this little girl almost got hit by our car and when I check on her I recognize this little girl " told jodha.

Jalal look surprise " you know her ? " ask jalal with curious on how jodha know this little girl.

Jodha nod " did you remembered when I told you once on jet when we are on our way to italy that I met a woman at toilet in airport ? " ask jodha.

And jalal remember that " yes I remember jodha and ? "

" this is that woman daughters . . . . . " reply jodha.

" you've got to be kidding me . . . " jalal think that this is really a hell quincidence that jodha and that woman can meet again under this circumstances.

" strange right . . . . . and anyway she asking me to help her out before she passed out " reply jodha.

" help you out ? from what ? " askjalal.

" I don't know but me and zahir with other bodyguards found her on the ground beaten very badly . . . her daughter said that her daddy hit his mommy " said jodha, jalal can't believe this is happening how can a husband beaten a wife in front of their kids, he think that man is coward dare to lay a hand on woman.

Maanbai make a move and she look at to jodha with teary eyes " where is mommy ? " she ask, aram and salim look at maanbai.

" doctor check on mommy right now . . . don't worry ok " reply jodha, she try to pacify maanbai.

" I want my mommy " maanbai start to cry again.

" mimi . . who is she ? " askaram, she look at crying maanbai with sad.

" she is maanbai . . . " reply jodha, she wipe the tears from maanbaicheeks " hey maanbai . . this is my daughter aram . .  and that is my son salim " jodha introduce aram and salim to maanbai.

Salim feel sad for maanbai and he want to make her better, salim touch maanbai cheeks " don't cry . . . " he said with gentle, jalal with jodha quite surprise with salim sudden action.

" yesmaanbai don't be sad . . here . . you can play with my doll " aram give maanbai her doll and maanbai looking at her then she look at jodha asking her if it's ok to hold the doll.

" you can play with her doll " said jodha, then maanbai with little doubt take doll from aram.

" come you can play with me . . . " said aram and maanbai looking at her and nod, jalal smile watching how aram and salim try to make maanbai smile, maanbai very beautiful little girl and she have big eyes with thick eyelash, jodha then put maanbai on chair and jalal do the same with aram so both little girl can play together, while salim keep watching maanbai.

" poor little girl " said jalal.

" yes . . oooh I feel sad for her when she calling for her mother who laying unconscious on the ground " reply jodha, then doctor come out and jodha with jalal stand and go to her " how is she ? " ask jodha.

" she got some broken ribs and broken nose . . . and I notice she got bruies that still healing . . and from her x-ray I found evident that she got broken wrist couple times . . . oooh poor woman " said drayub.

" oooh dear lord . . . " jodha can imagine what she is been goin through.

" I've seen this kind case and if I'm not mistaken someone abuse her " told drayub, jalal hold jodha hands because he knowexactly what is in her mind, it's like a dejavu for jodha.

Jodha hold jalal hand so tight to get his strength " dr is it possible that you take pictures of all her bruises and wounds ? " ask jodha.

" what are you thinking jodha ? " ask jalal.

" well if what maanbai said is true that her father hit her mother she will prove " told jodha, jalal and drayub know what jodha try to say and then drayub leave to do what jodha asking him to.

" what are you plan to do jodha ? " ask jalal.

" I will take her to shelter . . . she can recovery there and I will wait untill she ready to tell us what happen to her " said jodha.

Jalal smile because he know that jodha will help that woman " you know I will support you always but all I'm asking is that be careful ok . . from what I heard from zahir that whoever that woman husband probably not an ordidary man since he had bodyguards too " said jalal.

" I will be very careful I promise . . . but when I see her make me remember . . . . . "

Jalal close her mouth " I know what are you try to say jodha . . . but she is not you and she will have you and all people in shelter to help her " told jodha and then he hug jodha, jodha been leave all the past behind and he hate when she remember that dark past in her life, jodha hug jalal tight and she feel safe there, and she know jalal will always make sure that she is safe.

Meanwhile in a huge penthouse ranjit waiting anarkali who still unconscious, she fainted after maanbai run away, doctor already check on her and said she is ok and will conscious soon, ranjit wonder who is that person who take maanbai and beaten up his bodyguards, sonali really make big trouble now for his family, his grandmother and his brother on their way here and he can feel that his grandmother really angry toward sonali this time and may be finally she will asking him to divorced sonali, all this time his grandmother always love sonali and not allow him and sonali to divorced but he will know about that when he meet his grandmother.

Sonali open her eyes and she feel pain and hurt all over her body, she try to remember what happen and then she panic looking for maanbai and anarkali.

" maanbai . . . anarkali " she call on weak and hoarse voice but then she feel and warm touch on her hands and she turn her head and see jodha " it's you . . ooohh it's you " said sonali, even in her condition she still thank God for making her meet with jodha.

" how are you feeling ? " ask jodha, she feel sorry and sad for sonali looking at her wounded and bruises face and body.

" pain . . . where is my daughters ? please tell me you got my daughter " she said with teary eyes, she really hope ranjit didn't take her daughter.

Jodha know what sonali think " hey . . hey . . hey . . don't worry your daughter maanbai are with me . . she is playing with my daughter now . . you want to meet her ? " askjodha and sonali nod, then jodha open the door and asking zahir to take maanbai, aram and salim along with jalal following zahir.

Maanbai looking at sonali and she call for her " mommy . . . mommy " maanbai run to sonali then jodha lift her up and make her sit beside sonali " mommy . . . . why daddy hit you mommy . . ? " askmaanbai, jalal and jodha feel bad for maanbai who witnessed her father beaten up her mother.

Aram touch jalal hands and asking him to carry her and jalal then lift her up and carry her, aram looking at sonali and she look very surprise " ooh bubu what is happening to her ? " ask aram.

Sonali looking at aram and she try to smile " oooh she must be your daughter ? " ask sonali to jodha.

Jodha nod " yes she is my daughter aram and that is my son salim . . they are twin . .  and that is my loving husband jalal " said jodha with proud, and jalal wink to her.

" mommy . .  aram very nice to me . . she let me play with her dolls " told maanbai.

Sonali touch maanbai face " it's very nice . .  thank you aram for let maanbai play with your dolls " said sonali to aram.

Aram smile with happy " you are welcome . . . she can play with my doll anytime " reply aram.

" mijan . . bujan . .  what is wrong with aunty ? why she is in hospital ? " asksalim.

" hmmm it's a complicated buddy . . . when you grown up you will understand what happened to aunty " jalal explain to her, and he know that may be sonali need to talk to jodha " kids how about we play again " he said.

" mommy . . can I play with aram again ? " askmaanbai with hopefully.

" of course . . . go play with aram " reply sonali, then jodha help maanbai to get down from hospital bed, jalal nod to jodha then he leave with kids.

Jodha then sit on chair beside hospital bed " I'm sorry but your name sonali something like that right ? " ask jodha.

" yes . . I'm sonali" replysonali.

" ok . . . what is happening ? " ask jodha, she don't know if sonali ready to tell her what happen but no hurt to ask her.

" I . . . I . . .  try to run away from my husband and his family . . when I met you back than in toilet I've just arrive here in india, I was about to go to your shelter but I need to hide first from my husband " told sonali.

Jodha really surprise that sonali want to go to shelter and that is why she asked it's address " ok . . . and what happen today ? " ask jodha.

" I was about to take taxi to reach shelter but my husband find me first and when I said I want a divorce he started to hit me . . . . " sonali close her eyes because she can feel when he hit her and when she open her eyes jodha see tears, fears and slight of anger " then he take my daughters . .  he keep hit me untill I fall on the ground but it didn't stop him and he kick my stomache . . I told maanbai and anarkali to run away . . . and the last thing I remember I see maanbai run and anarkalifainted . . then I heard maanbai screams and when I open my eyes I saw you . . . . " it'svery traumatized for her to remember all that painful event.

" I think may be your husband take anarkali . .  his bodyguards run after maanbai but I've got her, they even try to take her using force make my bodyguards angry and they all fight " jodha told sonali about what happen.

Sonali eyes open wide in shock " oooh boy . . . I'm soo sorry involve you in my problem . . were your bodyguards hurt ? " asksonali, she hate to think other people must hurt because of her, she know that ranjit bodyguards are cruel too like him.

Jodha chuckled " don't worry about my bodyguards they all are very good in fight . . now tell me what is your plan ? " askjodha.

" I was hoping I can stay in your shelter for sometimes . . I've got friend who live abroad and she willing to take me there so I can fresh start . . . now all I need is a safe place until she come to india" toldsonali.

" of course you can stay in my shelter . . you can stay as long as you need but how you will solve your marriage problem and what about anarkali ? " askjodha.

" that is what makes me worry now .. I wont leave anarkali in the hands of my husband family . . I will take my daughters leave india for good " saidsonali, jodha remember how sujamal and his mother doing the same thing and how sujamal feel lonely living in a country where he don't know anyone.

" listen first may be you should take rest first while your body recovery . . then we will think how to solve your problem but if I may give you advice there is no use to running away . . if you want divorce your husband then I will help you to find a good lawyer . . . . . "

" you don't understand . . my husband is very rich and he come from very respectfull family, they wont let me divorce him . . . they all know that he like to make me his punching bag but no one help me . .  if my face and body got bruised I wont allow to get out from house so no one will see me with bruised and wounded so no one know my husband real face " told sonali and she feel desperate.

" I do understand sonali . . you may know or heard about my past . . . " saidjodha but sonali looking at her with curious and jodha smile " jalal is my second husband, I was married once with other man and I suffered just like what you've goin through, I've got no one to help me and my in laws didn't do anything and try to cover up everything . . so sonali I understand your feeling right now and that is why I open that shelter to make sure everyone woman and kids who suffers from abusive family member know that there are people who still care for them and will helping them " toldjalal and sonali crying in silent because she really confuse what to do, to be free from her husband and his family is imposibble for her, jodha reach her hands and hold them " we will talk about this again later . . . I will talk to some people I know and ask their opinion about your circumtances . .  but now you need to rest and recovery " she add.

Sonali become panic when she think jodha will leave her alone " don't leave me here alone please . .  I'm really afraid that he will find me and come here then take maanbai too " pleadedsonali.

" don't worry I wont leave you alone . . I will ask doctor if it possible to move you to shelter . . I think you will be save there and everyone will protect you there " suggestjodha.

Sonali nod " yes . . yes . . please take me there . .  I . . I . . really scare of my husband and his family will find out me here " reply sonali.

" ok . . ok . . ok . . relax ok . . I will talk to doctor and don't afraid my bodyguards standing outside this room to protect you . . so you are save . . I will back soon ok " jodha try to pacify sonali and she nod, then jodha leave.

Jalal see jodha come out then he come to her and hug her, jodha hug him back with tighten, he it never been easy to see something like what happen to sonali.

" how are you doin ? " he ask with concern and he caress her hairs with gentle.

" I'm fine . . but she is not . . you know her husband very rich and when I heard her story I can't help to think about my own past " said jodha and jalal hug her again, he really hate when she remember again her painfull past.

" you know I always hate whenever you remember those painfull memory " said jalal and jodha nod.

" I know but what happened to her exactly like what happen to me . . I must help her jalal" jodha look up to jalal with teary eyes.

" I know sweety . . . and you can help her and I will always support you " reply jalal then he kiss her forehead " so what is your plan ? " ask jalal.

" well I will talk to doctor and ask if it possible to move her to shelter . . I think she will be safer there . . . " saidjodha.

" sound good . . tell you what let me talk to doctor and you take care kids ok . . I think you will need their innoncent smile and strength " replyjalal and jodha nod then she come to kids and play with them while jalal look for drayub to talk about sonali condition, and just before lunch an ambulance take sonali to shelter, maanbai is with jodha, jalal and kids, sonia who been told by jodha bout sonali prepare room for sonali and maanbai, and she wait for them.

Around 1pm ambulance arrive at shelter and employee who works there take sonali to her room, everyone looking at sonali condition with sad but in shelter they have each other and protect each other so they will become a rock for sonia and maanbai, sonali feel a little piece in her heart that finally she can arrive here in shelter and for the fisrt time since she marry to ranjit she feel free and safe.



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Poor sonali..
Her life just like punching bag??
Ranjit and his family just a coward
Just for their good name they all covered Ranjit's behaviors to sonali 
Continue soon teh Ndi 
Never feel bored with this story :)
Thanks a lot for the pm 
Luph you <3
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Sekarang kalo update pagi trus..
Ganti jadwal ya teh?LOL
Kan gak enak kalo jadi yg pertama trus... LOL
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woo awesome update
know ranjeet become punching bag of mugals
waiting for next update
please update soon
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nice chappy ,but please dont make kids too early interesting in love,first hussain- lili,now salim- man bai.
please make kids pure,innoccent and naugthy like always,,,i m fans of kids especially naugty n smart hasan husain,,,,thank for ur update
prioyank Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2016 at 7:40pm | IP Logged
Good one
tr_eta Senior Member

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superb update
1357raksha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 May 2016 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
Good update dear. ...
Jo will fight for sonila...
Update soon. ..
Nd thanks for pm. ...

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