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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 41)

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nice chapter
lakshmi is very arrogant like her grandsonAngry
update soon
thnks fr pm

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we want all 3 updates di 
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hope jalal dnt sign d deal. Nice update
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Chapter 234



                Ranjit give presentation bout his project, jalal, mirza and abdul pay attention really seriously, couple times jalal make note on his tablet, alia already feel boring but she try look enjoying it, luckily she is with handsome men so it wont feel too much boring, she can believe how mughal men really handsome, they are a great gene in their blood, she find something interesting that these mughal men seems not care bout her presence and for her that is funny because non man with red blood can take take their eyes off from her, but she think with their money and power they meet so many beautiful woman so that is something usual for them.

Jalal watching ranjit and he is aware that ranjit seems want to impress him, and he is aware too his mistress keep steal a glance to him, jalal know this woman is more than a friend for ranjit, he is not strange with that because he encounter some his business partner who did that but to be honest he don't like when man with a wife flaunt his mistress without a shame, rather than take their mistress they should take their wife and show to the world with proudly.

" so that is  . . . what do you think ? "ask ranjit, he must to be honest that he feel little bit nervous, he used to do dozend presentation but when it come to businessman like jalal well he must admit that he is in another whole level.

" hmmm looks good but there are lot to think and considering if want to built resort . . the concept and design are amazing that is the important point but I know it will be hard to free the land that still own by local . . am I right ? " ask jalal.

Ranjit nod " yes you are right and we still work on it . . there are still few lands and houses that own by local but my negoitiator said we will have good result and they almost close the deal " told ranjit.

" we may must go there and inspect by ourself . . . " said mirza.

" no problem . .  just let me know when you all will come " reply ranjit.

" well mirza and abdul can check it when they are ready " said jalal.

" you wont come ? " ask ranjit.

Mirza chuckled " I doubt his little princess will let him go even for couple days " tease mirza.

Ranjit look confuse " what little princess ? " he ask.

Jalal smile " what he mean is my daughter . .  she is my big boss and yes I doubt she will let me go from her side " told jalal.

Ranjit and alia look surprise " you are just kidding right ? " ask ranjit " you are the jalaluddin . .  how come you let your daughter rule your life ? " he ask, he really shock and confuse.

Jalal laugh " no . . . . I'm not kidding . . . my family are everything to me, my wife and kids are my bos but my little girl is my big bos and I'm highly doubt she will let to do far away for few days . . she will want to come and she will ask her brother and her mimi to come so in the end I will bring all of my family " told jalal with amusement, abdul and mirza laugh.

" oooh this is really shocking news " reply alia.

" when you have kids you will understand . . . . we can earn back our lost money and fortune but we wont able to turn back time so we can see and experiences what we missed when our kids grown up . . " told jalal.

" right and sometimes we take our kids here when our wife busy and we with happy take them and show them how their dad work " reply abdul.

Ranjit never meet people like these mughal so what is ravi said is right that mughal especially jalal is very unique and he live by his rule not others " well I never can imagine I bring my daughters to my office . .  it will too noisy and I wont able to concentrate " said ranjit but then suddenly jalal phone rings.

Jalal smile " speaking of the devil . . . . . " he said before he answer the call " helo little princess . . . " greet jalal with gentle voice make ranjit and alia think that he is another person.

" bubu . . . I just arrive in your building " said aram.

" what ? with whom ? " ask jalal.

" I'm with my guards . . . I feel bored so I take jo and j to take fresh air and decide to visit you bubu " told aram.

" and where salim bhaijan ? " ask jalal, he feel surprise that aram want to come to visit him yet he feel very happy.

" salim bhaijn swimming with tariq bhaijan and mustafa bhaijan . . aunt bakhsi watching over them " reply aram, she is walking while holding jo and handphone while her bodyguards holding j, everyone smile watching their bos little princess, she is so adorable and bubbly that everyone love aram " bubu now I'm inside elevator " said aram.

" ok . . told your guards to take you to meeting room . . . " reply jalal.

" alright bubu " said aram " uncle . . bubu said we should go to meeting room " jalal smile listening aram told her bodyguard.

" is that aram ? " ask mirza.

Jalal nod " that naughty girl want to breath fresh air with jo and j then decide to visit me " said jalal.

" oowww that is so sweet . . . . but wait a minutes . . . she is coming here with jo and j ? " ask abdul and he almost burst into laughter imagining aram hang around here with bunnies.

" yeaah . . . laugh if you want to . . . " said jalal.

" oooh bhaijan this is soo hilarious . . your employee will gossiping this for a long time " tease mirza and just like what mirza said now everyone in watching cute and beautiful aram walking while her bunnies following her, it's a very cute scene some female employee come to aram to see her cute bunnies and aram with proud introduce them to everyone.

" what are you all talking about ? " ask ranjit.

" his little princess just arrive . . . . she want to visit his bubu " reply mirza, then someone knoc the door.

" bubu . . . are you in there . . ? " ask aram and mirza with abdul can't hold back their laugh.

" come in aram " said jalal then the door opened, ranjit and alia with amaze watching beautiful aram enter meeting room and she run to jalal, jalal lift her up and carry her, mirza and abdul see jo and j jump behind aram.

Alia screams when she see aram bunnies " aaahhh . . . aaahhh . .  what is that ? "she ask in panic, she hates animal.

" those are just bunnies " reply ranjit.

" I hate animals and you know that " said alia with angry tone.

" why she is screams bubu ? " ask aram.

" she don't like animal " reply jalal.

" but jo and j are very cute and nice " told aram then she ask jalal to put her down, she take jo and j and hold them on her chest, she is afraid alia might hurt them, jalal smile watching aram very protective over her bunnies, she love them so much and taking care of them like they are her precious friend.

" I think I'm done here . .  you can talk the detailed with mirza and abdul . . I will decide soon abou this project " said jalal " it's nice to meet you but now I must go with my daughter " he add.

" ok . . it's nice to meet you too . . .  " said ranjit but then his phone rings, he see it's devon who calling him and he answer it fast, jalal then said something  to mirza and abdul then he is just about to leave when ranjit got shocking news " are you sure  ? " he ask.

" yes . . it's jalal's wife jodha who helping your wife . . I heard she take her to shelter . . . I think now it will little bit hard to deal with your wife, that shelter famous to helping abused victim to start their life again . . and sonali will seek help from her " said devon, ranjit looking at jalal with angry, he don't like when other people meddle in his personal matter, with rage ranjit put his phone back to his pocket and to mirza and abdul surprise he run after jalal and hold his hands very hard, aram and jalal looking at ranjit with confuse, mirza, abdul and alia following ranjit.

" what do think you are doing ? " ask jalal, he release himself from him grip.

" tell your wife don't come in between me and my wife . .  mind her own business .  . don't meddle in others personal matter " said ranjit with angry, aram hide behind jalal when she see ranjit scary angry face.

" what are you talking about ? " ask jalal confuse why ranjit acting like this suddenly.

" alia " call ranjit with harsh and alia come to his side quickly " we are leaving " he said then without saying anything he leave and alia following him.

" what is happening with him bhaijan ? why suddenly he act strange like that " ask mirza.

"  I don't know mirza . . " reply jalal but he think about what ranjit told him and he got feeling that this had something to do with sonali, he guess that his rich husband is ranjit, jalal look down to aram and he smile then he kneel in front of her " hey little princess don't be afraid . . bubu will always protect you " said jalal.

Aram smile " ok bubu . .  come let's go " reply aram, then jalal leave with aram while abdul and mirza very confuse with what happen to ranjit, whe on earth he act like that to jalal and he just jeopardy his own project.


Jodha finish to arrange table for dinner, she refused when bakhsi want to help so bakhsi and kids sitting when jodha serve food for them.

" hmmm this is smeel very delicious " said jalal, he just finish bath and change his clothes.

" yes bhaijan . . I feel hungry already " reply bakhsi.

" good you can as much as you can " said jalal.

Bakhsi laugh " oooh bhaijan I eat a lot I will become elephant in my last trimester " said bakhsi.

" wow aunt bakhsi you will become elephant ? really ? " ask salim.

" hahaha no salim aunt bakhsi just kidding " said jodha.

" ooohh I though she will become elephant then I can become t-rex " said salim.

" if salim bhaijan become t-rey then aram want to become a swan " said aram.

" then I will become anaconda " said hassan.

" I become phyton " reply hussain.

" oooh dear Lord . . . now my kids will become animal " protest jalal.

" and I want to become cheetah " said rahim with amusement.

Bakhsi laughing because suddenly conversation become like this " ooh bhaijan . . bhabijan is it always like this in dinning table ? " ask bakhsi, this is amazing him how kids very excited and enthusiasm about everything.

Jodha laugh " everytime bakhsi . .  my kids always think everything with excitement " told jodha.

" hey kids how I must face it you all become animal . . one is t-rex, one is swan, one is anaconda, one is phyton and one cheetah . . I can open a zoo if that is the case " said jalal and kids laugh.

" bubu . . what you want to become ? " ask aram.

" abbujan want to be a human thank you " reply jalal and and he drink water.

" bubu will become kitten " said aram with happy jalal spurt water from his mouth, jodha and bakhsi laugh watching jalal horror expression.

" what ? kitten ? ooohh dear God . . . " said jalal.

" bujan is not kitten aram but a lion . . see when bujan angry he will roar like a lion " said rahim and he wink naughty to jalal.

" but bubu is aram kitten .  . bubu is so cute just like kitten and bunnies " said aram with stubborn " bubu and mimi are aram kittens " said jodha and jalal laugh.

" well at leasti wont be a lonely kitten " reply jalal and he catch jodha waist and pull her closer.

" oooh bhaijan this is hilarious . . . I can't wait untill this one come out so I will have this kind sweet moment " said bakhsi.

" you and bobby will be great parents " told jalal.

" we are really excited . .  finally after long waiting we will have our first child " said bakhsi, sometimes she feel that this all just a dream but it's not.

" I know the feeling that it's all like just a dream . .  when I was pregnant with hassan hussain and salim aram I felt the same way . . . and when you hold your baby for the first time it feel really like miracle " reply jodha.

Bakshi nod " I can't wait to hold my baby . . . " said bakhsi.

" and now time to eat " said jalal and then they all eat their dinner.

" bhaijan . . you know that I have plan to make kids appareal right ? " ask bakhsi.

" yes I know . . you've mentioned that earlier .  . so how it's progress ? " ask jalal.

" well it's going well and I will start to produce it . . but I need handsome and beautiful kids to be my model . . . . " said bakhsi and jalal looking at bakhsi and he know that she want.

" aaa no no bakhsi . .  I don't want my kids become model " reject jalal.

" come on bhaijan . .  it just for my advertisement . . please . . my nephews and niece will look more handsome and beautiful with my clothes " bakhsi still try to persuade jalal " even selima didi and abdul bhaijan already agree to my request and same with moti and mirza bhaijan . . . come on bhaijan " pleased bakhsi.

" no bakhsi . . no is a no " reject jalal, he don't like the idea his kids face publish everywhere.

" listen bhaijan . .  your kids even don't have to meet reporters or anything like that, I only will use theias model for my advertisement .  . when people some to my store they only will see their pictures on print on the wall nothing more than that " bakhsi explain to jalal, she know how her brother really protective towards his kids..

" jalal why don't let kids doin that . . it's not that they become artsit or anything like that " told jodha " bakhsi really understand how protective you toward kids " she add.

Jalal look at his loving kids and he don't want them to become model, artist or anything like that but he want to help bakhsi with her kids appareal project " ok fine . .  but all photo session must be done here in mughal residence . . and no reporters allow to interview my kids . . is that clear " said jalal.

Bakhsi jump and then she hug jalal from back " ooohh bhaijan . . thank you thank you . . . . I promise will do whatever you ask for kids safety " said bakhsi and jodha smile watching jalal and bakhsi.

At night jalal just check on kids and bakhsi then he back to his room and find jodha sit on bed while reading a book, she look up when jalal enter.

" kids all sleep ? " ask jodha.

Jalal nod " yes . . . " jalal think it's time to ask about sonali " so how is everything with sonali ? she tell you who is her husband ? " ask jalal.

" no . . she didn't tell moti and madhu either . . I think she still very scare to say who is her rich husband " said jodha.

Jalal nod " is it okey if I talk to her ? there is something I want to ask ? " ask jalal.

" sure you can come with me tomorrow and meet her " told jodha " I forget to ask about your meeting with ranjit mehra . .  how is he ? " ask jodha.

Jalal wont tell anything untill he confirm with sonali about ranjit is her husband " well he is fine but there is something I don't like about him " reply jalal.

" oooh and what is that  ? " ask jodha with curious.

" he come with his mistress instead with his wife " said jalal.

Jodha looking at jalal with shock " what ? how you know about that ? " ask jodha.

" well he said that she is just a friend . . yeah right . .  I've meet some of my business partner did the same " said jalal " very shamefull because they should proud of their wives and show to the world but they bring their mistress . . I can guess ranjit mistress is a model " told jalal.

" oohh poor his wife . . . if you are do something like that I will come to that meeting and beat your mistress " told jodha and jalal laugh listening to jodha, he sit beside her and hug her.

" oooh since when my wife become so brutal " tease jalal.

" since I falling in love with you " reply jodha " I wont accept and wont let another woman come between us " she add.

Jalal always love when she claim him as hers " oohh mrs jalaluddin .  . I am yours and no one will ever come between us . . . . we are soulmate and soulmate are stick together since the end of time " said jalal.

Jodha looking at him with love " I love you jalal . . and I never stop thank God to send you in my life . .  when I heard how sonaly rich husband and his family treat him I truly lucky to have you and this family " said jodha then she kiss his lips gentle.

Jalal caress her face " I'm the one who feel lucky to have you . . you give me love and amazing kids . . thank you is not enough to describe my feeling for you sweety and that is why I want to celebrate our anniversary with big . . " said jalal.

" oooh jalal I almost forget that we will celebrate our anniversary soon . . . " reply jodha.

" but I'm not forget and I want to show the world how lucky I am to have you in my life " said jalal, he pull her closer then he kiss her, they kiss with passionate and then they show to each other how lucky they are to have each other.


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Yippee I'm first again 
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awesome update
when they know ranjeet was sonali husband
waiting for next update
update soon
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Originally posted by Kavya_P

Res Di 

Unres Di 
Awesome chappy Di 
Meeting is fine
Description of Aram is beautiful 
Ranjit got to know about sonali 
Jalal also know his real face 
Dining table part is amazing about animals 
Jalal is kitten OMG 
Bakshi succeeded 
Jo n jalal convo is nice 
Now jalal gonna know about Ranjit when he'll talk to sonali 
Update soon Di 
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Thanks for pm Di 

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