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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 4)

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Chapter 214



          Selima restless for what happen today to abdul and benazir, she don't know how to describe but she can feel something bad will happen, she don't know much about benazir but if she dare to seducing a married man then she is not a good woman, she need to know what kind woman of benazir, she remember what abdul said that benazir threating him too and just like she promise to him the next time benazir messing around she will face him and she will make sure benazir learn lesson not to messing woth mughal especially mughals men if you don't want to wake up their lioness.

" baby . .  what's wrong ? why you still awake ? " ask abdul, he can feel that she is restless.

Selima looking at abdul " I got bad feeling about benazir .  . I don't know how to explain what I feel but I know that she will try to look problem with us " told selima.

Abdul shuckled " don't too much worry about her selima . . .  she can do whatever she want and I don't care because I didn't do something wrong " said abdul.

Selima always love his honesty and bravery " I know you are not afraid abdul but I will really piss off if she try to messing with you again, that evil woman try to seduce you in your office . . . shit I really want to slap her hard " reply selima then she look at abdul with suspicious " you don't feel hardened when you saw her almost half naked right ? " ask selima.

Abdul feel surprise when she ask that " what ? of course not . .  why suddenly as something like that ? " ask abdul, he sit up and selima sit too " now tell me why with all this suddenly ? " ask abdul again.

" well man with blood will drooling and must be feel hardened looking at her half naked body . . . . . " said selima and she pouted with cute when she imagine that evil woman show her body to abdul.

Abdul laugh and selima staring at him with angry " baby . . . don't rell me that you are jealous over her . . .  are you ? " ask abdul.

" hmmm well of course not . . . . . . "

Abdul kilss her suddenly make selima surprise, he kiss her hard and then he lift her and put her on his lap, selima kissing him back and she pull him closer to her, abdul smile while looking at her with wild desire in his eyes " that woman is nothing compare to you . . . there is nothing special about her, other man may be feel arouse just looking at her but not me . . . my wife really beautiful and have gorgous body and just by looking at her , kissing her already making me hot . . . " abdul touch her lips gentle.

Selima know that he really love her and she trust him but still she can't help to feel that afraid in case abdul will slip " I know that abdul . . . I know that you love me and wont cheat on me but still when there is woman like her soo bold and got assets . . ..  "

Jalal close her mouth with his hands " there is no one more beautiful and sexier that my wife . . . . . " he said with romantically then he kiss her chin, and move down kiss her neck, he reach the bottom of her lace sleepwear and then he pull it over her head, she only wearing panty and so now she half naked on his lap " and your breasts are the most beautiful one and I love it and addicted to it . . . . . " said abdul while he look up to selima and both feel burning sensation when abdul said those words, then abdul slowly kiss her cleveage and her nipples hardened the moment abdul's mouth touch her skin.

" ahhh " she moans, abdul smile listening to her moans and he love it, with gentle abdul lick his nipples and take them into his mouth and suck them gentle, selima really feel burning inside and the wildness inside her ready to break free, selima hold abdul head and she kiss the top of his head and she make a mess his hairs, then abdul with fast laying her on bed and he tak off her panty, then he strip too and selima watching her husband with adoration and admiration, he had muscular body but his muscles not too big and she like him like that, she keep staring his body like she was caressing his body through her eyes, selima touch his sexy sixoack and abdul smile, then selima eyes stop his manhood that already hardened perfectly, she look at abdul and he wink with naughty to her, then he half laying on her and he capture her lips and kiss her, they kiss with wild and passionate, selima wrap her long legs around abdul's thight and push him slower, and then slowly abdul thrust his mandhood inside her, both moans when it entering her inch by inch.

" ouurghhh . . . baby . . baby " moans abdul, he kissing her again while he keep thrusting and impale all his manhood inside her.

" abdul . . . abdul . . aahh " selima moans between his wild kiss, they make love with wild desire and selima don't know how many time she will got the ultimate pleasure, abdul keep move his hips faster each time and selima really feel amazing sensation " abdul  . .  fas . . .  ter " moans selima between her heavy and fast breath

Abdul smile " anything for you baby " reply abdul and he granded her wish an selima sceams to release her own desire, abdul shut her by kissin her,he afraid mustafa will wake up if she sceams very loud, selima don't know how long they've been making love, it's like they haven't run out their strength and they are very passionate, despite that the huge tornado will hit their life tomorrow selima and abdul spending the night together in bed with wild and passionate.

The next morning jodha, jalal along with kids and tariq having breakfast together, moti must meet her client and mirza accompany her so jodha will be with jodha fot the day.

" aunt jodha . . . . can I play with jo and j along with aram and salim ? " ask tariq.

Jodha smile to him " of course you can tariq . . after finish your breakfast and drink your milk you, aram and salim can play with jo and j " told jodha.

" mimi we wont go to drive bhaijan to school ? " ask aram.

" no aram . . today abbujan will take your bhaijan to school " reply jodha.

" oooh that great mijan . . . I want to play piano today " said salim.

" me to want to play piano . . . after play with jo and j " reply aram.

" me too . . " said tariq.

Jodha smile " of course . . . . . . " reply jodha.

" bujan . . .  next week our school will celebrate 30th years anniversary and my class will perform a drama . . and I will play . . . hope mijan and bujan can come that time " told rahim.

Jalal and jodha looking at each other with happy " really rahim ? that sound interesting " said jalal then he look at hassan hussain " you two will perform too ? " ask jalal.

Hassan and hussain nod " our class will sing mijan . . bujan . . . and we are really excited " told hassan.

" bhaijan . . . can I come and see too ? " ask tariq.

" of course tariq you can come too " reply rahim.

" we all will come . . .  " said jalal " oooh and we will have guest on Saturday morning " announce jalal.

Jodha looking at him with curious " what do you mean ? who will come here  ? " ask jodha.

" I invite arjun and his family . . . is that ok ? " ask jalal.

" of course . . . . I would like to meet arjun family " reply jodha.

" well your fan will very excited to meet you " tease jalal.

Jodha chuckled " I'm looking forward to meet her . .  he have a child right ? " ask jodha.

Jalal nod " yes a daughter . . she is in the same age with aram and salim " told jalal and she look at aram " little princess may be now you will have a friend " he add.

Aram look happy and excited " oooh really bubu . . . ? " ask aram.

" yes and she is a little princess too like you " reply jalal.

" you hear that mimi . . .  aram will have a friend . . may be aram can play dolls with her ? " ask aram.

" of course aram both of you a girls so can play dolls " said jalal.

" oooh bubu . . I can't wait to meet her " said aram with big smile on her face.

" is she pretty bujan ? " ask hussain.

" hah . . . what you know about pretty little girls ? " ask jalal with amusement.

" pretty are like mijan and aram . . . . " reply hussain " there are lot pretty girls in our class " told hussain.

" ooohh really ? " ask jodha and she giggle.

" yes mijan and I don't know those girls keep nagging me and hussain . . it troublesome somehow " said hassan.

" areee seems like you two favorite to them " tease jalal.

Hassan laugh " we want to find girls like mijan " announce hassan with proud.

" oooh dear God .  . you two still have a long to go so no need to be in hurry to fins girls " said jodha and jalal smile while looking at hassan hussain and he know that they will make lots of girls heartbreaking when they grown up.

" aram want a prince just like bubu . . . . " said aram suddenly.

" really aram ? " ask jalal.

Aram nod " yes bubu . . . aram want a prince like you " said aram with happy and jalal smile then he stand up and lift up aram from her seat.

" well I'm happy to hear that but abbujan wont allow ant prince come close to my little princess untill abbujan make sure that he is the right prince for you " said jalal.

" poor aram " tease jodha.

" shut up jodha " reply jalal with happy.

" I love you bubu " said aram then she kiss his cheeks.

Jalal looking at his little princess " I love you too my little princess " reply jalal, then they hears jalal's phone rings.

" bubu can I answer your phone ? " ask aram.

Jalal nod " of course aram . .  . " then jalal take his phone and let aram answer it.

" good morning " greet aram.

Mirza chuckled when he hears aram voice " good morning aram this is uncle mirza . .  can I talk to your abbujan ? " ask mirza.

" of course . . . bubu . .  uncle mirza want to talk to you " mirza can hear aram talk to jalal.

" yes what's up mirza ? " ask jalal and mirza become serious when he hear jalal's voice.

" problem . .  huge problem . .  . have you seen news this morning ? me and moti watch the news now . . . " told mirza.

" I haven't watch either read today's news . .  what's wrong ? what you mean with huge problem ? " ask jalal.

" you better watch the news now bhaijan . . .  I don't know how selima and abdul bhaijan will react to this news " reply mirza.

Jalal very curious what mirza talking about, then while carry aram he go to living room following by jodha and he turn on the tv, and the moment jodha and jalal watch the news they are very shock, what they hell happening and how can this happening but jalal will ask explanation from abdul.




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Awesome chappy Di 
Poor Benz Now she gonna face lioness Salima 
Kids are so adorable and cute 
Shocking news 
Now Abdul should give explanation to Jalal 
Update soon Di 
Hope this problem sort out soon 
-Kavya_P- IF-Sizzlerz

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Yippee I'm first again 
erning_w IF-Dazzler

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Awesome as always 
Thanks for the pm :)
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Nice chapter dear
Thanks for pm
sweety992 Goldie

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Woow now mughul teach a big lesson to tht bitch banazir...
Update dr
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Wow hussu hassu r really  in demand powerlessness.Star
Oh aram is so cute n excited to get n new friendSmile
This. Chiswick has done her cheap track cheapo.Angry
Waiting for salima in action n Chidail destructionEmbarrassedClap
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awesome update
know banazir face worst
waiting for next update
update soon

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