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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 39)

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Chapter 233



            Laxmi mehra arrive in india with her grandson ravi mehra, he is little brother of ranjit mehra, the second heir of mehra fortune and company, their bodyguards escort them out from jet, and they go straight to their family house in india where ranjit take anarkali there, laxmi very worry to hear anarkali condition from ranjit, she don't know what sonali thinking take maan bai and anarkali to india, especially anarkali because she is laxmi favorite, she is just like her daughter and that is why she love anarkali more than maan bai, maan bai more introvert while anarkali extrovert and everyone love anarkali, maan bai beautiful too but not beautiful like anarkali, laxmi feel disappointing why maan bai and anarkali who fraternal twin have physical differences, and no matter what happen laxmi wont let sonali take her great-granddaughters at least not anarkali, but she will see what sonali want.

Ranjit waiting his grandmother and ravi, anarkali in her room with maids, ranjit very worry with anarkali, she look like in trauma and refuse to speak to anyone, she just hiding under the table, ranjid aloready called psychiatrist and she said anarkali in trrible shock and they must take care her with delicate, ranjit know why anarkali become like that and all because of sonali, if only she never leave and take their daughters all of this wont happen, he will ask his grandmother what to do next, tomorrow he have important meeting with jalal so he must take care this matter with his grandmother and ravi, then ranjit hear cars engine and he know it may be his grandmother and ravi arrived at their family house, he intentionally stay in penthouse when he come to india because it more easy for him, door opened and he see ravi enter first, ravi is a handsome man, he is tall with exotic tan skin, he is 30 years old and dedicate his life to their company, he is single and seems not interesting to getting marry soon, then behindravi there is their grandmother, laxmi mehra almost 80 years old but she is till strong like young woman and she look younger than her real age, since their parents die she become their parents and she rule her family with like iron lady and everyone afraid of her, she wont spare anyone who make mehra good and respect name, ranjit come to laxmi and kiss her cheekc and nod to ravi.

" where is anarkali ? " ask laxmi.

" she is in her room . .  her doctor said better to let her alone for a while, she still in trauma . . . " reply ranjit, laxmi take a seat and ranjit with ravi sit across her.

Laxmi looking at ranjit with angry " you are really something ranjit . . how can you soo careless beaten sonali in public . . and now someone rescue her " scold laxmi.

" I really piss off grandmother . . . she dare to raise her voice on me and I lost my temper " reply ranjit.

" grandmother if they are not happy in their marriage why don't you let them divorced ? soon or later what happened in their life will leak to public so rather than waiting that happen why not let set them free " said ravi

" it's not that simple ravi . . .  " said laxmi.

" no grandma . . this is very simple . . I warn you and and ranjit once that it will just a matter of time untill sonali had enough . . . . now see what is happen, now what makes me worry if sonali decide to file case against ranjit for abused and you will be in big trouble " said ravi to ranjit, he disagree with how his grandmother and his brother treat sonali, poor woman she shouldn't marry with ranjit, sometimes he want to help her but it's not his nature to meddle in other personal business

" ravi . .  . " warn laxmi.

" what ?am I said something wrong ? now this is happening right . . she runway and we even don't know where she is . . . . " said ravi then he look to ranjit " do you know who is helping her ? " ask ravi.

" no . . I leave the moment devon told me that a woman holding maan bai and refuse to give her back and her bodyguards beats mine " reply ranjit.

" only rich or important people who will have personal bodyguards . . . " repl ravi.

" and you still don't know where is sonali and maan bai ? " ask laxmi.

Ranjit saking his head slowly " no grandma . . . but by man still searching . . they find the hospital where sonali take but she is been check out and no one will tell who is taken her . . devon said nurses ad doctors in hospital shut their mouth up and no one said anything " told ranjit.

" so probably what ravi said is right . . someone rich and powerfull helping sonali  . . "reply laxmi " but you must find sonali and maan bai no matter what, bring them back to london . . . ravi will bring anarkali first . . let our family doctor give her treatment " she add

" still wont let them divorce grandma ? " ask ravi

" not until I teach sonali a lesson to caused trouble to this family " reply laxmi.

" well I'm leave with anarkali tomorrow morning . .  don't want to be part of this " said ravi, he feel better away from ranjit and laxmi " and how about your appointment wit jalal ? " ask ravi, this is a big project and he hope ranjit wont blow this up because of his personal matter.

" I will meet him tomorrow at his office . . . " reply ranjit.

" I always want to meet him in person . . .  heard so much about him and his family " said laxmi.

" he is very smart businessman . .  whatever he touch will become gold . . this is very rare and gold opportunity with him so you better not screw this " warn ravi.

"you think I'm a new businessman ? don't worry jalal will very interesting to do business with us " reply ranjit.

" and one more thing pretend to have a happy family . . .  jalal is family guy and everyone know how he love his beautiful wife and kids, and I heard he usually judge his future business partner from their behaviour toward their family " told ravi.

 Ranjit chuckled " aaah come on ravi that is riddiculus . .  . how on earth someone decide business deal from that point of view " said ranjit with amusement

" well jalal is not like other businessman . . he is very unique and sometimes weird . . better take precaution " reply ravi

" let us know how it going with jalal . . and keep searcing sonali and maan bai . . . we wil decide you two future when we found her " told laxmi and ranjit nod while ravi hope sonali can be free from this family, eventhough he love laxmi and ranjit but he wont close his eys for their flaw, he pray that ranjit and sonali can end their marriage in a good term.

Madhu come to shelter and jodha along with moti and sonia waiting for her, she is very surprise when suddenly moti calling her out of blue, she wonder what moti want to talk about, madhu standing in front of jodha office and knock the door and in just a second the door open and she face to face with moti.

" helo . . . " greet madhu.

" helo . . . please come in " said moti then madhu enter jodha office and she look at jodha and sonica, she look at moti with curious.

" that is jodha . .  she is the wife of jalal " moti intoduce jodha.

" helo . . it's nice to meet you " said jodha and then she and madhu handshakes.

" nice to meet you too . . . so you are the wife from that badass "tease madhu and jodha chuckled " I don't know how you handle that kind super alpha male " she add.

" aaahh he is very normal when he is with me " said jodha with amusement, she know the story about how jalal behave in court.

" and this is sonia . . she is our friend and she work here with jodha " moti introduce sonia and madhu.

" I've heard a lot about you . . glad finally can meet you in person " said sonia with happy.

" I hope it's a good thing " reply madhu and sonia nod.

 " come and sit . . .  " told jodha and they all sit " so madhu . .  the reason moti asking you to come here because we need consult something with you " she add.

Madhu look interesting and curious" oohhh  . . . . okey . . .  what you want to consult with me ? " ask madhu, then jodha tell her sonali condition and circumstances and madhu even she face soo many cases like that still feel surprise when she heard about what happened to sonali " ooohh poor woman . . . I can't imagine how her feeling right now . . . but I will need to talk to her . . I want to hear from her own mouth what her husband did to her . . . " said madhu.

" of course . . .  moti will come with you . . . " reply jodha " we hope that you can give us advice how to help sonali and free her from her abusive husband " add jodha.

" we don't want to take the wrong step because sonali said her husband is a rich man " said sonia.

Madhu nod " ok then . . . can I meet her now ? " ask madhu.

" of couse . .  come . . we will take you and moti to her bedroom " reply jodha and then the four woman leave, this is the first time for madhu visit shelter and she feel amaze by it, she really can't belive that jodha the wife of jalal who really badass when he is in court capable to run shelter like this, she have all the money that every woman dream on but instead she enjoying her luxurious life she work hard to run this shelter.

" after I talk to sonali you've got to take me around jodha . . this shelter really amazing . . I've heard a lot bout this shelter . . it's very famous " praise madhu.

" all thanks to my husband who gave this building to me so I can change it into shelter . .  and I'm glad that we can help lot abused victims " said jodha.

" when I heard about you I thought you are a saint or angel . . people always talk about your kindness and your selfless act " reply madhu.

" I thought the same madhu . .  I've heard soo much about jodha and this shelter . . I'm dying want to meet her in person and hope one day I work in a place like this shelter . .  thanks to God now my dream come true " said sonia.

Jodha wrap her hand around sonia waisr " we are lucky to have you here sonia . . we need lot people like you and all who help me to run this shelter " said jodha and sonia smile with happy for jodha compliment, madhu still can't believe that this kind hearted woman is really jalal wife, she is kinda the opposite from her husband but from what she heard they both inseparable and jalal love his wife and his kids, something that madhu feel like impossible but may be she is wrong, they arrive in front of sonali bedroom then moti and madhu enter, jodha and sonia back to their office to continue their work.

Wednesday morning ranjit and alia arrive in mughal corporation building, both totally amaze by it, mirza see ranjit and he come to him.

" good morning . .  welcome to mughal corporation " greet mirza.

" good morning mirza . . . " reply ranjit.

" good morning " reply alia, mirza looking at alia with curious, he thought alia is ranjit wife.

" oooh is this your wife ? " ask mirza, he never know that ranjit wife very beautiful but mirza feel he recognize alia somewhere.

Alia chuckled " oooh I'm not his wife . . I'm his friend " reply alia.

" ooohh shoot sorry . .  I though you are his wife " said with.

" my wife very busy and she can't accompany here so I ask alia to come with me " told ranjit, mirza can guess who is alia after listening ranjit words .

" ok . . then come with me . . . jalal bhaijan will arrive in any minutes . . he must take kids to school first . . " said mirza while they enter elevator.

" the jalalluddin take his kids to school ? you are kidding right ? " ask ranjit.

" no I'm not kidding . . . he like and enjoying when he take kids to school . . . " told mirza.

" wow . .  that is a first . . multi-billionaire like him still want to take kids to school " said alia.

" ahh we are not most common rich people . . . evens sometimes we take our kids to office when our wife have something to do " reply mirza, elevator stop then they all come out and mirza take them straight to meeting room, abdul come not long after they enter.

" helo . . . I'm abdul . .  nice to meet you all " greet abdul.

" nice to meet you too " ranjit greet him back.

" jalal call me . . he just arrive and on his way here " told abdul, he sit beside mirza, abdul looking at alia and about to say something but mirza cut him.

" she is not his wife . .  . " said mirza and abdul looking at him with amused.

" how you know what I was gonna asked ? " ask abdul.

" because I asked the same question " reply mirza and abdul just laugh.

" you really have amazing building with beautiful view " praise ranjit, he feel jealous how can jalal find a beautiful place like this.

" this all jalal bhaijan idea . . . he didn't want to be far away from his family so he built this . . . " told mirza.

" wowww . .  that is very romantic . .  I wish a man will do the same like jalal for his family " reply alia, she now really curious want to meet jalal, he sound like a great man, mirza and abdul laugh then the door open and jalal enter with rani, mirza and abdul stand up and so ranjit and alia, both ranjit and alia watching at jalal who look very handsome, they both can feel authority from him, and for the first time ranjit face to face with the great jalal the multi-billionaire and this is once a chance so he must use this opportunity very well.

Big smileBig smile

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Awesome Update! The tension is building up... Can't wait to read what happens next!

Thanks for the PM.
kartikaJA IF-Dazzler

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awesome update
I hope jalal don't signed deal with ranjeet
ranjeet truth come out soon
waiting for next update
please update soon
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Amazing update dear
ranjit's grandma is like him...very arogant
ravi seems nice guy
Hope madhu help sonali
and jalal don't sign the deal with that b*****d
update next soon
thanks for pm
prioyank Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2016 at 8:43pm | IP Logged
Amazing one hope he find the truth in a dramatic way of that idiot
prioyank Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2016 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
Amazing one hope he find the truth
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Posted: 28 May 2016 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Nyc chappy dr
SomeoneloveJA Goldie

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Posted: 28 May 2016 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Awesome updates...
Hope Madhu can help Sonali ..
Jalal will know that Ranjit is Sonali's husband...and not sign the deal with him...
Thanks for pm...dear.

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