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nice chapter dear
thanks for PM

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No problem awesome update
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update soon di
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Chapter 230


            Kids with excitement and happiness pick and collect grapes, aram and lily who inseparable doin pick grapes together, jodha and sonia laugh watching how they working together, while salim with rahim both look happy too and rahim let salim pick grapes and he collect from him and put on basket, hassan hussain always doing everything together, while mustafa and tariq together and like others they working together .

" they all look very happy " said sonia.

" yes . . . my kids like to do outdoor activity . . we even like to ride bycicle together . . . that's why jalal want to built adventure part so kids will have more outdoor activity to do " told jodha.

" oohh I se now why jalal want to built adventure park . . . he is amazing father " praise sonia.

" yes he is . . . and I'm really lucky to have him in my life " reply jodha with love, she always happy when she talking about him, she watching jalal who following aram and lily like their bodyguard, then she look at sonia " so . . what do you think about working in shelter ? " as jodha.

Sonia smile with happy " well it's very amazing job jodha . . .  I really like it and thank you for giving me this golden opportunity to work there " said sonia.

Jodha nod " you are welcome . .  and I'm glad if you like your work because I know it never easy to work at place like that, you've seen soo much painful event there and you met lot women and kids that become victims from their abusive family " told jodha.

" I agree jodha but I take the bright side that we are try to doing something for them, we give help them and give them another chance tand that is very amazing . . I still can't believe that you can had such amazing ide to how help those poor women and kids " reply sonia.

" I just want those woman and kids know that there are people who care for them and they have a place to go . . . that is what I didn't get in the past . . I kept all by myself even I couldn't told moti what is I've been through . . only aunt juhi and jalal who know exactly how suffered I was in the past . . . so I don't want those w and kids feel that they are all alone . . . " jodha explain to sonia and sonia can't imagine what jodha been going through, how she crawling back from all trauma and fear, but now she used her bad and pain experienced to help others.

" you are strong woman jodha . . . I never can imagine what you've been through and I even can imagine if myself in your and those women situation . . . but I'm glad that I can do something for them " said sonia.

Jodha smile " even a small help can be very usefull for them " said jodha and sonia nod.

" mimiii . . . . come here . . . . " call aram, jodha chuckled then she come to aram.

" what's up little princess . . . . ? " ask jodha while she kneel in front of her.

" here mimi . . try this grapes " told aram while she take one grape to jodha mouth and jodha obey her and eat it.

" hmm it taste good " said jodha and aram smile, then she look up to jalal " bubu you want to try it too ? " ask aram with hopefull.

Jalal kneel beside jodha " of couse little princess . . . . come feed your bubu " told jalal and aram with happt pick one grape and take it to jalal mouth " hmmm hmmm yummy . . . it's vey sweet just like my little princess " praise jalal.

" aram I want too " said lily and then aram feed her grape too " oooh this is very delicious . . . .can I take some for mommy and daddy ? " ask lily to jalal.

" of course sweety . . . . " reply jalal then lily with happy take grapes and run to sonia and arjun, jodha chuckled watching lily feed arjun and sonia.

" soo princess . .  . are you happy ? are you having fun ? " ask jalal.

Aram nod " ooh yes bubu . . mimi . .  I'm very happy " said aram then she throw herself to jalal and he hug her.

" well if you are happy abbujan and ammijan happy too . .  now why don't you give your bubu a kiss " told jalal and aram no need to be told twice she kiss jalal cheeks and then she kiss jodha too.

" aram love mimi and bubu " said aram.

" we love you too little princess " reply jodha and aram smile with happy.

" mijan mijan . .  look how much we pick grapes " said salim with loud because of his excitement, rahim pull the basket and jodha with jalal see their basket full with grapes.

" wow . .  you two are very good . . . . that are lots of grapes " praise jodha.

" I help rahim bhaijan pick them ammijan " announce salim with proud.

" oooh you are very amazing salim . . . rahim bhaijan very lucky to have you helping him " praise jalal and salim look smug, then they all hears noisy and see hassan and hussain both pull the basket together, when see her sons pull the basket together with happiness she think that will become beautiful painting, and when she watching jalal and kids that is very beautiful scene too and jodha have some idea for her painting.

" mijan . . bujan . . look how we collect soo many grapes " said hassan.

" there are lot of grapes here " reply hussain while pointing to his basket.

" yes we all can see that and you two are amazing . . . abbujan don't know that you two have talent to pick grapes " said jalal, he pretend to be shock.

Hassan and hussain giggle " aaah bujan you should see us when we were pick grapes " told hussain.

" ooh we are soo happy here bujan . . ." reply hassan and jalal nod because he can feel his kids happiness, then mirza and abdul come with mustafa and tariq who working together and they pick lot grapes too.

" wow mustafa . . tariq  . . . you two are amazing too . .  see there are lot grapes in your basket " praise jodha.

" yes aunt jodha we pick them together " said mustafa.

" very good . .  woo you all kids very good in this " praise jodha while watching all kids and they all look smug and happy got praise.

Jalal looking at his watch " I think it's time to lunch . . .. " he said.

" yes moti and selima arrange the table now . .  come kids we will have lunch . .  you all must be hungty after working hard " said mirza and kids with loud and noisy told him how they working hard pick grapes and now they all getting tired and need food to recharge their strength, so everyone go to have lunch together.

Meanwhile in mumbai sonali and her daughters live in small rent house, she still hide from her husband and her in  law, maan bai seems can be occupy with their situation and happy just to be with her mother while anarkali more grumpy and she kept want to back to big house where all her dolls there.

" mommy when we are going back ? I miss nana and all my dolls " ask anarkali with sad.

" I like it here . . . " said maan bai.

" be patient anarkali . . . everything will be just fine . . . I promise " reply sonali.

" but why we must leave nana and daddy ? " ask anarkali.

Sonali really confuse how to explain to her daughters because they are too young to understand what happen to her " anarkali all mommy asking is that you trust mommy ok . . mommy promise that everyting will get better soon " reply sonali, kids are may heard couple time whe she and their father fight but they don't know what really happened, when they saw her bruised she always said that she was falling.

" but I want to go home mommy " protest anarkali.

" I like it here mommy .  . it's so quite here ..  and nana wont angry at me again " said maan bai with innocent.

Sonali looking at maan bai with surprise "what yo u mean nana angry at you ? why I don't know abou this ? " ask sonali.

" nana don't lke me . . she said I'm very like you but she love anarkali " told maan bai.

" no maan bai . . . nana love you too " reply anarkali but maan bai just raise her shoulders like she don't care anymore, sonali never knew about this that her mother in law cando such things to a little kid, yes anarkali and maan bai are fraternal twin and they might very different physically, anarkali taller then maan bai but they both are very beautiful and it's not right to said those cruel words to maan bai.

" mommy love you both and that is what the most important " said sonali and maan bai hug her while anarkali seems still angry because they are stil not going home.

Ranjit help alia come out from jet, they just arrived at mumbai international airport and alia can see that ranjt very angry about something but she don't know what is happening, then his phone rings and he pick it up in hurry.

" yes mother . .  just arrive in india . . . are you sure that she and my daughters in india ? "" ask ranjit.

" yes I'm very sure . . our people sill try to locate her position but you make sure that you drag her back to france . . . if people find out that mehra family daughter in law runaway our family respectful name wil tarnish and people will start to talk what is happening " told laxmi mehra, she is sitting in her study room and there is a coldness in her eyes, she really piss off because when she and her grandson back from a function they found sonalia left with her great-grandchilds but she will make sure ranjit to take them back and this time she will sonali a lesson so this wont happening again.

" don't worry grandmother I will make sure sonali and kids back to france " said ranjit, he really angry because sonali really create trouble for him and he will make sure she got a lesson very hard now, alia listen to ranjit and so she know what is happening, so finally the weak kitten alredy run away, then ranjit end the call but alia know better not to ask anything to ranjit, so she just following him enter car and then they leave to hotel.

Mughal family really have a blast in italy, everyone have so much fun especially kids they all totally having so much fun and enjoy their time with each other and jalal employee all adore kids because they all so cute and being nice to everyone, and when they all must leave italy kids look very sad but jalal promise them that they will come back here when have holiday, and the journey back to india very fun too, jalal just got news from atgah that he can't find anything about ranjit misbehavior to his wife but it seems his family really workinghard to cover up something, so now it depend on jalal to judging him when they meet, and atgah told him that ranjit already in india and jalal now curious what kind person he is.

Sonali take her daughters in hurry, she know that soon or later they will find her, she now on her way to reach shelter, she is bee calling taxi company and it waits them, she run with maan bai and anarkali at ther side, she run as faster as her daughters foot can take them, but when she almost reach taxi some black luxurious sedan come and stop with hurtfull sound make everyone watching what happen, sonali in horror and terrify watching the car door open and her husband ranjit mehra come out, she can't believe what she see, ranjit come with his bodyguards.

" take the kids " order ranjit to his bodyguards and sonali hide maan bai and anarkali behind her.

" I wont let you take them from me " said sonali in fear but she try to be brave " I've had enough . . . I will leave you and your family " said sonali with angry tone, maan bai can feel something wrong because her mother look terrify while anarkali smile watching his father, people watching the scene and curious who are these people.

Ranjit with angry walk to sonali and he grab her upper arms " you bitch . . no one walk away from mehra family . . you've made grandmother angry so you must pay the price " said ranjit with angry then with hard she slap her.

" mommmyyy " screams maan bai and anarkali shocking watching her father hit her mother, sonali loose balance but she never let go the hands of her daughters.

" take the kids " roar ranjit with angry and his bodyguards take maan bai and anarkali with force.

" no . . no . .  please . .  don't take them  . . . " pleaded sonali but she got another slap and another and another and this time it's very hard that she feel her cheeks bone might broken and blood come out from her nose and from the corner of mouth.

" how dare you to make my grandmother angry . .  how dare you to runaway and take my daughter " said ranjit with cruelty and then he hit her stomache, sonali feel pain and she fall on the ground and with merciless he kick her.

" mommyyy . .  daddy why are you kill mommy  . . mommy " maan bai screams in panic and she start to cry, anarkali just stand still and she look in terribly shock, people who watch want to help but they afraid to get interfere because they can see that this is family matter.

Sonali who almost past out can hear maan bai screams and she try to keep conscious eventhough the darknest start to embrace her, with unclear sight she look at maan bai and she gather all her strength to do think the only way to save her daughters " rrruunnn " she screams and she can feel her body almost explode and she is in lot of pain, ranjit getting more angry listeing to her and he kick her stomache again, while maan bai bite the hands of man who holding her so hard until he screams in pain and when he release his grip she run away from there to hide with fast, ranjit saw that.

" catch her " he told his bodyguards and they run after maan bai, meanwhile jodha just take rahim, hassan and hussain to school, now she on her way to shelter alone because jalal take his day off and so aram and salim stay with him, suddenly the car stop make everyone inside surprise.

" what happen ? " ask jalal.

" there is a kid suddenly appears in front of or car " told zahir.

Jodha close her mouth in shock " oooh my God . . is she ok ? are we hit her ? " ask jodha " let me check her " she add.

" you stay here bos . .  let me check on her " said zahir then he get out from car and she check the little girl who turn out maan bai, he kneel in front of her and checking on her, people gathering to see what happe " little girl are you ok ? why are you run like that ? it's very dangerous sweety " ask zahir, he don't see any bruise but he is worry since maan bai crying.

"please . . . . help my mommy "  pleaded maan bai between her sobbing

" your mommy ? what's happening to your mommy ? " ask zahir

" daddy hitting mommy . . . .  she . . she . . . mommy . . . . " maan bai crying hard, jodha who hear her cry curious to what is happening so she come out from car and when she see maan bai she is shock.

" oooh it's you . . " said jodha, she forget what this little girl name, maan bai remember jodha too and then she run to her.

" aunty hep my mommy please . . . da . . daddy hit mommy . . " said maan bai then crying with loud.

" oooh dear . . . . " jodha carry maan bai and she wrap her hands around jodha neck and crying on her shouler, jodha lookat zahir " we must help her mother " jodha told him and he nod but then some man with black sit run toward them and without say anything one of them try to take maan bai from jodha but maan bai hold on tight to jodha as if her life depend on it, zahir with agry pull of the man from jodha and hit him.

" don't ever dare to touch my lady boss " warn zahir.

" give us the cild " demand the man and when he try to take maan bai again zahir with others bodyguards beaten them up, they were not match in number and in power but one of the run away to warn ranjit.

" show me where is your mommy " told jodha to maan bai but she look confuse where is her mother, then one old woman come forward.

" I think she is come from hat direction I heard there are something happen there . . a man beating a woman if I'm not mistaken " told the old woman then jodha nod and with zahir and her bodyguards around her to protect her she leave to direction that old lady pointing, when they arrive in the scene they watch black luxurious sedan leave and in horror jodha watch a woman on the ground, maan bai watching her mother too.

" mommyyy " she screams, sonali who almost pass out listen to her voice, she look around to find the source and then she saw her dear daughter and she is with someone that she hope can help her, sonali with weak and her left strength power crawling slowly toward jodha, she feel unbearable pain when move her body but she keep going she need to reach jodha.

" ooohhh my God " jodha can't believe what she see.

" my dear Lord " zahir and other bodyguards can't believe too when they see sonali condition, jodha then run to sonali.

 " mommy . . . mommy " call maan bai.

Sonali touch jodha foot she grap her skirt, she look up to jodha " please  . . he . . he . . help me " she whispering then finally she give up and fainted.

" mommmyyy " screams maan bai and jodha with other people too really in shock and they all watching fainted sonali with bruised on her face and body laying there on the ground like a dead body.

sorry guys something trouble and i couldnt send pm

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Awesome as usual teh Ndi 
Continue soon ..!! :)

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lovely update...
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Awesome chappy Di 
Kids are having blast 
How he got to know about Sonali 
Poor she
Maanbai is nice but not Anarkali 
Update soon Di 
Jalal should know about that idiot soon 

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