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Nice chappy dear
Thanks for pm

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Nice one yar
Hope she is safe now frm her husband
Update soon
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Update soon Di 
Please update it asap 
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Originally posted by mickeymini

Nice one yar
Hope she is safe now frm her husband
Update soon

Hey buddy nice profile pic Wink
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waiting for your all update
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Update soon Di plz 
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Chapter 232



            Jodha watching sonali while carry sleeping aram, sonali just sleep after she taking her medicine and she look peace, jodha can understand sonali feeling and she will try her best to help her out, she will talk about this to moti and consult what is the best solution for sonali then jodha remember someone that might can help her too and it will be best if that person joint her to help sonali, aram make a move and jodha looking at her, her little princess mumbling in her sleep and she look adorable, she kiss aram forehead with love, how she love her little princess soo much, aram such kind hearted little girl, how she can make a friend with lily and maanbai in very short time, she even let maanbai play with her dear dolls so she can forget about her mother for a while and salim too try to pacify maanbai, jodha watching salim, lily and maanbai make painting together, maanbai look very happy and so does salim, he really care for maanbai and jodha smile watching how salim act like hussain when lily around him.

" maanbai . .  would you come to my house ? I will show you my fish and aram bunnies " toldsalim.

Maan bai big eyes open wide in excitement " oooh bunnies ? I love bunnies " reply maan bai " can I see them and play with them ? " ask maan bai.

" aram bunnies very cute . . you will love those bunnies " told lily with happy and she look at sleeping aram to check if aram awaken and look disappointing when aram still sleep.

Salim nod " of course . . . maanbai . . . " reply salim then he look at jodha " right mijan . .  maanbai can come and play with jo an j ? " asksalim.

Jodha smile to them " of course salim . .  maan bai you can come to our house and play with aram bunnies .  . they will very happy to have a new friend " told jodha.

" auntjodha me too want to play with them " said lily.

Jodha laugh " of course lily . . you all can play with aram " said jodha.

" see maan bai . . mijan said it's ok . . so you can come with us and play with jo and j . .  jo and j are the bunnies name . . hassan bhaijan and hussain bhaijan help aram to give that name " said salim.

Maanbai nod " oooh I see ok . . when I can come to your house ? " ask maan bai.

" well we will ask your mommy when she wake up ok ? " said jodha.

" ok aunt jodha . . . " reply maan bai, then door open and sonia and moti enter, moti look at jodha and she pointing to sonali, moti come closer and she is very surprise to see sonali condition, she feel angry when man think they can do whatever they want to woman.

" how is she ? " ask sonia.

" she just sleep . . I think the medicine start to kick in . . poor sonali she is in soo much pain " said jodha.

" ooh jodha look at her . . that man is really a bas***d " said moti.

" mijan what is bas***d ? " ask salim.

Moti close her mouth with cute way, she forget there are kids " sorry . . .  " she said to jodha.

" it's nothing salim .  . " told jodha and salim them paint again with lily and maanbai.

" can we talk outside ? " ask moti.

Jodha nod then still carry aram jodha following sonia and moti out " jodha don't you want to lay aram in bed ? I can help you " ask sonia.

Jodha smile to sonia" it's ok sonia . . aram don't like to sleep alone when she is not in her own bedroom . .  so better I carry her . . it's ok " said jodha.

" then come to sit jodha . .  I know that little princess heavy for you to carry around " told moti but then suddenly jalal come, he just finish having lunch.

" well helo ladies . .  . I'm sure you all will have grand meeting now " tease jalal.

Moti chuckled " ahhh you know it jalal whenever we are gathering together it's always for solving problem " said moti.

Jalal laugh then she look at sleeping aram" well my little princess sleeping . .  here let me carry her . . I will take salim and aram home . . . " said jalal.

" can you take maan bai and lily with you . .  they all want to play with bunnies . . . " reply jodha " is that ok sonia that jalal take lily too ? " ask jodha.

Sonia smile " it's ok jodha . . . lily will be very happy to play with them " reply sonia.

Jalal then with gentle take aram from jodha" ok I will take all kids with me . .  so you all can talk with free " said jalal.

" wow .  . jalaluddin muhammad akbar willing to babysit so we can speak . .  hell must be frozen right now " tease moti with amaze.

Jalal laugh " hahahaha yes and now in hell everyone play ice skate " reply jalal.

" I will bring kids here " said jodha then she enter sonali bedroom and told they can play with aram bunnies, maan bai look doubt because her mommy don't know that she will leave but jodha make sure maan bai that she will let mommy know where she go, salim take maanbai hands and then kids following jodha.

Jalal kiss jodha lips gentle " see you wfe . . I will bring back kids later . .  come on kids let's play with jo and j " said jalal.

" yeayyy " lily and maan bai yell with happy and then they all leave.

" so moti what can we do for sonali ? " ask jodha.

" well judging from her condition I think better she divorce from her husband but I must talk with her first and I must know what she want . . . but she got strong reason to ask divorce and she even can filed a case against her husband for abused " told moti.

" what makes worry is her husband . .  sonali said he is very rich and she is very worry that his husband and his family can get away with all of this " reply jodha.

" butjodha we've got prove that her husband really abused her . . . " told sonia.

" I know sonia but we must not underestimate her husband . . . I don't know who is her husband  . . we must wait until she ready to tell us or moti since she will her lawyer . . " saidjodha.

" jodha is right sonia . . rich people will do whatever it takes to protect their good names . . " replymoti.

" moti . . I want to ask something . .  you remember that prosecutor madhu ? " ask jodha.

Moti and sonia looking at jodha with confuse why suddenly jodha mentioned her " yes I remember jodha . . why ?" askmoti.

" what do you think if we consult with her too . . I heard she handle lots of this kind case . . and she can tell us what the best way for sonali to free from her husband " told jodha.

Moti can see where jodha mind going and she think that is a great idea " I think that is good ide jodha . .  madhu can give us advice since she more experiences to face case like this in court " reply moti " I have her number you want me to ask her to meet us ? " ask moti.

Jodha look at sonia" what do you think about that ? " she ask.

Sonia nod " more people can help sonali and us are better and yes madhu have more experiences to deal with this case . . we have soo many abused victim here but none of them have husband with background like sonali so we better take precaution " said sonia.

" ok then I will call her . . .  " said moti then she make a phone to someone who they never guess will become their powerfull ally.

At night sonali watching maanbai sleeping with peacefull, but she keep thinking about anarkali, how is she doing, is she already eat, and everything, she worry about her, but she don't know where is she now, even she don't know where is ranjit stay, she don't know if ranjit come to india just looking for her of he have business deal here, all sonali know that he must come here with his mistress alia, she know about all his affair and it's hurt her pride because no wife can accept their husband having affair with another woman, their marriage may be not perfect and they don't love each other but not mean ranjit can betrayed their marriage, his family ain't do something to fix their marriage, they demand her to understand his acted, not to mentioned they want her to keep quite about ranjit true face, but she had enough and she want to be free now with her daughtes away from them and she hope God will help her.

Bobby watching bakhsi looks not uncomfortable laying on bed, he come to her and touch her face with gentle.

" are you ok ? " ask bobby.

" I'm ok just can't find a good position . . . " said bakhsi.

Bobby smile then he lay beside her " come here wife " he said and bakhsi snuggle into his chest then bobby touch her belly " listen my baby . .  don't trouble your mother ok . . let her to rest so she will feel fresh and healthy " said bobby with gentle, bakhsi smile watching his action, he like to speak to their baby everytime he got a chance especially when they area bout to sleep.

" our baby will very happy to have father like you " said bakhsi.

" and she will very happy to have mother like you .  . we will love our baby no matter what . . ." said bobby and bakhsi nod " but baby I must go to usa to sign a deal on wednesday . .i want you to come but I don't want to risk our baby since it will be a long flight . .  but I don't want to leave you alone here too " said bobby.

Bakhsi chuckled " you kidding right when I will able to be alone . . there are always selima didi or moti or jodha bhabijan who accompany me " said bakhsi.

" yes but you will be alone at night and that is what scares me the most " said bobby, he really worry to leave bakhsi while he must leave to usa to sign a deal " what if you stay with them while I'm away . . . " suggest bobby.

" bobby . . . . " bakhsi about to protest but bobby close her mouth with his fingers.

" for my sake ? so I wont worry about you . . . what do you think ? " ask bobby.

" ok fine . . . but I want to stay with jodha bhabijan . . I wont feel lonely there kids will accompany me " saidmoti " and you know while I stay with them I will persuade jalal bhaijan to let his kids to be my model for my kids appareal project " said bakhsi with enthusiasm.

Bobby laugh " good luck with that . . you know that jalal bhaijan don't like when his kids pictures being publish " warn bobby.

" I know that but this is not for gossip in newspaper . . it's for his sister business " reply bakhsi.

" yes well have fun to persuade jalal bhaijan . . all matter for me you can stay with them while I'm gone " told bobby " tomorrow I will talk to jodha bhabijan and jalal bhaijan about this " said bobby and bakhsi nod.

" now let's sleep I feel very sleeply now .  . our baby want to sleep too " said bakhsi, bobby chuckled then he hold bakhsi closer to him and hug her.

Meanwhile moti told mirza about what happen to sonali and mirzashakin his head disbelief that a man dare to beaten his wife like that.

" I hope you and jodha can help that poor woman . . . but I wonder who is her rich husband ? I want to know who is this coward rich guy " saidmirza.

" yes I'm very curious too . . . you know me and jodha very lucky to have husband like you and jalal, you both come from super rich family but you two respect woman " told moti.

Mirza smile with happy " see I'm very good . .  you know eventhough I was ex playboy but I really honor and respect woman . . I never force my self to any woman even just for money . . . " saidmirza.

" I know that you are a good man baby if not I wont agree to marry you " tease moti.

Mirza chuckled " hey even if I'm a bad guy I will kidnap you and make you as my wife because I'm good or bad you are my better half " told mirza and he pull moti to him " we are one and even if reborn after we died I will come to find you and make you my wife again . . . this is our destiny baby that we will stick together till the end of time " he add and moti very happy to hear that.

" ooohh I though your better half is bobby . . . anna and elsa " tease moti.

Mirza laugh " he and me are better half in different matters . .  may be in the past we are twin " said mirza.

Moti laugh " oooh dear poor whoever parents that got you and bobby as their twin " said moti.

" may be they felt like they've been curzed or something like that " reply mirz and he wink naughty to moti " you know it will amazing if we had twin like jalal bhaijan and jodha bhabijan . . . " said mirza while he kissing her neck " twin with boys or girls . . or mix it doesn't matter to me . . . hmmm " he add.

" hmmm . . you should ask your bhaijan is there special style when he making love with jodha so can created twins twice " reply moti with amusement.

" hmmm may be I should ask him . . ." mirza kissing her cleveage and then with slowly he pull down her sleepwear, he smile with happy see her beautiful breasts, and he give her pleasure by her tongue and mouth.

" oooh baby . . . aahh " moti moans when mirza sucking her nipples and bite them couple times.

" you are very beautiful moti . . .  my wife . . . . " reply mirza with love, then he lay her on bed and he give her very hot foreplay making motiscreams, and when he thrust his manhood inside her they both totally lost it, even after they married for few years mirza never get enough of her, he always want her again and again, his move faster now make moti going crazy.

" ooohh baby . . . ooh please . . please " pleaded motinetween her desire.

" please what baby ? " ask mirza, sweats fell on his cheeks from his forehead.

" please deeper . .  faster . . .  " said moti with heavy breath.

Mirza smile " my pleasure my wild queen . . . . " mirza kiss her hard while he move faster and penetrate deeper, he keep kissing her hard and they thrust each other tongue, moti wrap her legs around his waist and pull him closer to her " oooh baby . . .  baby . . . " said mirza with his breath getting faster, he can feel that both almost explode.

" aaahhh " screams moti and mirza penetrate his manhood deeper as he can, and he kiss her neck and bite it when he explode inside her, both hugging each other and they feel very happy and satisfied, only themselves who can give each other this kind satisfaction and they are born for each other.

In morning maids helping jodha prepare table for breakfast, jalal and kids come down from upstairs.

" good morning mimi " greet aram.

" good morning ammijan " greet rahim.

" good morning mijan " greet hassanhussain in the same time.

" good morning all " jodha greet back, kids sit on their sit.

"ammijan . . . abbujan . . on friday my teacher want to meet you two . . . he said want to talk about something " told rahim.

" ooh what they want to talk about ? " ask jalal.

" I don't know abbujan . . he just told me to ask my parents come . . . " said rahim.

" bastian granpa being call too ? " ask jodha.

" no . . .  just me " reply rahim.

" may be rahim bhaijan very naughty so his teacher will get mad to mijan and bujan " said hassan.

Jalal chuckled " rahim bhaijan is not you and hussain . . . who reaaalllyyy naughty " tease jalal.

" oohh we have been a good boys these lately bujan .  . we are not making any kids crying again " reply hussain and hassan nod.

" oh yeah . .  next week is your birthday hassan hussain . . how about we celebrate it with your classmates ? " askjodha.

" ooohh mimi . .  aram want to celebrate my birthday too " protest aram, she climb on her chair " bubu . . . . aram want birthday too " she add, she put her hands on her waist.

" aram our birthday are next month " salim reminder her.

" aram don't care . .  aram want to celebrate with hassan and hussain bhaijan " said aram with stubborn.

" ooohh my little princess how can you celebrate your birthday earlier " said jalal.

" bubu . . . .  " aram show jalal her sad face and jodha laugh see how aram start to blackmailed her dead bubu.

" aaahhh . . . ok . . ok . .  don't cry my little princess " jalal with fast standing in front of aram, he kiss her cheeks " hassan hussain is it ok we let aram and salim celebrate their birthday with you two ? " ask jalal.

" it's fine bujan " said hassan.

" aram want a gift too " demand aram.

" hey little princess . . . you are really naughty just like your bhaijan " tease jalal then he tickle aram stomache, aram laugh then jalal carry her while keep tickle her.

" hahahahahaooohh bubu . . bubu . . " screams aram then she look at jodha " mimi . . help aram " said aram to jodha.

" hah . . now you ask help from your ammijan " protest jalal and then he kiss aram neck.

" mijan . . I want a huge birthday cake . . . " said hussain.

" of course hussain hassan . .  beside we will share it with all your friends and teachers soo must order huge birthday cake " reply jodha.

" yeayyy . . . . " hassan hussain really happy that they will celebrate their birthday.

" bujan we want lots of gift " told hassan.

" me too want a gift " reply salim.

"areee . . hassan and hussain who will celebrate birthday why everyone asking gift " protest jalal.

" because bubu very kind . . . . " aram touch both jalal check with her small hands " that's why you will give us all gift too . . .  right bubu . . .  " add aram and then he kiss jalal nose.

" ooohhh God . .  I'll be dead if she keep doing this " saidjalal.

Aram giggle " aaahh bubu . .  you wont be dead . .  aram love bubu so bubu will live forever " said aram with overloaded cuteness and now she kiss jalal cheeks, jodha laugh because kids especially aram is jalal weakness.

" aaahhh ok I give up everyone will got gift everytime one of you celebrate birthday " announce jalal and kids totally happy with the announcement.

" yeayyy . . abbujan you are the best " praise rahim with happy.

" bujan in the most handsome bujan in the world " praise hassan.

" bujan is the best " hussain praise his father too.

" we all love you bujan . . .  and you mijan " said salim.

Aram wrap her hands around jalal neck " aram will always be with bujan . .  aram wont let go of bujan" she said and jalal smile with happy and he hold aram tight and for a moment jodha can see how they all smiles very similar with jalal looking at jodha with love, this woman give him happiness and amazing kids and jalal prepare a special gift for her for their upcoming wedding anniversary, he already order this gift and hope can finish before their anniversary, he love her soo much and she deserve the best he can give and he will do anything for her.



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