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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 33)

shyana3 Senior Member

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amazing aram wants a baby continue soon

1357raksha IF-Rockerz

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Lovely update ndi. ..
Aram question was really cute. ...
Nd jalal reaction was so sweet. ..
Oh this new character has to much negative in him...
Update soon. ..
Nd thanks for pm. ...
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Chapter 228



            Sonia really busy at her first day work at shelter but thank God lily can play with doll in peace, just couple times ask when aram will arrive, sonia really enjoying her work and jodha found her reading document with serious, aram who see lily play with her dolls run ro her.

" lilyyy " call aram with happy.

Lily look up to aram and she smile with happy " aram . .  finally you come . . . . " said lily, aram then sit in front of lily and both play with dolls.

" mijan . . . can I play with kids upstairs ? " ask salim.

Jodha nod " sure . . . " told jodha then she ask zahir to take some bodyguards and keep an eyes of salim, then jodha look at sonia " you seems very serious with your job . . you understand everything ? " ask jodha.

Sonia nod " no problem jodha and by the way I really like this jodha . . . I know that this might be my first day of work but I already falling in love with this job . . . but can I ask something ? " ask sonia.

" of course . . what you want to ask ? " ask jodha while she sit across sonia.

" well as you know I like to help arrange charity party for fund raiser and I've met soo many rich people who ready to give away their money for a good cause but I almost never you attend those kind event . . why ? isn't it with come to that kind event will make people know about your shelter and what are you try to do so they can help you to give fund for this shelter ? "ask sonia.

" I understand what you mean but when I open this shelter I only want to give those woman and kids who suffers from their abusive family a home . .  a plave to live untill they decide what they want to do with their life . . . and at first I have plan to use my own money that I earn from selling my paint to run this shelter but my husband and my brother want to give contribution to this shelter too . .  they understand why I want to open a shelter so they want to support me whatever they can and I truly grateful to have such nice and kind people like them and to be honest sonia money I got from them is very enough to run this shelter forever, and actually all rich people who I accept to help me run this shelter have the same understanding that I wont let anyone to exploitation this to seek symphaty from people . . I only need people who genuinely want to help these woman and kids " told jodha and sonia feel that she admire jodha more and more.

" that is a very good thinking jodha . . . I know some rich family who throw way their money at funf raiser just to get good name and publicity . .  actually I don't like that kind people too . . if we want to help people then do it with sincere not because we want something in return " reply sonia.

" yes that is exactly what I don't like the most . . . . " said jodha " anyway I almost forget to ask you this, by the end of this month we will go Italy, we have vineyard there and it's harvest time . .  and aram want lily to come so I want to ask if you and arjun keen to come with us to Italy so lily can come with us too ? " ask jodha.

Sonia don't believe what she just heard " what ? you invite us to go with your family to Italy ? are you serious ? " ask sonia.

Jodhashuckled " yes I'm very serious . . . aram really want lily come with us so you and arjun should come along too . .  take it's as a short vacation " told jodha.

Sonia feel that sound very fun and interesting but she and arjun don't waste money for something not urgent " hmmm . . . that is sound interesting jodha really . . but . . "

Jodha smile because she understand what is sonia mind " please don't worry about accommodation . . . . we all go with mughal private jet so no need to buy ticket just bring yourself and we will have fun there . . lily will be very happy to spending time with aram there . .  kids are very excited with this trip and they all can't wait for it " said jodha.

" are you sure this is ok that we tag a long ? we don't want to be burden . . .  "

" there is no such thing sonia and arjun is abdul best friend so I guess you are part of our family too . . .  " cut jodha.

" I want to go but I don't know if arjun want to go too " said sonia with doubt.

" why don't you call arjun now and ask him " suggest jodha.

Sonia nod and arjun answer his phone after the third rings " helo baby . .  how is your first day work at shelter ? everthing is alright ? "ask arjun.

" I'm very enjoy this work . . . listen arjun . . . jodha just tell me that by the end of month all mughal family will go to Italy for harvest season and she invite us to come with them . . . . "

" what ? go to Italy ?  are you kidding me ? " ask arjun in surprise.

" yes she said that aram want lily come with them so she invite us . . . can we go ? " ask sonia.

" but sonia we must try to . . . . "

" we don't have to worry about that . .  we all will go by mughal private jet so we wont need to spend money to by ticket . . . .  " cut sonia and she smile because he have the same mind like her when it come about to spend their money with wise now untillarjun company stable.

" is it really ok to come along with them ? " ask arjun.

" I think it will be just fine and beside lily will be very happy to go vacation with aram " said sonia.

" yes you are right my little girl will be very happy . . . let lily decide . .if she want to go then we will go if not then we wont go " reply arjun.

Sonia chuckled " I think I already know her answer but I will asking her though " said sonia.

" you do that . . I will go wherenever my wife and my little girl want to go " said arjun.

" ok then . . . I will ask her now . .  I'll be home around 5pm " told sonia.

" ok baby . .  and give my little girl big hug from me " reply arjun.

" I will . . . bye " said sonia then she close the phone.

" what he say ? " ask jodha with curiousity.

" he said ask lily about this and if she want to go then we all will go " told sonia and jodha smile.

" well we both know what her answer would be " reply jodha and sonia nod.

" lily . .  come here for a second " call sonia, lily and aram look up to jodha and sonia then they sonia come to her mother while aram too come to jodha and jodha lift her so aram sit on her lap.

" what mommy  . . . ? " ask lily.

" listen aunt jodha invite us to go with her and all her family to Italy . .  they got a vineyeard and it's harvest season . .  do you want to come ? " ask sonia.

" aram will come too ? " ask lily with worry.

" I will go too lily . .  " reply aram.

" then I will go with aram mommy " said lily.

Sonia laugh " ok then . . . jodha we will go with you " told sonia.

Aram looking at jodha and she touch her cheeks " mimi . . . lily will come with us ? really ? "ask aram.

" yes little princess she will go with us too " said jodha.

Aram with happy hug jodha " ooohmimi . . . thank you ..  thank you . . . . I love you soo much mimi " said aram.

" you're welcome little princess and ammijan love you too " reply jalal and she hug aram back, sonia and lily with happy watching jodha and lily.

Meanwhile jalal and mirza busy to prepare everything for hamida and juhi departure for their trip, ahmed too busy to prepare his security team and he personally feel very excited will travel around the world eventhough he will go as the head of security for hamida and juhi but still he got a chance to visit lot of country and he feel bless with this amazing opportunity give by jalal, and finally the day for hamida and juhi to leave, everyone go with them to airport and bakhsi who now pregnant already feel sad but she try to look happy because she don't want hamida feel worry, her mother deserve to enjoying her life.

" ammijan . .  aunt juhi . . take care of your self ok and give us call and video call . . . " told jodha and hamida with juhi smile to jodha.

" of course jodha we will do that " said hamida.

" you take care yourself too jodha . . and please watch out moti and tariq for me " said juhi.

" I will aunt juhi don't worry " said jodha.

Jalal come with aram in his arms and kids around him, kids hug and kiss their grandmothers " have fun ammijan and take care ok " said jalal.

Hamida kiss jalal cheeks " of course son I will take care and don't worry juhi is with me and ahmed too with me " said hamida.

" dadijan . . grandma . .  bring us lots of souvenirs ok " told hassan.

" yes we already give you the list what we want " reply hassan.

Hamida and juhi laugh " of course . . we will bring lots of souvenirs for our dear grandkids " said hamida.

Moti come and hug juhi " have fun other and you two take care each other ok " said moti.

Juhi caress moti cheeks " I will moti don't worry ok  . . .  mirza . . . and tariq take care your mom for me ok " told juhi.

Mirza smile " of course I will mom . . and ammijan don't forget to bring one handsome old man for yourself " tease mirza " not you mother . .  otbairam will very angry " tease mirza.

" by the way where is bairam ? " ask jalal.

" well he don't like to parted at airport so we already say good bye on phone but he will check on me as much as he can " told juhi.

Bakhsi and selima come and hug hamida, bakhsi can't hold back her tears now her pregnancy make her emotion such in a mess " ammijan . . . you must be back when I'm giving birth ok " told  bakhsi.

Hamida laugh " of course bakhsi . . . we only will go for couple months . .  I will be back before your due and I want to see my new grandchildren " said hamida.

" don't be sad bakhsi we all here for you " selima try to pacify her and bakhsi leave, the last abdul, bobby and mustafa give hamida and juhi their hug, then time for them to leave, all mughal family watch when hamida and juhi escort by bodyguards enter private jet and then in few minutes they see the private jet take hamida and aunt juhi leave india, they already missing hamida and juhi but they want their mothers to be happy and enjoying their life, and for jalal there is another occation that will quite to drained his emotion and that is atgah farewell party but he know that jut like his mother who want to enjoying her life he is sure that atgah too feel the same, time for hime to enjoying his life after give half his life to mughal family and company, and jalal want to give him a unforgettable beautiful farewell party, he and mirza already arrange that and for jodhasanti too will leave before they leave for Italy, jodha already give santi huge compensation that can afford santi not to work for the rest of her life, but jodha too feel happy that now it's time for santi to be with prita.

Meanwhile a woman searching about jodha and shelter on internet, she try to find the address for the shelter but it seems protect and private, there are just come bunch of pictures shelter but no exact address, she feel desperate because she think that shelter is her only hope, tears fall on her swollen face, there are bruises on her face ike she just got beaten very bad, sometimes she just want to kill herself to end this misery but when she look at her daughters she feel that she must be strong for them, but it's getting hard each time for her to be strong, there is no way out for her and her daughters, she must escape from this prison as soon as possible but she don't know how she can running away from there, and if she can run she will need a place to live and hide, then she hear about this jodha shelter and she think this it the only hope she got, she will hide thereuntill she feel everything is safe and she will leave india for good, she got a friend that live in spain and she want to help her, she only need to leave this house and hide untill her friend come then she and her daughter will meet her in airport then bye byeindia but the big problem is that how she leave this house but God show her a way, she heard that her in laws must attend function and she wont go with them since her face still got bruises and they must be don't want she show her face to others and she know this is her opportunity to runaway so she plan everything but she need to find out address that shelter but she can do that after she reach india.

And finally it's time for mughal to say good bye to atgah, the person they respect very much and father figure too, hamida already farewell to atgah before she leave with juhi, and on that fridayjalal ordered everyone to finish their work just before lunch, they all will have lunch together while give atgah farewell party, jodha, moti and andselima helping jalal to prepare this grand farewell party, everyone gathering in ballromm in mughal corporation building, atgah and jijianga feel really touching by how jalal and others do all this for atgah.

" I feel want to cry . .  those kids are very love you atgah . . look how much trouble they must face when they prepare this farewell party " said jijianga with teary eyes.

" yes they said they will arrange beautiful farewell party but I never guess this will become something like this " reply atgah.

" you are important and like father for jalal, mirza and abdul so may be want to give you a moment to remember " said jijianga.

Atgah nod " yes you are right and you know that I love them like my own son especially jalal " told atgah while he looking at jalal like a father proudly looking at his son, jijianga know that too, she know how much atgah love jalal, they've been there for each other in their most hard life and eventhoughjalal younger than atgah and literally is his employer but she know that jalal respect atgah a lot and never ding something that will disrespect him.

" everyone may I ask your attention " announce jalal and everyone stop talking and pay attention him, all who work in mughal know that this farewell is prepare for atgah, a man that like father figure in this company since humayun death, atgah always helping employee who need guide and he take everyone under his wings, everyone respect him a lot and they all know that jalal too really respect a lot, so they know how jalal feel now, it must be hard for him to let go such amazing figure from this company and from their life but amazing apprentice already take over atgah position, then jalal, mirza, abdul, bobby, jodha, moti, selima, and bakhsi standing beside atgah and jijianga who standing in middle, while kids sitting on table together with bodyguards standing behind them " today we will give grand farewell to atgah, he is very important to this company and to my life, he is like my second father figure, he teach me a lot, he always be there whenever I need him, always give me support and never let me down, not only to me but to this company he is the father, I'm soo lucky to have him here, to be honest it's hard and sad to let him go but I want these amazing man to spending time more with his family, he is about to be a grandfather and so I want him to be there when his first grandchildren born . . . I can't say how much he mean soo much for me but all I can say is that I love you atgah . . . and so be happy " said jalal, eventhough he feel totally sad but he now can control his emotion, he know that he will able to meet atgah whenever he want to.

Atgah with teary eyes looking at jalal and then both hug each other very tight, everyone watching those very touching scene with teary eyes too, they never know that jalal will allow others people see another side of him, atgah really mean a lot for him, jodha wipe tears on her cheeks because she know that if possible and can jalal will cry now but no he try really hard to holding back his tears, mirza and abdul who been with atgah in this company very long time feel very sad too then both hug atgah too, jijianga crying in silence and jodha wrap her hands around jijianga waist to give her support and jijianga start to sobbing.

Atgah release himself from the hug of the three strong man  and he wipe his cheeks then he look at everyone who watching them and some of them cry too " to be honest it's very sad and hard for me too to leave this company, I spend my life here in this company and it's like my second home but like jalal said it's time for me to spending time with my family, and now I found that idea give me excitement so I can't wait to hold my grandchild in my arms, I wont go forever you all still can reach me over the phone, I will remember everyone here and kepp you all in my heart, thank you for all support for me all these years and I'm sorry if  I ever make mistake or offended anyone and I want one request to you all, please keep working hard and honest for this amazing man jalal, I think he is the best bos that everyone can get . . and he is not that grumpy " tease atgah and everyone laugh.

Mirza, abdul, booby come forward little bit and they raise their glasses " to atgah . . . . . .  " said mirza with loud.

" to atgah " everyone reply him and they all raise their glasses too then they all drink the wine, atgah farewell party goin smooth and everyone said farewell to him, jijianga smile with proud how everyone respect her husband, this is a very beautiful farewell to remember and jijianga very sure that atgah will always remember this moment.


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-Kavya_P- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2016 at 5:56am | IP Logged
Awesome n emotional chappy Di 
Hamida n Juhi left for World Tour 
Atgah farewell party also taken place 
That woman must be that idiot's wife 
Poor she 
Hope jalal won't do business with that idiot 
Arjun's family is going to Italy with the Mughals 
Update soon Di 
-Kavya_P- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2016 at 5:56am | IP Logged
Yippee I'm first again 
sweety992 Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2016 at 6:12am | IP Logged
Heminda and juhi go world tour woow
Finally agtha farewal done now three man to rule good...
That is women is wife of the person whicg jalal gng to do business right
Lets see what hpn?
kylasa Senior Member

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awesome part
kartikaJA IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2016 at 6:43am | IP Logged
awesome update
ranjeet wife wants jodha help
can't wait to see know what happen with ranjeet
update soon

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