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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 31)

prioyank Senior Member

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Lovely part

Ndi81 Goldie

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Chapter 227



          It's monday and like usual in the morning jodha busy to prepare kids for school and prepare aram and salim, jalal waiting for jodha and kids at dining room and he smile when he hear kids voice chatting with cheerful.

" goor morning bubu " greet aram with happy and jalal smile to her.

" good morning little princess . . you look very beautiful today " say jalal, aram wear sleeveless long dress with flower print, she look very beautiful and fresh just like her mother.

" good morning bujan " greet hassan, hussain and salim.

" good morning hassan, hussain and salim " jalal greet them back.

" good morning abbujan " greet rahim.

" good morning rahim " reply jalal then kids sit on their seat while jodha serve food for them, jalal smile how jodha really give her life for this family, eventhough maid ready to help her but she always ty to take care and serve her family, she always serve food for kids and him.

" bubu . . . when we will go italy ? I want to see vineyard " ask aram.

" we will go by tne end of the month . . . I will arrange bout rahim, hassan and hussain take two day off from their school " told jalal.

" wowww . . I can't wait to go there " reply aram.

" me too bujan " said salim.

" we all can't wait to go to italy " said rahim and hassan hussain nod agree with rahim.

" but bubu if I go I can't meer lily . . . " said aram with sad.

" well it just for few days little princess " reply jalal.

" but aram will very miss her " said aram.

" don't be sad aram . . you can have fun there with your bhaijan " said jodha.

Jalal smile looking at aram sad face " you know what why don't you ask lily to come too ? " suggest jalal to aram.

Aram looking at jalal with bright and she is not the only one jodha notice that hussain eyes become bright too when jalal suggest to bring lily too " oooh that is agreat bubu . . . I will ask lily " said aram with happy.

" are you serious about that jalal ? " ask jodha.

" yes . . . why don't you talk to sonia about this " reply jalal and jodha nod " and by the way I may got big project again " he add.

" oooh really ? what project ? " ask jodha, she done serve food for kids and jalal so she sit on her seat.

" well ranjit mehra give proposal to buit resort . . . I will meet him early next month because I'm completely book this month and I don't want to leave india and far away from my family so he must come down here . .  " reply jalal.

" where is he now ? " ask jodha.

" he is in france now if I'm not mistaken but our meeting already set up for next month " said jalal.

" well hope everything going well for your upcoming big project " reply jodha.

Jalal smile " yes well hope so I will know after I meet him . . must judge his character first before I decide if I want to do business with him . . " told jalal.

" you are a great man you that . .  you never blind by money, no matter how big the project you will get " told jodha with proud.

Jalal smile " I've achieve soo much jodha . . now I just want take project that I like " reply jalal.

" bubu . . mimi . . . rahim bhaijan said that there is a small baby inside aunt bhaksi stomache . . is that right ? " ask aram.

" yes aram that is right . . even you all been in ammijan stomache before born to this world " told jalal.

Aram looking at jodha stomache and she try to imagine herself inside her mother stomache " oooh really mimi ? " ask aram.

Jodha nod" yes aram . . .  that is true " reply jodha.

" wow . . . do mimi have another little baby inside there ? " ask aram with innocent, jalal who drink his coffee got chock listeing to aram question and he cough badly.

" ooohh dear  . . . are you alright ? " ask jodha with worry, he tap his back gentle.

" geezzz aram you really shock me " told jalal and jodha laugh because now she understand my jalal chocke by his coffee.

" what's wrong aabujan ? " ask rahim, he look concern with jalal.

Jalal smile to rahim " it's nothing rahim .  . abbujan just feel surprise to aram question " said jalal.

Aram then stand up and she touch jodha stomache " mimi are you sure there is no little baby inside ? " ask aram with curious.

Jodha laugh " of course there is no little baby inside me aram . . . for now ammijan have enough with all of you " reply jodha.

" but mimi aram want there is little baby inside here " aram pointing to jodha stomache.

" is that a request aram ? " ask jalal with amusement and he wink to jodha with naughty.

" oooh no no . .  not you too " protest jodha to jalal.

" hahahah well that is what aram want " reply jalal.

Jodha pouted to him then she kneel in front of jodha " listen little princess for ammijan you and your bhaijan are enough . . . and there are too much in my hands now . . . and beside I will very busy with out trip to italy " said jodha.

Jalal chuckled because she is cleverly change the subject " you smartass " he tease jodha.

" ooh mimi . . . please talk to aunt sonia that we want lily to come with us " pleaded aram and she already forget about the little baby thing.

" yes mijan ask aunt sonia if lily can come with us " said hussain, jodha and jalal smile when hussain said that.

" ok aram . . hussain . .  ammijan will talk to aunt sonia about this " said jodha.

" yeaayyy . .  thank you mimi " aram hug jodha and kiss her cheeks.

" you are welcome now finish your breakfast " said jodha and aram with obedient get back to her seat, jalal still smile and jodha hit his shoulders.

" you are very naughty . . .  . " said jodha with low tone and jalal just smile with happy, then kids finish their breakfast and jodha take them to school while jalal leave for work.

Sonia with excited and enthusiasm go to shelter with lily, she arrive there and go straight to her office, jodha already explain her job so she can start when she got there, lily play with her dolls while wait for aram, sonia know that jodha will take kids to school first then she will go to shelter, sonia job is to select which woman that ready to have another job then she consult with juhi and then juhi will talk to those women, and sonia will make decide who will become their guardian, arrange their apartment, and arrange their new job, sonia really never imagine that jodha doing all this for free, and eventhough she got money from some rich family but she got them monthy report about what their money use for and how much left, no wonder jodha got fund from others because she used their money with honesty, beside jodha is wife from multi-billionaire so money is not an issue for her, if she like money soo much she wont do something like this, open shelter and helping abusive victim to stand on their own and giving them second chance.

Paris, France.

A man open his eyes and he try to reach the warmth beside him and he find its empty, he then sit up and see his mistress smoking at balcony, she only wear her sexy sleepwear and wearing nothing underneath, she is very beautiful and very wild when she is in bed and he like that, she turn her head and look at him.

" aah you are awake " she said " I though you will never awake ranjit " she add.

Ranjit chuckled " well I still feel tired . . . last night was mind blowing marathon sex . . . . you are very good in bed alia " praise ranjit, alia is famous model in france and she is been his mistress for years.

" you too very good and always wild in bed . .  you have huge appetite . . . I bet your puritan wife wont able to handle you " she said.

" ahh you know that she is my wife in name only . . . .  "

" she is your punching bag . . . why don't you divorce her if you don't love her instead you keep stay in unhappy marriage " told alia.

" well no divorce allow in my family and my grandmother love alia and my daughters so there I can't divorce her if I want to " said ranjit.

" poor you " tease alia " and what about your business plan with that jalaluddin ? " ask alia.

" I will meet him early next month . .  eventhough I already give him my business proposal but he want to see me " reply ranjit.

" I heard so much about him . .  he seems very unique character " said alia.

" yes he is . . no one can intimitade him and he do whatever he like . . he live in his own world . . . . you know what why don't you come with me when I meet him next month . . . " suggest ranjit.

" are you serious ? you don't want to take your wife ? " ask alia.

" no use to take her . . . she is just a housewife " told ranjit.

" well I would like to visit india . . . ok baby I will go with you " said alia.

Ranjit smile " now bring your asses here . . this bed getting cold " he told and alia then stand up and she take off her sleepwear, she jump on bed and ranjit catch her then they make love again with wild but he feel very satisfied.

Abdul, mirza and atgah enter jalal office and they all sit on small meeting room in jalal office.

" what you've got about ranjit ? " ask jalal.

" well he is a fine businessman . . but here are lot bad gossips and news about his personal life . . .  "

" such as ? " ask jalal.

" he like to flaunt his mistress than is wife and daughters . . . . and I don't know this news reliable ot not but I heard he like to hit his wife . . . but so far nothing solid prove about that since his wife almost never come to public " told atgah.

" there wont be smoke without fire . . . . try to find out about this matter . . I want to know who is I'm doin business with . . if he really have bad behaviour and reputation I will cut him loose " said jalal.

" yes bhaijan we better very careful . . . ranjit may come from respectful amily but that doesn't make him have a good character " said mirza.

" I agree too jalal . . . you know lot businessman want to do business with you so we really must very careful " told abdul.

" that is why I'm asking to meet him first before I decide . . . I want to judge his character by my self " said jalal.

" I will collect information about him and hope before I leave I can report it back to you " said atgah, jalal, abdul and mirza feel sad because atgah will leave this company soon.

" you can leave whenever you are ready atgah . . . " told jalal.

Atgah smile " thank you jalal but now I really can't wait to be with aziz and shehnaz . .  jiji anga really excited and shehnaz too can't wait to live with us . . she need mother figure now and I want to take care shehnaz too since abdul really busy with his work . . .  I realize what you said is right jalal that I really need this . . " said atgah.

" we will have grand farewell for you atgah here in mughal building . .  you are like the father for all of us so we want to give you beautiful farewell party " said jalal.

Atgah not feel sad not that he will leave this company soon but he feel happy because he know that these three man can handle this company without him " of course jalal . . all employe are like my kids and thie company is like my second home " reply atgah and jalal smile, he try not to feel sad because he know that atgah leave to be with his family, the four man looking at each other and they understand what are inside their hearts.

Big smile

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mickeymini Goldie

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Yipeee me first
Nice update yar
Hahaha aram want a baby
Jalal got naughty now
Poor jodha again one LOL
Who r these new characters ??
Better jalal first check that person's profile and then can setup a deal with him
Thanks for update
-Kavya_P- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2016 at 6:18am | IP Logged
awesome chappy di
loved aram's questions
poor jo how kids she need to handle
hope jalal shouldn't work with that ranjit
so ranjit n alia r new evils
update soon di
-Kavya_P- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2016 at 6:18am | IP Logged
me second
anu012 IF-Dazzler

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Awsome update
kartikaJA IF-Dazzler

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awesome update
aram want new baby
know ranjeet was new enemy
can't wait for next update
update soon
tr_eta Senior Member

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amazing update

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