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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 24)

natashathakur IF-Dazzler

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Amazing chapter di n thnxx for pm

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Awesome update...
Wow ...Mughal's family  won...
Bernazil..go to hell...
Thanks for pm...dear

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amazing thnks for pm dearBig smileSmile
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Chapter 226



          Arjun and sonia watching the news about abdul and benazir case and they only can keep silent because they can't believe when they watch video, whole people in country see those video, arjun really shame that benazit did that shameful acted to his friend, he never know that benazir could such a thing.

" arjun . . . did you see that video ? " ask sonia.

" yes . .  oooh my God sonia . .   how could benazir did something like that to abdul . . he is my friend and he is nice and kind, she knew that he married and have a son . . how could she . . . . . " arjun really lost words talking about benazir.

" well there is must be something wrong with her but I'm glad you are free from her . . . now you start all over again and I'm proud of you arjun . . . " told sonia.

Arjun look at his wife and he smile " thank you baby that you always be there for me and always support me . . I know that you didn't like benazir but for my sake you were holding back yourself . . . I'm soo lucky to have you in my life " said arjun.

" we are husband and wife . .  we will always be together no matter what we will always supporting no matter what . . . " reply sonia.

Arjun nod " yes . . . . that is very true " said arjun " by the way when you will start working at shelter ? " ask arjun.

" on monday . . . jodha ask me to enjoying my time before start to work . .   she is very nice and kind . .  there are even playground for kids at shelter because you know there are abused victim brong their kids there after they leave their family " told sonia.

" I think all mughal family member are nice and kind . .  they are very different from other rich family who being arrogant to people below them " reply arjun.

" true . . . I can't wait to start my work and lily can play with aram . . jodha set up a space for kids to play in her office and there are maids or babysitters along with bodyguards to keep an eyes of kids when jodha need to leave her office " sonia explain to arjun.

" wow sound interesting and I know that you will like and enjoying your work . . finally your wish come true . .  you always want to work to help people and you never care about how mush you will get " said arjun and he feel proud of sonia because she never think or obsesses want to earn lot money from her work, and she only want to work to help others.

" well I work because I like it not because I need it . . . so I don't care how much I will got as long as I can help others " reply sonia.

Arjun smile " I'm happy for you baby " he said then he caress her face with gentle, sonia smiling back at him and arjun pull dow her face and he kiss her, arjun always feel amazing whenever he kiss her, they've been married quite long and been in bad and good times but they always have each other to rely on, and he love her soo much, then arjun carry her and take her to bedroom, lily still sleep and he don't care if they are just have little time to making love, what matter is that they are together.

Mughal family gathering together to celebrate abdul name being clear for the rape attemp and sexual assault case.

" thank you for all support . . . I really appreciate it . .  and it made me very strong " said abdul.

" we never believe that accusiation . . . we know you abdul . . . I know you well like I know my own sons and daughter . . you've been with this family for soo long and you are like my son so eventhough the whole world said you did it I wont believe it " told hamida and arjun very touching by hamida words because he consider hamida as his own mother.

" thank you ammijan .  . your words mean soo much for me " said abdul.

" glad that this case finally clear . . . . now people know about the real benazir . .  gosh . . . don't understand why she doing all of this " said selima.

" don't think again selima didi . . . it's over and everyone know who is the real bad person here that is the most important . . . leave everything behind and you don't have to understand her action " told jodha.

" jodha is right selima didi . . . don't try to understand people like benazir " reply moti.

" true selima . . . don't waste your time to try understand why she did all that, believe me she is not worth it " told juhi and selima nod.

" and I want salute for moti who really like a badadd lioness in court . . she is a great lawyer " told abdula and mirza feel like proud husband.

" yes moti you are very amazing " praise selima.

" of course she is amazing . . . my wife really badass lawyer " praise mirza and juhi feel very proud too over his naughty daughter.

" all thanks to selima didi who believe in me to become abdul lawyer . .  " said moti and selima nod with happy " but the true badass is jalal . .  he really alsh madhu . .  poor prosecutor she must the most badass person in the world " tease moti.

" oooh yeah that is very classy bhaian when she threat to sue you and you reply then sue me " mirza mimicking jalal words and expression make everyone laugh.

Jodha pinch jalal cheek " you are really amazing even in court you will always have your way " she told him and jalal grin.

" I heard that my husband and my bhaijan become twin clowns now in court " said bakhsi and she always want to laugh everytime she remember that incident.

" what they did this time ? " ask hamida with curiosity.

" well . . . they keep talking . . they are whisperings to each other but they whisperings very loud untill judge fatima can hear them and threated to kick them out if they keep talking " said jalal.

" and I'm dying want to laugh because they keep whisperings with loud like two soccer mom gossiping something " said moti then she laugh.

" are we that loud ? " ask bobby.

" yes . . . . " reply moti, abdul, jalal and selima make everyone laugh too.

" ooohh my God I wish I were there it sound very funny " said jodha.

" yes jodha we miss all the fun " reply hamida with big smile on her face.

" well they will never change these anna and elsa . . they will always have their way to having fun even in court " said abdul.

" well at least we make situation in court not too tense " said mirza with cheerfull.

" true man . . you can see everyone face soo nervous and tense . .  at least we can make them loosen up little bit " said booby.

" yeah right . . . . " reply abdul.

" ok enough with this benazir and abdul . . .  I want us to prepare our trip to italy, and prepare farewell party for atgah when we back and santi too will leave when we all go to italy, I decide to let santi go because now kids grown up and prita need her more than us " said jalal.

" ooh santi will leave . .  too bad . . she is like our own family . . . . " said bakhsi.

Jodha nod " yes but jalal is right . .  it's time for her to spend time more with prita . . I know prita still struggle to come out from her trauma to start a new relationship so she need her mother support now . . and santi really happy finally she can live with her daughter " told jodha.

" true jodha . .  right now what prita need is her mother, she need her support and strength . . sometimes when a chils sick their mother love it the cure " reply juhi.

Jalal then look at hamida and juhi " and I already arrange everything for your trip . . . you two can start the journey everytime you want " told jalal.

Hamida and juhi look happy but hamida don't want to leave bakhsi when she pregnant " oooh jalal that is so kind of you . .  but now with bakhsi pregnant . . ."

" hey hey . .  ammijan " cut juhi " I'm pregnant not sick . . . I will be alright so you can start your trip with aunt juhi . . . " said bakhsi.

Hamida want to said something when jodha talk " she is right ammijan beside we all here will take care of bakhsi . . so you don't worry . . . you and aunt juhi can start to travel around the world soon " said jodha.

" they are right ammijan . .  I will take care bakhsi and will make sure my wife and our baby safe and healthy . . but you better here when bakhsi in labour because I want our baby see you for the time after she or he see me and bakhsi " told bobby.

" yes ammijan . .  go and have fun . . time for you to enjoying your life . . . you've been taking care us whole your life " reply bakhsi.

Hamid and juhi look at each other and they nod because they really can't wait for their trip " ok then if you all very sure then me and hamida will go " said juhi.

" when you want to leave ? " ask jalal.

" hmmm may be next week . . . on sunday morning " told hamida.

Jalal nod " I will prepare and arrange everything . . . ahmed will come with you " said jalal.

" but jalal he is your bodyguard " protest hamida.

" zahir can take care everything in his absence . . I'm more worry about you and aunt juhi safety so ahmed will go with you beside he is totally happy because he can travel around the world " said jalal with amusement.

" jalal know what the best ammijan so let him taking care you and aunt juhi security team " reply abdul.

" ok then . .  . so my daughters me and juhi will need your help to pick clothes we need to take " said hamida.

" oooh ammijan . .  mother  bring it on . .  we will help you " said moti with happy.

" don't take too much clothes ammijan you can buy clothes in every country you visit "  told jalal.

" wow ammijan . . aunt juhi don't waste this golden opportunity bhaijan will pay everything you want to buy " told mirza, juhi and hamida chuckled " by the dayway bhaijan remember when once we talk about ladies day and men day ? " ask mirza.

" yes I remember that mirza so ? " jalal asking him back.

" so now since we all have wife don't you think it's time for us the mughal gents to have our own day ? " ask mirza.

" he is right jalal . . . it will be nice if we all do something together " reply abdul.

" wow that is amazing idea . . . come on bhaijan let's do this " said bobby.

Jalal laugh " alright . . alright . . . we wil discuss about it later " reply jalal.

" ooow . . . " said jodha.

" what's wrong ? " jalal asking her.

" well I don't want to imagine when men go to do something together . .  " tease jodha.

" hope they wont create any trouble " said moti with amusement.

" but I got feeling they will do that " reply selima,

" hope they wont need mughal ladies to clean their mess " said bakhsi and everyone laugh, hamida really happy and she feel grateful to have amazing kids and juhi too feel the same and both can't wait to star their trip, now they are no worry leave because they know their kid can rely and count on each other.

The next morning everyone got shocking news that benazir died in prison, she commint suicide by cut her wrist, from police investigation she really can't face the wolrd after her shameless act open in public, eventhough she caused trouble for abdul but selima pray her to rest in peace, benazir suicide make headlines in media but even after her death people still talk bad about her, but for mughal family her chapter is close and they are move on and leave everything behind.


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natashathakur IF-Dazzler

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Fantastic chapter di n thnxx for pm
kartikaJA IF-Dazzler

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awesome update
know mughal man celebrate man's day
waiting for their trip
update soon
mickeymini Goldie

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Nice one yar
When r u ending this ??
It's getting too long I feel
-Kavya_P- IF-Stunnerz

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awesome chappy di
everything is fine now
so hamida n juhi gonna go for world tour n remaining mughals to italy
so men's day will be finally held
update soon di

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