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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 23)

mamtasingla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 4:49am | IP Logged
amazing chapter
bakshi is pregnantBig smile
continue soon

Ndi81 Goldie

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Chapter 223



          Bobby very nervous and impatient waiting fot dr jiya call to tell him the result from bakhsi blood test, he keep pray that bakhsi really pregnant, it's been few hours and bakhsi still sleeping, then bobby listen someone enter his house, he come down to see who is coming and he see jodha, aram, salim, hassan and hussain.

Jodha look at bobby nervous face and she smile " how is bakhsi ? " ask jodha.

" she still sleep " reply bobby.

" aunt bakhsi sick ? " ask hassan.

" no . .  but she need to rest " told bobby.

" can we see her ? " ask aram.

Bobby smile to aram " of course . .  come . . . . " said bobby but when he just about  to take them to his bedroom his phone ring " jodha bhabijan you and kids go first " told bobby and jodha nod then she leave with kids, bobby see who is calling him and he answer it with fast.

Jodha and kids enter bedroom and see bakhsi laying on bed, her eyes open and when she see jodha and kids she smile with happy " you are here " she said.

Aram run and jump on bed then she sit beside bakhsi " aunt bakhsi are you ok ? " ask aram with worry .

Bakhsi smile to little princess " I'm fine aram . . . " reply bakhsi.

" if you sick aram will take care of you " said aram.

Bakhsi sit slowly and then she hug aram " owh thank you little princess . . i will recovery very soon if little princess taking care me " praise bakhsi and aram smile with happy.

" aunt bakhsi don't be sick ok . . we will very sad if you are sick " told hussain.

" I wont  . . . .  with all my nephews and niece taking care of me I will always healthy " said bakhsi with happy.

" how are you feeling now bakhsi ? " ask jodha, she check bakhsi temperature by touching her forehead but she feel she have normal temperature.

" I feel better but still feel nausea " told bakhsi then they hear bobby running to upstairs and they wonder what is happening.

" bakhsiii . . .  . . . " bobby call her and his face really happy, jodha know that bakhsi is pregnant.

" bobby . . what is happening ?  why you look soo happy ? " ask bakhsi, she really confuse and curious with bobby.

" we are gonna have a baby " told bobby.

" what ? what did you just say ? " ask bakhsi in shock.

" you are pregnant . . . .  pregnant " reply bobby and then he sit on bed and he hug bakhsi " ooohh baby . .  finally . . . we are gonna have our baby " said bobby.

Bakhsi still can't believe what bobby said " bobby . . .  please tell me how you know that I'm pregnant ? " ask bakhsi, she don't want to rise her hope jut to get disappointing again.

" dr jiya just called me . . .  your blood test is out and it's positive that you are pregnant .  . she said we should go to hospital to check how months you are pregnant " told bobby, jodha and kids watching bobby and bakhsi.

Bakhsi touch her belly " ooohh my God . . . . bobby please tell me that this is not a dream " ask bakhsi, she is soo afraid to believe in this amazing news.

" it's not a dream bakhsi . . . you are pregnant and we will have our baby soon " bobby try to convince her.

Tears of happiness fall on bakhsi cheeks and jodha feel very touch watching bakhsi lost words because she felt the same way when she found out she was pregnant " oooh bobby . . bobby . . . . " bakhsi hug bobby and she cry " oooh thank God . . . finally . . .  I'm soo happy bobby . . . . " told bakhsi.

" yes baby . . I'm over the moon now . .  we must go to hospital as soon as possible " told bobby while hugging bakhsi tight.

" mimi why aunt bakhsi crying ? " ask aram.

" she cry because she is happy aram " reply jodha.

" so aram must cry when I feel happy ? " ask aram again.

Jodha laugh then she carry aram and caress her long hairs " no aram . .  sometimes we want to cry whern we feel unbearable happiness . . . but not always need to cry that depend on each person " jodha explain to aram and she look thinking what jodha said.

" aunt bakhsi . .  uncle bobby . .  I don't know what make you happy but we all happy for you " said hasssan.

Bakhsi wipe tears from her cheeks and she open her arms so hassan, hussain and salim come to her and she hug them all " thank you hassan . . . you know I will have a baby . . you will all have new friends to play with " told bakhsi.

" oooh really ? " ask salim.

Bobby smile and caress salim head " yes salim . . in future you all take care our son or daughter ok " said bobby.

" of course aunt bobby " reply hussain.

" but where is your baby uncle bobby ? " ask aram.

" still inside aunt bakhsi belly . . and will born after nine month stay inside " said bobby.

" see kids you all will have new friends " told jodha and kids very happy that they will have new friends, bakhsi touch her belly and bobby out his palms over her and they both looking at each other with love and happiness, jodha smie watching those precious moment, and that day bobby take bakhsi to meet dr anil to check her pregnancy, turn out bakhsi almost three months pregnant and they really happy until they can't said anything, bakhsi pregnancy become the most happiest in mughal family and jalal ask jodha to arrange dinner together to celebrate bakhsi pregnancy and to give support for abdul who will face benazir in court starting tomorrow, abdul rape attempt make headline everywhere and mughal family will supporting him.

Benazir watch news about abdul and she smile how reporters kill his character, she feel really satisfied with how those reporters make abdul like a monster, how he is part of mughal family so he can do whatever he like, benazir wont stop until she put mughal name into mud, but she must think about her company too, after arjun left she must start to find his replacement but she thought and arjun will come back to work with her, so benazir call arjun to make sure arjun realize his mistake.

" helo . . . " benazir hear it's sonia who answer arjun phone.

" I want to speak with arjun " said benazir.

" arjun is busy now . . you can leave message if you want " reply sonia.

" busy ? arjun is jobless now so what make him busy ? " ask benazir.

Sonia don't like how benazir said about her husband, she want to answer arjun busy make another design for mughal but she want benazir see with her own eyes how arjun built adventure park with based on his design " our life goes one eventhough he is quit work with you " told sonia.

" he will regret break our partnership . .  no one will look his design . . this company success because of me " said benazir with arrogant.

" there is where you are wrong benazir . . that company is belong to you and my husband and he is important . .  we'll see how long you will survive without arjun while he is capable survive without you " said sonia with proud.

" in your dream sonia . . .  " reply benazir.

" whatever benazir but I feel happy and glad that finally arjun eyes open wide and break his partnership with you . . non he can concentration to built his own company which I believe will very success . . . and to be honest I never like he work with you but now everything will be alright " said sonia.

" I assure you that arjun will crawling back to my company " told benazir.

" never benazir as I wont ever allow him to do that . . . and beside mughal will destroy you in court so I doubt you will able to face the world " reply sonia.

" hahahahahaha that will never happen sweety . . . the fact is that I will destroy mughal " said benazit with confidence.

" we'll see who will defeat but let me tell you that you are really pick the wrong family to mess with . .  mughal is not ordinary family they will make you pay for what you've done to abdul . . . . . ok enough and don't call arjun again, he have bright future without you " told sonia and before benazir can't speak she end the call, benazir in angry throw her phone until it break, she really piss off with sonia, she can't believe she dare to said those words to her but she swear she will make sonia regret, while sonia smile because finally she can give benazir pieces of her mind and she feel light, sonia watching arjun who with serious and concentration make another design for mughal and she will support him no matter what.

Meanwhile jodha with help by selima and moti prepare everything for dinner together, marco cook delicious european food and it smell very good, hamida and juhi play with kids while the guys talk about abdul case, bakhsi sitting with hamida and watching everyone busy except her, jodha give strict order and she don't have to do anything because she is in first trimester pregnancy so she wont allow to do anything.

Dinner time is start and everyone sitting in dining room, maids serve food and kids very excited.

" mimi aram what that strawberry pudding " told aram.

" sure aram . . " jodha help aram to take the pudding and give it to her.

" me too want mijan " said salim.

" me too  . .  me too " said hassan.

" aunt jodha I want that too " said tariq.

" ok kids . . . " said jodha then she give kids strawberry pudding.

" ooh jodha all kids here look like they are yours " tease hamida.

Jodha chuckled " yes ammijan it's like I have 7 kids " reply jodha with amusement.

" and one more to come " said bobby with proud.

" yes . . . of course . . .  " told jodha.

Jalal then stand up " I want us all congratulation bobby and bakhsi who finally will have their own baby . . . . to my dearest sister and my dear brother in law congratulation " said jalal with happy, then other stand up too.

" to my dear daughter congratulation . . . may you and baby always healthy and giving birth with save " pray hamida.

" to my baby sister . . . may God give you beautiful baby girl or handsome baby boy " said mirza and bakhsi start to cry now because she is overwhelmed by everyone pray for her and baby.

" to bakhsi and bobby . . almost newly parents . .  may God always bless you and baby " said abdul.

" bakhsi and bobby . . congratulation . .  cherish this pregnancy " told selima with happy.

" my baby baksi and bobby . . from the bottom of my heart I really happy for you two . . . a new member of this happy family on the way and we all will welcoming her or him with warmth " said moti.

" bakhsi and bobby . . . now you are gonna be a parents . . God give you a beautiful gift so appreciate this gift " told juhi, bobby and bakhsi nod.

Finally jodha stand up and she look at bakhi and bobby " to bakhsi and bobby who never loose hope and always trust that God will granted your wish . . God hear your pray and give you the miracle . . . aunt jodha will waiting with impatient my little niece or nephew " said jodha, bobby wipe tears on bakhsi cheeks, then he help bakhsi to stand up.

" thank you all for all pray and wish . . I will cherish and take care this amazing gift, miracle . .  me and bobby will try our best to be best parent for our kid " told bakhsi between her sob, hamida caress bakhsi back and bakhsi keep crying because of happiness.

" why aunt bakhsi crying ? " ask mustafa.

" mimi said she is very happy so she crying " told aram and everyone laugh listening to aram words.

" and I just want to reminder all that tomorrow is battle between abdul and benazir in court . .  I want us all to attend in court to support abdul, we will show the world that mughal never leave their family even in their worst situation " told jalal " except for jodha and ammijan . .  they don't need to come because they will take care kids here " he add, jodha and hamida nod.

" agree . . we will show that evil woman that mughal is not a family that she can mess with the way she like . . " said selima with angry tone.

" we are mughal ladies will teach her a hard lesson so other woman will see that never messing with our men " told moti.

Mirza laugh " I guess that you will said something like that " he tease moti and everyone laugh with happy but they know that tomorrow is hard battle for abdul, his name been tarnished because od benazir but abdul really patient and jalal give strict order that no reporters could enter mughal land or he will fired the security, abdul and selima feel glad that all family supporting them because that is what they need the most, mustafa who can feel what his parents feel come to them and abdul carry him, mustafa hug his parents and everyone feel very touching with that scene but they believe that abdul will free from this shamefull problem and benazir will pay the price for messing with mughal family.




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shivangiganesh9 Senior Member

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Very excited for the next part 
Update soonSmile

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-Kavya_P- IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing chappy Di 
Poor Benz 
Sonia gave her respect nicely Wink
Bakshi is pregnant finally 
All r so happy with this news 
Ya really seems like jo is having 7 kids not to mention more to be added 
Update soon Di 
mamtasingla IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update
mughal family celebrate news of pregnancy of bakshi
aram is very cuteTongue
kartikaJA IF-Dazzler

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awesome update
bakshi was pragnent
waiting for next update
when mugals destroy banagir
Rahiramesh Goldie

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Bakshi is finally pregnant and Mughal family celebrating this good news

Very eager to read how Moti will defend Benazir's lawyer in courtDay Dreaming 
divyaJA IF-Dazzler

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suprb chppy

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