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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 22)

1357raksha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2016 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
superb update ndi. ...
Wow jalal was superb...
No one can stand in front of him except jodha...
Nd salima and was amazing...
Waiting for next part. ...
Update soon. ..
Nd thanks for pm. ...

SomeoneloveJA Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2016 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Amazing update...
Wow Jalal and Selima are great...
Waiting for next chapter...Mughal's ladies knock out Benazil...
Thanks for pm...dear.
Ms.Oswal Senior Member

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Posted: 13 May 2016 at 12:56am | IP Logged
Wow salute to all signals here.
Jamal is one specific specimenLOL poor judge n that lawyerLOL
Oh salima her love n faith is divine reallyClap
Oh waiting for abdul and know it's going to be interesting but most interesting moti's attack on chudail can't wait for it.
Plz update soon
lovespari IF-Rockerz

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beautyful update ndii...
LOL sonia was soo enthuisatc to do wrk in araam n salim happy seeing echothr.
wow finally bakshi wish going to cum true n lik shehnaz tim this tim also Jo was the one who gt to knw abut bakshi.
aww aaram n salim soo cute...want thrr own kidsROFL
thank u fr pm
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Chapter 225



          Madhu and everyone watching at abdul who look very calm, relax and manage to compose himself, there is no worry, nervous even concern on his face, madhu think either he is really good with poker face or he is really innocent but she suspect the first one is the truth, after she try to break jalal and selima she is just realize that mughal really a very strong people and they are not easy to intimade especially jalal, she think being a worldwide class business man trained him to mastered poker face and she wont surprise if abdul have the same capability, but she will try her best to break this man and make his confess his crime, selima and the rest of mughal family member waiting for the real battle finally start.

" mr abdul can you tell us what happen that day between you and ms benazir ? " ask madhu.

" that day she come to take cheque . . it's down payment for project that we gave to her architect firm . . . so we chat casually and then she start to acted strange . . . " told abdul.

" what do you mean by strange ? " ask madhu again.

" she started to flirt with me . . . and then she started to seduced me . .  she open some button her shirt and show me her  . . . . I'm sorry her breasts to me . . . . . . "

" and what you do that time ? " cut madhu.

" I just keep stay and she keep try seduced me " reply abdul.

" really ? because that is sound very strange . . if you object with her action why wouldn't you just got angry at her and throw her out your office, why keep stay still and watching her like that . . or you like what you see " ask madhu and jury along with everyone start to understand what madhu mean.

" I always respect a woman no matter what . .  but she really cross the line so I want to see how far she will go with her ridduculus action " reply abdul with calm, madhu really try to break abdul but it seems that she will need lot of effort to do that.

" but what you saids really doesn't make sense . . . ms benazir said that you force to rape her in return she will got the project from your company . . . and when she refuse you start to rip off her shirt . . . . " told madhu.

Abdul chuckled " me try to take advantage from her so she can got the project ? prosecutor madhu you should check everything with right . . I don't have right and power to decide about that is his project . .  mr jalal is the only one who will have right to decide not me " reply abdul.

" that is now what ms benazir told me . . . . . "

" don't talk something you don't know prosecutor madhu . . . " cut abdul and madhu looking at her with sharp eyes.

" it's all sound that you try to fins excuse for what you've done " reply madhu.

" that is not my problem .  . . everyone can think the worst about me and I dont care . . the most important for me is my family . .  they trust in me and that is enough for me " told abdul and he look at selima, jalal, moti, mirza and bobby, their trust in him that make him strong.

" so you said you don't try to rape benazir . . you don't assault her . .  and you don't push her soo hard that she fall on the ground ? " ask madhu.

" I only push her until she fall on the ground yes but the rest I didn't do that . . " said abdul and selima feel proud that abdul even not scare to admit that he did push benazir when she hug him from back.

" really . . . you must push her really bad because she got lot of bruise on her body " said madhu.

" you know I can show how exactly I push her and see if that can cause bruises " challenge abdul " prosecutor madhu . . I truly respect and honor woman, but not every woman want to treat with respect just like benazir, she know that me and jalal already married but that not stop her to try flirt and seduce us . . . " add abdul.

" we will prove that if she really seduce you and mr jalal or not " reply madhu.

" be my guest but let me tell you something if I want to cheat on my wife and flirt around I wont pick her . . . I don't mean to be arrogant but there are more beautiful woman than her that willing to get down on their knee if ask them to . . but I'm not interesting in other woman . . my wife is the only woman for me " told abdul.

" we'll see mr abdul . . . no more question your honor " said madhu then she sit back on her seat.

It's moti turn now and she standing in front of me " you said you push her until she fall on the ground correct ? " ask moti.

" yes . . . when I try to open the door to throw her out she hug me from back, that is when I push her . . I wont let her touch me . . " said abdul with very obvious disgust.

" you know no one know that you really push her so you can deny that you've push her but why you confess ? " ask moti.

" why should I not tell about that . .  I always told the truth and I always take responsible for my action . . yes I push her . .  if that a crime then so be it but I wont confess to something that I didn't do" told abdul with cold determination, fatima now start to see everything very clear, mughal family seems have nothing to hide, even may be their answer very bold and straight forward but that is how they handle this matter but their answer are consistent and they show no fear, eventhoug they are come from money and powerful family but she seen how rich people slip when they are guilty and try to act innocent but this is different but fatima wont decide anything until benazir come forward.

" have you ever thought that ms benazir might report you for you action ? " ask moti.

" to be honest yes . . . but I'm not scare . . you know not only woman who can got sexual harassment but man can got that too . . I just try to keep her away from me . . . " said abdul.

" and how is your feel when you find out ms benazir really report you ? " ask moti.

" I feel nothing . .  I didn't do something wrong so why I should feel scare, worry or concern . . I believe in this country justice system so there is nothing to worry about " told abdul, fatima and everyone can't help but feel amaze with how abdul eventhoug he is in disadvantage situation but he can show trust in justice system.

" no more question your honor " told moti and she really satisfied in how abdul answer all question, she smile because what she can expect from mughal even in court they still rule.

" now we wil call ms benazir " said madhu and benazir come forward, benazir look at abdul and selima, she and selima staring at each other but selima give her the coldest stare evet that make benazir shivering.

" ms benazir .  . I'm sorry that I have to ask you again to tell us what happened that day ? " ask madhu, her voice chance very smooth and she seems really care for benazir.

" she is actually good but too bad she fall for that evil woman trap " whisper bobby to mirza.

" yes I agree with you . . . " reply mirza and he is whisperings too, fatima notice and both whisperings quite loud " too bad I'm not called as a witness too " said mirza with amusement.

" man if they call you as witness this court will turn into circus " tease bobby.

" bas***d . . you think I'm a clown " reply mirza and both chuckeld and everyone looking at them.

" excuse me . .  you two please be quite otherwise I will ask guards to escort you two " scold fatima.

Shameless mirza and bobby smile with wide " alright your honor " said mirza with happy and everyone can't hold their smile watching mirza and bobby.

" shut up you two or I will kick your asses " warn jalal and he just shakin his head with that two trouble maker.

" please continue prosecutor madhu " said fatima.

" ms benazir . . . . " said madhu.

Benazir wipe her fake tears from her cheeks make jury feel sorry for her and think it must be hard for her to told the incident " that day I come to take cheque for down payment and mr abdul asking me to come to his office, and after we talk for a while he handed the cheque but when I was just abou to take it he said that he will give the cheque and the project for me if I'm willing to sleep with him, of course I refuse but he said that if I decline he will make my company in trouble, he said just one night and that is all he wanted then he come to me and he . .  he . . .   " benazir choke by her tears, selima grip her hands soo hard to keep her cool, jalal reach out and hold her hand to give her support to not explode " he touch my breasts and with very fast he . . he rip off my shirt and undo my bra . .  it feel hurt then he squeeze my breasts very hard . . . " benazir now crying, madhu handed her tissue.

" then what happen ms benazir ? " ask madhu.

Benazir still sobbing " then I try to run but he catch me and pin me to the wall, he keep touching me and start to slide his hands under my skirt, I start to fight then he hit me couple times and then he push me soo hard that I fall on ground then he told me to leave and threat that I wont get the project and I should forget bout that " told benazir.

" you honor I want to add this evidence . .  these are the shirt that been rip off by offender and here picture of hers when she report to police and doctor already check on her " madhu handed evidence to fatima.

" well she is really good actress even kareena kapoor can't match her talent " said mirza and selima can't hold her smile listen to mirza and she can guess that mirza and bobby will got scold again by fatima.

" damn she even deserve an oscar . . . may be only you mirza who can match her acting skill " tease bobby.

" you think " reply mirza.

Moti turn around and give mirza and bobby warning glare " could you two just stup up " she said and bobby and mirza nod with obedient.

" you know it's you two who will turn this court into circus " tease jalal.

" both of you are twin clowns " said selima and this time bobby and mirza laugh soo hard that make fatima and madhu looking at them with angry.

" sorry . . sorry . . we will be quite now " told bobby and then he and mirza close their mouth with tight.

" damn now everyone will know that even in court mughal still can having fun " said abdul to moti.

" well what can you expect from that anna and elsa " reply moti and abdul chuckled, fatima feel strange why mughal look happy and seems don't have burden while one of their family accused doin something heinous, she might would never understand them.

" I have nothing question your honor . . it's very clear for me what really happen " said madhu.

" kick her ass moti " whisper selima when moti come forward and without looking at to selima moti nod.

" ms benazir . . . your story really amazing . . . but I need you to clear me something for me . .  you said my client rip off your clothes right ? " ask moti.

" yes " answer benazir.

Moti read some document in her hands " but here I've got statement from employee who work in the same floor with my client and none of them said that your shirt been rip off, they all said that your shirt open but they didn't see it being rip off . . . can you explain that ? " ask moti.

" may be they don't see it " reply benazir.

" ok . .  then you said my client hit you couple time . .  correct ? " ask moti.

" yes that is correct " said benazir.

" and no one hear that . . let say my client secretary who her desk right in front of his office she should heard that ? and why you didn't screams asking for help ? " ask moti and abdul smile looking now moti start to corner benazir.

" I can't think anything that time . . . . " said benazir.

" I ask because I'm a woman and if that happened to me I will scream as loud as I can and ask for help . . . but you done none of them " told moti, madhu must to admit that moti is really good, she feel that she is too much excited can bring down rich man like abdul for his heainous crime toward benazir and that make her judgement clouded.

" may be you should experienced what I've been thought to know that there was no think to think . . . " said benazir with angry tone.

" right . . .  your honor I want to add a new evidence and with this evidence will prove my client is innocent from what ms benazir accused him to " told moti, madhu, benazir, fatima and everyone look surprise yet curious what kind evidence that will set free abdul " your honor this is a security video footage from my client office, mr bobby and mr jalal just told me and my client that turn out in every high level employee room been set up a hidden camera and in this video we all will watch what really happen that day " add moti and benazir face turn white like blood drained from her body.

" guards play the video " told fatima then moti handed him a dvd, everyone can't wait to see the video, this is the moment of truth and everyone in silent when the video start to play, first there is nothing extreme reaction then suddenly court very noisy and everyone looking at benazir with disgust and they whisperings how she don't have ashame to do that to a married guy like abdul, selima smile watching now it's benazir turn must face those hungry wolf, madhu and fatima can't believe what they are watching, but now they both understand why mughal soo confidents and have no fears because they really know abdul not guilty, guard handed the evidence to fatima after they all watch the video till the end.

" you all see that in that video it's ms benazir who harass my client . . while my client do his best to reject her with polite, instead of regret what she is done to him, she make a fake report and accused my client from crime he didn't do . . I ask this court to give justice for my client, for weeks his name being tarnished and people call him with the worst name, we can't imagine what he and his family been through because ms benazir act . . . " said moti and jury agree with moti, this is all fake case and abdul totally innocent.

Eventhough madhu don't like to be defeated but this time she must admit her mistake because abdul are really innocent, then madhu stand up " your honoer public prosecutor agree with mr abdul laywer . .  this case should be dismiss because this case built based on lie by ms benazir " said madhu, moti looking at her and madhu nod and moti smile to her, you must respect a person who willing to admit they are defeat.

" I agree with prosecutor madhu and lawyer moti . . so based on new evidence here I decide that this case dismiss and mr abdul name will be clear for his innocence and ms benazir will arrest for making fake report and like to police and this court . .  mr abdul mumbai hight court here decide that you are innocent " told fatima, selima run to abdul and hug him tight, she feel really happy that now everyone know the truth, reporters busy to give live report in this case which ending in twist, benazir got arrested and being taken my police and will wait until police process her case.

Selima look at moti " thank you moti " she said with emotion and then she hug moti too.

" we've done this together " told moti.

Jalal hug abdul " finally your name clear man . . " said jalal.

" thank you for believe in me man even before we know about the video you and all family believe in me " reply abdul, madhu watch all mughal family look happy, she come to them because she is curious about something.

" excuse me " she said and everyone looking at her " if you have that video why not give it to police earlier so we don't have to be in this court today ? " ask madhu.

Selima come to madhu and standing in front of her " because she make my husband to become the object of joke from those heartless reporters, she disgrace woman by doing something like that . . and I want to teach lesson as a woman and as a wife . . . she lied and accused my husband in public so I did the same . . I open her mask and caught her lie in public too . . no one mess with my dear family especially my husband " told selima and madhu can feel cruely in her just may be not too dominant.

" I can see your point " told madhu then she look at moti " you are great today . . . if you interesting to change your profession district attorney could use your skill .  . we could a great team to punish man and people who did heinous crime to woman and kids " moti can't believe that madhu offer her job to become prosecutor.

" I will think about that but I like my job now . . I give legal free consultant and sometimes I represent people who couldnft afford lawyer " said moti.

Madhu look surprise listening to what moti did " sound interesting " said madhu.

" you shoud joint me one day " told moti.

Madhu chuckled " may be I will one day . . . " told madhu with happy " now I must go there are still some cases that need my attention " she add then she leave, moti watching madhu leave with interesting idea in her mind.

" we better leave . . . jodha, ammijan, bakhsi and kids waiting for us and they must be feel very worry . . I doubt they will able to watch tv with kids around " said jalal and everyone agree and then they leave court and they still ignore reporters who want to interview abdul, and very tight security by mughal family bodyguards make impossible for reporters to even getting close to them, jalal, bobby, mirza, moti, abdul and selima enter limo and they leave with very fast so reporters just can take pictures but no statement from mughal family especially abdul, but they don't feel weird bout that because that is mughal style they won't give any statement regarding to every news about them.



 Big smile

sorry guys stil not able to update ff pursuit of happiness will start to write on sunday . . . finger cross that i can make some chapter for each ff . . . oooh and sorry can't reply your comment soon,  will reply when i've got the time now at office couldnt freely open if to reply comment because m boz everyday stand by at office now CryCryCry but i read al your comment and very happy with all your positive review









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ipee me first
lovely update
thanks for pm
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awesome update
finally banazir chapter was close
waiting for next twist
update soon
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Woow supurb dr
Mirza bobby sooo funny Big smile
I really laugh while reading thr comedy Big smile
Updatee dr

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