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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 20)

mickeymini Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Nice update ndi
Finally bakshi is pregnant
Hahaha jodha 7kids
Benazir sonia talk was superb
Sonia gave right answer to her
Family celebrating bakshis first pregnancy

Ms.Oswal Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Wow awesome updates nd I
Finally  bakshi is pregnantClap
Wow aram hussu hassu salu r so cute n  caring.
Oh best bestiest finally chudaul got tight verbal slap from Sonia.
Oh Sonia is going to work with jo.Lilly n aram r surely going to be best friends with  hassu Lilly new friendshipWink
Oh really.all kids r kids of jo .
Last scene of musu n abdul was so sweet
Akdhalover6898 Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Amazing chappy dear
finally god listen bobby and bakshi's pray and bakshi is pregnent.
All mughal family happy and they celebrate there happiness.
Waiting for next chappy when all mughal family teaches a lesson to benazir.
Thanks for pm dear
1357raksha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 9:59am | IP Logged
Beautiful update ...
Everyone r happy for bakshi nd bobb...
Update soon. ..
Nd thanks for pm. ...
natashathakur IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Very excited for nxt chapter n thnxx for pm di
SomeoneloveJA Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2016 at 12:00am | IP Logged
Great update..
Finally Bakshi get pregnant..
Waiting for Mughal's ladies destroy  Benazil in court...
Thanks for pm..dear

Ndi81 Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2016 at 6:10am | IP Logged

Chapter 224



         Finally the day of battle between benazir and abdul come, selima help abdul to do his tie.

" are you feel nervous ? " ask selima.

" no . . why should I feel nervous ? " abdul asking back.

" well you know because you will judging in court and may be prosecutor will try to fry you . .  " said selima " I heard that prosecutor for your case is madhu singh and the judge is fatima khan . .  they are both famous for being very an hard ass for crime involve women like sexual assault and rape " she add.

Abdul touch selima head and he smile " don't worry selima I'll be just fine, no matter who is the judge and who is the prosecutor wont make any different for me because I'm innocent so I've got to afraid, they can try their best to break me but I will show them what is the meaning try to break a mughal " told abdul with proud and selima can feel his cold nature.

" I know that you will just fine but still it feel hurt to see people already pick side with benazir and tarnish your name, even they describe you like a monster which is very riddiculus . . . " reply selima, she know that she must be strong but like she said it's very hard to see bad news about him because mustafa can see that news accidentially and that can make him very sad.

" I know that you are very strong baby . . . don't think about what other people say about me, you or mughal family . . . only people who close to us who understand us so no need to hear other people say otherwise " said abdul.

Selima nod and she feel more strong with abdul words " yes that is true abdul . . I know you like I know my self . . . jalal know you like you are his twin " told selima.

" so free your mind from what other people said about me . . . they don't know me, they have no idea who I am " reply abdul and selima nod, then mustafa enter their bed room.

" ammija . . abbujan . .  where are you going ? " ask mustafa, abdul smile looking at his dear son then he carry mustafa.

" today ammijan and abbujan must to do something very important . . you stay with aunt jodha and dadijan right . .  don't be naughty " told abdul.

Mustafa nod and he smile " it's ok abbujan . . ammijan .  . I'd love to spend time with aunt jodha so I can play with salim and aram " reply mustafa " but don't go too long ok " he reminder abdul and selima.

Selima kiss mustafa cheeks " we will try to not go for too long ok mustafa .  . ooh and aunt jodha said you can ask anything for your lunch . . . " said selima.

" really ammijan ? " ask mustafa.

" yes . .  so you just tell aunt jodha what you want to have for your lunch " reply selima.

" ok . . now can we go to aunt jodha ? "ask mustafa.

" of course mustafa " reply abdul then the three of them leave and headed to jalal house, hamida just leave to take hassan hussain to school while juhi will take care shelter for today since jodha must taking care kids, moti and mirza already in jalal house too, they take tariq there and he already play with aram and salim, while bobby come alone because bakhsi need to rest.

" come mustafa . .  you can join aram, salim and tariq . .  they are having fun in the back " told jodha and mustafa with happy following jodha but jodha then turn around.

" good luck and kick that evil woman ass " told jodha, jalal almost laugh listen jodha said ass because she almost never said something like that.

Moti and abdul nod " of course jodha . . . . " reply moti then jodha leave almost get drag by mustafa who impatient to join his cousins to play.

Jalal watching at abdul and moti " are you two ready ? " ask jalal.

" of course " reply abdul.

" hell yes " said moti, then they leave and headed to court, for today atgah will handle company and some employee will come to court because prosecutor call them as witness, jalal know that they feel afraid if jalal will fired them if they come forward as witness but jalal reassure them that there is no such thing will happen so they finally agree to called as witness by prosecutor.


Mumbai High Court

Reporters already surrounded mumbai high court, they are like sharks who waiting their last supper, this is an open court so reporters and other people can watch how court goin, even there are some people from organization who run to protect woman, they will make sure these case prosecute with fairly they wont let mughal power and influence make this case disappear like other some case.

The moment black exclusive limo arrive everyone gone crazy, zahir and ahmed get out frist then mughal family bodyguards make a line and secure a way for jalal, bobby, mirza, moti, abdul and selima, abdul come out first then he help selima to come out and reporters bombard them with question but they don't answer, mirza come later and he help moti following by bobby, the last one who come out is jalal and when reporters asking him questions with very lousy jalal just looking at then with his cold and sharp eyes and those reporters become silent, some police to try to guards mughal family amaze with how jalal with very effective make those noisy reporters quite in a blink of eyes, moti and mirza then lead the way and mughal family enter court, they see benazir and her lawyer sit behind prosecutor chair and benazir looking at mughal family with happy because today is the downfall of them, but mughal family totally ignore her, then jalal, bobby, mirza and selima sit behind abdul, they wait not for long then judga fatima khan enter courtroom.

" all rise " announce one man and everyone stand up when fatima enter courtroom, then back to sit after she sit on her chair.

" good morning everyone . . today we will process rape attempt and sexual assault with the offender mr abdul khan based on police report from victim ms benazir . .  now please prosecutor and lawyer to make opening statement " told fatima.

Madhu stand up and she face jury " ladies and gentleman . . we've seen soo many rape and sexual assault cases how just few victim who got justice and the rest offender only got few years punishment and even the worst they can just walk away freely, we stop what happened to ms benazit happen again to another woman, mr abdul might have lot money and power but that doesn't mean he can do whatever he want, he did heinous crime and I'm asking you all to give him the worst punishment, let give to message to people that no one have right to assault woman no matter what " jury look interesting in madul opening statement, some people give applause to madhu until fatime must told everyone to keep silent, madhu then back to her seat but before she sit she look at abdul and moti with disgust, madhu famous for hating woman who defend offender in rape and assault against woman.

Moti then stand up and she face jury " good moring ladies and gentleman . . what prosecutor madhu said is right, we must give the worst punishment for man who dare do heinous crime towards woman but . . I said but if we got the right man who really did that crime, now let me ask how you will punish woman who pretend to be rape and assault then make fake report ?, ms benazir did a great act become a victim and I promise you that I will prove that she just prented to be rape, mr abdul is a good man, he love his family and he is been through hell because of this case . . . so later after I prove to you that this case happened because ms benazir made up all of this I ask you to give her punishment and this court will clean mr abdul name, just because he is rich it doesn't mean that he is a bas***d . . sometimes woman like ms benazir do such shamefull crime " everyone surprise with moti opening statement that really bold and straight forwards and everyone silent listening to her, mirza feel really proud watching his dear wife standing there like a warrior, then court start and prosecutor start to call witness and ask them what happening the day benazir confess being assault and almost got rape by abdul, fatima and jury listening to all witness but they really curious with jalal and selima because they too being called as witness.

" now I called mr jalaluddin muhammad akbar .  . " said madhu and everyone whisperings and with curiosity everyone want to see him, like a king he walk passing madhu and jury, fatima can't deny that jalal have aura that drag everyone eyes on him " mr jalal . . . I heard that you are offender close friend is that correct ? " ask madhu.

" yes that is correct . . he is not just my friend but more like a brother for me " reply jalal and madhu see there is no nervous on his face.

" I see and how do you react when you know that your best friend try to rape victim ? " ask madhu and jalal chuckled " is there something funny ? " ask madhu.

" yes . . . what victim are you talking about ? " ask jalal.

Madhu really hate man like jalal who feel the world walk around him " I'm talking about ms benazir of course . . . . "

" you said she is a victim but she is not . . . . . . . "

" she is a victim from heinous crime your best friend did . . I heard your wive was abused victim so you must know how ms benazir feel now . . . . . " madhu stop when jalal give her a killing glare.

" yes my wife jodha is the real victim not like ms benazir . . . did ms benazir told you that she tried to seduce me ? " ask jalal and madhu with everyone look surprise.

" your honor please told witness to not tell lie here " told madhu to fatima.

Jalal stop fatima when she try to said something " how you know I'm lying are you there when she try to seduce me ? " ask jalal.

Moti smile because madhu seems don't know who is she facing now " no . . but . . . . "

" so how can you be sure that she didn't seduce me ? " ask jalal " don't call someone tell a lie if you don't know the truth " he told madhu and she feel very shame because of him.

Madhu really don't like how jalal start over control situation " your honor . .  " protest madhu.

Again jalal stop fatima when she try to warn jalal " if you still have reasonable question then ask if not then I better step down " told jalal.

Now fatima too feel angry with jalal behaviour " mr jalal please behave whileyou are in court " warn fatima and madhu smile but jalal shut them up with easy.

" I will talk whatever I want . . .  I have my right to say whatever I want " reply jalal will cool then he stand up " so this mean you don't have any question for me . ." then he step down.

" I haven't told you to leave" said madhu.

" too late I already step down . .  " reply jalal with lazy.

" I can sue you for insult this court " threat madhu.

Jalal looking at madhu and fatima " then sue me " reply jalal and he back to his seat, selima, bobby and mirza chukled to see jalal action but under they all high five with jalal, madhu and fatima can't believe what just happening, fatima decide to ignore the incident because it wont do any good to argue with a smart and confident man like jalal.

" I've got nothing further question " said madhu, she now realize that she wont able to break that man, she will try to break selima and abdul himself to make them confess that abdul really did the crime.

 " jalal really badass " whisper abdul to moti.

Moti chuckled " yes indeed he is but that badass stepdown before I can asking him question" reply moti.

" poor you " tease abdul and moti want to laugh because may be abdul is the only offender who can smile and teasing while he is in court and may be only mughal who dare to give hell in court.

Then moti stand up again " now I will call mrs selima to come forward " announce moti and selima sit on hot chair, she look at abdul and he nod to her.

" mrs selima . . . when exactly the offender told what happen between him and victim ? " ask moti.

" he call me after that happened and he explain everything " told selima.

" and you trust him ? " ask moti.

" yes . . . " said selima with confident.

" and why is that ? " ask moti again.

" because I know him . . . I know he wouldn't something like that " told selima and moti nod with satisfied and she back to her seat, madhu then come forward and standing in front of selima.

" do you really trust your husband ? " ask madhu.

" yes . . . . . . "

" how do you know that he didn't that crime ? he can be lie to you ? you are not with him when that happening so how can you trust him ? " ask madhu.

" you are not there too so why you trust victim ? " selima asking madhu back.

" your honor I ask her question so she should just answer that not questioning me back " protest madhu to fatima.

" mrs selima please not answer a question with question " scold fatima.

Selima nod " fine then and to answer your question prosecutor madhu yes I believe in my husband, I've known him since a long time a go, I know him well like I know my self and believe me if he did the crime we wont need this court because I will make sure he will live behind bars for the rest of his life, but he didn't do what ms benazir accused . . no matter how many people told me he did it but I believe in my husband " told selima.

" you seems nave to trust a man like that " said madhu.

Moti stand up " objection your honor . . . . . . "

Selima stop moti " i'm not nave . . . I'm not stupid either too which I believe that is what you think because I trust my husband . . prosecutor madhu when you love someone who more like your better half you will know what they feel even without they telling you what's inside their heart and I know my husband wont do such crime . . you and everyone who talk bad about him since this case published don't know him so you all can talk whatever you all want but I know him and I will demand apologize from whoever that tarnished his name " said selima with cold and fatima with madhu can't believe that how can someone trust their spouses like how selima trust her husband, madhu see there is no use to keep pressure on selima so she better moving on abdul before she call benazir , she is very confident that when benazir start to talk no jury will decide abdul not guilty, madhu back to her desk and fatima tell selima to back to her seat, abdul looking at her wife with love, he know that no one will able to break mughal ladies.

" I'm calling mr abdul khan " announce madhu and everyone really curious what kind battle that abdul will give, after jalal and selima give hell to prosecutor madhu and everyone in court start to doubt if abdul really commit the crime because mughal can be soo confident and not even flinch when madhu tried to break them, now it's all up to abdul and benazir.


 Wink benazir track wil end tomorrow . .  . thank you for all your patience LOL








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Posted: 12 May 2016 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Sry fot late rply Di.. Busy in these day...
Both last chapter is lovely n aweseme.
Finally Bakshi is pregnant...
They all celebrated their celebration n support Abdul..
I loved Aram ... She is so cute...

Ja is shut up the reporter with his eyes n police is amaze to see it...
Moti is so expressive with their word...
I have still laughing when ja given the ans in court...
Salima is brave n at same time confident also...
Madhu is amaze to see the confidence level in the mughal family..

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