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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 19)


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Awesome chappy Didu..
Nice family time...
Kids are so lovely...
Ja n jo convo is funny...

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Lovely update ndi. ..
Ooh god hussain found his girl ao doon...
Haha nd joja so that ...
Update soon. ..
Nd thanks for pm. ...
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Please update
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Chapter 221



          Monday morning jodha and jalal prepare kids for school and aram with salim who will come withjodha to shelter, today sonia and lily will come to shelter too and jodha hope that sonia will like how she run shelter because jodha consider to offer sonia a job, if she interesting jodha want her to take over shehnaz work , now with juhi will leave for travel around the world with hamida so jodha now will taking care shelter by her own and she will need help.

" you look very happy wife . . . what's wrong ? " ask jalal, he just finish shower and now put on his suit.

Jodha nod and smile " yes . . .  you know sonia will come to shelter today and I hope she will like how I run it, and if she interesting I think I will offer her a job " told jodha while help jalal with his tie.

" oooh she will come to shelter ? " ask jalal with surprise.

" yes . . she said she always want to comeand see so I ask her to come " reply jodha.

" yes that is good idea jodha and I think she will like shelter . . . if what I heard from arjun is right then she is like you . . . like to do something or other people " said jalal.

" and if she intresting working there she will take over shehnaz work . . you know ammijan and aunt juhi will leave soon for travel around the world . . eventhough Im able to manage everything alone but it wil be nice to have someone to help me " told jodha.

" I'm happy to hear that too . . I don't want you work yourself too hard . . " said jalal, he caress jodha hairs with gentle, jodha can choose to stay at home andspending his money but she didn't do that instead she keep working to help people with her shelter even now her shelter very famous.

" I promise I wont to work too hard . . . you and kids are stil my top priority " said jodha then she wink to him with naughty.

Jalal smile then he wrap his hands around jodha waist and pull her closer " it's good to know that me still important  in your good samaritan role to others " said jalal, then he kiss her gentle, since kids grown up to be very naughty he still hard to find a time to romance his beautiful wife, jodha kiss him bck with gentle too and both kissing with sweet and gentle.

" bubu . . .  what are you doing ? why are you eating mimi lips ? " ask aram in shock and jalal almost chocked listening to those innocent question, jalal pull off is mouth from jodha and he look at aram who watchin them in horror, aram run to jodha " mimi . . . mimi . .  are you ok ? " ask aram, she look very worry and concern about  jodha.

" I'm fine aram . . . " reply jodha with amusement.

Aram look at jalal with angry " bubu why are you doing that to mimi ? " ask aram.

" doing what ? abbujan didn't do anything " reply jalal with innocent but he can't  help to smile.

" bubu . . . . don't lie . . . aram see bubu bite and like want to eat mimi mouth " said aram then aram look at jodha " mimi .. . come . . . " ask aram and jodha then kneel in front of aram, aram checking jodha with thoroughly to see if jodha hurt.

Jodha try her best not to laugh see jalal expression " see . . .  ammijan is ok " said jodha.

Aram nod " yes you are ok . . .  bubu don't  doing it again understand " told aram.

" ok . . . little princess " reply jalal.

Aram feel satisfied because her mimi is ok and her bubu wont do that again " ok . . . now come . . . bhaijan waiting for us to have breakfast " said aram, she hold jodha hands and almost drag her, jodha look at jalal who now laugh while jodha chuckled,  jalal is right they need their time alone.

Moti checking all document for abdul case, with video as solid proof she is very confident that they will able to beat her and even destroy her, moti never meet a woman who willing to do something like benazir do, she really disgrace woman honor by doing what she did to abdul.

" how is with abdul bhaijan case ? " ask mirza.

Moti look up and smile to her handsome husband " I believe we will win our case . . . we've got an ace to break all benazir defence . . .  me and selima will destroy that evil woman " told moti.

" I'm happy to hear that . . abdul bhaijan really a nice, kind and family guy, he love selima and mustafa so even whole world said he did that heinous crime but I wont believe that . . I know him well that I believe in him " said mirza.

 " you are right . . and abdul have clean past . . . never had problem with woman . . . . . no heartbreaking women line up that ready to crawl to make him look bad " said moti.

Mirza chuckled " why I feel  that you are just being sarcasm " reply mirza.

Moti laugh " well that is the truth right . . . if this case happened to you I might will got hard time because your past as ultimate playboy  " said moti and she wink with naughty to mirza.

" hah . . what is it with ultimate playboy . . .  media make it unnecessary big thing . . those women willingly come to me . . . what can I say moti . . your husband is like handsome buttlerfly surrounded by beautiful flowers who die want my attention " said mirza while smile with naughty.

" hahahaha you smartass always have answer for your past " told moti.

" well it's me we are talking about baby " reply mirza " by the way what kind video that become solid proof for abdul bhaijan innocent ? " ask mirza.

" that still a secret . . . you and entire family will know at court but I promise you that beside prove his innocent that video will completely destroy benazir reputation " said moti " I feel little bad that the whole world will know her bad behavior but she choose this path so she must face the consequences . . . but I still don't know what she gained from accused abdul try to rape and assault her " she add.

" may be she just angry that abdul bhaijan rejected her . . . don't underestimate women feeling when they got reject or heartbroken . .  sometimes I think that woman more scary than man when it come to their feeling " reply mirza.

" you are right . . . and I've seen some woman will do anything to get revenge " said moti.

" true and so I want you to and selima to be carefull too ok . . . I've got feeling that benazir really evil woman " warn mirza.

Moti " don't worry hubby I will just fine " reply moti, she feel happy because mirza worry about her.

" by the way my hot sexy wife . .  when we are gonna give tariq a sister or brother ? " ask mirza, he really want to have another kids, he don't want tariq to be a only child.

Moti chuckled " I think that is depend of God . . we've done everything we can so I can pregnant but so far still no sign of pregnancy . . . be patient mirza I believe when time is right with God permission we will have another kids " said moti, she know that mirza craving for another kids but it's out their hands.

Mirza then kneel in front of moti slowly, he take document from her hands and put it on desk, he spread her thight and kneel between " you know may be the intensity of out love making not enough " he said with big grin on his face.

" not anough ? are you kidding me ? we've done it almost everyday " said moti with amusement.

" that is the point . .  we've don't it almost everyday not everyday " tease mirza and he pull over moti skirt.

" baby . .  we can don't that now . . you are about to go to work and I need to review those document to make everything is set for court " protest moti but mirza don't listen even he now unbuttoned her shirt.

" oooh don't worry baby we do this with fast and even I will bath you after we finish " reply mirza with happy, he really arouse just by looking at his hot and sexy wife.

" mirza . . . . . " moti try to protest when mirza pull down her panty, take it off from her and throw it on the floor then he open her legs wider, he look up to moti and wink with naughty to her then he bury his face between her legs " ooohhh . . . . . " moti moans almost scream when mirza use his tongue to seducing her.

" hmmpphhh . . . " mirza make a sound while he keep sucking hard moti on her womanhood, he can feel it start to every wet and he smile with happy because how fast she is getting wet, then mirza look up to her with wildness in his eyes " open those for me baby " he said while pointing to her bra, moti then take off her shirt and slowly she take off her bra, and mirza feel hunger when he see her beautiful breasts, he touch them with gentle and moti moans again, then he unzip his trousers and pull it down to his knee, he bend to taste her breasts and he suck her nipples hard make moti screams in pleasure, his manhood hardened perfectly and it start to make enter inside her, moti caress his hairs when mirza keep sucking her breasts while he start to enter her.

" hmmm . . . ooouuughhh " she screams when finally mirza impale all his manhood inside her.

" ooohhh God baby . . it feel soo good " said mirza and now he start to move faster down there make moti body move following his move.

" hmmm yes baby . . it feel soo good " reply moti, she wrap her hands around his neck and pull his head down then she kiss him, they kiss with wild and hunger, mirza free hands touch her breasts and squeeze them hard making moti crazy.

" ooh baby . . baby " mirza keep moving in and out with faster and getting deeper each time, moti feel like she is been throw to heaven, everytime they make love she always feeling the same, since their wedding day the passion and desire between never sour it's the opposite they feel hunger to each other, they keep making love in mirza study room and to one point mirza carry her and laying her on his work desk and there they making love with wild like there is no tomorrow but that is how they are everytime they making love, and finally after almost an hours lock themselves inside study room they both got amazing orgasm and then after that mirza take her to their room and bath her again but it need another hours untill they come out from bathroom and mirza really late when he leave for work but for him that is worth it because he feel happy and satisfied when he reach mughal corporation building making everyone who see him wondering what happen to him, while moti too all smile when she accompany tariq play and she check the document, what just happening really make her smile all the time like a fool and because the amazing love making with mirza, moti watching tariq and she hope that she will get pregnant soon so tariq will have sibling to play with, she and mirza will happy welcoming the new family member and she will pray to God to make her pregnant soon just like what she and mirza dream about it, moti touch her stomache and hope they create a baby but they will see untill her monthly circle.




 i'm back . . thank you for your patience. . . . and hope you al have great weekend Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

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Yiepp me fitst...
Welcome back Didu.. I hope u enjoyed a lot...

Lovely m sizzling hot chappy...
Ja n jo doing morning romance when Aram interrupt both...
I am still laughing when Aram said bubu why r u eating my mimi lips...
Mirza n Moti romance is sizziling...
What a come back bang performance..
Hope mirza n moti will get child soon...

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woo awesome update
aram think jalal bite jodha mouth
can't wait when moti and salima destroy banazir
waiting for your next update
update soon

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Welcome back to home Di 
Awesome chappy Di 
Aram jalal part is so funny
Poor jalal can't romance with his wife 
Mirza n Moti hot romance 
Hope moti became pregnant 
Update soon Di 
I wanna know how Benz gonna fall 

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