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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 17)

mickeymini Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 9:24am | IP Logged
A update after a long time
Well not so long but we felt that
Hahaha jo-jalal being caught romancing by aram
Her silly questions "why r u eating mimi lips ?"
Mirza moti romance was hot
Hope they get their second child soon
Thanks for update

RSlovesJA IF-Rockerz

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Wow jj caught while romancing..Adam question is hot part. .continue soon nd do pm
sho123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
superb update
thanks for pm
1357raksha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Superb update ndi. ..
Joja where taken redheaded by aram. .. hahA so cute she was worried for her mom...
Mirza nd moti have a great time...
Update soon. .nd thanks for pm. ...
natashathakur IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Wow di awesome chapter n thnxx for pm
Ndi81 Goldie

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Chapter 222



          Sonia and lily arrive at shelter and she amaze with how big the building, it's like a exclusive hotel, she can't believe jodha make this amazing building as shelter.

" mommy . .  what is this building ? it's very huge ? " ask lily.

" this place call shelter . . . this belong to aunt jodha, there lot women and kids in there . . . " told sonia.

" really mommy that there are lot kids in there ? " ask lily with excited.

" yes and you know what . . . you can meet aram and salim again today " reply sonia.

" ooohhh mommy that would be great . . . I miss aram . . . . I can meet hussain too ? " ask lily.

Sonia laugh because she know that question will come " no honey . .  hussain and hassan must go to school " she said.

" ooouhh too bad " said lily with sad.

" come let's go inside so we can meet aram and salim along with aunt  jodha " reply sonia and lily nod then both enter shelter, jodha see sonia when she enter and she smile.

" you made it " said jodha.

Sonia smile to her " yes . . . jodha this building is amazing " praise sonia.

" yes . . . . . " then jodha looking down to lily " we meet again lily " she said.

" yes aunt jodha . .  where is aram ? " ask lily.

Jodha touch lily head " she is in my office with salim . . come I will take you there " said jodha, then sonia and lily following jodha to her office, aram playing with her dolls when jodha, sonia and lily enter, she look up and smile with wide when she see lily.

" lilyyy . . . . . " aram stand up and run to lily and they both hug.

" aramm . . . . . I'm happy to see you again " said lily, jodha and sonia laugh watching lily and aram.

Salim come to lily and smile " how are you lily ? " ask salim.

" I'm fine salim " said lily.

Then salim tool up to sonia " how are you aunt sonia ? "

Sonia smile " I'm fine salim " said sonia.

" lily aram why don't you two play here . . ammijan will take aunt sonia to show her around  . . . " told jodha, lily and aram nod " salim watch out your sister and lily for me ok . . ammijan will come back soon " said jodha to salim.

Salim nod " ok mijan . . . . " reply salim, then lily and aram go to play dolls and jodha with sonia leave, sonia notice there are two babysitter and bodyguards inside to watch out kids too and there are another bodyguards too in front of the door so kids will safe.

" how you got these building jodha ? " ask sonia.

" well it's belong to jalal and he may be have plan to make it as hotel or that kind thing but when he know that I want to open shelter for women who abused victims he give these building to me " said jodha.

" that is very amazing . . . . you know not every husband will do the same " told sonia.

Jodha nod " I know . .  but he know how much I want  to help those women . . . you may know about my past . . I was abused victim once and I know what these women going through " reply jodha.

" yes jodha I've heard about your past . . . it must be hard for you . .  but you've made it and even you able to help women who suffers the same like you " sonia really admire that jodha who married with rich guy like jalal not only  just enjoying her life spending their husband money.

" yes it was very hard but thank God I've got jalal on my side . . he help me to come out from my fear and he is very patient with me . . . all women here  not lucky as I am to have someone like jalal who support me unconditionally so I want to give them that " said jodha.

" I can understand your feeling jodha . . . . " said sonia, then jodha show her around and sonia really wish she can work in a place like this, that is always her dreams, working to help others, she see jodha done fantastic job, she is not only just help those women but she give them second chance.

" these shelter is really amazing jodha and it must be nice to work here " said sonia with hopefully.

" are you interesting working in this kind field ? " ask jodha.

Sonia nod " ooh yes jodha . . . I want to my make my self usefull for other and that is why I always help to arrange charity fund raiser " told sonia.

Jodha smile to hear her answer " do you interesting work here ? " ask jodha.

Sonia look at jodha with surprise " are you serious ? " ask sonia.

Jodha nod " yes . . . actually I need someone to help me . . usually I work with shehnaz, she is jalal half sister but she now live in dubai with her husband, and aunt juhi that is moti mother will leave to travel around the world with ammijan . . . . I can handle everything by myself but it would be great if I have someone to help me " told jodha " so if you really interesting to work here I would love to have you " she add.

Sonia can believe that her dream will come true " oooh jodha . . of course I want  to . .  it's my dream to work in shelter like this and with you . . . . arjun not gonna believe me when I told him that I can work here " said sonia with happy.

Jodha chuckled see her enthusiasm but she like it " you can take lily here . . this shelter very safe . . we had tight security . . . jalal and bobby arrange security here . .  jalal know that we deal with abusive husband and other family member so he make sure this shelter is save " told jodha.

" yes he is right . . .  ooohh jodha I'm soo happy . .  when I can start to work ? " ask sonia, she really can't wait to tell arjun about this.

" up to you . .  you can start whenever you want " reply jodha.

" I will start tomorrow . .  how about that ? " suggest sonia.

" fine by me . . and aram will very happy that she can play with lily everyday " said jodha with amusement.

Sonia smile " oooh yes . . . lily will very happy too . . she keep talking about lily and hussain . .  I think they already become best friend " told sonia.

Jodha laugh " yes . . . now come on I will show your office . .  let me know if you need anything . . . . " said jodha and sonia nod then jodha show her office and sonia really happy and she really want to tell arjun about this.

Bakhsi done making design for kids, she really want to make kids clothes especially for girls, she is done make some clothes and she imagine aram in those clothes, that beautiful little girl will make those clothes more special, but then suddenly bakhsi feel nausea and she feel unwell, she wonder if se sick or something, she then go to her room and laying on bed and when she just close her eyes her phone rings, she see the name on screen and she smile.

" jodha . . .  " she said.

" bakhsi . . . how with the clothes design for kids ? " ask jodha.

" it's going well . . . . and I've finish made some clothes for aram . . . I will bring it to . . . ouuughhh  . . . . .  "

Jodha hear bakhsi sound unwell " bakhsi are you ok ? " she ask.

" I'm fine I just feel headache and sometimes I vomit but I got tired and feel sleepy these days with easy " told bakhsi.

Jodha who already pregnant twice can see sign when someone in early stage pregnancy " bakhsi . . . you should see doctor " said jodha.

" may be I should . . . don't worry . . .  it may nothing . . may be I got tired from making design on stop and so I always feel sleepy " reply bakhsi.

" I will come over after I pick up hassan hussain " said jalal " now you take rest ok " told jodha.

" ok thank you jodha " said bakhsi and then she end the call, bakhsi close her eyes, she feel really tired and she don't know why she feel like that but she make sure herself that she is tired from work, meanwhile jodha who worry about bakhsi decide to call bobby.

" bhabijan . .  what can I do for you ? " ask bobby with cheerfull, he just got another contract and he and his employee will celebrate it at lunch.

" bobby . . I've just called bakhsi and she sound unwell . . is she sick ? " ask jodha.

" no bhabijan . . . so far I know she is fine . . . what happen ? " ask bobby with worry.

Jodha decide to tell him that she suspect bakhsi might pregnant " listen bobby . . . I want to tell you something but you shouldn't tell bakhsi about this untill doctor confirm it " told jodha.

" bhabijan you make me scare . . do you think bakhsi . . . . . "

" I think bakhsi pregnant " cut jodha and bobby almost fall from his seat because he really surprise with what jodha just say to him.

" what you just said bhabijan . .  . bakhsi . . . . she . . . she pregnant ? " ask bobby, he still can't believe what he just heard.

" I think so . .  bakhsi tell me that she got headache and seems want to vomit . . she got tired very easily and feel sleepy  . . that sound like symptoms first trimester pregnancy . . . . . " told jodha.

" oooh bhabijan are you sure about that ? " bobby really hope what jodha said is true, she and bakhsi yearn for their own kids.

" that is what I think . . . you should take bakhsi to doctor to confirm it but don't let her know about this . . . we don't want her hope rise just to get disappointing if the result she is not pregnant " suggest jodha.

" you are right bhabijan . . . I will so what you said . .  thank you for letting me know about this " said bobby.

" you are welcome . . . and if my guess right congratulation bobby " she said.

" thank you bhabijan . . I will bring doctor to check bakhsi condition " said bobby.

" you do that and I hope it will be a good news " said jodha.

" thank you bhabijan . . I will leave now " reply bobby and then the line went dead, jodha smile because she can feel that new member of mughal family will arrive.

" mimi . . . why are you smile ? " ask aram, she jump on jodha lap.

" because I'm very happy aram " said jodha.

" oooh why are you happy mijan ? " ask salim, he climb and sit beside jodha.

" this is a secret so don't tell anyone about this ok " told jodha.

Aram and salim become very serious " we promise wont said anything to anyone " told salim and aram nod agree with her twin.

" well ammijan guess that aunt bakhsi will have a baby " said jodha.

" what is a baby mijan ? " ask aram.

" a baby is someone that adult woman giving birth to . . you and salim a baby once even now you two still a baby " told jodha.

" I want to have a baby too mimi " said aram.

" me too mijan " reply salim.

Jodha laugh " may be when you two grown up will have a baby . . . . " told jodha, aram and salim look very happy.

Meanwhile bobby bring dr jayato check bakhsi condition, bobby told her about bakhsi condition and ask her not to tell bakhsi about possiblility she is pregnant and she understand, then they enter bedroom and bobby find bakhsi sleeping peacefully, he come and sit beside her.

Bobby caress her face gentle " baby wake up . . . . "

Bakhsi open her eyes slowly and see bobby " bobby . . what are you doing here ? " ask bakhsi.

" jodha bhabijan call me and said that you sound unwell so she ask me to check on you " said bobby, bakhsi smile because jodha attention to her, she is like mother hen to everyone even to their ammijan.

" I'm fine bobby . . . . just feel little bit unwell " said bakhsi.

" well I bring doctor jaya . . . she will check you " said bobby.

Dr jaya smile to bakhsi " helo bakhsi " she greet bakhsi.

" helo doctor . . . . my husband too much worry about me but I'm fine " said bakhsi.

" well since I'm here why don't I check on you to make sure everything is ok " suggest dr jaya.

Bakhsi nod " ok then dr jaya . . . . but I'm sure that I'm ok " said bakhsi, bobby look at her and smile.

" good girl " tease bobby and bakhsi giggle, then dr jaya check bakhsi and listen to bakhsi about what she feel.

" I will take your blood and will send it to lab . . . I want to make sure you are not infected by virus " said dr jaya " basically you are fine but since you feel nausea and sometimes vomit so must check everything " she add.

" sure doctor . . . . let me know the result . . hope there is nothing wrong with me " reply bakhsi, then dr jiya take some blood for sample and will send to lab when she back to hospital.

" ok I've done checking you . . . until result from your blood sample clear that you are healthy you need to take these vitamin . . .  I will call you and your husband as soon as the result out " told dr jaya.

" that would be good . . . thank you dr jaya " said bobby, dr jaya nod and smile to bobby, she is positive that bakhsi pregnant but her blood test will confirm it, then bobby accompany dr jaya to helicopter that ready to take her back to hospital after that bobby back to bakhsi side " how are you feeling ? " ask bobby.

" tire and sleepy " said bakhsi " I don't know why I feel like this these days " she add with confuse.

" we will know soon but now I want you to rest ok . . . I will be here with you " said bobby, bakhsi nod and she smile because she don't like when she laying on bed alone without bobby, bobby kiss her forehead and bakhsi eyes start to close, bobby caress her hairs and he pray to God to let them have their kid now, he touch her belly and he pray again, and bobby don't know that God granted his pray.



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beautiful chappy di
kids r so cute mainly lily asking abt hussain
sonia is so excited to work there
finally bakshi is pregnant
aram n salim r adorable while asking abt baby
update soon di
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Nyc chappy dr

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