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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 15)

natashathakur IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 May 2016 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
Awesome chapter di

Ms.Oswal Senior Member

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Posted: 01 May 2016 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
Awesome update .
Oh poor chudail Angrynow. It's time for payback for that stupid. Stunt of hers by Wink mughal lioness.
Oh really these people can joke her also that is what is said to be true family.Clap

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 3:29am | IP Logged
Awsome chappy Didu..
They get Abdul innocen proof...
Even in critical condition they are enjoying...
Acchse logo ke sath aachi hi hota hai..
lovespari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
amazing update ndii..
finally thy gt proof of abdul innocence.
ohh god thes mughals seriously bobby n abdul right only thy hv capacity to survive in any horrible situation n tht also with lots of fun...ROFL
poor benz now she all goneWink
thank u fr pm
kartikaJA IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 8:29am | IP Logged
waiting for your all update di
please update
sho123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 8:33am | IP Logged
update ndi
Ndi81 Goldie

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Chapter 219



          Abdul, selima and moti along with with their bodyguards arrive in police station using helichopter but reporters already waiting for them not far helicopter port and the moment they see abdul and selima they become wild and try to interview him but both ignore them completely, moti accompany abdul when interrogation start while selima wait outside with calm and patient, some police woman whispering that they feel pity for selima who believe in her husband but he done this shameful crime, some reporters success to enter and they try to disturb selima.

" mrs selima how you feel that your husband being accused for rape attempt ? " ask one reporter.

" mrs selima it turn out your husband not like what you think . . he just a bas***d that can't keep his little man in his pants . . . . .. "

Selima angry listen to them judging abdul whatever they want, selima stand up and facing those reporters but her bodyguards prevent her, selima give sign to her bodyguards that she can and handle them " do you know my husband ? " ask selima to those reporters and they all suddenly become quite " I ask  . . . do you all know my husband ? you said he is like this and that like you know him soo well . . no . . you don't know him but I know him since very long time a go . . . I know him like I know my self . . . you all may not realize that when you all write bad things about other people without know the truth you can hurt other people feeling too . . . and let me give you advice before you all bad mouthing about my dear husband why don't you all check who is this benazir . . . I'm a woman too and with jodha the wife of jalaluddin muhammad like to help women who suffer from abusive husband or other family member and I despise man who do such heinous crime, if my husband did such terrible crime I'm the one who will put him in jail . . .let me tell you very clear . . I know my husband and I trust him . . . .  I will fight with whoever try to tarnish his good name " said selima with calm and cold then she look at camera with straight " benazir . . . you've been disgrace woman with this fake rape accusation . . . you pick the wrong man to mess with . . " she said and those reporters for a while feel chilling in their bone when they see selima with calm and cold give warning for benazir and how she defend her husband, then selima leave and when reporters try to fun after her bodyguards prevend them to get close to selima.

Meanwhile in mughal corporation building police interview employee who works in the same floor with abdul and ask them if they see anything that day, employee look doubt to give information but jalal reassure them to tell the truth there is no need to hide anything and he guarantee no one will get into trouble, police want to interview jalal but he refuse because he is not in this building when that happen and he leave when police want to ask more, his employee smile watching their big bos dismiss the police soo easily, reporters desperate want to enter mughal building but they all stuck in entry gate and if they force they afraid will be sue because this is personal property.

After three hours being intterogate finally abdul and moti come out from interrogation room, there are no worry or concern on their face, they are smile and selima chuckled becaue there is no way a businessman with abdul calibre will let those police break him, whoever work with jalal must mastered poker face.

" how It going ? " ask selima.

" it's fun actually . . . abdul break all their tactic to trap him so he will slip and he confess . . . .  you did a great job abdul " praise moti.

" I've been in the most scary business deal with . . . . they should learn from jalal how to interrogate people " told abdul with amusement.

" yes that is right . . . come on we can leave from here . .  they said court will start next week . . . and we will crush that woman that time " said moti.

Selima nod " ooh yeah moti . . she dare to mess with my husband so she will pay the price " reply selima, abdul smile watching how protective selima toward him and he feel lucky to have her in his life, he hug her and kiss the top of her head.

" I'm soo lucky to have you as my wife selima . . . I'm truly bless " said abdul and selima laugh, one reporters take picture when selima and abdul hug each other, it's a beautiful picture how they seems give support and strength to each other, meanwhile benazir watch the tv and see when selima warning her, she smirk because she know that mughal in desperate now and she like to see them suffer, she will destroy that abdul, she like to play a victim and her acting really good even her lawyer and police got fooled by her, and in court she will act brilliantly as rape attempt victim that even judge and jury will feel very sorry for her.

Sonia see arjun watch the news, since he leave company he look more happy and relax, he play with lily most of the time but she know that deep inside he little worry about their meeting with jalal and his family tomorrow morning but sonia making him sure that everything will be ok, sonia believe that a grand success will come to arjun and she can feel his bright future, arjun is a nice, kind and honest man, that is what make sonia falling in love to him, so she believe luck will with him now and she will always supporting him no matter what.

It's saturday morning and arjun along with sonia and lily drive to mughal residence, sonia been very excited and lily too the same that now she will have a new friend, but abdul and sonia feel little bit worry about mughal kids, they've heard and see how some kids come rich family very arrogant and don't want to be friend with kids that not come from the same background like them, arjun met mughal kids once and they seem very nice kids but he don't know them yet.

" daddy . . .  it still far away ? " ask lily while she looking outside.

" no sweety . . look we can see the entry gate from here " arjun pointing the huge gate ahead.

" wowww .  . this amazing land and would be heaven to have home here " said sonia with amaze.

Arjun chuckled " I bet it cost jalal fortune when he bought this land . . but I guess that amount money wont make him bankrupt . . . if only you know how much jalal will spend to built adventure park for his kids . . . he is very good father " told arjun.

" I've heard about him as family guy . . he love his kids a lot and he adore them " reply sonia, then they arrive in front of entry gate, one security guy ask them who are they and what they want.

" i'm arjun and mr jalal waiting for me . . he inviting me and family to come to his home " told arjun, the security guy check something on his hands, then he nod to someone and the gate start to open, arjun start to drive again, sonia and lily look very amaze with the view around mughal business complex and mughal resident.

" my God arjun . . . those office building is insane . . . and what is that huge building not far from mughal office ? " ask sonia.

" ooh that is apartment complaex for employee " reply arjun.

Sonia watching him with disbelief " are you serious ? they even have own apartment for employee ? " ask sonia.

Arjun nod " yes and even they have daycare for employee with baby and kids and even sometimes jalal kids play there when they come to jalal " said arjun.

" they seems very nice and kind people " said sonia " well I heard a lot about jodha but I never meet her in person and this opportunity really amazing for me " reply sonia and arjun laugh, then they arrive at another entry gate and after security clear them up they enter mughal resident, after look soo much beautiful nature they start to see some huge house.

" oooh my God . . . . do you see those house ? beautiful house " said lily.

" yes lily those are beautiful house . . . . geez arjun do you see what I see ? " ask sonia, she can't believe someone actually can built all of those beautiful houses " said sonia " which one that belong to jalal ? " ask sonia.

" jalal said his house the one on the top of hills " said arjun and when he arrive in front of jalal house the three of them just feel amaze, then they see jalal coming out, he is wear black t-shirt and jeans, he look soo handsome and fresh, he could make the most handsome model jealous with how the way jalal pull off that simple attire " come on .  .  " said arjun then he get out from his car and helping sonia and lily out from car too.

" good morning . . . . " greet jalal.

" good morning . . .  " arjun greet him back " jalal let me introduce you . . this is my wife sonia . . that this beautiful little girl is lily my daughter " arjun introduce sonia and lily.

" hello . . I'm jalal . . . " jalal and sonia handshake.

" I'm sonia . . it's nice to meet you . . been heard a lot about you " said sonia.

Jalal chuckled " ahhh really " he said then he look to beautiful girl and he kneel in front of her " ooh you must be lily . . . nice to meet you lily " said jalal.

Lily smile " nice to meet you too uncle . . . . " reply lily with shy yet curious.

" you are very beautiful little girl . . aram will love to meet you " said jalal.

" aram ? who is aram ? " ask lily.

" aram is my daughter and she is about around your age . . . .  " then suddenly they hear noisy and they all look at the door and see kids running toward them, then sonia see jodha, the woman she want to meet the most, she is very beautiful and at her side there is a very beautiful little girl, she is just like little jodha with black long curly hairs, rahim, hassan, hussain and salim standing beside jalal and look at arjun, sonia and lily with interesting.

" helo . . . . I'm rahim . .  nice to meet you all " rahim introduce himself with confident.

Arjun smile " ahh finally I can meet the eldest son " reply arjun " nice to meet you rahim . .  this is my wife sonia and my daughter lily " told arjun and rahim nod, lily very fascinating when she see hassan and hussain.

" daddy why they are two of them ? " ask lily witn confuse.

Arjun just about to say something when hussain answer her " we are twins . . I'm hussain . .  and this is hassan " reply hussain.

" hussain . . . . . hassan . . . . . " said lily and she keep watching hussain and hassan.

" hussain bhaijan it's my turn . .  hello I'm salim . . . . and that is my twin aram " told salim with happy.

Lily looking at aram and both looking at each other, aram look up to jodha " mimi . . . . . . . " jodha smile and then she nod, aram come to lily and standing in front of her, she smile to lily make her face more cure and beautiful " helo . . . .i'm aram . . . . " said aram.

Lily looking at aram long curly hairs with amaze then she smile too " helo . . I'm lily . . . . . your hairs very beautiful . . . . . " said aram " mommy I want hairs like aram too " told lily and everyone laugh.

" helo . .  i'm jodha . . I'm glas that finally can met with arjun wife " told jodha and sonia nod.

" it's been pleasure to meet you . . I always want to meet you in person and I still can believe that finally this is happening " said sonia with excited and nervous.

Jodha reach sonia hands and hold them " I'm glad you can come to our house . . . come let's go inside . . . we will have breakfast together but will wait untill others come " told jodha.

" lily come . . I will show you my bunnies " said aram.

" bunnies ? you have bunnies ? " ask lily, she look surprise.

" yes . . . you want to see and play with them ? " ask aram.

Lily nod with excitement " of course . . . mommy daddy .  . can I ? " lily ask arjun and sonia permission with hopefully.

Arjun smile " sure lily . .  go with aram . . . " told arjun, aram take lily hands and they run to the backyard.

" boys . . watch out for aram and lily " told jalal.

" we will bujan " said hussain with confident and he keep looking at to where aram and lily just go and jalal notice that, then boys follow aram and lily.

" they are amazing kids " praise sonia.

Jodha laugh " yes they are .  . come let's go inside . . I'm just about to prepare the table " said jodha.

" let me help you " reply sonia and jodha nod then they both leave.

" well I guess it just the two of us now . . . " said jalal and arjun know that jalal may want to talk with him " come let's go my study room so we can talk there before others come to have breakfast together " he add and then they both go to jalal study room, arjun pray to God that since his future will decide now and he hope God with him now.


 Big smileBig smileBig smile

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erning_w IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update 
Can't wait for the court of Abdul and Benz case
And Hussain.. he's so cute... he start adore Lily..LOL
And Jalal's eyes always know anything LOL
Continue soon 
And thanks for the pm Smile

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