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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108 (Page 14)


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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Awesome chappy Didi...
Salima speech is really good...
Benazir is gone now...
Sonia is amaze to see Mughal residence...
Kids part is funny n lovely...
Arjun is fear abt his future..

Ms.Oswal Senior Member

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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 11:54am | IP Logged
Best reply given to stupid,by  SAlina.
Oh Lily is so sweet like aram.
Nice that ja didn't give interview to police .
sho123 IF-Rockerz

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its amazing chappi ndi
thanks for pm
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Fantastic chapter n thnxx for pm di
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Lovely update dear. ...
Arjun nd family r so amazed to see jalal home...
Nd kids r happy playing. ...
Salima ans was superb. ...
Update soon. ..
Nd thanks for pm. ...
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Nice update...
Thanks for pm..dear
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Chapter 220



          Arjun look around jalal study room and he smile because he feel it's soo jalal type, but in living room, guest room he can feel woman touch.

" you have amazing house here " said arjun.

Jalal smile " thank you . . .  it take time to built these residence but it worth it " said jalal.

" why are you built these resident and then move your company near ? " ask arjun.

" actually I built this resident for my ammijan . .  her dream is to have a house surrounded by nature and so I look here and there untill I got this land and then I start to built houses here for my brother and sister, another my ammijan dream is to have her kids close by even after we've been marry so that is the reason I built houses for my family . . . " told jalal and arjun nod " and regarding of move company here because I can't be far away from my family even for work " he add.

Arjun smile " really ? " ask arjun.

Jalal chuckled " after my kids born I can't be part away from them and jodha for a long time, so if I move my company here I can reach them in less ten minutes and even I can take kids to office when there are to much on jodha hands " told jalal.

Arjun look at jalal with a new perspective " you I've heard about you as family guy but I never imagine you willing to do that far for your family " said arjun.

" my wife and kids are very precious to me and so I will do anything to keep them close to me " said jalal and he wink.

Arjun laugh " yes well if possible I would do the same " reply arjun.

" ok now let's talk about  you and benazir . . . abdul already talk to me about what you do . .  and to be honest you already have two cheerleader . . . " said jalal with amusement.

" cheerleader ? " ask arjun confuse.

" jodha and abdul already ask me to give adventure park to you " reply arjun.

Arjun feel very touching that abdul and jodha did that for him " owhh . . my God . . I don't know what to say but I know this is not easy problem, my design that chosen by you and all under benazir company and if we use that we could have problem " said arjun.

Jalal smile because he is glad that arjun realize the problem " yes that is true . . . but I must admit that you are the perfect one to do project and I already think about these, I will hire you as my architect and I want you too make another design completely different from your last design . .  you think you can do that ? " ask jalal.

Arjun can't believe what kind luck that been with him " ooohh my . . are sure about this ? " ask arjun.

" yes . . .  I've seen your design and your ethic work . . . with new design we wont  have problem with benazir in future . . and with your first design used by mughal could be your stepping stone to open your architect firm " told jalal.

" oooh I don't know how I can say this but thank you . . . when I decide to break partnership with benazir, I want to open my own company and sonia support me one hundred percent  . . . I know it wont be easy to start everything from nothing . . . . . "

" yes it wont be easy " cut jalal and arjun looking at him " but when you success by your own that it the most precious . . . trust me arjun . . . you will success on your own . . I don't know what the reason you joint with benazir to start a company since I know you are capable to manage your own company " said jalal.

Arjun suddenly feel confident about his future, because this is jalal who is talking about, he is very experiences businessman and he never said that not the truth " it's kinda a long story but you are like sonia . .  she said she want me to out from company since a long time a go but since she respect my decision so she never said anything " told arjun.

" smart lady . . . believe in your self arjun . . " reply jalal and arjun nod " so it's decide adventure park belong to you . .  bring me the new design as soon as possible . . . I can't wait to take kids there " said jalal.

Arjund nod with confident and determination " I will jalal . .  and thank you " said arjun, jalal just smile and arjun that time believe that no matter what happen with benazir and mughal but arjun believe that everything happen for a reason and now he look forward his future with much happier.

Sonia with happy helping jodha set the table, she can't imagine all mughal gathering together here to have breakfast together.

" so sonia . . . why you want meet me in person ? " ask jodha.

Sonia smile with shy " well it's kinda embarrassing but I like to help to held party for charity fund and I've heard a lot about you, I read about how you built shelter and help women that been abused victim, you embrace them in your shelter, teaching them so they will have skill and after ready you let them to start to stand on their own foot . . . I never know someone who willing to do something like that . .  and to be honest I admire you jodha . . how you giving those woman second chance so they can start their life again " told sonia.

" aaahhh I see . .  have you come to my shelter ? " ask jodha.

Sonia shakin her head " no jodha but I'd love to . . . been very curious about how you run that shelter " reply sonia " and you know my passion is want to work  with something like your shelter " said sonia.

Jodha smile " why don't you come to shelter on Monday ? I will show you around " said jodha

Sonia look excited " really ? oooh that is will be amazing . . but I can't leave lily . . . . "

" you can take her . . . salim and aram are with me too when I work at shelter and there are playground for kids too . . . don't worry I've got babysitter and bodyguards to keep an eyes of kids " told jodha.

" oooh yes yes . . I will come to shelter on monday . . I always want to come and see your shelter " reply sonia with happy and excitement.

Jodha chuckled " ok then . . . and I will show you around shelter " said jodha, sonia nod, she can't believe that jodha are this nice and kind, she is beyond what she ever read or heard and now she got the chance to see her shelter, jodha think that sonia are the perfect person to take shehnaz duty but she will see her on monday, if she comfortable around shelter and people in it she will offer sonia to with her at shelter.

After breakfast kids goin to play again with bunnies, aram and lily eventhough they are just knew each other inseparable and hussain always tag with them.

" aram . . . your bunnies really cute " praise lily " I always want a bunnies but our house don't have garden like this so it will pity to keep them in cage " said lily.

Aram nod " yes . .  bunnies must play and running here and there . . . " reply aram.

Hussain smile looking at his sister and her new friend " you can come here lily whenever you want to play with bunnies " said hussain.

Lily looking at hussain with bright eyes " oooh really ? I can come again ? " ask lily.

Hussain nod " of course . . . " reply hussain and lily give him a sweet smile and hussain look soo happy.

Jodha and jalal who happen see the three of them just smile looking how hussain act like bodyguard for aram and lily.

" see jodha how hussain keep following aram and lily . .  see how he watching lily " said jalal with happy.

" and we like a pervert peep kids play " tease jodha.

Jalal laugh " shut up jodha . . . you see how hussain eyes getting bigger and the excitement is very clear . .  . our son fall for that sweet beautiful lily " said jalal with happy.

" come on jalal . . . really ? he is just a little boy " reply jodha.

Jalal looking at jodha like she is an alien " hey sometimes that is happen . . and I'm very sure that hussain already choose his bride " said jalal.

Jodha just shaking her head " oooh dear Lord . . . jalal don't tell me when our sons start to show interest in girls you will act like this ? " ask jodha and she can't help to laugh see jalal behaviour.

" hey I'm their abbujan and I will make sure my sons will get the right girl . .  you know I might follow them when they start dating " suggest jalal.

Jodha laugh soo hard make kids looking at her " oooh dear husband . . . you are very cute . . thank God I'm not one of your kids " tease jodha.

Jalal laugh " well I'm thank God for that too . . you born into this world to be with me . . become mine . . . . " he said while looking at her with love.

Jodha smile then she rest her head on his chest " you only said about boys . . how about aram ? " ask jodha.

" no man will allow get close to her . .  she is only for marriage only . . only her future husband who will can go with her not boyfriend " said jalal.

" poor aram . . . you know even man will get trouble to get to know aram because aram adoring you and she will compare every man to you and I guess that the hard part because no man can win when they compare to you " said jodha.

" hmm what can I said jodha . . I'm the best man that God ever create " said jalal with full himself and jodha hit his chest slowly " don't worry jodha . .  a prince will come for our little princess " told jalal with confident.

" yes I know .  . and I got feeling aram and lily will best friend " said jodha, jalal watch aram and lily, he know that jodha is right but that is a good thing, in this live family and best friend are the most precious thing, family gathering really fun and arjun along with sonia enjoying their time with mughal, they never imagine that they are very nice, kind and warm people and kids too very open, lily very fond to aram and hussain and on their way back home she can't stop talking about aram and hussain.

" arjun . . you know jodha asking me to come to shelter on Monday " said sonia.

Arjun look at her with surprise " really ? " he ask.

Sonia nod " yes and I really excited about it . . . . "

" but if you want to go how about lily ? " ask arjun.

" well . . . . jodha said to take lily too because she always take kids with her when she go to shelter, there are playground there and babysitter along with bodyguards will help to keep an eyes on kids " reply sonia.

Arjun shuckled " you really want to go there don't you ? " tease arjun.

" of course . . . . you know I want to . .  and it will amazing to work with people like jodha . .  can you imagine if I got opportunity to work at shelter " said sonia.

Arjun smile " why don't you ask jodha if you can work with her . . . I'm sure that she will happy to have someone helping her with shelter " suggest arjun.

" really ? is it ok for you if I work again ? " ask sonia with hopeful.

" of course I'm ok with that sonia . . . you've worked before and you can balance work life and family so there is no issue from me " told arjun.

Sonia feel really happy " oooh arjun thank you . . . . I will talk to jodha about thiss . . . "

Arjun nod " I have good news too . . . jalal want me to take over the adventure park project but I must to make a new design so the older one that under benazir company can't use " said arjun.

Sonia really can't believe that much good thing happen to her family, sonia hug arjun " oohh arjun that is a good news and I'm very sure you can make an amazing design . . " told sonia.

" yes . .  I really thank to God to give me this amazing opportunity . . . but don't you think lily look very smitten with aram and hussain ? " ask arjun.

Sonia chuckled " yes . .  she keep saying aram this hussain that . . mughal kids very amazing right . . they all nice, kind and war toward lily eventhough she may not come from money like them " said sonia.

" yes . . and lily too very happy when she play with them all especially with aram . . she is very beautiful and cute . . and definitely inherit jodha kindness " reply arjun.

" and I already can imagine lily and aram will become best friend " said sonia and arjun nod and he is very happy turn out mughal family are very nice and kids too amazing, he feel very bless to know them.




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awesome update
Hussain like lily
waiting for next update
update soon

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