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waiting for your updates
thanks for informing

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Update plz..
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Update It's more than one week ...
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update soon ndi
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hey guys...ndi might update this story todaySmile
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Chapter 247


               Jalal, kids and whole family waiting jodha to concius and it's getting dark since jodha come out from operation room, jalal want kids to go home and he will call them the minutes jodha open her eyes but they all refused to leave from jodha side, aram still laying beside jodha and she wrap her hands around jodha belly, hassan hussain sitting on chairs beside hospital bed while holding jodha hands together and they give their strength to their mother, while rahim and salim sit on the other side and they too holding on jodha hands, rahim feel extremely sad looking at jodha condition and he is hoping that he can help jodha, kids always stay on jodha side and never leave her even for a minutes and when night getting dark they all falling asleep with head on hospital bed, jalal watching his kids and he feel very touch how they really love their mother, he truly feel bless to have all amazing kids then he look at jodha with love and he never stop pray to God to protect jodha and keep her save.

Jodha feel her body really pain and her eyes very heavy but she feel very strong power try to pull her out from the pain, she feel warmth on her hands and couple times wash away her pain, jodha try to open her eyes that feel really battle fight for her but she feel gentle touch on her hands and help her to fight, jalal see jodha eyes move little bit and he come closer to jodha, he wait with hopefully that jodha will open her eyes, then with relief and happy he see her eyes opened slowly.

Jodha can't see too clear and try to focus her sight, she see darkness and only warm light beside her, then she see jalal and she looking at her with love, there is the love of her life and she come back to him, jodha try to say something but jalal out his index finger on her lips.

" welcome back sweety . . . thank you for coming back to my side " said jalal, and jodha can feel his feeling and she can imagine that he must be worry when she got shot, she still feel the fear that jalal might got shot and without think twice she jump in front of the bullet and she feel happy that she could protect him.

" thank God you are save. . . when I see him pointing gun to you I felt like that if something happened to you I wont able to survice . . . . " she stop talking when she see jalal surprise and tense face expression " what's wrong ? " ask jodha.

" you mean that bullet was for me but you foolish enough to take it from me ? " ask jalal with angry.

Jodha nod with scare because she can feel that jalal terrible angry " I saw that man pointed gun to you and my body move so fast, there is only one thing in my mind that I must protect you no matter what " reply jodha.

Jalal in rage because she got shot to protect him, someone try to killed him but she who must suffered,he is angry to himself because he let jodha got hurt right in front of his eyes, jalal put his forehead on hers " you stupid . . . how can you doing something like that ? you know how I felt watching you got shot ? I was holding your bleeding body . . it was like hell " protest jalal, he really scare that he might lost her that time.

" I'm stupid because I love you and I want to protect you no matter what . . . " said jodha and then slowly she kiss his lips " I can't live without you . . . my life will end if something happen to you" she said with honesty.

" and I feel the same way sweety . . . it was like my heart stop beating when I saw you got shot . . promised me that you wont ever step into danger again even for my sake . . I am a man so I'm stronger and I can bear anything that might came to hurt me " said jalal.

Jodha know that he need to hear that " I promise . . . " reply jodha, jalal looking at her eyes and see that she said the truth, then he touch jodha face and jodha see his hands cover my bandage and she touch it.

" what happened ? are you hurt ? " ask jodha.

" kinda . . . I was so angry with my self and I want to kill someone but I couldn't do anything that time so the wall became my punching bag " said jalal and then he can see tears in her eyes.

" I'm sorry that you must goint through all that . . . "

" ssttt " jalal stop jodha " you are coming back to me and that is the most important for me " he add and jodha nod, then she feel something move on her belly then she look down and she shock to see her kids " they refused to go home and always stay beside you " told jalal and jodha very touching with how her kids show her their love, aram opened her eyes slowly and then she look up and see her mimi awaken.

Aram smile with big " mimiii . . . " call aram loud enough to wake up her brothers, mimi sit then she throw herself to jodha and wrap her hands around jodha neck " mimi . . . mimi . . oooh I'm so happy that mimi wake up . . aram missing you mimi " said aram then rahim, salim, hassan and hussain standing up beside hospital bed and one by one kiss jodha cheek.

" thank God that you are save ammijan " said rahim and jodha smile to him reassuring him that she is fine, she can feel rahim fears even now.

" yes . . I'm completely fine rahim . .  ammijan wontgdo anywhere " said jodha.

" of course mimi wont go anywhere because mimi will always be with aram " said aram and she hold jodha tighten.

" we all worry mijan . . but now we are happy to see you wake up " said hassan.

" yes mijan even bujan crying " told hussain and jodha looking at jalal with love and understanding.

Jalal touch hussain head " you little rascal how can you told your ammijan that I was cried " protest jalal.

" so I can said that we all cried too . . . . " defend hussain and he wink with naughty to jodha.

Jodha chuckled but that hurt her and she winch in pain " oohh dear don't make me laugh . . " protest jodha.

" hussain bhaijan . . mijan still hurt " told salim.

Jodha looking at her kids with happy " ammijan feel happy and bless to have you all in my life . . abbujan said that you all refused to leave and say by my side " everyone nod " but now I'm wake up and I want you all go home . . . . . "

" mijan . . . . " rahim start to protest.

" I want you all to take rest and sleep then you all can come back here . . I don't want my loving sons and daughter getting sick " told jodha.

Jalal nod " your ammijan is right . . come . .  uncle mirza and aunt moti will take you all home and tomorrow you can back here " told jalal, kids looking at each other then they nod.

Aram kiss jodha cheeks then looking at jodha with her innoncent eyes " mimi . . . aram will be back tomorrow and help you brush your hairs " said aram.

Jodha smile with weak, even she feel just fine but she just come back from danger and still feel weak " of course little princess mimi will waiting for you tomorrow " reply jodha and aram smile with happy, jalal then carry aram slowly from hospital bed, then rahim, hassan, hussain and salim kiss jodha cheeks and jodha caress their faces gentle, then jalal take kids out.

" I'll be right back sweety " said jalal, jodha nod and smile to him then jalal and kids leave.

                At lounge sujamal feel worry with jodha condition, he can't believe that someone try to kill his baby sister, heavy pregnant amrita sit beside sujamal with maan singh sleep on her lap, while mirza try to pacify moti, abdul and selima with mustafa sit not far from moti and they all worry about jodha too since she still unconscious post surgery, bobby too try to pacify pregnant bakhsi because it wont bring any good for their baby if bakhsi too tense, while sonali feel terrible and guilty for jodha hurt, she only bring problem to this family and she never imagine that ranjit will do such crime, sonali looking down at maan bai and she try her best to holding back her tears, she feek something warm touch her shoulder then she turn her head and see imran watching over her.

" don't blame yourself  . . . she will be just fine " said imran, he can see through her eyes that she blame herself for what happen to jodha.

" I can't . . . this is my fault that jodha got hurt . . . I never imagine ranjit will doing something low like this . . . . "reply sonali with sad.

" listen to me . . .  this is not your fault . . what ranjit did had nothing to do with you . . it just he and whole mehra family deal with everything, I know their reputation " told imran, and he hold sonali hands, he want her to feel that he will be there for you.

" the one who shot jodha is devon and she is not the real target . . jalal is his target but jodha come between to protect jalal " sonali explain to imran what she saw that time.

Imran look very shock " are you sure ? "

Sonali nod " she must really love him that wiling to sacrifice herself fot his safety " said sonali, she never imagine herself loving someone to that level.

Imran smile " I've heard about their love story and how they love each other . .  you can say that she is the one who can tame the jalaluddin  reply imran.

" I wonder how it would be like to love someone the way they love ech other, I've seen the way jalal looking at jodha and I wonder how it feel to be love by someone like that " said sonali with low tone as if she talk to herself.

Imran hold her hands tighten because he want to say to her that she will feel that soon, he will show her how much he love her " one day you will know sonali " said imran and for a second they looking at each other and imran see a glimps of love in her eyes and that moment he know that they have the same feeling, but now not the right time to talk about this " sonali you must told the what is happening " he add and sonali nod.

" you are right . . they must know that rajit try to kill jalal " reply sonali.

" come . .  I will carry maan bai " Imran then carry sleeping maan bai and accompany sonali to drop the bomb to mughal.

Sujamal in rage and he is ready to kill whoever tried to kill is baby sister, he want blood and he is hunger for revenge, mirza, abdul and bobby feel the same way, they will make sure there will be a blood war, they wil turn this world up side down to find who shot jodha, selima, moti and bakhsi know what inside their husband mind and they wont hold their back because their jodha being hurt very badly, selima notice sonali and imran come to them and she see sonali face tense.

" what's wrong sonali ? " ask selima and everyone now have their eyes on sonali.

Sonali looking at imran and he nod " I want to tell you all something " reply sonali.

Sujamal observe sonali thoroughly " is this about jodha ? " he ask.

" yes . . I know who shot her and I don't think jodha is the real target " told sonali and everyone look surprise.

" what do you mean ? if jodha is not the real target then who is the real target ? you ? " ask moti, sujamal, mirza, abdul and bobby already guess who is the real target.

" the real target is bhaijan . .  am I right " said mirza, moti, bakhsi, amrita and selima looking at mirza in horror.

" jalal ? how that is possible . . who is on earth fool enough try to kill jalal " reply moti.

" my guess ranjit mehra is the one who order his men to kill jalal with hope that if he succeed killed jalal then sonali wont have any back up from mughal family " said sujamal, sonali feel amaze how sujamal and mirza can guess with right.

" how can you guess that ? " ask sonali.

" it's not hard to put it together . . . there is only one reason why ranjit want to kill jalal " reply sujamal.

" we will make sure mehra family pay for what they've done to jodha bhabijan " said mirza with cold angry tone.

" ranjit wont get away from this crime and his men who shot jodha must die " abdul totally angry because ranjit dare to try to killed jalal but instead jalal it's jodha who got shot, then jalal and kids come out from intensive care room, they all can see swollen eyes on kids, jalal carry aram who look tired and sleepy.

" how is jodha ? " ask sujamal.

" thank God she is conscious . . and kids now must go home and take rest . . mirza .. moti . . can you take kids to home and make sure they all take their rest ? " ask jalal.

" of course bhaijan . . I will make sure they all sleep " reply mirza.

" I will take care of them bhaijan " said bakhsi.

Selima and amrita looking at kids who look still sad " how is ammijan ? " ask selima to rahim.

" she is just awaken and asked us to go home . . but tomorrow we can come back " said rahim.

" and we will take care ammijan " reply hussain with determination, he want to make sure his mother will be just find.

" aram will help mimi brush her hairs " announce aram with sleepy.

" and you will little princess . .  mimi will very happy if you help her " reply jalal " but now you go with uncle mirza ok . . take a rest and I will call you all in the morning " said jalal and kids nod.

" baby . . I think you shoul go with mirza . . you and maan singh need to rest " suggest sujamal.

" ok . . I will come back here tomorrow morning and brong new clothes for you " reply amrita, then she ask one bodyguard to carry maan singh.

Jalal looking at sonali " you can go too sonali . . . . "

" if ok . . may be sonali can stay in my place tonight . . I promise she will be safe with me " told imran, jalal staring at him and he understand what is really happening between the two of them then he smile.

" of course imran . . but my bodyguards will come with you to protect you all " reply jalal.

" jalal . . I . . . I . . . "

Jalal smile with gentle to sonali " I know sonali . . after jodha conscious she tell me everything . . she risk her life to protect me " jalal try to sound and act cool while deep inside he is boiling.

" ok bhaijan . . let us take kids go home now " said bakhsi, then jalal kiss his kids one by one then mirza along with moti, selima, bakhsi, mustafa, tariq, maan singh and bobby leave with rahim, hassan, hussain, salim and aram while imran leave hospital with sonali and maan bai, the press still waiting outside hospital, they want to know jodha condition, but mughal family leave hospital use helichopter so they can interviewed anyone, and imran take sonali and maan bai through basement so no one know they are leaving too.

Sujamal looking at jalal with serious " is she really conscious ? " ask sujamal.

" yes . . but still weak . . . " reply jalal.

" ranjit must pay what he did to jodha " said sujamal.

" absolutely . . we will talk about this tomorrow . . " told jalal " you want to see jodha ? " ask jalal.

" may be tomorrow morning I will see jodha . . let her to rest and sleep . . and we will discuss what we will do to mehra family " reply sujamal.

Jalal nod " ok . . we will talk about that tomorrow with jodha " said jalal " I really thank God that she is save . . . she risk her life to protect me, if she didn't make it I don't know what I will do  . . I had no one else but my self to be blame . .  it will takes time to forget when she got shot right in front of me " he add.

Sujamal come to jalal and hold his shoulders " she is save and that is the most important . . . " sujamal can understand jalal feeling " now go and be with my baby sister . . she need you now more than ever " he add.

" you are right . . . ok I will go inside . . . " reply jalal then sujamal watch jalal slowly enter intensive care unit room, he know how much jalal love jodha and see her condition right now must make jalal really sad and pain, sujamal can't wait to meet this ranjit and give him a lesson for hurting his baby sister, he and jalal will make sure mehra family pay for what they did.

                Jalal watching sleeping jodha and he never stop thanks to God for protecting jodha, he come closer and sit on bed, with gentle he caress her face and then he kiss her lips, jodha open her eyes and she smile when she see jalal.

" kids already leave ? " ask jodha.

" yes . . . they are amazing kids . .  refused to leave your side and keep pray for you . . . and for a moment I almost lost my self into beast, my mind and heart turn black and all I want is ranjit blood . . . but our little princess pull me back into light . . the moment I saw her it was like I saw you . . . " jalal touch her face and looking at her with soo much emotion " damn jodha . . don't ever doing something like that again . . I was soo afraid too loose you " said jalal and jodha can see tears in his eyes, her heart feel hurt seeing jalal like this.

" I'm so sorry jalal . . I promise that I wont do such things anymore . . I just want to protect my husband . . . I love you soo much that I'm willing to sacrifice my self for you " reply jodha.

" I don't want that . . if I loose you how could I face this world ? how can I raise our kids ? you are my life, my heart and my soul jodha . . loosing you is like loosing my self " told jalal, jodha touch his face and smile.

" eventhough I died I will always by your side . . I will always inside your heart " said jodha with smile try to pacify him.

Jalal shaking his head " not enough jodha . . . I want to be able to touch you, hold you, hug you, kiss you . . even I couldn't sleep without you by my side . . . you know I'm not strong because I'm a weak when you are not my side . . . promise me that you will always by my side no matter what, I want to die while watching your face " told jalal.

Jodha pouted " you are very selfish . . . you wont let me die first because you don't want to live without me . . if you die first then how I do I live " she protest to him.

Jalal chuckled and he kiss her pouted lips " well we will pray to God to let us die together . . . but nothing like romeo and Juliet " tease jalal and jodha grin with big.

" ok now you must back to sleep . . you need it badly " reply jalal.

" can you lay here with me . . . you know that you are not the only one who can't sleep alone " said jodha.

" yes I'm aware of that " said jalal " and of course I will laying there next to you " he add then he climb on hospital bed and with carefully laying next to jodha, he slide his arms under her head and jodha slowly snuggle to him.

" hmmm this is heaven " she said and jalal smile.

" yes it is " reply jalal.

" what will happen to ranjit ? what will you do to him ? " ask jodha.

Jalal kiss the top of her head " sssttt sweety . . . don't have to worry about that . . I will deal with him . . . now you sleep . . . . " reply jalal and he feel jodha nod her head, jalal caress her hairs until she falling asleep " I swear to you jodha that ranjit will regret the day he is born into this world "  he said with cruel and cold, he wont spare ranjit life for hurting jodha, jalal hold jodha tighten as if he is afraid to loose her, he will make sure that no one will ever even have evil eyes on jodha.




still work on for the other ff so be patient

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