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JA FF The Secret Of Hearts, Thread 6, Cp 247Pg108

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The Secret Of Hearts Index 

Thread 4
Chapter 102 - 152

Thread 5
Chapter 153 - 212

Thread 6
Chapter 213 - Page 1
Chapter 214 - Page 4
Chapter 215 - Page 5
Chapter 216 - Page 8
Chapter 217 - Page 10
Chapter 218 - Page 13
Chapter 219 - Page 15
Chapter 220 - Page 17
Chapter 221 - Page 19
Chapter 222 - Page 21
Chapter 223 - Page 23
Chapter 224 - Page 25
Chapter 225 - Page 27
Chapter 226 - Page 29
Chapter 227 - Page 31
Chapter 228 - Page 33
Chapter 229 - Page 35
Chapter 230 - PAge 37
Chapter 231 - Page 41
Chapter 232 - Page 45
Chapter 233 - Page 48
Chapter 234 - Page 51
Chapter 235 - Page 54
Chapter 236 - Page 57
Chapter 237 - Page 60
Chapter 238 - Page 64
Chapter 239 - Page 69
Chapter 240 - Page 75
Chapter 241 - Page 77
Chapter 242 - Page 81
Chapter 243 - Page 85
Chapter 244 - Page 88
Chapter 245 - Page 91
Chapter 246 - Page 96
Chapter 247 - Page 108

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Chapter 213



          Benazir watching abdul while she sit across to him, he is handsome just like jalal and he have great body too and she almost drooling whenever she looking at his body and she feel that his wife are very lucky to have husband like him just like jodha who is very lucky to have husband like jalal.

" everything is ok with the document ? " ask benazir.

Abdul smile but he keep reading the document " no . . nothing is wrong . . arjun provide everything so I can give down payment for you and arjun " said abdul.

Benazir pouted because abdul even don't look up to her then she got naughty idea, she intentionally unbotten her shirt so her cleveage show and abdul literally will seew what inside " after we've the cheque we will start to built the adventure park " said benazir.

" that is . . . . . " abdul little bit surprise looking at benazir, he can see his bra and her cleveage and he wonder why she is open her shirt like that but it's none of his business so he try to not care, abdul then stand up the then he handed her the cheque " here the cheque for down payment and we will pay off the rest after our adventure park finish built " said abdul.

Benazir stand too and she intentionall bend so abdul can see more than cleveage " that sound good for me abdul . . . . " reply benazir, she look ta abdul with her seducing eyes " abdul can I ask something ? " ask benazir.

" sure what you want to ask ? " ask abdul.

" do you always this serious or you like to have some fun too ? " ask benazir.

" well this is work of course I must be serious but me and my family like to have some fun too " reply abdul.

Benazir walking circle around the table and then she standing in front of andul " that is nor fun what I mean . . . " she said.

" what kind fun are you talking about ? " ask abdul.

Benazir smile and she wink to him " this kind of fun" reply benazir, then she unbuttoned her shirt and open it so her breast and belly shows " I already feel interesting in you abdul since the first time we met . . . . " said benazir with her sensuous voice, benazir meet lots of men who look not interesting in her at first but fall on their knee the moment they see her naked body and she feel that abdul are like other men she ever met, jalal might be different but she didn't have a chance to show his that she is more than his wife jodha, she ie very sure that if jalal see sexy body he will forget his wife.

" benazir . . .  I don't know what are you trying to do but  . . . . . " abdul can't believe what is happening in front of him, benazir open take off her bra and with proud she show her beautiful breasts.

" you can't take your eyes from them right . . . do you want to touch them . . I will allow you do whatever you want with them . . . " said benazir and she come closer to abdul while abdul almost explode watching benazir act riddiculus action but he will see how far this low creature will go to embarrassment herself, abdul silent make benazir more confident that she got him, then she sit on his desk " come on abdul . . your wife don't have to know this . .  it' just between us . . hmmm see how these beautiful breasts they are yearning for your touch . . I've been imagining how it feel when you touch my body . . . . and I can't wait to touch your body too . . " benazir lick her lips with sensuous and abdul really want to laugh watching benazir doing something low like this.

" I'm sorry benazir but I'm not interesting . . . I love my wife and I'm addicted to her body, yes you are beautiful and have sexy body but nothing can ccompare to my wife . . . so you better put on again your bra and shirt . . . don't embarrass yourself more that this " told abdul then he walk to the door.

Benazir feel humiliate more that when jalal reject her, this is ultimate humiliation and he wont let go abdul like how she did with jalal, she tie up her bra then she run toward abdul and hug him from the back, abdul in rage relese himself from her grip and push her that she fall on the ground " enough is enough . . . . I've been kind enough reject you with polite but you really make me no choice than to tell you straight forwards that I'm not interesting in you " said abdul with cold.

Benazir never feel humiliate like this in her life, this humiliation is more than when jalal humiliate her, benazir stand up with slowly then she look at abdul with anger and hate " you will sorry for what you've just did to me . . I will destroy you abdul " threat benazir.

" by all mean benazir do as you please . . . you disgraced woman with what you've just done " reply abdul " now leave . . I wont tell about this to arjuna and jalal even mirza . . if they know what you've  done I assure you that jalal will cancel this project " told abdul, benazir watching abdul with teary eyes and she start to cry but abdul don't care bout that, then without bother to button up her shirt benazir come out from abdul's office and some employee very shock to see that, they curious what happened because benazir look in mess and she crying, on top of that her shirt open up, benazir then run from there making everyone more suspicious, abdul try to cool down his anger and he just can't believe what that benazir just do to him, abdul take out his phone and call the only person he can trust right now.

" missing me husband ? " ask selima with happy.

Abdul feel relax and calm listening to her voice " yes missing you soo much . . . " reply abdul.

" you want me to come over there with mustafa . .  this little guy missing his abbujan very much " she add.

Abdul smile thinking two precious person in his lfe " that sound fun for me . . but selima I call you because I want to tell you something " said abdul.

" oooh what you want to tell me abdul ? " ask selima.

" something very shamefull just happened and you are the only one I can trust that I can told about this because if I told jalal or mirza then the project with arjun and benazir definitely as good as dead . . . " told abdul.

Selima really worry now that what he want to tell her " abdul . . . you make me scare now . .  just tell me what is happening ? " ask selima.

" selima . . . . .  " abdul take a deepa breath then he told her everything to selima, selima really shock to hear that, how can that evil woman try to seduce her husband and when he reject him she threat him.

" ooohh God . .  that woman really want to die . . . I will kill her if I was there " said selima with angry, abdul chuckled listening to his wife, he know that mughals ladies can be scary lioness when it come to guise their territory especially when it come about their lion.

" ooh I really wish you are here too . . I'm very sure that I want to see you fight like moti " tease abdul.

Selima laugh " ooohh abdul how come in this situation you can make joke like that " protest selima " but do you think what will benazir do now ? " ask selima.

" I have no idea selima but I'm asking you not to say a word bout what happen to jalal and mirza because if they know especially jalal he will cancel the contract . . but arjun is my friend and he is a good guy so I can't let that woman act ruined his business " told abdul.

Selima understand why abdul want to keep this a secret " I understand abdul but if that woman try to messing around with you again I want you to promise me that I'm the one who will face her not you . . " said selima.

" fine selima . . .  if that happen I will not step into the battle " reply abdul.

" fine . .  now do you still want me and mustafa come over to your office ? "ask selima.

" of course . .  I need to see my the love of my life after unexpected circumstances " said abdul.

" okey then .  . I will take mustafa there . . he will happy to meet his abbujan " reply selima and then she end the call, selima really angry because benazir goin too far and she going so low to seducing abdul a married man, she don't know what the hell that woman thinking, she need to talk about this to someone, she promise abdul to said nothing but she don't make any promise to said anything to jodha or moti or hamida even juhi, she will talk about this with jodha tomorrow.

Benazir look at the mirrow in her bathroom, she open her bathrobe and she watch her own reflection, she see some bruises on her arms and she smile with evil, abdul wont know what will hit him tomorrow.

" hmmm well abdul . . . just like jalal you are very stupid too reject woman like me and now you will pay the price for what you've done to me . .  no one humiliate benazit the way you did and get away with this . . .  I will destroy you, your famil, your good name " said benazir and she seen again on the mirrow what in abdul's office just like a movie, then benazir take touch the mirror and she scratch it and there is an evil in her eyes.

Jodha and kids just arrive at home and they all run inside with happy, she just laugh watching their action, then she look at zahir who seems thinking about something.

" zahir ..  what are you thinking of that can make your face like that ? " ask jodha.

Zahir look at jodha and he smile " nothing bos . . . " reply zahir.

Jodha staring him with suspicious " are you sure ? you seem thinking about something very serious . . .  anything I can help ? " she ask.

Zahir want to ask her about something but he don't know if this is appropriate to do " hmmm nothing " he said.

Jodha chuckled " you are not a good liar . . .  you want to ask about prita don't you ? " zahir loo surprise when jodha ask that with straight.

" how . . you can guess that ? " he ask.

" well it's written all over your face . .  and everytime we go to prita's bakery you can't take off your eyes from her " told jodha " if you like her why don't you said to her ? " ask jodha.

" I'm afraid she is not ready to start a new relationship . . . she just out from bad marriage " reply zahir and jodha nod understand his feeling " hmm bos can I ask you something ? " ask zahir with doubt and jodha know what he want to ask.

" it's not easy to step into new relationship too for me . . . but thank God jalal always be there for me and he is very patient, he help me to overcome my fear, and always be there for me whenever I need his strength " told jodha and zahir thank her that he don't have to ask that hard question " and I guess this wont easy for prita too but if you really like her then there is nothing wrong for you to tell her how you feel and let everything go with the flow, if she like you too she will let you in and when she do that please be patient, let her decide when she will ready to accept you whole heartly, be there for her whenever she need someone to talk about, be a shoulders to cry on for her and be her strength whenever she is down " told jalal and zahir listen to her  thoroughly .

" I understand  . . .  thank you for advice bos " said zahir.

" you are welcome . . . . and my best for you and prita, she is lucky to have a man like you in her life " said jodha.

Zahir smile with happy " thank you bos for the blessing " reply zahir and he truly grateful jodha support his feeling for prita.

" mimi .  . come on quick . .  I'm hungry " aram call from door and jodha smile to her.

" I'm coming aram . . . . " reply jodha then she look up to zahir and she hold his shoulder for a second " good luck zahir . . .  win prita'z heart " she said and zahir nod with big grin on his face and then jodha enter house with aram while zahir watching his employer with more respect, then zahir take out his phone and send a message to prita, he wish God with him to win her heart.


  Note " sorry guys yesterday i was feeling unwell so couldnt post update

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shivangiganesh9 Senior Member

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amazing chapter 
benazir is so dead if salima comes in front of her.
n jalal i m sure he will ruin her
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Nice update
Benazir is just a shit woman
She is gonna regret now on what she did
Thank God Abdul said everything to salima
Zahir-prita pair is also gonna good just like ur awesome pairs in the ff
Benazir is again with a plan
But we know it's gonna backfire

Hope ur well now
Thanks for update
-Kavya_P- IF-Stunnerz

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Amazing chappy Di 
Benz is something 
Now she gonna face lioness Salima n may be all Mughals
Update soon Di 
SomeoneloveJA Goldie

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 6:20am | IP Logged
It's ok...dear..
Take care yourself...

Congrats new thread...dear..

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lovespari IF-Rockerz

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Congratulation ndii fr new threadSmile
update was nice ...
ohh godd hw cn a womn do tht ...unbelivable...godd.
thanks to god abdul Share it with selimaSmile
thank u fr pm
1357raksha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 6:38am | IP Logged
superb update...
ben is going to face hell nw...
zahir should proceed as jodha said to him...
update soon.. nd thanks for pm...
nd congrats on thread 6...

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