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munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chicksoup

Thanx for the detailed reply. Smile

I don't consider Ranmnath manipulative with his family...He is just CLUELESS as to how to keep everyone happy...He cannot afford further erosion there...so for him, I guess family comes before his profession.

Ramnath meeting Sumo at the stairs...was exactly as Shravan described his meeting with Shravan...He couldn't meet her eye...beyond that there was no animosity I perceived...Just that it looked bad that he would turn away a friend for his family...

As for Priya being the cause for the fights between Shravan's parents...She died ten long years before they separated...I doubt there is any Priya angle to their story.

Ohh yess you are right, thanks for clarifying on the timings .. yess Priya has no angle to Shravan's parents .. she doesn't fit it .. ... 

rest of it, agreed ... he is not directly saying family is above profession as here profession is also related to tiwari ji. , who is again family . basically he is clueless and not able to weigh it down, meaning he is in "dharam sankat "

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chicksoup IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hagen

Even I feel Ramnath is very manipulative because when ramnath confronted angrily that he can tell suman about him leaving to london and not to his family before .It showed that he doesn't consider suman as his family member and when shravan said she is an outsider .Ramnath did not oppose it and even now when kamini said that shravan is helping outsiders he did not defend or oppose her which indirectly means that he doesn't consider them as his family .Maybe he  has lot of respect for nanu but when it comes to his family that is his 1st priority. Somewhere I feel that ramnath is the one who has put an inferiority complex in sumo that she has no right over shravan because she is no match for him and that might be the key reason why suman feels that she cannot say anything to him about how she feels about him.Disapprove

I doubt if Ramnath has any clue as to what Shravan feels for Sumo...if he did, he would openly comment about it...and I feel he'd be happy if the whole family was happy about it...If someone had an objection, he would ask Shravan to rethink...Ramnath seems to function with only one emotion, apparently...FAMILY!Wacko

But I wouldn't call him manipulative...just indecisive...Embarrassed
3serialfan40 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chicksoup

...Well, not as straightforward as he looks, I suppose.ShockedLOL
Here is a man who wants to have a united family at the cost of his son's happiness...The very same dad who would forgive his son for disobeying him and staying back for some other reason ONLY BECAUSE that some other reason was something he himself endorsed...

He could also be the same man who requested Suman to get Shravan to go to London for higher studies...we will know more about that in the future, I hope.

So...It is all about him, eh?

His dreams of a big family..His dreams for his son..His ideas on where one should sacrifice their values...D'oh 

And in the light of the new spoiler about the fb of Suman's and Shravan's mothers meeting...Yeh aadmi kya cheez hai?...Waiting for further revelations. LOL 

...And I absolutely hated the way he refused to comfort Suman as she stood at the stairs, broken...Angry..You better grow up by the time they get married, Sasurji! Stern Smile

I beg to differ !
His dreams for his son are good, his intention of keeping the family together is unrealistic but not bad, His reason for sacrifice was actually noble - he likely will not take money from TiwariJi and yet does it for him out of admiration!
ClapClapClap - applause worthy causes and dreams if only more people in the world had such wonderful altruistic dreams !

He trusted Shravan's judgement about Varun's business, but he gives Varun money for a greater good, which was to keep the peace in the family.  
Even now he does not say dont do it, but he says consider the greater good. He could not look his son in the eye, where does he have the guts to tell Suman who has so much to loose that he wants to keep his family together therefore, he prefers his son to pick the greater good? He adores Mr Tiwari, to let him suffer in his time of need- that is a difficult fact to justify to himself. So he looks away, cause he has nothing to offer no comfort & no solution!. 
I don't think he is sinister, I think the CVs must keep the character as is and not make him a bad guy. there are enough bad people in this already!

Also we dont know why his wife left him, she is possibly another Kamini herself, in fact even worse, kyunki woh mudkar ek baar bhi apne beta ki teraf nahi deki!
So perhaps, he has separation anxiety like Shravan and Sumo do too, therefore he wants to keep what he has left as dis-functional as they are together. 

If he wants his dreams for his son to come true and they are good for his son i dont see anything wrong with it, i think we are trying to make him bad unnecessarily when the reasons for all this strife is the useless Varun -  bada aaya businessman banne, when he cant distinguish a bad contract from a good one! And of course his free-loader mother Kamini! She wants all Ramnath's wealth to go to her sons and not Shravan! In fact she wants it all not even sharing equally - disgusting character - lots of people in the real world like her! Love the actress though she really makes me hate KAMINI :ClapClapClap great job acting like Kamini!

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3serialfan40 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by noexcuse

Originally posted by shivani_agl

Just one question if it is because of Ramnath she didn't send a friend request before what changed that she forced him to accept request while he was pursuing her to go to party?
My theory is that she felt so guilty that she wanted to apologize in person. Ramnath asking her to let shravan down sounds too cliched for EDKV. Just my opinion

Yay! I agree with you, that is so over used! Shravan they showed was heart broken when his mom left and further devastated when his best friend let him down. So he decided to go to England and at least make his dad happy! I dont think Ramanth's goal for his son to study in Oxford was a bad one or that he had anything to do with these two not talking for years. 
why his wife left him, why did she not take her son with her, why she did not bother with her son for so many years? all questions to be answered. Was it Ramanth, was it Kamini, was it herself? Paths to be explored for the CVs to not make it the same old same old! Maybe his wife was not a person who commits. Maybe she suffers from depression, maybe she had a incurable disease and wanted to keep sharvan from the trauma of dealing with  it day2day!  maybe she was just ambitious and was coerced into marriage by her parents and all she wanted was a career. there are so many avenues to pursue, no need to change the character of a person who sits by his guru's feet into this devil who separates 2 young people for what? He is and has been rich enough to send both of them to England if he thought she was keeping Shravan from his goal! Also it seemed like Sharvan had a choice, his father wanted him to go, but it seemed like it was Shravan's decision to go, because the father was pleasantly surprised when he said I will go!
Maybe the man uses all his lawyering skills for his work and at home he likes to keep it simple! i know surgeons who dont treat family, they say it is too emotional and it makes them loose their judgement!

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sanfan Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 4:26am | IP Logged
Soup...nice post...the beauty of EDKV...every character here merits a post!!
I am a fence sitter as far as Ramnath is concerned and personally would be disappointed if he had anything to do with the Sumo-shravan teenage event...simply becos it would take away from the beautiful penmanship of Suman's character sketch. 

I see Sumo as a character that has evolved and is now seen through Shravan's eyes...a reinforcement for the way Shravan always felt pulled towards her.. He continues to rediscover her thru new yet old eyes...She remains his centre of gravity to which he will stay rooted
her"flaws" then and Shravan's bearing grudge for a long time  make for a lovely tale..would be a let down if she was shown as a sacrificing 16 year old...well they had better have a more sensible approach to that backstory if they choose a twist like that LOL

anyways...not wishing to preempt the story telling her but just that all these characters are finely nuanced..be it the Mami or Masi or Ramnath or Chachi...all these just provide the perfect conflict points for the story.

Ramnath's disinterest in Sumo looks apt becos he is perhaps less concerned with anyone other than Raghuvar Tiwari from that clan...to me Ramnath seems a guy who will remember a favour done but less likely to allot favours freely...If he indeed knows Sumo's influence in shravan's life...he would take her more seriously than he seems to as of now. she just exists in the periphery for him...This may be turning point when he perhaps starts to notice her and her covert influence in Shravan's life...Interesting to see how he will react to that discovery!!

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KreyaArshiLover IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 5:49am | IP Logged
I have a theory maybe it could have been like this, Ramanath maybe had asked Suman to help him convince Shravan to go to London, and she might have agreed. But then maybe Shravan than got to know about his mother leaving him. 

And went to Suman to talk but she in to saving her reputation have said all that so she went to him to apologise but he didn't wait and went away. And she didn't want to apologise to him over the internet or on the phone but in person??

Edited by KreyaArshiLover - 25 April 2016 at 5:49am

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Arjst Newbie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 6:27am | IP Logged
Can you please tell me which episode Ramnath asked for Sumo help to snd Shrawan away?
 I think i mssed that episode.

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indranigupta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by noexcuse

Originally posted by shivani_agl

Originally posted by indranigupta

Chick... great analytical thinkingClap
The father-son interaction and Ramnath- Suman one had so many layers. The son who has been a lonely child and also having to live with the pain of knowing his own mother left him (according to his father.. she was always like this) and his only friend, companion and solace ditched him at the same vulnerable point turns out interestingly to be far more more superior morally and ethically. Shravan's realization was dramatic.. his father, a lawyer to boot sidelines what he knows was legally correct to request him to do something which was wrong on several levels (Tiwariji was his guru... Shravan himself was a lawyer and moreover, Varun was actually doing business with a crook, blackmailer), while the girl, Sumo, whom he had understood, believed for the past ten years to be self-centered and selfish turns out to be an absolute gem.
She did not even for a split second thought otherwise but she just says she cannot even think of destroying his family for her dead mother. Her mother whose reputation was her defining identity and her life's goals.
It had such a wonderful feel and yet I felt so sad for Shravan. His father failed both as a lawyer and as his nearest companion. Ramnath's focus to keep his family together seems altogether problematic for me. Wasn't his wife family to him? Why did he let her go? Didnt he fail at that time? And the way he implored Sumo to plead his case to Shravan is (as I think) again reminiscent of what Sumo said that she hadn't left him. I guess the makers would show Ramnath having a hand in the fallout which happened between these two (though I want it to be ever so subtle... he is a clever man, after all).
Just a thought, was the money mess that Sumo's mother was involved in had in fact created by Ramnath?
But, as much as I applauded for that girl in letting go of the only truth that mattered in her life... for him, I was impressed and am very sure that Shravan Malhotra, the shrewd lawyer shall not be ever convinced anything against Sumo. He did learn a valuable lesson on what constitutes selfishness and it shall be who shall be joining the dots and finding about his mother's going away. Also, and more importantly, why did Sumo did what she did those ten years ago (<font color="#0000cc">also, why didnt she contact him in these ten years).</font>
<font color="#0000cc"></font>




Just one question if it is because of Ramnath she didn't send a friend request before what changed that she forced him to accept request while he was pursuing her to go to party?
My theory is that she felt so guilty that she wanted to apologize in person. Ramnath asking her to let shravan down sounds too cliched for EDKV. Just my opinion
 Agree completely, i wouldnt want the CVs to show it was only Ramnath asking Sumo to do all this for his son. But, what i am saying and which was very clear even in friday's episode that Ramnath's way of pushing his son in the direction he wants him to move is often enough dependent on Sumo. The way his eyes pleaded with Sumo at least for me, was a clear indication that in the past Ramnath might have used all his lawyer skills to make the young girl believe that is where Shravan's interest lies. And it must have been subtle because Sumo otherwise might have had told Shravan if someone had coaxed her.
If i remember right, after the engagement party (urvashi fiasco), Sumo did say i didnt leave you. As much as we have seen and understood of Sumo, she really meant that whatever she did with Shravan in the past was never as simple as a friend rejecting someone because of image or peer pressure. But, yet she did leave him forsaken. How do we reconcile these two contrary perceptions? 
My answer is at least in her eyes she did it for her friend, for his well-being. But, it was her understanding of the situation. Her perception which might have also been a misperception.
And, it here that I say Ramnath acted cleverly. Did he request her to go about this business of trampling Shravan's feelings? My answer is no. He only created a situation in which the best possible solution might have been to send his son abroad. A solution which at all times was unacceptable to the son himself. So, certain situations fell into place with his wife deserting him and he made sure that Sumo read those situations in the same light as he wanted her to read.
Is Ramnath plain evil or manipulative? No... but he is a man who does conflate the "bareekiyan" between right and wrong.
And after this incident happened and over the years with Shravan not talking to her and her own problems compounded back at Mami's place.. she only felt (again a perception) that it might be better to speak to him face to face rather than going over social media or all such things. Probably, since she used to visit ramnath's place she often used to hear stories how happy he is there and refrained from interjecting in what she thought was Shravan's happy moments.
But as Sumo herself said to Shravan, often merely the intentions are not which are the most important thing but also, the results.. she failed to connect the dots and did more damage than ever it was intended.
It was a teenager's understanding of a situation, a situation partly created by Ramanth.

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