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chicksoup IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by niara12

Great thought soup !!!!
Indeed the Olv turned up and we all got berserk to hint the connection and predic tooion between Shraman parents with too many out of box hilarious theories of love affairs Big smile
Actually if we look into three instance, his character comes into doubt :
Why Suman said Maine tumhara saath nahi choda shravan...and once you will come back, will let you know the real reason. The true remains that his father badly wanted him to study in London and failed but only after bullying scenario, his mind changes 

When Suman inform Ramnath about his plan to be in London and has booked flight, he went berserk. His ego got satisfy when Sravan try to pacify him by saying Suman baharwali... Pehle batado before gharwale. Cant judge much his anger was directed more towards he planning to settle in London or Suman came to know before

Ramnath ignorance towards her when her family case was harpering peace of Malhotra family, though she not being the reason

Understood they are close-knit family but costing at his sons happiness to keep things intact and giving into Chachi manipulative ways doesn't give him high regards

You highlighted exactly what I had wanted to say.  As for Ramnath's anger when Shravan informed Suman of his return plans before his dad...I think Ramnath is very clear about 'family family'...and is childishly insecure about being left alone or something...It does come out in the most bizarre sounding dialogues!WinkLOL

chicksoup IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by indranigupta

Chick... great analytical thinkingClap
The father-son interaction and Ramnath- Suman one had so many layers. The son who has been a lonely child and also having to live with the pain of knowing his own mother left him (according to his father.. she was always like this) and his only friend, companion and solace ditched him at the same vulnerable point turns out interestingly to be far more more superior morally and ethically. Shravan's realization was dramatic.. his father, a lawyer to boot sidelines what he knows was legally correct to request him to do something which was wrong on several levels (Tiwariji was his guru... Shravan himself was a lawyer and moreover, Varun was actually doing business with a crook, blackmailer), while the girl, Sumo, whom he had understood, believed for the past ten years to be self-centered and selfish turns out to be an absolute gem. 
She did not even for a split second thought otherwise but just says she cannot even think of destroying his family for her dead mother. You dont need to be an expert lawyer belonging to elite societyto be wise, you just need to be morally upright and have a big heart. Her mother whose reputation was her defining identity and her life's goals was cast aside for HIM. 
It had such a wonderful feel and yet I felt so sad for Shravan. His father failed both as a lawyer and as his nearest companion. He failed to support his own son. Why? for his family???
Ramnath's focus to keep his family together seems altogether problematic for me. Wasn't his wife family to him? Why did he let her go? Didnt he fail at that time? And the way he implored Sumo to plead his case to Shravan is (as I think) again reminiscent of what Sumo said that she hadn't left him. I guess the makers would show Ramnath having a hand in the fallout which happened between these two (though I want it to be ever so subtle... he is a clever man, after all). It was such a wonderful direction that Ramnath was moving downstairs while Sumo was on the verge of climbing. Too much of disparity but not the disparity Shravan's family are so proud to flaunt.
Just a thought, was the money mess that Sumo's mother was involved in had in fact been created by Ramnath?
But, as much as I applauded for that girl in letting go of the only truth that mattered in her life... for him, I was impressed and I felt for Shravan so badly. Again, he was let down and this time by someone he used to look up to (he needs sumo in his life, pronto). Also, am very sure that Shravan Malhotra, the shrewd lawyer shall not be ever convinced anything against Sumo.  .
He did learn a valuable lesson on what constitutes selfishness and it shall be he who shall be joining the dots and finding about his mother's going away. Also, and more importantly, why did Sumo did what she did those ten years ago (and why didnt she contact him in these ten years).

Thank You...and as always, such a beautiful response from you, Indrani. Hug

I think / hope they don't have black villains in this story, barring dear Khosla...whose hukm ka ikka, thurp ka patta, doesn't go beyond Varun!WinkLOL

Sumo's mom's debts happened 20 years back...10 years later only Ramnath's wife left him...so I don't think they were connected in any way...Shravan is already scarred about his mom...don't want the poor boy going through a repeat of that regarding his dad...

But...Look at the TIMING! ...I mean..JUST LOOK AT IT!

Ten years back the wife left Ramnath...and within a day or so, Shavan left for London! Who was she and why did she leave? And why did she not come back for her son???...Is there any chance of the parents reconciling?Big smile

We should make some theory on that too.WinkLOL

chicksoup IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by DocD

Hiya Chicks!
Trust my Dearest SS to make a post on the man!Big smile
This man is a player for sure...his slyness was for all to see...quite evidently actually, this week...both the times, when he manipulated or at least tried to manipulate Shravan into what HE believes is right!!
Am glad Shravan is at least beginning to see through him...question his double standards...
LOVED how he gave Ramnath a taste of his own medicine...that "bareek" line was BRILLIANT!Clap
Guess the verdict of the case will be a well-deserved blow!Tongue

Look who is here! Party


I am thinking up a reconciliation angle for Shravan's parents...Big smileLOL 

I want..RECONCILIATION...Because this man needs a BABY SITTER! LOL

Since both the households are celebrating the verdict, I guess Shravan did achieve a miracle. Wink
chicksoup IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrDarcyfan

Chick I agree. I was shocked at Ramnath expecting Shravan to even quit the case. Even if it was not Mr Tiwari, how unprofessional to ditch your client at the 11th hour coz your cousin wants to do business with the opposing party? Is he serious?

I dont know what drove his Mum away, but Ramnath is a bit of an enigma at this point. He doesn't really seem to know what makes his son tick, or who in this case. He is definitely a grey character. He is trouble, I can tell!

Mandy, I know!

How, Unprofessional, right?Shocked

But I am seeing him as a kiddish character actually...sort of like a legal genius...with plenty of mood swings...and zero adjustability when it comes to his own...wife and son...

Let us see if he gets his own redemption track.Wink

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chicksoup IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SahSah

I always had my doubts regarding this man ... he has some under the carpet issues which might be coming out sooner or later...
His family is the most important for him and in search of that perfect he do't mind bending the rules and end up hurting other who don't matter or are not his family.

The missing wife did she oppose of the family and their freeloading or want them out. Was it Kamini who drove her out and Ramnath let that happen

too many questions need answering ...

Was he the reason suman drove shravan away

Is the miss wife/mother coming back

what happened to her

Ah, Ansah!

Is teh wife coming back after ten years?

I would very much like to know...
Doe she know her son is back in India after ten long years?
Why did she leave? Because she couldn't be the ideal wife Kamini is...Manipulative while appearing subservient..
I bet she felt Shravan was better of with his dad, had better opportunities...but herself felt suffocated...trapped???

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hagen Senior Member

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Even I feel Ramnath is very manipulative because when ramnath confronted angrily that he can tell suman about him leaving to london and not to his family before .It showed that he doesn't consider suman as his family member and when shravan said she is an outsider .Ramnath did not oppose it and even now when kamini said that shravan is helping outsiders he did not defend or oppose her which indirectly means that he doesn't consider them as his family .Maybe he  has lot of respect for nanu but when it comes to his family that is his 1st priority. Somewhere I feel that ramnath is the one who has put an inferiority complex in sumo that she has no right over shravan because she is no match for him and that might be the key reason why suman feels that she cannot say anything to him about how she feels about him.Disapprove

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chicksoup IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by munnihyderabad

good topic for discussion on a weekend Thumbs Up

From what I understand, Ramnath is not manipulative to get something done as such, but he looks cynical as he is trying to hide something from the past, which shatters the present . 

His respect and regards and love for Nanaji is unquestionable, beyond the difference of status . The first day, he sits on the floor near Nanu's feet and asks for his 100 Rs as birthday his birthday gift, takes his wishes and then sits on the bed!!. That scene builds up their relation . He always considered tiwari's as his family, during holi preparations he said Suman is family she can help with packing gifts. Even when shravan stays back for Tiwari's case, he surprised everyone with his "I am proud of you, that you took this case in my absence" When shravan was stuck with the case, he gave him a professional advice of out of court settlement, had he not something dubious .. he wouldn't give shravan such advice where they have to pay 6 crores .. his intentions here are unquestionable, from my understanding.

and why he is siding with family over Tiwari's , first thing we notice is, like shravan said.. not once did he look into his eyes while saying so, which means he doesn't stand by what he said . Coming to think of why he said so, the man who saw, his family broken, with a husband and son left alone by themselves..and shravan's tears when his mom left him.. he wouldn't want the same thing to happen with another mother son (kamini and varun) and another family to be disgruntled. hence an attempt made out half heartedly as the other side is another family, that too Nanaji's family and we know what he means to Ramnath, hence he was not able to look into Shravan's eyes and say "family is first priority " or "leave the case for family"  Shravan countering Ramnath here was soo like a lawyer, fab job by writers !!

I watch the show online, and in those links the part of Ramnath and Sumo meeting on stairs was missing..now I read the update.. so if at all Ramnath didn't say anything to Sumo, and silently walked past her, then again kudos to writers.. firstly .. words are not necessary , silence makes the scene even more poignant.  Secondly what and how would Ramnath console Suman ?? atleast I don't have what and how he should convince her, when he himself is not sure. Secondly, he left the two of them Shravan and Sumo,  to deal with it  and he didn't say "don't try to influence Shravan as he has taken the decision" either, so I still don't think Ramnath is any negative manipulative person.


Lastly, what happened 10 years back, I think the scenario to be something like this .. when shravan was hurt after the humiliation, Sumo might have come to Malhotra's to apologize to Shravan.. that is when Ramnath might have told...something to the extent of Sumo's mother being the reason for his not studying in Oxford and now he doesn't want the same to happen with Shravan due to her. I can only deduce this from Sumo's "maine tumhein nahin choda" it's just that she didn't go back to stop him, which makes shravan think she left him. and that could be the reason for Sumo not contacting him in last 10 years. 

Ramnath and Priya might have been best friends like Shravan and Sumo, and Ramnath might even have one sided love for Priya.. but Priya might have considered him a good friend and Ramnath might have stayed back in India to win over Priya and started working with Nanaji..to win over her... but Priya was married to neeraj , by Nanu and Ramnath might have been shattered and later moved on with just what he studied in India.. when you lose loved ones you don't have aim for anything in life and might have married Shravan's mom.. who might have been always insecure and skeptical about Nanu's special place in Ramnath's life...and Priya as well...and Shravan's mom might have confronted and warned Priya to stay away from Ramnath, though there was clearly nothing between them ...  and that could be the reason for many fights between shravan's parents as we were shown. 
Thanx for the detailed reply. Smile

I don't consider Ranmnath manipulative with his family...He is just CLUELESS as to how to keep everyone happy...He cannot afford further erosion there...so for him, I guess family comes before his profession.

Ramnath meeting Sumo at the stairs...was exactly as Shravan described his meeting with Shravan...He couldn't meet her eye...beyond that there was no animosity I perceived...Just that it looked bad that he would turn away a friend for his family...

As for Priya being the cause for the fights between Shravan's parents...She died ten long years before they separated...I doubt there is any Priya angle to their story.

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chicksoup IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Meg12

 Undeserving myself. Great going  chicksoup, Though he might seem as very superlative a moralistic, integrity and with great mannerism but definitely he is cynical, Shrewd and manipulative to me, the one who uses others shoulder to fire gun. I don't agree an astute lawyer can't see through the things, meanline a big lawyer has hawk eyes who can see the pray and lure the danger. Innocenous how much he portray but a successful lawyer can never be tre. His advise to his son Bada lawyer woh hota hai joh case adalat mein jaane na de...meaning lot of connotation, falsely away of bribing policy... And good are those who fight like idiots for years and years. I strongly oppose such catch towards ball, he showed his son wrong path. All it bmeans to reach the zeilth, he had the give and take relationship of bribes. Context suits Mr. Ramnath 'bada lawyer'
Khosla is into forgery business then in what context Ramnath is much convinced that Khosla won't play double standard with Varun. Portraying himself as moralistic and superlative what made him think that Varun is dealing in right preposition, not at all being straight forward..crookedness at its best.
Though with a fake personna of bended eyes, why he wants  Sravan to leave the case, is it right on lawyer side to leave the case when close to verdict. Why he always wants to come between his son happiness. To make his Malhotra family intact, how can he risk ShraMan reputation. Why to sacrifice for the superficiality when he himself was convinced that Sravan is goin to win the case...and himself being an astute lawyer..Mr. Ramnath, he could have kept khosla consignment inside Varun pocket or he just wants to play around this way. At times, I feel Khosla is merely a pawn but actual gameplay hide behind his back. Big question remains, why the house is as it is of Suman. There has to be somebody loyal and known to get so much detailing about Tiwari else its very practical and illogical to turn case after 10 years.
Ramnath wants what he wants. He goes extra mileage to achieve this goal. The guy is challenging,the house intrigue me, definately too much into mind games. He wanted his son to study abroad so would have definately manipulated Suman elsewhere by no means she would have left him go off and would nt even have contacted for ten year's since she doesn't want to come between his career and happiness. His action and expression speak other story more than words. when Sravan called mother selfish and disrespected all women, then why his eyes downfalls.. Several instance their to prove that more than love, too much Obsession's, possessiveness and control on his son. He wants family under his control, no doubt he gave 2 crore without checking business contract and giving advisory. He seem Suman as threat so he didn't allow her to contact him. He was not happy that Suman got to know beforehand of he leaving to London. 
Lot is more to come,he is shades of grey and intriguing person hide behind the bush to show ita real persona

Thanks, Meg.

I feel one of the things about this show is that none of teh characters are that black...because they are all so realistic. 

What Ramnath did on Friday...was so wrong at so many levels as everyone has described...Point is, Shravan knows it and questions it...and Ramnath himself acknowledges it...There is no emotional blackmail...just a plea...he comes across as a flawed person, who has to choose between his friend and his family..

As for Suman's house being the same...I feel it was opened up after the case only very recently...so it stayed just the same and the caretaker looked after it until the case was settled (cases)...the way Khosla walked in and asked Gogol for renovations...felt like he had just bought it a few weeks back and was planning on what to do with it! 

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