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New ishra ss-meri mannat tu,pt 5 on pg 126 updt on Jul 20 (Page 71)

cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by traveller_girl

Awesome and cute update di
Loved ishita's adorable antics
Raman slowly changing because of her
Continue soon 

Thanks hetvi
Will continue soon

cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by akriti154

Superb update di
ishita is so chirpy n full of life
she's falling for raman
raman is in such a bad state
so she's gonna meet d love of her lifee today n she gt raman
continue soon
thnxx 4 pm

Thanks aaku
Yes ishu is falling for him
Will continue soon

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cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 10:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by gunita_ishra

Aweesome update di
waiting for ishra meet
continue soon

Thanks gunita

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cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jaya1867

Awesome update
ishu is so cute
update soon

Thanks shruthi

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cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

beautiful update

cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aymin

Beautiful awesome
ishu is so cute

cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by maduragymhasium

cute update dear

love it so much

ishu is so cute and started falling for raman

nidhi and sarika as usual make plan and failed thank god raman save her like in temple

raman have so much pain  inside his ignorance show how much he feel alone

ishu only make him alright

according to horoscope ishu meet her soulmate today already meet  superb dear

ishra both are sad

i am happy that raman tried to change himself

feel bad for raman mom because of mr bhalla raman and his mom suffered more

hope everything is fine soon

eagerly waiting for ishra face off

continue soon dear

Thanks Lakshmi
Glad u like it
Will update soon

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cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 11:05pm | IP Logged

Raman was having chocolate after ages and he was feeling too good having the chocolate is eating his every sadness,he has read somewhere that chocolates can lift up anyone's mood.after eating it he stand up from his place and went to the water cooler taking his bag.he washed his hand and face and was going towards  the exit when ishita came to the water cooler.she also wanna wash her hand and face but couldn't as her hand was full of chocolate. She can't open the tap.she look around for help and saw Raman going.

She shouted- hello.

Raman heard her voice and turn.he saw a girl is standing near the water cooler and calling him.he thought she want some kind of help,so he went towards her.

When he went near,he saw a small girl is standing near the cooler.he can only see her eyes coz chocolate was smudged all over her face.

Ishita said without looking at raman- please start the tap.

Raman- why would I.khud karo,u have hands.

Ishita- ohho can't u see my hands r filled with chocolates. Sir will scold me if they saw me touching the it naa,please.she said in irritation.

Raman started the tap.she start washing her hand.

Ishita- see it dried.why u took so long to come and open the tap.

Raman- who told u to eat so many chocolates. Daant sadh jayenge.

Ishita look at him and saw him standing next to her.very near,her irritation turned into smile and she said fluttering her eye lashes- I didn't have much.just 25 chocolates.

Raman- what 25,and u think its less.

Ishita nodded and start washing her face throwing water on her face.that's the first time he saw her.her big chocolate brown eyes along with her milky white skin.her cute nose with her soft rose petal lips.everything was so perfect with her.Raman was just looking at her with awe.she was looking cute and innocent. A strand of hair was coming in front of her face again and again,disturbing her in washing her face and disturbing him in looking at her face. He tucked her hair behind her ear and start looking at her again.while she was busy in cleaning her face sprinkling water on it.

Raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai
Uski naram kirnon mein tumko dekhta hoon to dil dhadak sa jaata hai
Dil dhadak sa jaata hai
Raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai

Tum kahan se aayi ho kis nagar ko jaaogi
Tum kahan se aayi ho kis nagar ko jaaogi
Sochta hoon main hairaan
Chaand jaisa ye chehra
Raat jaisi ye zulfein
Hai jagayein sau armaan
Ek nasha sa aankhon mein dheere dheere chhaata hai

Raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai
Uski naram kirnon mein tumko dekhta hoon to dil dhadak sa jaata hai
Dil dhadak sa jaata hai

Meri is tanhaai mein mere is veerane mein
Meri is tanhaai mein mere is veerane mein
Rang leke tum aayi 
Phir bhi sochta hoon main
Kya yahan tum sachmuch ho
Ya ho sirf parchhaai
Khwaab jaisa banta hai aur toot jaata hai

Raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai
Uski naram kirnon mein tumko dekhta hoon to dil dhadak sa jaata hai
Dil dhadak sa jaata hai
Raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai

She washed her face and look at him.he was looking at her without blinking his eyes.ishita smiled seeing him looking at her.they were looking at each other lost in each other when a poen shouted,why u r wasting the water.

That broke their trance and they look away.Raman take away his hand off the tap.he start going when she said- thank u.

Raman turn and said- thank u??why??

Ishita- u saved me in the morning two times.

Raman look at her with questioning eyes.

Ishita- near the temple and then near the drainage.

Raman- oh OK.saying so he was going when she said- u too say sorry.

He turned to her.

Ishita- u talk rudely when I came to give u chocolate.

Raman realised she is the one who gave him that chocolate.

Raman- sorry and thank u .

Ishita smiled and think what to talk next when Raman again start going.

Ishita saw him going and said- can u please wait with driver is yet to come and I am all alone.she said with a sad pout.

Raman- I am getting late.he said with a stern face and left from there with looking at ishita. Ishita show him tongue and said- sadu raavan Kumar. Saying so she went out to wait for her car.

Raman took out his cycle and was going when he saw her sitting silently waiting for her car.she was looking sad ,he look around and saw noone was there.he don't have a heart to leave her alone.he don't wanna go to her but couldn't stop himself either.he make his cycle stand and sat beside her.

Ishita look at him and said- u were getting late naa.then why u r sitting here.

Raman- how much time ur driver will take.

Ishita- I love mathematics.

Raman- what??

Ishita- if u don't answer me then I too won't answer u.she said cutely.

Raman smiled a little and said- I thought to wait with u.

Ishita- he will come in ten minutes.

Raman- OK.saying so he sit silently.

Ishita wait for him to start a convo and when he didn't, she said- u always make such sadu face.

Raman- matlab.he said looking at her.

Ishita- just look at u.itni gandi shakal koi banata hai.moreover someone who is so handsome and cute.she said in a instant and realised what she said.she bite her tongue and said- sorry.

Raman look at her and asked-sorry for what.for calling me handsome or cute.

Ishita smiled and said- no for saying it on ur face.aap khadoos ho naa,u must not like this compliment.

Raman- compliments kise achchi nahi lagti.

Ishita- really,then I must tell u .u r so good,u come to wait with me.thanks.waise I am little angry.

Raman- why??

Ishita- because u scolded me many times today.first in temple,then in corridor ,then in assembly and when I fell u didn't save me either.

Raman- why would I save u.had I taken some kind of oath to protect u.

Ishita- so what,u will let me fall.mujhe lag jaati toh.she said cutely.

Raman- u should walk properly. What was that,u were walking so absentmindedly on the road.chot lag jaati naa.main nahi aata toh.

Ishita- kaise nahi aate,we have to meet naa.she said smiling.

They were talking when they heard a car's horn ,they turn to see and there head banged.

Ishra- ouch.

They saw the car passed .

Raman- can't u see.mujhe chot lag gayi.

Ishita- I can tell u the same.

Raman- but u r the one who is always absentminded.careless girl.he was saying when she hold his head and join it with her forehead.he became silent seeing her action.she joined their foreheads,he close his eyes unknowingly. After that she left his head and said- we should always bang twice.warna Singh nikal aayenge.

Raman open his eyes hearing her words and look at her in disbelief.

Ishita- what?main sach keh rahi hoon,singh nikal aate hai.

Raman smiled a little and said- who told u this rubbish.tumhare kabhi nikle hai.

Ishita- nahi,main toh hamesha bang karti hoon,twice.she said swinging her pony.

Raman- pagal ladki.he said smiling wholeheartedly.ishita too smiled seeing him smiling.

Raman- can I ask u something. Tum roz itni bakwaas karti ho,ki aaj kuch special hai.

Ishita- main roz itni baatein karti hoon.aur aaj special bhi hai.its my birthday.that reminds me,u didn't wished me yet.

Raman- sorry,happy birthday,

Ishita- ishita.

Raman- happy birthday Ishita.he said forwarding his hand.

Ishita shake her hand with his and said- thank u,

Raman- Raman.

Ishita- thank u Raman.

Raman- I am ur senior.

Ishita- but I won't call u bhaiya.

Raman- why?

Ishita- u want me to call u bhaiya.

Raman- no ,Raman will do.they were shaking hand when her car came.

Ishita- bye Raman,gotta go.

Raman- bye ishita.they start going on opposite direction.she sat in her car and the driver was about to start when he called,ishita.

She look out of the car and asked,what happened.

He gave her eclairs and said- happy birthday.abhi yahin hai.

Ishita take it lovingly and said- thank u Raman.

They wave their hands to each other and went to their house,thinking about each other.

Soon they reach their respective home,Ishita was smiling thinking about him and he was also lost in her thoughts.she entered the house and saw the decorations for the evening.she was too happy seeing all that and went to her amma.she was looking after the arrangements.seeing ishita,amma hugged her and said- did u like the preparations.

Ishita- I loved it amma.can I go and freshen up.I am tired.

Amma- of course kanna.

Ishita went to her room,amma can feel she is extra happy.she too smile.

On the other hand,toshi ji come home early and made his favourite palak paneer and was waiting for him.

Toshiji- I know u don't wanna eat u r punishing urself for the crime u never did.but from today I will try every bit to make u happy,Raman.I can't loose u.

She was lost in her thought when he came home and said- maa,khana do naa,bhookh lagi hai.

Toshi ji look at him.she can feel some change in him.after so many days,he himself asked for food.

Toshi ji happily served him and he start eating after washing his hands.he was eating smiling hearing her cute talks.

Toshi ji was pleasantly surprised by change in his behaviour.she served him more palak paneer and their head got banged.

Raman- phir se bang karo maa,warna singh nikal aayenge.

Toshiji- kya.

Raman smiled and said- really maa,a cute doll said me this.ekdum gudiya jaisi.he said smiling and went to wash his hand.

Toshi ji smiled and said- I don't know who u r.but thank u puttar ji for making my Raman smile.she was thinking when she saw him going after changing clothes.

Toshi ji- puttar where u r going.u just come .please rest for sometime.and what's the need of doing job.I earn enough for both of us.

Raman- u know naa ma.I like there.I feel good there.

Toshiji remember sheetal word's that never stop him to do anything he like.

Toshiji- OK go.but come back soon.

Raman- OK maa.saying so he took his cycle and went to the confectionary shop he work.he is very good in designing so took a job of designing cakes.its like his hobby.

Raman entered the big confectionary shop and saw a big three tyre cake.

Shopowner- good that u come Raman.see u have to decorate this cake before 7.we have to deliver it.decorate it beautifully.

Raman- OK,tell me the name which I have to write on it.

S.o- ishita,its a small girl of around 13.decorate it accordingly.

The name brought a smile on his face.he thought,may be she is the same.

Raman- OK I will decorate it beautifully and also drop it.give me the address.

S.o-whats the need.its not ur job.

Raman- please,I want to.and I want a cake for is my friend's birthday.

S.o- as u wish.choose any cake.

Raman gave him money for the cake.he wasn't taking it but he insisted. He took it smiling and went.

Raman started decorating both the cakes.after two hours,he completed decorating both the cakes.the big one was beautifully decorated  with flowers and everything.

He took the small cake and said- this will be my gift for my gudiya.she was saying that I didn't wished her properly. Just wish she is the one.he look at the cake and smiled.

Soon he kept the cakes in two different boxes and went to the address the shop owner gave him.

That's all for now.enjoy and do comment and hit like.will wait for ur responses.

Ps-160+ likes and long comments for early updateWink.

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