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New ishra ss-meri mannat tu,pt 5 on pg 126 updt on Jul 20 (Page 126)

cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 July 2016 at 5:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ankita__S


U didn't unresed

cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 July 2016 at 5:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kaa1202

Nicely written Rakshu Sis..

Thanks bhai
cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 July 2016 at 5:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by qubra13579

Please continue soon

Will updt soon
cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 July 2016 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by varna_varma

continue soon...

cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 July 2016 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gunita_ishra

paet 4
loved it
he was stunned to see such a huge mansion
appa amma welcomed him so warmly
amma is so sweet
ishu room scene loved it convo
song my fav

Thanks gunita
Glad u like it
cutieruhi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 July 2016 at 5:45am | IP Logged

Raman - main kisi aur ke liye aisa kyun karta jab meri gudiya tum ho.

Ishita listen his words and fluttered her eyes like a doll and said- sachchi,main aapki gudiya hoon.

Raman fluttered his eyes like her and said- muchchi,tumhi meri gudiya ho.

She smiled seeing him copying her while he smiled wholeheartedly.


Both smiled together ,Raman was admiring her while she was smiling wholeheartedly,suddenly she remember something. She made a face and asked angrily- why u told me to call u Anna.

Raman- what's bad in that.

Ishita- u don't have any problem if I call u Anna.

Raman- no,in fact its so good.actually it sounds good.

Ishita- do u even know its meaning. She said making a dirty face.

Raman- no what does it mean.

Ishita- it means means u will be like my brother.u still want me to call u Anna.

No,he said instantly.she laughed hard seeing his expression while he was embarrassed at his act.

Ishita- so its decided I will call u Raman only,chalega.

Raman- daudega.

Ishita- good so now we will cut the cake.come .she saying moving towards the couch.

They settled on the couch and she was about to cut the cake when Raman asked-from where u got this.

Ishita- where u have left it.that reminds me that I have to scold u.

Raman- me??for what.

Ishita- why u kept my gift there.koi le jaata toh.

Raman- le toh aaya.he said smiling.

Ishita- don't interrupt in between. Let me scold u.

Raman smiled a little and said- OK,continue. I am listening.

Ishita- why u thought that I will be ashamed to acknowledge u as my friend.u really think I am a proudy girl.boliye main gamandi lagti hoon.

Raman- nahi toh.who told u.

Ishita- u told,I heard u were talking to urself that whether I will talk with u or not.ek main aapka wait kar rahi thi aur aap ne aisa socha. Too bad.

Raman- u were waiting for me.did u know that I was about to come.

Ishita- yes.

Raman- how.

Ishita- actually I was waiting for my friend ,miku at the entrance.that time my watchman got a message from bakery that u r coming to deliver the cake with ur pic.actually nobody can enter the house without permission he always sent pic of the delivery boy.when I saw ur pic i started waiting for u.but u stopped at the entrance and kept the cake there I picked it from u know the story naa now tell me did u thought that I will insult u.main aapko itni gandi lagi.she asked innocently.

Raman look at her,she genuinely want to be in his good books.

Raman- arey yaar tumhari sui toh ek hi jagah par atak jaati hai.I was little hesitant naa.

Ishita- why u were hesitant. Hum toh friends hai naa.

Raman- hum friends?? Kab bane.

Ishita- nahi bane kya .abhi ban jaaye hai.hi I am Ishita iyer.she said forwarding her hand.before he can say anything she hold his hand and said forwarding to her hand- hi I am Raman,

Ishita- Raman??

Raman- what??

Ishita- arey yaar Raman what.

Raman- oh Raman bhalla.

Ishita said making their hand shake- hi I am Raman bhalla.dekho hum ban gaye dost.friends forever.

Raman- OK,now we r friends forever.can I ask u something now.will u answer it honestly.

Ishita- of course main jhooth nahi bolti.I will tell truth pinky promise.

Raman- r u really not at all bothered by the fact that I came here to deliver ur cake.u r really not ashamed of me.

Ishita- nahi why will I.moreover its a talent to make such beautiful cake.har koi nahi kar fact jitne aaye hai naa guest koi nahi bana payega.all bring me gift with their money. U bring it by making it.its most precious one,like amma said.ab sawaal jawab khatam hua to can I cut it.I want to eat it.its looking so yummy.

Raman- OK will not ask anything more.let's cut it.

Ishita- haan but wait let's click selfue with this beautiful cake.

Raman- that's not needed.

Ishita- no its ur first gift to me.I will keep it as remembrance of the beginning of our friendship. Saying so she picked her iPhone which she got today and clicked many selfies with Raman and the cake.

Raman- ab cut kare.

Ishita- haan,chaliye saath mein cut karte hai.

Raman- arey main kyun.tum cut karo,main happy birthday gaunga.

Ishita- OK ,but achche se gaana.

Raman- arey baba first u cut naa.

Ishita- OK OK see I am cutting it finally. Saying so she blow the candle and cut the cake.he sang the birthday song for her.

Ishita fed him cake.he too fed her back.that's when the help came with a tray full of food for them .

Help- baby ji,sir is calling u.guest r going.want to meet u.

Ishita- Raman aap yahan baitho.main abhi aati hoon.aap khana shuru kariye.I just come.

Raman- no u come then we will have it together.

Ishita- OK I am just coming.saying so she went down leaving Raman alone.he look around and observed her room was bigger then their was decorated so royally like she is a princess in real.

Raman- she is not only a doll but also a princess. Beautiful royal princess.

Downstairs appa- amma were bidding adieu to everyone.ishita went down and wave bye to everyone.

Appa- where is ur friend.

Ishita- he is waiting in my room appa.main jaun,we have to eat our food.

Appa made a face while amma said- go kanna.

Ishita smiled and ran to her room.after all guest were gone,appa asked-why u send him to ishu's room.

Amma- because he wasn't comfortable here.everyone was looking at him with dirty looks.even some said him sadakchap also.bechara bachcha,he was on verge of crying. So I sent him there.hamari bachchi ke birthday mein aaya ,woh bhi bina bulaye.he must have feeling I sent u to her room.Maine thik kiya naa vishwa.

Appa- ab tumne kiya hai toh sahi hi kiya hoga.u know everything better then me.let's go and check them.if he had dinner ,let me drop him home.raat ho gayi hai,bachcha akele kaise jayega.

Amma- u r si good vishwa.go and check.till then I finish my work.saying so amma went to kitchen while appa went to ishita's room.

Ishra were having their food together.he stop at the drop remembering the time when he met madhu and they fall in love with each other.

Appa- I don't know why but I am having a feeling that they will end up having so.ething more then friendship. Murugan I just want best for my little princess.

He was standing on the door when Raman saw him.he stand on his place and said- sir ,aaiye naa.

Appa entered the room and said- Raman ,had ur dinner.

Raman- yes sir,its good.thank u.

Appa- ur welcome kanna.come let me drop u home.its pretty late.

Raman- no sir .I can go myself.I have my cycle.

Appa- and u really think I will let u go all by urself at this hour.come let me drop u home.cycle driver pahuncha dega.

Raman nodded and said- thank u sir.

Appa- call me uncle not sir.saying so he was going when ishita said ,appa main bhi chalungi.

Appa- aren't u sleepy.

Ishita- nahi I also want to go to his house. Main chalun appa.

Appa- OK come.

Soon appa and ishra were on the way to his home.Raman was nervous that how they will react seeing his house.

Raman- (st)ishita will surely feel bad seeing my house.she will surely regret our friendship. He was thinking and was worried.

Raman- uncle u drop me here house is nearby I will go.

Appa- no kanna its dark.let me drop u to ur house.

Ishita- haan appa and I have brought cake for uncle aunty also.they will be so happy to meet me.she chuckled.

Raman face fell hearing his dad name.a unknown fear engulfed him thinking what will her reaction when she will know about his dad.he became silent like before.ishita saw him and wondering why he became so gloomy all of a sudden.

They reached his home.ishita ran inside his house only to see toshiji sitting all worried.
She see ishita and was thinking who is she when Raman came from behind. Toshiji went to him and hugged him tight and said- where were u.I was so worried for u.

Raman didn't said anything just went to his room.

Ishita just see him going to his room.

Toshiji- tum kaun ho puttar.

Ishita- main ishita hoon aunty.Raman ki friend.woh mere birthday pe aaye the.

Just then appa come inside and said- actually it was dark so we come to drop him.

Toshiji- thank u so much.actually I didn't know anything about it so I was worried.aap baithiye main chai laun yaa coffee.

Appa- no we should get going.

Toshiji- please have something.

Appa- OK a coffee will do.

Toshiji- please be seated .I am bringing it.

Appa sat down and was looking around.ishita went behind toshiji and said giving her the packet- aunty this is Cale for u and uncle.saying so she touched her feet.

Toshiji was so touched by her gesture.she kissed ishita's forehead and said- god bless u puttar.

Ishita- uncle kahan hai ,aunty.main unse bhi blessing le loon.

Toshiji made a sad face and said- Raman's dad is not with us.he lives abroad.

Ishita - oh. Can I go and give Raman his return gift.I forget to give it him.

Toshiji- yes that way.

Ishita- thank u aunty.saying so she went towards his room.

Toshiji took the coffee and went to mr iyer.they started talking randomly.

Ishita entered his room and saw it was in darkness.she searched for the switch and switch it on making the room full of light.she kept the gift on his study table and was looking when her eyez fell on his drawing book. She was about to open it when Raman snatched it from her and said- don't u have manners that not to touch other's thing.

Ishita- par hum toh friend hai naa.she said innocently.

Raman- but I don't like sharing my things.and why u came to my room.jao yahan se.

Ishita eyez filled instantly with his harsh words.she ran out of his room crying.

Appa saw her coming and asked-what happened.

She composed herself and said- I am feeling sleepy.going to the car.

Appa- OK u go I am coming.

Ishita was going when she saw his another drawing book which toshiji kept there after meeting Dr sheetal.

Ishita- (st)I will surely find why u r so sad and rude.thinking so she took his drawing book and went to her car.

On the other hand,Raman realised that he shouldn't have hurt her.he was going to apologize when he stopped in his way thinking, let her go Raman.waise bhi ji's din usse tere papa ke baare mein pata chalega woh chali hi its better to let her go now.thinking so he fell on his bed crying .

That's all for now.enjoy and do comment and hit like.

PS- 170+ likes with long comments required for next updt.

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lonelyyyy Goldie

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superbbb i luv dis update so much...

awww ishu is angry wid raman for asking her to call him anna but poor soul didnt know wat he is asking her to do my innocent babyyy
wen ishu told him he instantly told her not to call him dat
i imagining raman face ROFL

goood ishu scold him for thinking she will be ashamed of him Clap

oh now they become friends abhi tk kya the?????, Shocked
then selfie session Tu Khich Meri Photo Piaaa... Party

loved amma n appa so theirs also love marriage not bad

luved appa gesture of leaving him home

so ishu wants to go wid him not bad aaj sirf chodne jaa ri h kl udhar hi rhegi Wink

raman is worried about his small house n his papa feeling for raman Cry

toshiji hugged him tight awww so cute ma beta Day Dreaming

ishu noticed raman glooomy face n wants to know reason

i knoe dis is coming only now raman wants ishu to go
raman shouts on her n make her sad but thank god ishu wil try to find d reason behind his rudeness

very excited to red nxt part to know how raman will manofy his ishu?????
update soonnn

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Updated next part,enjoy.

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