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New ishra ss-meri mannat tu,pt 5 on pg 126 updt on Jul 20 (Page 118)

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Posted: 09 July 2016 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
continue soon...

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paet 4
loved it
he was stunned to see such a huge mansion
appa amma welcomed him so warmly
amma is so sweet
ishu room scene loved it convo
song my fav

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Originally posted by Sk-Sharmin


loved it...
amazing update..

he was stunned aftr seeing such mansion.. nd was feeling low to take that cake inside..
poor he...
he was smiling to himself remembering her angelic face of hiz gudiya...
nd was feeling k she is here only...
help scold him..Angry
hw dare she??
bt he was so polite..
he said sorry..
nd was searching for hiz gudiya other than having hiz refreshments..
at last he saw her..
bt much to hiz disappointment..dat girl was not hiz gudiya..
he felt bad..nd was leaving with hiz cake..
nd that booo..
nd der she was in purple floral gown..standing infrnt of him...
making hiz heart skip..nd he is lost in her..totally..

i think ishu is going to b bold in this story..
she pulled him to herself..
nd dey were so close jst in seconds..
she is so cute ke she brought him with her in her party...
bt ppl who were in party..
was checking him like he is dirty..
bt i knew it amma appa won't do such thing..
nd whn she said k he is d one who saved her in d temple..
they welcome him with wholeheartedly..
and appa's kind words..
so amazing..
appa telling her to call him annaROFL
nd she is denying..
bt RKB saying to call him anna...ROFL
ofcourse she will deny..
bt madhu is very clever..she noticed ishus changed behavior aftr meeting him..
hope appa won't go against RKB..
he seems to b a nice man though.. bt uske princess k life ka sawl hai...

she is soo sweet...
m liking her character..
she so thoughtfully didnt let ishu cut that cake...
bt hate dat whn sm1 said him sadakchaap...
madhu should hv answered dem...
bt she noticed he is innocent..
nd sent ishu to her room with him..
bt he is gentleman yaar..
he said i want to talk with aunty..
nd wht amma said to him...was
I can see that u r hurt.actually the gift u have given is so precious for ishu.and these kind of special gifts shouldn't be shared with everyone. The cake is in ishu's room.u can cut that separately

amma ne to Heart jeet liyaa..
sach me...
nd she said ryt..
kisi ki shamat aai hai...

ishu is jealous..
abhi se..

loving it..
sarika nd nidhi..ROFL
unko beech me asi jab k RKB dnt even knw dem..
nd whn he askd abt dem she thought he is still thinking abt dem...
hw cute...
bt how can he hurt hiz gudiya...
she is indeed special for him...
jst for him...
lovly update di...
loved it...
appa mdhu dey are really nice persons...
waiting for d 2nd cake cutting ceremony.. Wink
nd songggDay Dreaming
my favorite...
nd how amazingly that suits dem..
RKB usd to b sad sad bt now he is muskuraing...
nd now he knw why he duniya me aaya hai...
loved it
totally loved it...

Thanks sharu for ur long comment
Yes she can change his mood in seconds
Will updt soon
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Originally posted by Prayosha.DivAn

Ohhh My My...

That prologue part was more beautiful & cute than Prologue itself...

I so wish that I could see this in front of my eyes. ...but so sad...I can only imagine this scene...

You know when I first saw this girs's pic...I so wanted to add it in your story... from this pic only I got idea of making cover pics...& then I searched this Boy's pic...& then I edit it ... I hope you & your other readers like this pic.....

Ishita look at him and saw him standing next to her.very near,her irritation turned into smile and she said fluttering her eye lashes- I didn't have much.just 25 chocolates.

Raman- what 25,and u think its less.

Ishita nodded and start washing her face throwing water on her face.that's the first time he saw her.her big chocolate brown eyes along with her milky white skin.her cute nose with her soft rose petal lips.everything was so perfect with her.Raman was just looking at her with awe.she was looking cute and innocent. A strand of hair was coming in front of her face again and again,disturbing her in washing her face and disturbing him in looking at her face. He tucked her hair behind her ear and start looking at her again.while she was busy in cleaning her face sprinkling water on it.

Awww that is so so so sweet...

Haaye...Abhi se romance shuru...

Song is too beautiful...

She washed her face and look at him.he was looking at her without blinking his eyes.ishita smiled seeing him looking at her.they were looking at each other lost in each other when a poen shouted,why u r wasting the water.

Hmmm aa gaye... abhi se mere IshRa ke romance me haddi banane...

That broke their trance and they look away.Raman take away his hand off the tap.he start going when she said- thank u.

Raman turn and said- thank u??why??

Ishita- u saved me in the morning two times.

Raman look at her with questioning eyes.

Ishita- near the temple and then near the drainage.

Raman- oh OK.saying so he was going when she said- u too say sorry.

He turned to her.

Ishita- u talk rudely when I came to give u chocolate.

Raman realised she is the one who gave him that chocolate.

Raman- sorry and thank u .

Ishita smiled and think what to talk next when Raman again start going.

Aawww my Sweet sweet IshRA & their sweet sweet talk...they Said sorry and thank you... haaye...inki sweetness kabhi khatma na ho...Ishita saw him going and said- can u please wait with driver is yet to come and I am all alone.she said with a sad pout.

Raman- I am getting late.he said with a stern face and left from there with looking at ishita. Ishita show him tongue and said- sadu raavan Kumar. Saying so she went out to wait for her car.

Again... Become so rude...Raman took out his cycle and was going when he saw her sitting silently waiting for her car.she was looking sad ,he look around and saw noone was there.he don't have a heart to leave her alone.he don't wanna go to her but couldn't stop himself either.he make his cycle stand and sat beside her.

Haaye... yeh Rowdy to abhi se pighal raha hai... My Cutie pie...

Ishita wait for him to start a convo and when he didn't, she said- u always make such sadu face.

Raman- matlab.he said looking at her.

Ishita- just look at u.itni gandi shakal koi banata hai.moreover someone who is so handsome and cute.she said in a instant and realised what she said.she bite her tongue and said- sorry.

Leee ...Abhi to use hot handsome keh rahi thi...& ab sadu keh rahi hai...

Ishita- really,then I must tell u .u r so good,u come to wait with me.thanks.waise I am little angry.

Raman- why??

Ishita- because u scolded me many times today.first in temple,then in corridor ,then in assembly and when I fell u didn't save me either.

Raman- why would I save u.had I taken some kind of oath to protect u.

Ishita- so what,u will let me fall.mujhe lag jaati toh.she said cutely.

They are really so cute...she was complaining so cutely...

They were talking when they heard a car's horn ,they turn to see and there head banged.

Ishra- ouch.

They saw the car passed .

Raman- can't u see.mujhe chot lag gayi.

Ishita- I can tell u the same.

Raman- but u r the one who is always absentminded.careless girl.he was saying when she hold his head and join it with her forehead.he became silent seeing her action.she joined their foreheads,he close his eyes unknowingly. After that she left his head and said- we should always bang twice.warna Singh nikal aayenge.

That's... Really very silly...we also used to do that...& many more...

Raman- can I ask u something. Tum roz itni bakwaas karti ho,ki aaj kuch special hai.

Ishita- main roz itni baatein karti hoon.aur aaj special bhi hai.its my birthday.that reminds me,u didn't wished me yet.

Raman- sorry,happy birthday,

Obviously Girls are always chatter box... yeh unka Janmsidhdh adhikar hai...

Raman- Raman.

Ishita- thank u Raman.

Raman- I am ur senior.

Ishita- but I won't call u bhaiya.

Raman- why?

Ishita- u want me to call u bhaiya.

Raman- no ,Raman will do.they were shaking hand when her car came.

Ooo... someone does not want to call him Bhaiya!!!!

She look out of the car and asked,what happened.

He gave her eclairs and said- happy birthday.abhi yahin hai.

Ishita take it lovingly and said- thank u Raman.

They wave their hands to each other and went to their house,thinking about each other.

I can't say how sweet that was... he vave her chocolates...

I feel so sorry for Toshiji...

But now Raman is changing... because of Someone... I hope she will find her soon...

Haaaye Raman is so happy...

Di... it's light hearted cute & at most sweet... no devilish twists please...

I hope Iyers & Bhallas are already familiar...

Thanks piyu
Glad u like it
Yes ishita is too cute
And Raman is changing coz of her

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Originally posted by Prayosha.DivAn

Hey Di...

Second part... My God... that was shooo shooo shooo cute part...

Haaye my little cute IshRa...

They are so so so cute... I don't know how many times I said Awww while reading this...

After their puja,ishita went towards her school by her car while Mr and Mrs iyer went to some orphanage in another car.

She is really very royal , isn't she!!!

Ishita stooped at chocolate shop and asked for 200 chocolates.

Shopkeeper- but ishu baby,its too much.ur amma told me to give u only 150 chocolates.

Ishita pretend to be innocent and said- is that so but appa told me to take 200.OK let me call appa.saying so she called her driver to call appa.

Shopkeeper think for sometime and said- no need,I am giving u.saying so he added 50 chocolates in the packet and give her.

Ishita- thank u uncle.saying so she was going when he called her again and give her a big celebration pack.

S- happy birthday beta.

She is really very cute girl...& naughty too... My God how many chocolates... Daant sadh jayenge...

On the other hand,Raman stopped at a stationery shop to buy colours for his paintings.shopkeeper give him colours worth 95 and gave five eclairs as he don't have change.

Raman- I don't eat chocolates anymore.give me my money.

Hwww he is rude baby... Just like my Di... she also does not like chocolates... Though here Raman likes chocolate but does not want to eat it... poor baby...

Soon both reached their school.ishita was walking slowly as her frock was long,Raman was walking behind her but not looking at her.nidhi and Sarika saw ishita coming slowly ,they were her classmates and too jealous of her as every boy want to be ishita's friend not them.

These two little chudail...

Sarika- see nidhi, how she is looking.very beautiful every boy will roam around her only.noone will look at u.

Nidhi- I won't let it happen.see she is near the drainage.let's go and make her fall in it.saying so they walked to her.

Nidhi- hello Ishita,today u r looking very pretty.

Dii...they are too small to think this stuffs... really they thought like that...

Sarika - very pretty.saying so she signalled nidhi.she keep her leg in front of ishita ,Ishita loose her balance and they ran from there.Ishita was about to fall when she felt someone's strong hold on her waist.he hold her waist and pulled her to himself.her back banged with his hard chest making a shiver ran down in them.she turned to see her saviour.and saw a boy may be some years older then her.he was holding her waist tight and looking at somewhere with an irritated look.he was milky and damn hot,Ishita was looking at him without blinking her eyes while he wasn't looking at her at all.she fluttered her eyes looking at this hot guy.she was like loosing herself to him.she smiled and said- thank u.

Raman make her stand and shouted on het- aandhi ho dekh kar nahi chal sakti.kya aaj saari ladkiyan andhi ho gayi hai.pehle woh mandir wali aur dusri tum.(all girls r blind today,first that temple girl nos u)

My God... Ishu is really too bold for her!!!!!

Awww but her hotty shouted on her...He should have shouted on Nidhi & Sarika...

Ishita- toh yehi mera hero hai.she thought and was about to say something but he went before that.

Ishita smiled to herself and said- yeh kitne handsome hai .uff,ishu tu toh gayi.(he is so handsome, uff,ishu u r gone).thinking so she went to her class looking at his retreating back.she want him to look back at her once but he didn't turn back.she went inside her classroom disappointed.

Iss umar me sab Doremon Pokemon & Ninja Hathori ko apna hero samjte hai...par isse to apna real hero mil gaya...

All student went to the prayer ground and stand in a row.she was looking here and there searching for Raman but he wasn't anywhere.her ma'am scolded her for not closing her eyes.she immediately close her eyes and soon the prayer started.she was thinking where he went and how she will search him.after finishing the prayer she opened her eyes and start chit chatting with her friend mihika when someone said- can't u girl stop talking.

Yeh chhotu Raman to bahot hi jyada gussa karta hai
...bechari ko dusri baar dant diya... How can a child have so much anger...only because of Poor Raman...

She recognised his voice and turn to see him standing just beside her,few inches apart.ishita was too happy seeing him but as usual he is looking somewhere else.she signalled mihika to push her a little so that she can fell on him.

Really is only 13 years old...I can't believe...

Ishita- no he will.he is my knight in shining armour.she said smiling and before they can talk further national anthem started making them stand straight.after the anthem,miku pushed ishita on him,he hold her and ishita was smiling like an idiot but her smile vanished when she saw ashok in place of Raman.

From where does this devil come!!!

Ishita show him her tongue and ran from there trying to see when he went.she saw him entering class 10 b.

Ishita- khadoos kahin kaa.raavan Kumar.I was about to fall but he didn't bother and went.jao ishita gussa hai.saying so she went to her class making a sad pout.

So finally she found his class room... now she can easily meet him...

After going to her class,she started distributing chocolates in the class.she gave to everyone still many were left,so her maam said,go and distribute in the school.she smiled and went out of the class.she was going to 8b when she look at 10 b and entered the class thinking something.

You know what... I love distributing chocolates on My Birthday... I love my Birthday... & as it is on Valentine's Day... all ask me same question... Did your parents do a love marriage!!!

Teacher nodded and she started distributing chocolates searching for him but he was nowhere.she started thinking,where he went when she saw him sitting in the farthest corner ,looking out of the window ,lost in his thoughts.she smiled and went to him.

Ishita- chocolate,today is my birthday.

He didn't look at her and said- I don't like chocolate. I don't want it.

Ishita felt bad and said- please.

Raman said sternly- kaha naa jao.looking outside.

Ohh how rude!!! Uss ka mann rakhne ke liye hi le leta...akdu...

Ishita went from there disheartened. While Raman turn and look at her retreating figure.his eyes were filled.he was remembering the time his father use to celebrate his birthday but since he left,Raman never celebrated his birthday ,never ate any chocolate.he felt disturbed and restless ,he open his bag to take out his sketch book to draw something but realised,he left it in mom's office.he open his notebook and start drawing something looking out of the window.he closed the notebook feeling light.

Ohhh My poor made me making him cry...

In toshi ji's office,her eyes fell on Raman's sketch book.she opened it and saw many pictures drawn by him.she was very disturbed by his drawings and called her friends who is a psychologist and fixed meeting with her.

You know I did guess the same while reading... that thoes pics would the moments which were haunting Raman badly...Haaye... my poor Raman... he is in so much pain...

Muje bhi rula diya...

Pandit ji took her kundali and start doing some calculation.

Pandit ji- ur daughter is very lucky for u people naa.

Daughters are always lucky...

Pandit ji- yes ,she will get a soulmate who will love her beyond anything and everything. Ishita will be his only desire,wish and fact they will meet today ishita will meet the one who can even die for her.he will love her very much.

Madhu was very happy hearing that her princess will get her prince charming today only.

Madhu- I think,she will meet someone in today's party.

I hope there parents would not assume someone else as their child's sunshine...

On the other hand,Raman was also sitting sadly in the last corner.whole class was gone only he was sitting there.his tiffin was also last he stand up to go and something fell off.he bend to see its the chocolate she kept there.he stand up and start going ,then he remember how she was saying please.he hadn't seen her but by her voice ,he can say she is very beautiful as her voice was very sweet.he couldn't ignore her plea and picked up the chocolate. He was looking at the chocolate and all he can hear was her please.he open it in a go and start relishing it after ages.a smile crept on his face feeling contented don't know why.

Wow...he ate chocolate... finally he got his sunshine... whou would make his life bright...

Shooo shweet...

Thanks piyu
Glad u loved it
Loved ur long comment
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Originally posted by Prayosha.DivAn

Teaser... ohhh so sweet...

Raman decorated... cake for Ishita... & he brought so beautiful cake...

& Ishita played prank...but he was no more angry... that was really sweet of Raman. ...

Ishita's 3 tire cake should be like this...


Thanks piyu
Lovely cakes
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Originally posted by Prayosha.DivAn

Diii... completed @107 & @109...

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Originally posted by Prayosha.DivAn

Hey Di... the most sweet part...

Raman- its not good to take it inside.I should keep it here and go inside to deliver the cake.if its my gudiya's party ,at least I can see her smiling face.

Gudiya... so sweet name...

He was standing with the cake parcel and was looking around when a help come to take the cake and scolded him for being late.Raman said sorry and was going when the help give him juice and refreshments to eat.

Help- please sit down and have it.sir have instructed not let anyone go without having refreshments. After all today is baby ji's birthday.

Iyers are rich yet kind people... that's so good ...
.His face lite up seeing her but he get disappointed as he saw her.she was someone else.he became sad and went out of the Hall without eating anything.

He was walking in the lane of their garden to take his cake back when someone said-boo.

She is so mischievous kid...

He got disbalanced with that sudden attack and was about to fell when someone hold his hand firmly savin him from falling.he turned to see the person and saw her standing in front him wearing a purple floral gown till her knees.her hair were tied in a beautiful bun while some loose strands were adorning her face,she was wearing a small beautiful and elegant pendant along with beautiful earrings making her look breathtaking.she was smiling beautifully making his heart skip a beat.

Haaye... Beautiful...

Raman was looking at her angelic face without blinking his eyes while she was just smiling looking at him.they were standing in same position when someone called ishita.she pulled him and they came very closer for a nano second,he grabbed her waist and they stand very close to each other,his hand on her waist and her hand on his hand.they were standing and were lost in the moment,they share an eye lock.both were just looking at each other with a serene smile on their faces,he tucked a loose strand behind her ear to get her view properly while she closed her eyes feeling his touch.

Before they can feel t

Awww mere Cute Little IshRa ka cute sweet lovely...

Help- ishu baby,come ur appa is calling u.

Ishita nodded and start walking behind him.Raman turned to go outside the mansion when he realised she is holding his hand.before he can ask or say anything,ishita took him inside with her.

I thought the same that she would take Raman with herself... how can she forget her HERO...

Everyone turned towards the entrance and saw ishita standing with a boy,who was wearing very casual clothes.everyone look at him with a dirty expression like he is not suitable for the party .Raman was feeling awkward with the way everyone was looking at him,he try to turn and ran away from their gaze but ishita's hold on his hand was too firm.she didn't let him fact she take him inside with her.Raman was looking downward trying to hide from everyone's scanning gaze.he was regretting the time he thought to came here

Hmmm... yeh Amir log... kahen ke amir log...jab wo ek chhote bachche ko ijjat na de sake...

Appa- u work in that bakery shop.he asked looking at Raman.

He nodded looking down.

Appa smiled and said- why u r feeling shame for it kanna.u r such a beautiful artist.ur creation is so beautiful, I just loved it.welcome to the party.glad that u came for her.

Appa is really very kind man...Iyers are very sweet...

Soon the cake came and everyone saw there were two which they ordered and other one which Raman bought for her.he look at ishita with confused look while she chuckled.

Muje laga Ishita puchhegi ki uska gift kaha hai yaa phir bag Raman ne bahar kyu chhod diya...par Naughty Ishu to pehle hi apna cake le chuki thi...

Appa- OK kanna,u can cut it first.but don't call him with his name.he is elder then u naa,call him Raman Anna.

Ishita- why I will call him Anna.he is my friend appa.

Raman- u can call me Anna,ishita.if ur appa want.

Ishita- no I will call u Raman only.or else I will not call u at all.she said making a angry pout thinking who told him to talk in between.

Haaye... koi Anna ke naam se jall gaya... yeh Raman bich me tang ada raha hai... use pata bhi hai Anna ka matlab kya hota hai...

Madhu who was watching ishita's antics since she entered along with Raman remember pandit ji's words,today ur daughter will found her soulmate, who will love her beyond words,was thinking.

Madhu- (st)is it the same guy about whom pandit ji was talking.I can feel.a difference in ishita's behaviour since she met him.what u r thinking madhu,she is just thirteen now.but pyaar karne ki toh koi Kumar nahi hoti.I remember I was just fifteen when I fell in love with vishwa.aur pandit ji ne bhi.she was thinking and then said- u can decide what to call him cut the cake everyone is waiting

Haaye... Amma samaj gai & apni beti ke rescue me aa gai...

Ishita nodded and cut the cake,first she was going to cut the small cake which Raman bought for her but madhu stopped her and said- cut the bigger one.

Hawww... Amma ne aisa kyun kiya!!!!

Raman hear someone saying to madhu- good that didn't let ishu cut that cake.aise sadak chaap logon se dur rehna chahiye.Raman felt like crying.he was standing in a corner looking down.madhu was looking at him continuously.

Haaye... My poor Raman... Haaye... so sad...

Madhu- kitna seedha aur Sharif bachcha hai.the way he is standing and looking around is just so innocent. I should do something to bring a smile on his face.woh ishu ke birthday pe aaya hai,I should make him feel comfortable here.thinking so she called ishita and said- kanna,take Raman to ur room.I am sending refreshments and juice there only.he is not comfortable here.

Sasu maa ko apna Chhotu Jamai achcha lag gaya...too good...

Haaye bahot achcha kiya Raman ne... & bilkul sahi kaha unhone... Raman's cake was really special...Ishita- sachchi amma,main unhe kamre mein le jaun.she asked chuckling.

Madhu- haan kanna.

Ishita- but amma aap toh kabhi subbu ko bhi mere kamre mein jaane nahi deti phir Raman ko kyun.she asked innocently.

Madhu- kyunki yeh Raman hai kanna.subbu se bahut alag.there is a lot of difference between them.take him with u.

Ishita nodded and went to Raman.

So Subbu is also in story...but Di...all positive positive please...

So Amma ko bhi Subbu & Raman ke bich ka farq dikh gaya... haaye... So happy...

I hope aage Iyers Raman ke sath jane se Ishita ko rokenge nahi...

Amma- I know its not OK,I can see that u r hurt.actually the gift u have given is so precious for ishu.and these kind of special gifts shouldn't be shared with everyone. The cake is in ishu's room.u can cut that separately.

Haaye...I am too impressed with this...eagerly waiting for this...

Madhu- yes really,so go with her.and thank u once again for saving ishu.

Raman- its my pleasure aunty ji.waise bhi uss jagah koi bhi hoti toh main usse bachata.

Yeh line kisi ko chhubh ne wali hai... & kisi ko bhari padne wali hai...

Ishita was sitting in her round bed and murmering- kissi ko bhi bachate,matlab main special nahi hoon,when he entered.ishita look at him and glared him.

Really aa gai Raman ki shamat...par kyun aai yeh use bhi pata nahi...

Ishita- I am asking something. Main special nahi hoon.aap sabko bachate,nidhi or Sarika ko bhi.matlab,unn logon ke liye bhi tap kholte,unke saath bhi car ka wait karte,unke saath bhi head bang karte,unke liye bhi cake decorate karte, unke liye bhi le kar aate.sabke liye karte yeh sab,main special nahi hoon naa.she said with questioning eyes.

Awww she is being so possessive - possessive...

Seeing him immersed in thoughts,she asked again- boliye naa,main special nahin hoon.aap nidhi aur sarika ke liye bhi yeh sab karte.

Raman- par yeh dono hai kaun.

Yeh 2 chudail kaha se aa gai!!!

Ishita listen his words and fluttered her eyes like a doll and said- sachchi,main aapki gudiya hoon.

Raman fluttered his eyes like her and said- muchchi,tumhi meri gudiya ho.

She smiled seeing him copying her while he smiled wholeheartedly.

Awww Raman ki Gudiya...

You know Di... subah me keh rahi thi kya yeh sach me hota hai... but now I think I am the only innocent or boring like you said on my Birthday...

Every one have special one at this age...

I hope IshRa's family would meet soon...

As always... Beautiful song Di...

Thanks piyu for ur longish comment
Glad u loved it
Yes ishra r coming closer

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