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||-Our Baby-|| A SanDhir SS (COMPLETED) (Page 22)

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Originally posted by yashika.angel

Nice update

Thank You..

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CHAPTER 11     


Me and Aryan chuckled seeing Sanyukta. The way she drank milk. We are going to have our baby but she is not less than a baby. She closed her eyes shut and her nose with fingers and drank the milk.

"Yuck Randhir. Its so bad."She said and made a face. I laughed even more.

"Stop making such face. You have to drink milk every time I give you."I said and she rolled her eyes.

We quickly finished our food and then we were sitting in the living room and chatting. That day went like this. At night we three dozed off to sleep after having the supper.


I heard Sanyukta calling me. She was resting in our room and I was working in the study. Aryan was in the office. I ran to our room and saw her standing infront of the mirror.

I asked and she turned. She was wearing a palazzo and oversized T Shirt. I walked to her and cupped her cheeks.    

"See, our baby is growing."She said and kept my hand on her swollen belly.

"Sanyukta. You are 3 month pregnant. Our baby is very little. Don't you think you are being over excited?"I asked and made her sat on the bed

"Ya but. See humara baby is growing now. My cute little prince."She said dreamily

"Its Princess Sanyukta."I corrected her and she rolled her eyes

"Whatever. Randhir, I am hungry. Cook something for me."She said and laid back on the bed

"But abhi abhi toh tumne breakfast kiya tha."I said still standing in the same position

"Yeah but woh 2 ghante pehle khaya tha."She said as if she had not eaten since 2 centuries.

"Okay. What do you want to eat?"I asked and sat infront of her

"Umm, chat."She said and licked her lips. Aww how cute she looks like that.

"Okay. Stay here. Main le ke aata hun."I said and went down to make chat for her. I had already kept all these things in the kitchen for safety. What if she would want to eat at 12 in the night. Then from where would I bring chat for her? I quickly made the chat and ran upstairs. She was sleeping like a baby. Her left hand was hanging down the bed and right hand was on her belly. I chuckled seeing her like this.

"Sanyukta. Lo tumhari chat."I said and she woke up. She sat with the support of her back and looked at my hand.

"No. I don't want to eat it."She said and I looked her as if she said she don't know who ShahRukh Khan is.

"What? But you said na that you wanted to eat chat."I said and looked deep inside her eyes

"Yeah I wanted to eat. But now I don't want to eat. I want to eat Icecream."She said and grinned like an idiot. I shook my head and kept that chat on the table and ran downstairs and brought chocolate icecream for her. When I came back I noticed that she had already finished the chat.

"Yeh lo tumhari icecream."I said and she ate it too.

"Thank You Randhir."She said and smiled. I smiled back and wiped the icecream that was on the corner of her lips. She again laid back and slept. I covered her properly with the duvet and went from there.


Its another new day. I am getting ready for hospital. Though Randhir and Kritika are asking me to rest at home but I am missing my cabin. I got ready and came down. I saw Randhir waiting for me.

"Sanyukta. You will apply for the leave today itself."He said as I reached him with my hand on my 5 month belly.

"But Randhir."I wanted to argue but he cuts me in between

"You should rest at home. Why are you going to hospital and taking stress? It not good for your health. Kritika is also saying not to work. I don't know anything. I will be with you today and you will apply for the leave today itself."He finished and I sighed. I nodded my head as I know there is no point in arguing with him over this issue. We came out and he drove to hospital.

Last week, we had gone for ultrasound. And we saw our baby. Its so small. Kritika said that my baby can now hear whatever we talk. I giggled with the thought. I saw my baby making his hand in a fist. I had tears in my eyes and so does Randhir. Our baby is growing slowly.

We reached the hospital and we entered the elevator. He left me in my room to pack my belongings and himself went to Kritika's room. I was writing for my leave when I heard the door knocked. I looked up and it was Tanmay, my patient.

"Hey Champ. How are you?"I asked as he sat on the chair beside me

"I am absolutely fine. And you have become fat."He said and I laughed along with his mother.

"I have not became fat. There's a small baby growing inside me."I said and he looked at me with confusion.              

"Well whatever."He said and I smiled. I checked his reports and wow he is realy recovering well.

"Wow Tanmay. Just few days and you can again play like before."I said and he smiled. I heard the door clicked open. I looked up and it was Randhir. He sat on th couch and was busy playing in his phone.

"Yieppee.. Thank you doctor didi."He said and pecked my cheeks. He went from there and Randhir came to me.

"Was he Tanmay?"He asked

"Yeah."I said while signing my application.

"Randhir, I wrote the application. Lets go and give it to he director sir."I said and he nodded. We walked to the director sir and he granted me leave. He kept his hand on my head and blessed me and my baby.

We came out and again walked to my cabin. He hold the box that had all my belongings abd we came out. I saw the whole hospital standing there to bid me bye. They gave me gifts. Shankar dada, a wardboy gave me a small locket of Shiv Ji. He is elder than me so I joined my hand and bow down infront of him. Soon we were in our car going back to SanDhir Land.


It was night time. Aryan, me and Sanyukta were having our food. Aryan was describing his experience in London. Yeah he had gone to London for a meeting. Except for Parth no one in the office knows that he is my younger brother. And he is really progressing. After the dinner we were sitting in the living room.

"So Bhabhi, how is my champ?"He asked. Unlike me, he wanted it to be a boy. Now its like Randhir vs Aryan Sanyukta.

"Yeah he is fine. Do you know what, he can now hear everything."She said with excitement.

"What? Really."He asked and she nodded. He bowed down a little and spoke,

"Hey Champ come soon. Your Chachu is waiting for you."He said and Sanyukta giggled

"He moved."She said

"Really?"I asked and she nodded. I kept my hand on her belly

"Hey baby. Its dadda. I love you so much."I said and I could feel my baby. I felt tears in my eyes. My baby listened my voice and reacted. I pecked her belly and hugged her.

"Ahem Ahem. Bhai, I am also here."Aryan said and I broke the hug. We three laughed. Suddenly his phone buzzed and he went to his room as it was Sanaya's call. We both came to our room. Sanyukta changed into her nightwear and we were lying in the bed.

"Randhir, our baby listened to us."She said

"Yes Sanyukta. Now very soon she will be with us."I said and pecked her temples

"Everything will be fine na Randhir?"She asked

"Ofcourse. Everything will be absolutely fine. Dont worry."I said and caressed her belly.

"Now dont think so much and sleep."I said and covered our body with the duvet.


PRECAP: Shekhawat's and Aggarwal's in SanDhir Land.


For Next Chapter, Scroll Down.


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Another month passed with the wait for our baby. Sanyukta is now 27 weeks pregnant. Everything is so beautiful. Kritika had also given us the due date i. e. on 6th November. We had started counting the date for our little baby to come.

Aryan had really progressed in his work. And now everyone knows that he is my brother. But I don't think that had harmed much. He is still the same Aryan for others in the office. His engagement with Sanaya had been done. And her brother, Arjun had warned Aryan not to leave Sanaya alone any day. Or else the consequence will not be favorable for him.

Sanyukta had put on a little weight and she looks too cute in her over sized maternity clothes. She had started learning how to make sweaters and scarfs for both little boy and girl from Anju Maa over Skype. Whenever she get a little time instead of doing her favorite work i.e. reading medical books, she knit sweaters for our baby.

It was another normal sunday. We three were having our lunch. Suddenly we heard door ring. Aryan stood up and opened the door.

"Aap sab log."He said and we both looked towards the door.

"Mom, Dad. Maa Papa Ankit. Aap sab yahan.."I said and stood up. I touched their feet and took their blessings. They looked at Sanyukta who was still sitting in her place. I pulled the chair for her and she stood up. She hugged eveyone and soon we were settled down in the living room.

"I was thinking about it since so long. And when Anju suggested me about it, I made a plan to come here."Mom started with a smile. I was confused as to what she was talking about.

"Wht are you talking about Mom. I can't understand."I said and looked at her.

"Sanyukta ki God Bharai."Anju Maa said and I nodded my head. Sanyukta who was relaxing on the sofa smiled.

"Wow Maa. Thats great. When will this be organized?"She asked

"Day after tomorrow. And after that me and you Maa will stay back till your delivery."Mom said and I looked down

"No Mom. There's no need for that. I am completely fine here. Randhir and Aryan are taking a good care of me. If I feel that I need you, I myself will call you both."She tried to convince them. But they are also Randhir and Sanyukta's Moms. Stubbornness ki dukan. They didn't agreed to whatever she was saying. But after a lot of convincing from Sanyukta they finally agreed. We came back to our room while others stayed at the hall dicussing about the function.


I was in my room. Maa and Mom were helping me in getting ready for the function. Randhir and all other boys were strictly banned from this function. Randhir said, Mere bachche ke liye god bharai hai aur main hi nahi reh sakta? Aww he really looked cute. But Mom said if he sneaked inside the function then she will take me with her to Dehradun and he finally agreed. He had gone to office with Aryan. Papa and Dad had gone out with other relatives.

"Sanyukta, badi pyari lag rahi ho."Mom said and applied kala tika behind my ear. I was wearing a red saree. My mangalsutra, a diamond necklace. Matching ear rings. My hairs perfectly tied in a bun. A red dupatta over my head. They brought me down to the hall where all other ladies were also present.

"Sanyukta. Badi achi dekh rahi."My Maasi said and I smiled. I sat in the middle with all other ladies around me. They started the function. I was happy to get so many good wishes for our baby.


"Apna khayal rakhna. Aur zarurat pade toh bula lena."Mom said for the umpteenth time and I nodded my head. They were going back today. I was standing with Randhir's support. He had wrapped his hand around my shoulder. Aryan opened the car door for them and they left from there to the airport. We three came back inside.

"Randhir, I am feeling dizzy. I am going up for a sleep."I said and went upstairs leaving both the Shekhawat Brothers in the hall.

Sanyukta took her little angel in her arms and kissed her forehead. She is just like her Dad. Cute little nose, black eyes. Everything was so similar to Randhir.

"My Little Angel. Mumma and Dadda loves you a lot."She said and hugged her baby.

Suddenly she saw that her baby was crying. And Sanyukta could do nothing. She was just watching her baby crying and saw her walking away from her.

"Mumma. I love You. Please be with me."Her little angel said amidst her cry. She raised her hands to stop her but it was too late. Her baby was gone away from her.

"Naaahhhiii..."I screamed and woke up with a jerk.


Me and Aryan were in the hall and we were having some business talks. Suddenly I heard Sanyukta's scream. We both looked up and ran upstairs. I saw that she was sweating heavily and was crying. I ran to her and hugged her as tight as possible.

"Sshhh Sanyukta. I am here. Tell me what happened?"I said and rubbed her back. I broke the hug and Aryan forwarded the water glass to her. She took a sip and closed her eyes. She was still breathing heavily.

"Randhir, I saw a dream. I saw that our baby is in danger. And she said Mumma be with me."She said and again cried hard hugging me. I felt tears forming in my eyes. Aryan kept his hand on my shoulder and blinked twice. I nodded and broke the hug.

"Sanyukta. Dont cry. Its just a dream nothing else. We are with our baby. And nothing bad will happen with her. Do you trust me?"I asked

"More than myself."She replied

"Then trust me. Our baby is fine. Nothing bad will happen with her."I said and she sniffed. I again made hee sleep and we both came out of our room.

"Bhabhi bahut darr gayi hai. Stay with her."Aryan said and looked at me

"Hmmm... But all of a sudden why such dream?"I asked and looked at her. How peacefully she was sleeping.

I walked towards her and laid down beside her. I caressed her hairs softly and soon I too fell asleep.


PRECAP: An Unwanted Accident


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nice update loved it everything so perfect everybody so hppy sandhir so excited and then that horrible dream precap scary update soon wtng

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Isha... Hug
Hugs for this cute wonderful story 
I love this plot sooo much 
Though I'm unable to cmnt regular, I'll try my level best 
In Love with this story...
I wish for a girl ;))  <3 
Love it... 
Update soon 
N ty for pm <3 

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Lovely updates
Sandhir enjoying their baby's growth
Sanyukta's cravings n her demands
smart Randhir, he kept stock of all items before hand

ghod barai function with all family members
their life is going perfect

but that dream
don't want any bad thing happen to the baby

Thanks for PM

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Nice update 
Unwanted accident Cry
Is something going to happen wrong with the baby

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Isha...this was so cute update...Big smile
Sanyukta...she's so scared yaar...Cry
Update soon...
Sorry for not commenting earlier..!!!Tongue

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