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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Nice concept! Great start.
Adarsh... Blushing Loved him...
Please continue soon.

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Nice story. Best friends brother!!! my friends don't have elder brothers sadly!!!! Keep me posted. I loved your works in kaya forum. Please do write something on kaya as well.. it's always good to read your stories. Continue soon.

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Hey paridhi, the whole thing might've been written before by you but it totally applies with SwAdarsh... Such an enthusiastic start. I liked the idea of the best friend's elder brother LOL Adarsh is more flirtatious it seems Big smile
Enjoyed the first part & hope Swadheenta would be flattered by what adarsh would do? It seems... 
Pm me the next part, good job...

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So the next instalment is finally here...

It's so amusing... kisi ko bharosa hi nahi ki main yeh story complete karungi...
If you guys keep showering your loves with comments and likes... in all probability I will... I even wrote a new chapter! So yeah... I need motivation sometimes...

That said I'm still looking forward to any suggestions you guys have...

SO here's the next part... enjoy!

Chapter 2

Swadheenta was lying in bed staring up at the ceiling, thinking of Adarsh and the proposal she had just agreed to.

"You are mine. And I don't get concepts like personal space and hands off approach."

She touched her left earlobe instinctively and blushed furiously just as she had done then. Seriously, what have I gotten myself into? She thought nervously.

She recalled going to Abha's house for the first time and meeting her incredibly hot brother, and thinking I'll die before I have to address this guy as Adarsh bhaiya!

In that entire encounter she couldn't meet his eyes, for fear of blushing profusely and the one time she did look up at him, he was smirking at her in a way that made her feel that he was aware of what she was thinking. That had only made her blush harder.

All the times she went to Abha's place she would be secretly glad to be able to see him and really afraid to actually come in front of him. She couldn't tell Abha that she was crushing on her brother, she had a feeling that she would be grossed out, or worse not approve. She nursed her crush secretly, with furtive looks when he wasn't looking, and developing this tendency of looking down at floors when talking to him or even about Abha's bhaiya. She almost developed partial muteness when near him or near a topic that involved him.

"I've seen you spy on me numerous times in the last six years, don't think that if I don't react I don't notice."

This is so embarrassing! She thought, knowing that he was aware this whole time. Ugh!

She was only glad she hadn't done more embarrassing things than that. At least you didn't make a scrap book about him or write your name with his last name attached, she consoled herself. So get a grip. You've been doing fine with him in the last couple of years, haven't you? You've been confident and all. You'll be okay.





"Please tell me we are not going to the Arcade to bowl." Swadheenta asked him as they hit the main road.

"We are not going to the Arcade to bowl", he said smoothly, while simultaneously thinking of a new plan.

"Good, because I do not like bowling, and I think you will be a show off." She informed him matter-of-factly.

"You really have a low opinion of me, don't you?" he asked amusedly. 

She just bit her lip and pushed her hair behind her ear.

"I see that me pursuing you has had a good effect on you. In just two days you've moved from giving me shy smiles to actually mocking me. But it seems like the habit of blushing isn't going away anytime soon." He teased.

"Okay, we are here." He announced.

"Where?" she asked.

"Come." He said putting an arm on the small of her back.

They entered into a club with loads of people around. He took her to the registration desk.




As they sat on the floor with their sheets and colours and stuff, Swadheenta asked, "Poster making?"

"Well, this is a combined activity and you said no for bowling. Besides you can show off here. I'm shitty at painting and stuff." Adarsh said by way of explanation.

"I'm up to take the lead and I'm a good teacher." Swadheenta smiled.

"And is your field of expertise limited to painting or does it extend to other physical and non physical pursuits?" He asked cheekily.

"Shut up!" She blushed and changed the subject. "We have an hour and a half, so I think finger or thumb painting would be a nice idea!"

"Let's use hands, they can spread all over and be very thorough." He suggested suggestively.

"You... I just... Oh forget it!" she spluttered.  He grinned notoriously in reply.

Swadheenta proceeded to take off her white shrug.

"What are you doing?" he asked alarmed.

"It's full sleeved and white, paint se kharab ho jaayega." She explained

"But you're wearing nothing inside." He argued.

"What? Aap andhe ho? What do you call this red thing I'm wearing inside?" she asked incredulously.

"Something which is inappropriate for public viewing." He replied dead-panned. "Main tumpe dhyan du ya baaki logo pe jo tumhe ghoor rahe hoge?"

"Adarsh please. It's just a tube top. No one's going to stare. Besides they are all kids here." She reasoned.

"What about kids ke fathers and that group of teenagers who are perpetually on testosterone rush?" he maintained.

"Stop being difficult, it's no big deal." she exclaimed.

"Swadheenta please for my sanity's sake put on that thing, I will get you another one if it gets spoiled. Also you can have no clothes on if it's just in front of me but not others." Adarsh persisted.

"How dare you?" She said, raising her hand to hit him, astounded by his brazenness.

"Ok I'm sorry", he back-tracked, "but please, if you don't want blood and gore and law enforcement upon us, just wear that darn thing." 

"You are impossible!" She huffed and pulled the shrug on, giving him a dirty look while at it.

In spite of their little spat they managed to have lots of fun painting. Adarsh, it turned out was pretty pathetic with it all but Swadheenta proved to be a good teacher.

"I'm sorry. About earlier." Adarsh said, breaking apart his chopticks.  

"Do you really mean it?" she asked keeping down her soup-spoon and looking up at him.

"Well if you're asking whether I'd do it again then the answer is yes." He replied honestly.

"Then I'm not going to say its okay." Swadheenta sniffed, as she picked up the spoon again.

"That's sounds fair enough," he conceded. "But you need to understand this Swadheenta, I am a possessive guy. I cannot tolerate anyone looking at what is mine with less than honourable intentions." He said, leaning forward and gently pushing her fringe behind her ear, "But the reason I said sorry was that I don't want to upset you in the process."

"Well in that case I forgive you this time and expect you to come up with a solution for your problem, which is not juvenile." She replied placated.

"Point noted." He assured and gave her a small smile.

Swadheenta smiled a smile that just buried the whole argument.

Adarsh and Swadheenta got out of the car.

"Well, thanks for today. I had a really good time. G'Night." Swadheenta smiled.

"Not so fast. Aren't you forgetting something?" Adarsh held on to her wrist.

She gave him a deliberately quizzical look.

"Swadheenta, its time for our first kiss." She explained.

"You're so blunt." Yet again surprised by his bold declaration.

"I'm straightforward. I like making my point as efficiently and in as less words as possible." He contradicted.

"Well you do that by efficiently killing your chances of getting what you are asking for too." she countered. "Besides we are only mock dating. So..."

"Swadheenta the beauty of this entire situation is that we can enjoy all the perks without paying a price. It's like testing samples at a shop. All the benefits without the cost. Besides I know for sure you'll be only too willing to pay for the actual package." He explained with a grin.

"I can't believe you actually compared yourself to a commodity to be bought." She shook her head.

"Whatever gets my point registered." He observed.

"But this point is moot anyway. The sampling as you put it is only one way. You are the product and I'm the sampler, the sample never gets any benefits, which in this case you will. And I may haven't read "Mock Dating for Dummies" but I think, even while mock dating you have to earn it." she replied, thinking that she'd made a fair argument.

"Okay that's a fair point." He conceded. 

"I know. So now g'night." She smiled triumphantly.

"Wait a minute, I do have a counter argument." He said.

"Of course you do." She said amused.

"You see generally, couples have a good night kiss after the first date if they enjoy it, which we did. And obviously the attraction here is running strong. I think I'm entitled to it," he said.

"Okay," Swadheenta acquiesced and pressed a kiss on his cheek and tried to make a quick escape but for the hand holding her back.

Adarsh in a swift move hauled her to himself with her hands kept prisoner behind her back. He was amused. And that made her blush.

"Really, Swadheenta?" he asked, she could hear the amusement in his voice as she stared at his bicep.

"You didn't specify where you wanted the kiss you were "entitled" to." She said.

"Okay, that's my mistake. Next time I'm going to give you vivid details of where and how I want a kiss." She blushed harder hearing that and turned to look into his eyes. He caught both her hands in one and then proceeded to remove the fringe irritating her eyes. "But for now I believe even you are entitled to a kiss and like you I'm going to take the liberty of choosing where I should give it."

He leaned in and she almost pursed her lips. He stopped.

"Do you want me too?" he asked.

She gave a whimper as a reply.

"Is that a yes?" He asked caressing her face with his free hand. Her eyes snapped open.

"Yes," she breathed.

His lips were upon hers in the next instance. It felt like a sweet oblivion where everything felt as soft as flower petals and tasted of cherries and mint. It was a heady mix, their individual scents of green apples and vanilla musk mixed together to create a heady combination, which just took over both their senses. 

Adarsh felt her struggling in his hand, which had held both of hers and proceeded to wrap both his arms possessively around her body, pulling her to himself. Swadheenta on her part moved her hands to his hair and nape pulling him closer too. 

They broke only when she was bent over and dizzy enough to faint because of the lack of air. 

"That was amazing." He breathed hard, as she took large gulps of air.

Blushing she tried to stand on her own which seemed like an impossible feat given her legs felt like jell-o and Adarsh refused to let go, and his arms around her and his feet under hers being the only reason she was still upright. She didn't fight him much. 

2 minutes later...

"Do I have to let you go now?" he asked

Swadheenta nodded taking support on his frame. Adarsh was very glad to gave rendered her incapable of standing without support.

"I'll see you tomorrow. G'Night." She said.

"Swadheenta aren't you forgetting something?" he called out.

"Ab kya?" Adarsh was basking in the joy of causing her an episode of short-term memory loss.

"Something about earning it?" he continued grining.

"Yeah that." She acknowledged. 

"So how do I earn it?" he quizzed.

"Yeh bhi main batau... You are a self-proclaimed genius, you figure it out... And if you can't then I have a way that will definitely help you earn it and it will be a very torturous and educational experience for you." She replied with a mischievous smile. "Not ti forget faster too..."

"Well I'll take the torture if it means I can have the right faster." He grabbed the chance.

Swadheenta smiled evilly.

"Okay! Now seriously G'Night!"

"I'll see you at your place tomorrow."

"Can't wait."

"You won't say that tomorrow."

"We'll see about that."

"We will. Bye."

"Bye. Good night."


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Yippie!!! Me second! Totally loving this now! Once again, you are a great writer. Seriously, the story is moving on a smooth phase and i'm totally loving the journey. I'm not a swadarsh fan,but i do think they make a cute couple! But you are rocketing their chemistry! Seriously! First date and first kiss, totally loved it! Please continue soonish and loving this story!

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wow their first kiss.. Embarrassed nice update 

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Liked it...
Update soon

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Yaaay you updated. Haha sorry for doubting you LOL

I think I'm dead. The kiss was too good. I love this concept so much and I'm liking this Adarsh so much more. Gah, this has to be my favorite story here right now. Hug

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