Ye Hai Mohabbatein


Ye Hai Mohabbatein
Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Ishra OS - Adhoore Hum Tere Bin

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I didn't even thought of posting a story written by me here when I had taken an account here. Ermm

But what to do? I got a punishment from to write an OS on current track from my two devil friends here. They're none other than Balasri aka Sri 1091 and Anisha aka anisha960. U can throw anything on both of them. I don't have any problem. Feel free to criticize my writing. .  I'm really sorry for bothering all of uCry

Pooh... This one is for U also. This one is for all my group members.

Divan ke deewaniyon keliye.

I love U all. MuahhhHug

Ani take it as a belated bday gift. Sri U know what I love U so muchHug

Chutku same applies to U too. So I asked them to throw chappals n tomatoes only. K Happy now? #devilsss

#Title credit goes for Anisha. Love U babe.


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Adhoore Hum Bin Tere



"It's very easy to break someone's love and trust for us. But very difficult to bring it back. But if hatred overpowers the love once we had for a person then it'll be most difficult to bring back the same love that once we got from them".



"Please don't leave me; Aap phirse mujhe chodke jaa rahi ho" - Ruhaan cried in his sleep clutching Ishita's arms. That makes her come out of her trance; her little heaven; the world of her Rooh's memories" which are the reason for being still she's alive.

[R u going to leave me alone again?]

Sorry Ma'am he's just missing his mom. So he's blabbering in his sleep. U may please go now- Nancy maid of Ruhaan reminded her that yet again that its not her Rooh but Ruhaan, The Rock star. Reminding her yet again that the mole just above his upper lips doesn't means that it's her Ruhi.

Yaa; I should get going- replied Ishita. While she was about to step out the bedroom she heard those words which she wanted to hear most in these last 7 years. The words which were her solace before 7 years which was her heartbeats before 7 years, which had everything she had craved for yet she failed the person who called her so. "Ishima aap mujhe phir se chodke jaa rahi ho, mat jaao na"-cried an unconscious Ruhaan in his bed halting her steps infront of the bedroom.

[Ishima, are U again going to leave me alone? Please don't go.]

"Ishima"- whispered Ishita hearing those words after a long 7 years. Taking a sudden U-turn where she was standing taking long strides towards the bed she reached the unconscious teenager who was laying on the bed not so peacefully.

The mere whisper of Ishima from that soul is enough for her to determine that what she wants. She was determined to find out the truth of the teenager who was laying in front of her.

"Ma'am are U not going?" - asked Nancy yet again.

"Huhhh; Yaa I'm going. Will U please bring me a glass of water please" - asked Ishita

"Hmm Yaa sure Ma'am" - replied an unsure feared Nancy

The time which Nancy had gone to fetch water for her was enough to Ishita to find out the most beautiful truth in her life; that her Rooh is indeed alive. Seeing the photo frame of Ruhaan aka her Rooh with that devilish woman who had made her daughter's life nothing but a hell.

There she had determined to get her daughter out of this hell as soon as possible even though she knows that the daughter whom loved her most is hating her to the core now. She was sure that she can help her get out of this hell with the help of her best friend as he was always there with her in all her ups and downs. But what made her think back is that the way Ruhi behaves to her whenever she saw her Ishima.

She has to remove the hatred from Rooh's mind for her at first. Well for that she do has some one with her. Aaliya who was also her daughter but yet not her daughter.

Sitting beside the unconscious stranger patting her head she promised her "Rooh aapki Ishima aap ko kabhi nahin chodungi. Aapki saari takleef nikaldungi aapki Ishima jald se jald".

"Ma'am ur water" - Nancy came

"Oh! Thank U" - Ishita replied

At home  

Ishita reached her home so happy yet she was sad. Well she was kind of excited too.

"Mani, Mani, Aaliya, Kahan ho tum donom?" - Ishita asked

[Mani, Aaliya, where are U both?]

"Kya hua Amma? Why are u shouting like this?" - asked Aaliya as it's not like her Amma

[What happened Amma?]

"Aaliya, U know what who's Ruhaan? It's my Ruhi; mera Rooh" - replied a happy Ishita to Aaliya

"What? Amma Ruhaan is a boy." - told Aaliya

"No Aaliya, it's my Rooh Mujhe tumhari help chaahiye to help My Rooh to get out of the confines of that house. I know she'll not come to me as she's so angry with me. Please Aaliya" - requested Ishita

"Ok Amma, aap bass batado mujhe kya karna hai?" - asked Aaliya who was seeing her Amma excited and being sad at the same time.

[Amma U just tell me what I have to do?]

"I know U r so friendly with my Rooh now. I want U go to more closer to her so that she was comfortable with U to share each and everything in her life"- replied Ishita to Aaliya

Well there started a mission. A mission a mother had started to bring her daughter back. The daughter who was her heartbeat. A daughter who was her reason to smile yet again forget how to smile.

Aaliya being a nice girl needed just a few weeks to be so friendly with Ruhi, to make Ruhi comfortable with her to share her every secrets with Aaliya. As their friendship grew more Ruhi had told each n everything to Aaliya. Every torture she had undergone all these 7 years which Aaliya had recorded in a small tape recorder as an evidence against Niddhi.

Ruhi's opening up to Aaliya give her the courage to talk Ruhi about her Amma also. But the hatred Ruhi had for her Ishima in her mind was too much that whenever Aaliya tried to talk about her Amma she'll just blast out.

After some days

Ishita was feeling uneasy from that morning like something wrong was going to happen with someone who is so close to her heart of course her Rooh; aur kon?

Since she was feeling so uneasy she decide to call Aaliya and check on whether her Rooh is fine or not. At the same time Aaliya went out of Ruhi's room leaving her phone and a bimar Ruhi to fetch some water for her

Hearing the ringing of the phone, Ruhi picked up the phone. As soon as she saw the caller ID she decided to not attend the call. But on second thoughts she pressed the call accepting button.

"Hello, Aaliya Meri beti kaisi hai? Meri Rooh? Is she ok? Mujhe subah se kuch uneasy feeling aa rahi hai. Wo teek toh hai na?" - asked a worried Ishita

[Hello, Aaliya how is my daughter? My Rooh? Is she ok? I'm feeling uneasy from morning. Is she ok?]

That's the moment she realised that her Ishima still loves her. Still her Ishima can feel her each n every discomfort. Still they have the connection. But why then Ishima is still away from her? Why is she not coming here to get her out of this hell? N do Aaliya knows that I'm not Ruhaan but Ruhi? Then why didn't she asked me about it? I think I should give her a chance to talk to me about her so called Amma - immersed Ruhi in her thoughts.

"Hello, Hello, Aaliya can u hear me?" - asked a desperate Ishita who wants to only know that how her daughter is.

That broke the trance of Ruhi n she just disconnected the call. Mean time Aaliya entered her room taking a glass of water for her.

"Aaliya, can I ask U something?" - asked Ruhi

"Of course Yaar, why are u being so formal?" - told Aaliya

"Woh tum apni amma ki baare mein kuch keh rahi thin a mujhse; kya keh rahi thi?" - asked Ruhaan

[You told me something about your Amma na? What was tha?]

(Well even though Aaliya knows that it's not Ruhaan but Ruhi she didn't disclosed it with her yet. N Ruhi didn't told her about her life 7 years ago. Story hai yaar kuch bhi ho sakta hai)

"You know what Ruhaan; I'm the luckiest girl to have her as my Amma in my life. But at the same time I'm unlucky also that I'll never get the same love from her which she has for someone else." - said Aaliya

"Someone else! Is your Amma is not your real mother?" - asked Ruhaan

Aaliya (st): "Amma ne sahi kaha unki Rooh ki baare mein. She knows that meri Amma meri real Amma nahin hai then also... She's such a stubborn kid."

[Amma told me right about her Rooh. She knows that my Amma is not my real mom then also]

"Nahi Ruhaan, who meri apni Amma nahin hai. In fact I'm an orphan. Meri apni Amma aur Appa they both died in a plane crash. Me and my brother; we both are brought up by our Mama." - Aaliya told

[No Ruhaan, she's not my real mom.]

"Oh I'm sorry Aaliya, I didn't meant to hurt U" - consoled a kind hearted Ruhaan yaa Ruhi

"It's ok Ruhaan. Hum toh apni Amma ki baare mein baath kar rahi thi na?

[It's ok Ruhaan. We were talking about my Amman a?]

Meri Amma I met her 7 years back. She's my Appa's best friend. Do u know what Ruhaan when I met Amma she was a lost soul who doesn't wants to live. But she lived just to take care of me and Nirvaan as our Appa had met with an accident and he was paralysed. Even though Amma smiles whenever she saw us but her smile it didn't reached her eyes". - told Aaliya

"7 years back" - whispered Ruhi

"Haan 7 saal pehle mila Amma mujhe. Do u know Ruhaan how Appa met with Amma? When Appa met her she was on the verge of committing suicide as she lost her soul her Rooh. Oh U don't know Rooh right?

[Yes. I got her before 7 years.]

Rooh is Amma's soul. The one who taught Amma to love and live. The one who made Amma's life a heaven" - told Aaliya

"The one whose life she made a hell" - thought Ruhi

"Did u say something?" - asked Aaliya

"Nope. Tum batao". - asked Ruhaan


"Ruhi naam hai uski. U know what Ruhaan Amma loves her most in the world. Amma lost everything on that day when she lost Ruhi. Her husband; he just throw her out of his house stating that she's a bad omen for his house. Due to her he lost his daughter." - told a teary eyed Aaliya

"What? Papa throw Ishima out of his house?" - thought Ruhi

"Uss din Amma tried to commit suicide. But Appa ne unhe bachaya. And then Appa ki accident ho gayi aur hum yahan aa gayi for his treatment. But still Amma only loves her Ruhi. Amma only wants Ruhi in her life. N u know what I'm really jealous of that little girl who got all my Amma's love for her. U know what sometimes I wish if I can give back Ruhi to Amma so that I can see the genuine smile of hers at least for once in my life." - told Aaliya

[On that unfateful day Amma tried to commit suicide. But Appa rescued her. And after that Appa met with an accident and we came here for Appa's treatment.]

"I feel so sad after hearing your Amma's story Aaliya. I'm sorry" - told a teary eyed Ruhaan

"It's ok Ruhaan. I'm late. I gotta go now. Will catch U tomorrow" - said Aaliya

"Aaliya, will U do me a favour?"  - asked Ruhaan

"Of course, Ruhaan. Bolo what u want?" - asked Aaliya

"Hmmm, will u tell your Amma that I asked her sorry for behaving rudely with her on that day?" - asked a hesitant Ruhaan

"Yaa, of course. Bye Ruhaan" - saying this Aaliya goes out of Ruhaan's house with a happy mind that finally she'll be able to give her Amma her Rooh back.

"Meri Ishima mujhe abhi bhi pyaar karti hai? Ishima tried to commit suicide when she lost me? Aur main; main toh bewajah unse nafrat kar diya. Oh God! Ishima undergone so much just because of me" - thought Ruhi

[My Ishima still loves me so much. She tried to commit suicde thinking that she lost me. And I? I was hating her for no reason]

At Mani's house

"Amma, aapko pata hai Ruhaan ne nahi aapki Rooh ne mujhse kaha ki aapko sorry bolne ko" - shouted an over excited Aaliya to her Amma

[Amma U know what Ruhaan no your Rooh told me that she told U sorry.]

"Rooh ne kya kaha, Aaliya? - asked Ishita

[What did Rooh said Aaliya?]

"Usne kaha ki tell your Amma that I'm sorry for behaving rudely with her that day". - told Aaliya

"Mujhe pata tha meri Rooh hamesha toh mujhse door nahin rahega. Thank U Murugan. Meri bacchi ko sahi salamat rakhna- said a teary eyed Ishita

[I know that my rooh can't stay away from me for so long. Thank U murugan. Keep my baby safe.]

"Amma, I think we should complaint against that Niddhi now. Now she's out of town also. Now we can easily help Ruhi to get her out of that hell. We have the evidence with us na?" - asked Aaliya

"I think she's right Ishu. We should complaint against her to the police now. And this time we have enough proof against her. - told Mani

"Hmm, yes U both are right. Ab vakth aagaya hai main uss Niddhi ko uski galatiyon ki saza doon" - told an enraged Ishita

[Now the time had come to give punishment for Niddhi for her deeds]

"But usse pehle mujhe meri beti mere paas chaahiye Mani. So I'm going to get her" - saying so Ishita went out of the house.

[But before that I've to go to my daughter.]

At naagin's house

(She's out of station. So no naagin here.)

"Can I meet Ruhaan?" - asked Ishita to the maid.

"Ma'am woh" - stammered Nancy

"Nancy, who's there? Please bring her inside" - shouted Ruhaan from inside

"Ji Ruhaan Baba" - Said Nancy

Ishita entered Ruhaan's bedroom with Nancy on her side.

"Hmm; Kya aap mujhe ek glass paani denge?" - asked Ishita

[Will U give me a glass of water?]

"Yes, Ma'am" - replied Nancy

As soon as Nancy went to fetch water for her, she rushed towards the bed to take her daughter back in her hands. The same hands which she had leave her.

"Rooh, meri baby. Bahut kuch saha na tumne Ishima ki wajah se - asked Ishita

[Rooh, meri baby. U had undergone so much because of me.]

"Ishima, aap aap yahan kaise? Aap kyun aagayi ab mere paas? Aapne toh mujhe chod diya tha na? - asked Ruhi

[Ishima, Why are u here? Why U come to me now? U had leave me alone na?]

"Aisa mat kaho baby". - told Ishita

[Don't say so baby.]

"Nahin Ishima, iss duniya mein mainae sabse syaada pyaar aur vishwaas aapse kiya aur aapne who tod diya. U choose your own daughter above me na? Main kabhi aapko maaf nahin karungi Ishima nahin Ishita Bhalla - said a hurt n angry Ruhi

[No Ishima. I loved and trusted U most in this world. U broke both. U choose your own daughter above me na? I'll never forgive U Ishima no Ishita Bhalla]

"Teek hai. Aap mujhe maaf math karo. Par ab aap please mere saath chalo. I do have the evidence against that Niddhi this time. I just want to help you out" - pleaded Ishita to her daughter.

[Ok. U don't forgive me. But now please come with me.]

"Nahin aaungi main aapke saath. Aap phir se mujhe chod degi na? Mujhe pata hai Aaliya ki Appa aur aap ab ek saath reh rahi hai" - said Ruhi

[I'll not come with U. U will leave me alone again. I know now u r living with Aaliya and her Appa]

"Kisne kaha aapse ki main aur Mani ek saath hoon. Haan I'm living in their house doesn't means that I'm living with them Rooh. Aur meri jeene ki wajah toh tum ho. Please Rooh, Ek baar aur apni Ishima pe vishwaas karo. Chalo mere saath" - Ishita again pleaded to her.

[Who told U that I and Mani are together? Yes. I'm living in their house doesn't means that I'm living with them Rooh. And U r the reason for my living. Please Rooh, Just believe me once again. Come with me.]

"Teek hai Ishima. Main chal rahi hoon aapke saath. Aap mujhe kabhi nahin chodegi. Hai na? - asked still a not so believing Ruhi

[Ok Ishima. I'm coming with U. U will not leave me again na?]

"Kabhi nahin" - told Ishita


"Ma'am aapki paani. Aap Ruhaan baba ko kahan lekar jaa rahi ho? Aap hai kon? - asked Nancy

[Ma'am ur water. Where are U taking Ruhaan? Who r U?]

(Yeh Nancy bhi na she take too much time to fetch a glass of water. Aur hamesha aa jati hai galat time pe)

"Yeh Ruhaan nahin meri Ruhi hai Meri Rooh suna tumne - shouted Ishita at that poor maid

[This is not Ruhaan. This is my Rooh. Did U hear it?]

"Aur tum kaan kholkar sunlo main kisiko nahin chodungi nahi tumhari Ma'am ko aur nahi tumko. Jisne bhi meri beti ko dukh pahunchaayana they'll pay for it"- shouted an enraged Ishita at poor Nancy

[N U listen I'll never leave U n ur Ma'am. Who ever made my Rooh cry they'll pay for it.]

(I really feel bad for her. She's the only soul who was concerned of Ruhi. Now iss Ishita is threatening her.)

At the same moment Niddhi entered her houses shocked to the core to see Ishita with Ruhi. Niddhi was about to snatch Ruhi again from Ishita's hands. Mean time Mani and Aaliya entered with police officers.

"Ms. Niddhi you're under arrest." - told a police officer

"What? Arrest aur me? But why?" - asked Niddhi

"For kidnapping Mrs. Ishita Bhalla's daughter 7 years ago and for child abusing" - replied the Police Officer

"What? Yeh kya bakwaas hai aapki? Ruhi kon Ruhi? Aur who's this Ishita Bhalla. Listen Officer this is not Ruhi but my son Ruhaan" - told Niddhi

[What rubbish?]

"We have evidence against U Ms. Niddhi. So it'll be goodif U come with us"- replied the officer


"Sir, one minute. Can I have a word with her" -asked a calm Ishita

"Hmmm. Of course Ma'am. - replied the officer

"Tumne Jo kuch bhi galati meri beti ki saath kiya na unn sab keliye main tumhe kabhi maaf nahin karungi. Aur nahi main tumhe chodungi. I'll make sure that you'll rotten in jail" - saying this Ishita slapped Niddhi on her cheek

[Whatever wrong deeds that U have done. I'll never forgive U for that. And I'll never leave U]

"Ishu tumhari aur Ruhi ki flight tickets ready hai" - reminded Mani

[Ishu ur n Ruhi's flight tickets are ready.]

"Flight tickets? Kisliye Ishima? - asked an astounded Ruhi

[Flight tickets? For what Ishima?]

"Hame jald hi aapki Papa ki paas jaan na hai na Rooh issliye mainae Mani uncle ko kaha tha flight tickets book karne ko. Waise Mani flight kab hai? - asked Ishita

[We have to reach ur Papa soon na Rooh so Mani uncle booked flight tickets for us. Mani when is the flight?]

"Amma it's on day after tomorrow. Ayyo Amma I just can't believe that the Rock star Ruhaan sorry Ruhi is my sister now. Can I call your Ishima as Amma Ruhi?-asked Aaliya to Ruhi

"Hmmm. Yes. U can. But don't ever think to snatch my Ishima from me - warned Ruhi to Aaliya

"Nahin Madam ji. Waise bhi aapki Ishima sirf aur sirf aap hi se pyaar karti hai" -told Aaliya

[No Madam. Ur Ishima only loves U]

"Haan who toh mujhe bhi pata hai" - said Ruhi

[Yes. I do know that.]

"Ishima, aapko pata hai mainae aaj tak chain se nahin soyi. Mujhe fir se aapki stories sun na hai. Mujhe waise sona hai Ishima jaise main saath saal pehle so rahi thi. Bilkul aapki choti si Rooh ban kar - said an emotional Ruhi

[Ishima, I didn't sleep peacefully yet. I want to hear ur stories again. I want to sleep exactly like how I was sleeping 7 years ago]

"Teek hai meri Dadi Amma ab chalo bhi pehle hum apni ghar toh chale. Uski baad aap aur aapki Ishima aaram se so jaana" - jocked Mani

[Ok my Dadi Amma. Now come let's go to home. After that u n ur Ishima U both sleep peacefully]

"Aapko abhi bhi yaad hai?" - asked an excited Ruhi

[U still remember?]

"Ruhi, aapse judi hui har ek baath yaad hai aapki Ishima ko. Aur aapki Ishima ki din aaj bhi aapse shuru hokar aapse hi khatam hoti hai" said Mani

[Ruhi, Ur Ishima still remembers each and every thing about U. And ur Ishima's days starts with U and ends with U]

"Haan haan who toh mujhe bhi pata hai. Ab aap log mujhe yahan se lekar chalogi ki nahin" - asked Ruhi

[Yaa Yaa I know that too. Now will U guys take me from here or not?]

"Chalo Rooh let's go" - told a happy Ishita

[Come on Rooh]

At Mani's house

"Rooh, aapne khana khaya tha kya? Nahin toh chalo main aap keliye khaana lagati hoon" - asked Ishita lovingly to her Rooh

[Rooh, did U had food? If not come with me I'll give U dinner.]

"Ishima, kya aap mujhe aapki haath se khilaungi jaise aapne saath saal pehle kiya tha" - asked Ruhi

[Ishima, will u make me eat food with ur own hands like U had done above 7 years ago?]

"Haan mera baby. Yeh bhi koi poochne waali baath hui?" - asked Ishita

[Of course my baby. Is it something that U wanna ask?]

After having a peaceful dinner after 7 long years Ruhi drifted into peaceful slumber listening to her Ishima's heart beats and her stories.

When next day morning Ishita woke up she got the most serene sight of her life. Her Rooh is sleeping all over her bilkul waise jaise saath saal pehle so rahi thi. By taking Rooh's head from her chest placing it on the pillow Ishita went to the kitchen to make breakfast for Ruhi. Mean time Ruhi woke up and panicked by seeing that Ishita's place is empty. She started shouting.

"Ishima, kahan ho aap? Aap ne phir se mujhe chod diya kya?

[Ishima, where are U? u again leave me?]

By hearing Ruhi's shouting Ishita rushed to the bedroom to take her in her Ishima's protective embrace.

"Rooh, main toh yahi hoon aapke paas. Main kahin nahin gayi meri baby ko chodkar" - said Ishita

[Rooh, I'm here with u. I didn't go anywhere leaving U.]

"Mujhe toh laga tha..." - said Ruhi

[I felt that...]

"Bass bass ab koi baath nahin. Aapko pata hai mainae aapki favourite curd rice, Idli, sambar, dosa, sab kuch banaya hai. Aapko khana hai ki nahin - asked Ishita to her Ruhi

[Ok ok now no more talks. U know what I made all ur favourite dishes. Do u want to eat it or not?]

"Haan Ishima" - replied an excited Ruhi

"Toh chalo aap jaake fresh ho jaao. Aur haan Rooh hum aaj hi jaa rahi hai India"- reminded Ishita

[Then u go and freahen up. Anf rooh we are going India today.]

After having a delicious breakfast both mother and daughter engaged in packing their goods. Saying adieu to both Aaliya and Mani they had boarded the flight for a new beginning of their life.


After the long journey of 7 hours (I don't know that how much time it'll take) they reached Delhi. Jahaan saath saal pehle teen logon ki zindagi ruk gayi thi. Hiring a taxi they left towards that house which was their heaven. A house that build up all the dreams of their but yet shattered.

"Ishima, aap kya soch rahi ho?" - asked Ruhi by seeing the lost look in her Ishima's face.

[Ishima, what are U thinking?]

"Kuch bhi toh nahin Rooh. Bass yehi soch rahi hoon ki kaise main aapki papa se baath karoongi" - replied Ishita

[Nothing Rooh. I'm thinking that how will I talk to ur Papa?]

"Papa, khush honge na hame dekhke?" - asked Ruhi

[Papa, will be happy na after seeing us?]

"Of course Rooh. Aap toh papa ki princess hoona papa aapko dekhke khushi se paagal ho jaaungi" - said Ishita

[Of course Rooh. U r Papa's princess na. He will become mad after seeing U]

"Ishima, aapse ek baath poochon?"

[Ishima, shall I ask U something?]

"Poocho. Tum kabse apni Ishima se baath karne keliye permission lene lagi?"

[Ask. When did u start taking permissions to talk to ur Ishima]

"Aaliya ne kaha ki aap ne suicide karne ki koshish ki, kyun Ishima? Aisa kya hua tha ki aap ne suicide karne ki koshish ki?"

[Aaliya told me that U tried to commit suicide, why Ishima? What had happened that U tried to commit suicide?]

"Rooh, yeh baath aap bhi jaanti ho na ki aap meri zindagi ho. Aur jab aap nahin rahi toh aapki Ishima kaise jee paaungi meri baby"

[Rooh, U also know that u r my life. When U r not there then how will I live baby?]

"Par aapko apni beti, papa, Adi bhaiyaa yeh sab logon keliye jeena hoga na? Who log aapko bahut miss kiya hoga na Ishima?"

[But U have to live for ur daughter, papa, Adi bhaiya na? They should have missed U a lot na?]

"Rooh, pehli baath mereliye sabse syaada zaroori aur keemti cheese ho aap. Agar aap nahin hai toh Ishima bhi nahin. Aur rahi baath Papa, Adi bhaiya and baby kit oh Shagun Mamma hai na unki saath. She'll manage them. Lo baathon baathon mein hum apni ghar pahunch gayi aur pata bhi nahin chala. Let's go and give Papa a surprise"

[Rooh, U r the most precious thing in my life. If u r not there then ur Ishima is nothing. And about pap, Adi bhaiya and baby they've Shagun Mumma na. She'll manage them. We reached our house Rooh. Let's go and give Papa a surprise.]

Bhalla house

Ishita (st): "7 saal baad aayi hai Raman main aapse milne keliye. Ek keemti cheese jo aaphi ka hai woh lautaane keliye. Main jaanti hoon Raman aapne jo kuch bhi mujhse kaha woh sab gusse mein kaha. Par ab mujh mein woh taakat nahin hai ki main aapki har baath mein chupi hui pyaar ko doondkar nikalun. Aur mujhe pata hai aap apni zindagi mein aage bad gayi. Main toh bass Rooh ko aapke paas saupkar waapas jaane keliye aaya hoon".

[I came here after 7 years Raman to give U back one precious thing. I know Raman that what ever U had told me at the hospital was just because of ur anger. Now I don't have that strength to find out the love that is hidden under ur anger. And I know that U had moved on in ur life. I came her just to give U ur Rooh to U]

Hearing the ringing of doorbell Raman came down to open the door.

(Face off)

Raman: "Tum? Tum zinda ho? Ishita tum?" (Trying to touch her face)

Ishita: "Haan Raman. Main bhi zinda hoon aur hamari Rooh bhi zinda hai. Raman I know ki aap mujhse gussa ho par ek baar aap meri baath suniye please"

[Yes Raman me and Rooh are alive. Raman I know u r angry on me but pls just hear me out once.]

Raman: Rooh! Zinda kaise ho sakti hai? Mainae toh apni aankhon se dekha meri beti mujhse door jaate hue. Tumhari wajah se"

[Rooh! How could Rooh be alive? I saw my daughter going away from me. Just because of U]

Ruhi: "Bass papa, aap aisa baath nahin kar sakte Ishima se. Aur rahi baath meri zinda hone ki Niddhi had jumped out of the car before it fall down from the cliff"

[Stop Papa. U can't talk to Ishima like that]

Ishita: "Raman main aapki zindagi mein waapas aane keliye nahin aayi yahan tak. Bass jiss beti ko mainae aapse cheen liya tha usse waapas karne keliye aaya. Rooh; aap papa ki saath rehna hamesha kyunki papa kabhi aapko nahin chodegi Ishima ki tarah"

[Raman I din't came her to come back in ur life. I came here to give ur daughter back to u safe and sound. Rooh; U stay with papa because papa will never leave U like Ishima]

Said Ishita while crying uncontrollably.

Ruhi: "Par Ishima aapne toh mujhe promise kiya tha ki aap mujhe kabhi nahin chodege. Aap phir se mujhe chodkar jaa rahi ho kya?"

[But Ishima U promised me that U will never leave me again. U r going to leave me again na?]

Ishita: "Aap Ishima ki baath maanogi na? Aap apni papa ke paas jaao. Papa aapse bahut pyaar karti hai. Aur rahi baath Ishima ki; ab Ishima iss family mein fit nahin hoti. Aap andar jaao"

[U will listen to ur Ishima na? U stay with ur Papa. Ur Papa loves U so much. N about Ishima. Now Ishima will not fit in this family. U please go inside.]

Ruhi: "Papa aap kuch bolona Ishima se? Aap kuch bol kyun nahin rahi ho?"

[Papa tell something. Why are U not talking to Ishima?]

Raman who was still in a trance who can't believe that the two angels in his life are still alive and they're standing infront of him fit and fine just come out of the trance just to take Ruhi in a bear hug.

Raman: "Rooh aap zinda thi? Pata hai aaj jaake aapki Papa ki jaan mein jaan aagayi. Aap kaisi ho meri bacchii?"

[Rooh U were alive? U know what Papa get his life back today. How are U my bay?]

Looking at the reunion of father and daughter Ishita withdrew herself from there crying uncontrollably.

Raman showered his daughter's face with all kisses n again took her in a tight embrace fearing that if he leaves her she'll again disappear.

Ruhi: "Papa Ishima"

That is when he looked around the surroundings only to find no one is there.

Ishita didn't even wait to see her own daughter, her parents or any one. She don't want to see anyone. But what she wants to do is to just give back ruhi safe n sound to her Raman. No now he's not more her Raman. He has moved on in his life, with his ex-wife shagun who is looking after all her children.

Seeing Ruhi is getting panic without seeing Ishita anywhere Raman went down to search for her. That's when it started raining like the nature also in angry with him for hurting those poor souls. He knows it Ishita didn't do anything wrong. She just wanted both her daughters safe and sound but he messed it up.

As he started to search for her near his building along consoling Ruhi that her Ishima is safe. Not finding her anywhere near the building both father and daughter went to search for her taking Raman's car. That's when they saw a weak woman walking drenched in rain dejectedly

Ruhi: "Papa that's Ishima"

Raman halted her car then and there.

"Rooh, aap gaadi mein bait na. Main aapki Ishima ko lekar aaungi."

[Rooh, U sit in the car. I'll get ur Ishima back.]

"Ishita ruko" Called out Raman

[Ishita stop]

But Ishita who had lost everything in her life didn't heard it. She continued her walking unknown to her surroundings. Unknown to the fact that a truck is coming to hit her.

In a spur of a moment Raman had taken her along with him just to slap her hard.

Raman: "Are U gone mad Ishita? Agar main ek minute baad aayi thi toh tumhari laash mil jaati mujhko"

[Are U gone mad Ishita? If I get late by one minute I'd have got ur dead body.]

Ishita: "Ab jo aapko mila yeh bhi toh meri laash hi hai Raman. Aapki Ishita aur Ruhi ki Ishima ab zinda nahin hai. Woh Ishita tab mar gayi Raman jab mainae apni beti kho gayi thi, woh Ishita tab marr gayi Raman jab mainae aapki mooh se who shabd suna jo inn duniyawaalon ne mujhe diya tha."

[Now that standing infront of u is also my dead body Raman. Ur Ishita and Ruhi's Ishima is not alive today. That Ishita had died on that unfateful day when I lost my daughter and when I heard that word from ur mouth that this society had given me]

Raman: "Ishita tum jaanti hoona main gusse mein kuch bhi bolti hoon. Phir bhi tum mujhe chodkar chaligayi. Ek taapad nahin maar sakti thi tum mujhe. Ishita dekho I'm sorry. Please meri saath chalo. Ruhi ki khaatir"

[Ishita U please come with me. Uknow na that I'll say anything while I'm angry. N U just left me like that? Why don't U give me a slap? Ishita look I'm sorry. Please come with me. Just for Ruhi's sake.]

Ishita: "Nahin Raman. Ab mujh mein woh himmat nahin hai waapas wohi sab dekhne ki aur sunne ki. Nahi main aapki zindagi main ek apshagun banker rehna chaahti hoon aur na hi Rooh ki zindagi mein. Aur rahi baath Ruhi keliye aapki zindagi mein aane ki ab woh jagah kisi aur ne le liya hai Raman. Mujhe pata hai ki aapki aur Shagun ki shaadi ho gayi. I'm happy for U both Raman. Mujhe koi shikaayat nahin hai aapse."

[No Raman. Now I don't have that much strength to indergo those things again. And I don't want to come as a bad omen in ur and Rooh's life. And coming to ur life again for Ruhi's sake now that place belongs to someone else. I know Raman U and Shagun got married. I'm haapy for U. I don't have any problem with u]

Raman: "Yeh kya bakwaas bole jaa rahi ho tum? Shagun aur meri shaadi? Ishita Shagun hamari ghar mein sirf Pihu keliye hai. Pihu hamari bacchii uss keliye hai Shagun wahan. We're just acting as husband and wife in front of her"

[What are U talking Ishita? Shagun n my marriage? Ishita Shagun is in my life just because of Pihu. Our baby. She's there for her. We are acting like husband and wife infront of her.]

Ishita: "Pihu"! Woh hamari baby hai Raman nahin woh aapki aur Shagun ki beti hai. Pata hai Raman apni khoon ki ek bachi hone se kabhi iss duniya waalon ne mujhe baanj bulana nahin chodungi. Hoon main bhaanj Raman aur aapne woh baath stapit kiya hai. Pata hai Raman jabse Ruhi meri zindagi mein aayi na tab se mujhe yeh ehsaas kabhi nahin laga ki main bhaanj hoon waapas mujhe uss ehsaas tab laga Raman jab aapne mujhe baanj bulaya.

[Pihu is not our daughter Raman. She's urs and Shagun's daughter. Do U know Raman having a baby of my own blood never let this society to stop calling me baanj. I'm a baanj Raman n U proved it. Do U know Raman when Ruhi came into my life I didn't felt that I'm a baanj. But U remembered me of that again]

Raman: "Ishita dekho I'm sorry. I know ki mainae bahut galat kiya tumhari saath aur main yeh bhi jaanti hoon ki tum kabhi Ruhi ke upar kisi aur ko nahin chunaungi. Uss wakth mein aur iss wakth mein bhi I'm the one who's at fault. Mainae hi kaha tha tumse ki hum Ruhi ko dekar hamari bachi ko Niddhi se paaunga.

[Ishita look I'm sorry. I know I'd done wrong with U. N I too know the fact that U will not choose anyone over Ruhi. N I'm the one who's at fault all the time. I told U to give Ruhi to niddhi to get back our baby from her]

Ruhi: "Kya? Aap ne kaha tha aise Papa?"

[What? U told so papa?]

Raman: "Ruhi aap?"

[Ruhi U?]

Ruhi: "Mainae aapse kuch poocha Papa? Kya aapne kaha tha Ishima se mujhe Niddhi ko dene keliye?"

[I asked U something Papa. Do U said Ishima to give me to Niddhi?]

Raman: "Haan, mainae kaha tha kyunki uss wakth Pihu ko Dr ki sakth zaroorat thi"

[Yes. I told her to do so.]

Ruhi: "Ishima, I'm so sorry aap please chaliye hamari saath. Main aapki bina 7 saal jee gayi hoon ab main aapki bina nahin jee sakti"

[Ishima, I'm sorry U please come with us. I lived seven years without U. Now I can't live with out U]

Ishita: "Rooh" "Main"...

Raman: "Please chalo Ishita hum sab milke eknayi zindagi ki shuruaad karenge hamari Adi, Ruhi aur Pihu ke saath."

[Please come with us ishita to start a new life with our Ruhi, Adi and Pihu]

Ishita: "Chalungi Raman aapke haath mein haath milake ek nayi zindagi ke taraf hamareliye hamari bacchon keliye. I can't promise U that I'll not repeat all my mistakes that I'd done in past but I'll try to not repeat them"

[I'll come with U Raman towards a new life for our children.]

Raman: "Main bhi waada karti hoon Ishita ki main bhi apni galatiyaan nahin dohraane ki koshish karoongi. Aur uss keliye mujhe bass tumhari saath ki zaroorat hai"

[I also promise U that I'll also try to not repeat my past mistakes. N I want u in my life for that]

Ruhi: "Ab jab aap donom ki ho gaya toh chale. Mujhe apni Adi Bhaiya aur Pihu se milna hai"

[If U had done with it, shall we go? I want to meet my Adi Bhaiya and Pihu.]

Raman: "Pata hai Rooh, Pihu bilkul tumhari jaisa hai. Tabhi toh main itni saal jee gayi. Meri Ishita aur Ruhi ki parchaayee ko dekhkar"

[Do u know Rooh, Pihu is just like U. That's why I lived all these years just looking at urs n Ishita's reflection.]

Ruhi: "Offo Papa ab aap senti mat ho"

[Offo Papa, don't be senti]

Ishita: "Chaliye Raman; Warna dadi amma hame nahin chodenge"

[Come Raman. Otherwise she'll not leave us]

Raman: "Haan chalo"

Rooh: "Papa ek min"

Raman: "Ab kya Rooh?"

(In Raman's ears)

Rooh: "Papa aap ko nahin lagta ki Ishima mein kuch kami hai?"

[Papa don't U think that there's some fault in Ishima?]

Raman: "Kami? Kya matlab Rooh?"

[Fault? What do u mean Rooh?]

Rooh: "Teek se dekho na papa"

[Look properly Papa]

Raman: "Haan Rooh hai kuch kami tumhari Ishima mein. Par uss kami hum kaise nikaalenge ab."

[Yes Rooh ther's some fault in ur Ishima. But what will we do now to remove it]

Ishita: "Aap baap beti donom yeh kya secrets bata rahi ho? Mujhe bhi toh batao."

[What are u both talking? Tell me also]

Ruhi: "Main abhi aati hoon."

[I'll come now]

Ishita: "Rooh, where are u going?"

Ruhi: "Abhi aayi Ishima"

Saying this Ruhi went to a nearby temple

Ishita: "Raman wo kya tha?"

[Raman what was that?]

Raman: "Kya yaar phir se shuru apni jaasoosi?Bacchi ko aane toh do."

[What yaar? U again started ur investigation?]

Making her hands into a little fist Ruhi came to her parents.

Ishita: "Rooh kya chupa rahi ho?"

[Rooh what are u hiding?]

Ruhi: "Ye lo Papa Ishima ki maang pharlo iss sindoor se"

[Here papa, Put this sindoor on Ishima's forehead]

Raman took a pinch of sindoor n put it on Ishita's forehead. She just closed her eyes just to feel the moment her husband's finger tips gracing her forehead.

Ruhi: "Ab koi kami nahin hai meri Ishima pe aur hamari pariwaar pe"

[Now there's no fault in our family]

Saying this Ruhi pulled both her parents into a hug. Ishita and Raman stayed there just holding there Rooh in their hands.


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Roohachu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 11:35am | IP Logged

PS: I really want to clear something. Some of the ideas that I used here is not mine. It's my Rakshu Di's ideas. Sowwy Di I copied your ideas. I didn't get any idea at that time so I used yours. Don't get angry on me ok. (Puppy eyes)

 Added english subtitles. @maduragymnasium aka lekshmi that's ur name na? Sorry for the inconvenience that I cause u.

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Sri1091 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Love u too achu Heart
And lots of hugs for writing this story on demand Hug
Coming to d stry itz awesome
D way ishita came to know abt Ruhi and tried to help her out of dat situation without letting her know I loved dat take because of Ruhi comes to know dat ishita is doing she might have reacted in a different way and Alia played a Cupid between ishru I love her for this even if I hate her for mani's move on ranting
Wen Ruhi came to know abt wat ishita has gone through she told sry for her behaviour with ishita I loved it dat shows out Ruhi is same as before a loving soul and ishita rescued Ruhi and den I loved all d ishru moments their sleeping in embrace and then ishita cooking for rooh and feeding with her hands loved everything
And i liked ishru convo wen ishita assured rooh dat she is always her priority and wen she isn't there nothing is left it will def help healing some of rooh's insecurities and pain
Raman's reaction after learning Ruhi is alive is too good his hug and kissing her all over d face it shws how much he missed her and yes vuske jaan mein jaan agayi after seeing Ruhi alive
Ishra's confrontation and ishita handing over Ruhi to Raman I liked it ishita didn't let her self esteem down at d same tym raman's pain isn't let down both made a promise together dat they will try not to repeat their mistakes and will strt a new life with their children I jst loved it
And our rooh as always Ishra ki Cupid bonding she made Raman fill ishita's partition a perfect ending
I loved d stry achu and ya I want an epilogue for this stry

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aww that's by birthday gift
isn't it too late
but I am accepting it wholeheartedly Heart
thank you for soo much for writing it though it took lot of time for blackmailing n I just wish u utter that words very often at least 2-3 times a day

ohhh now the update

it was just beautiful . it has to be as ishraru r together n they r bliss !!
I just wanted ruhaan to utter that words but cvs na chalo leave them but you fulfilled my wish without knowing it Clap
ishita just hears that beautiful word ishima n everything was just beautiful after that
ishita got her ruhi back n ruhi her ishima
I always loved alia n here too she plays the cupid
loved all ishru moments
I just wanna ishita to go handover ruhi to roman n then move away from him n roman to manofy her
n it again happens how u know I always wanted that Embarrassed

each n every dialogue of ishra too apt according to situation
just loved the way u portray their emotions
n that sindoor scene aww that was just beautiful
ruhi always a cupid for them
n then yaya ishraru hug

just loved it
waiting fr epilogue

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Roohachu IF-Dazzler

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Lo ho gayi posting. I'm damn nervousCryCry

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anisha960 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Roohachu

Lo ho gayi posting. I'm damn nervousCryCry

u n nervous
I know what have u written so don't be
n better be ready with prologue !!!

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