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AsYa FF: Breathe [RESUMING TEASER] Page 34 (Page 15)

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Originally posted by asifiqbalsh

Nice start dear
He love her & wanted to talk to her abt his career plan. They kissed & both lost in their own world. Didn't realise where they were. Hate that Rajat bas***d. Asad proposed her. Waiting for next update soon to know Zoya answer. Thanks for pm

Thanks a lot sweety!
I will only say Rajat's job is not done yet he will be there till end!Tongue Will update soon! 
maybe today or tomorrow itself!Wink

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Originally posted by cutie15

Oh my goddd
This was sooo awesome
I loved the concept
So excited to read it further
Update soon

Thanks dear!
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Originally posted by ritikaagrawal


Originally posted by SanKsgian

Amazing start 
Continue soon

Originally posted by CrazyCutesy


Originally posted by CrazyCutesy

Originally posted by Monali5

Amazing is the only word 

Originally posted by ksen

amazing start
very interesting
loved it
excited for the next part
thanks for the pm

Originally posted by GERUA

superb start

Originally posted by MysticRiver


Thanks guys<3
Will update soon!
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Originally posted by newmoon18

superb updte

Originally posted by Sneha8337

Plzz continue 

Originally posted by heemasomani

Superb update
asad is confused 

Thanks a lot honey pies<3
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Thankyou for wonderful comments peepsEmbarrassed
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I want
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next page!
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Chapter 2

Update dedicated to *anopama*, its only cos of your comment I am updating today or else I was gonna keep this un-updated for a while more:P Thanks for being there with me<3


"Marry me Zoya!" his words still collided throughout each and every nerve in her brain. She stood rooted near the window gazing at the high sky, the only place from where she would dig some hope which was always needed to live. Coming from an extreme conservative family Zoya knew how tough her life was, just that she had privilege of wearing skinny dresses doesn't mean she was free of the typical orthodox nature of her family. She had always seen an unnamed Armageddon she had erupting within herself over 23 years of her existence. No matter how high a woman flies the ultimate destiny that a Gaffur girl would have is kitchen! More than outsiders Zoya feared the reaction of her so called dotting family who still lived in 21st century with a mindset of 17th century hypocrites!

Was that only the option left? Should she try to talk to Rajat, maybe once atleast not that she didn't wanted to get settled down with Asad but to her events seemed to be surreptitious. Who knew an insidious erosion of mobile and technology would make her fate turn this way! 

"Hey sexy!" Zoya could distinctly identify his venomous voice, it was Rajat.

"Why are you doing this to me Rajat? What's between you and me?" she said helplessly

"Certainly zilch Zoya, I have nothing against you but you getting into relation with Asad has put you into jeopardy!" he said with an evil smirk but Zoya was sure that she saw lust in those twin orbs .

"What against him, Rajat?" she asked

"Hmm he is having you all alone", Zoya scrunched her eyebrows with frustrations all she wanted is to slap him there and then but she cannot take any wrong step right now, she was being mired down in her own misery!

"Rajat on one hand you say you have got nothing against me and here you are making such gross talks!" she spat with an angry glare but before he could answer her, he was plummeted onto the ground with the great force of Asad's punch.

"Stay away from her you son of a b*tch" he roared like a lion

"Asad, Asad stop he hasn't done anything to me!" Zoya almost begged Asad, she didn't want him to put them both into peril but before anyone of the trio present  could answer Asad almost dragged Zoya with him!

"Zoya what were you doing with him?" he shot her an annoyed glare as she could have put herself in danger!

"I was trying to work things out with a sensible talk until you ruined my attempts with violence!" she muttered the italic part under breath dejected at his behavior, mush to his further anger!

"Zoya had that been an option I would have tried that already!" he tried sounding sensible

"What's between you and him Asad?" she asked

"Um well nothing, just sort of competition that he doesn't take sportily!" he said with a sigh.

 Rajat and Asad were always nemesis nobody could tell where it started from but things were always crooked when it came to their angle! Zoya was drawn to her own thoughts until Asad nudged her slightly and quickly placed a kiss on her forehead! "I will put everything right Zoya!" he whispered after another chaste kiss on her forehead whereas she chose a hmm' as response nodding slightly!

"Where are we going?" she asked as Asad gestured her to fasten her seat-belt

"I want to speak about our marriage to ammi, well she knows about us so there won't be much to explain so no worries!" Asad said as through his vision only that was the way out to save Zoya's image as even if after their marriage Rajat brings out their MMS he could accuse and play his cards on him again under allegation of disturbing their privacy! "Asad is marriage the ultimate choice? I mean in this way?" she asked

"Zoya that's the only way I can make out of the thing we are caught in!" he said, Zoya didn't knew why but she sensed him to be helpless doing something he doesn't want to! Rest of the journey in the car went into blur, both needed silence and none wanted to break it!



Zoya was wholeheartedly welcomed to the Khan mansion, seemed like Asad had given his family a precursor already thus Zoya was relieved that she hadn't been given cold-shoulder so far! Gaffur  too didn't have a bone to deny the proposal when it came from a family like Khan's.  The Siddhiqui's seemed genuinely happy that they had been given such a profit earning alliance!

Asad and Zoya were scheduled to marry the coming Friday as Asad had pestered their families that he wanted to marry soon! Initially both the pars were hesitant for an alliance as important as marriage to be hushed but they had to bow in front of their children. Zoya was happy though she didn't want the events to turned this way but this was the best reaping out of the worst circumstances according to her!

Asad was trying to be happy but he couldn't wholeheartedly. No doubt he loved Zoya but with marriage comes family along with responsibilities and his dream of starting from a scratch would just prove to be that he is gambling away his time, energy and maybe to some extent responsibilities too but everything was possible with Zoya by his side! He will definitely talk to her as now his life was not only his but hers too! 

**knock #$#& knock%#$**

"Um who's there?" Asad asked


"Uh Zoya, Come in!" as soon as Zoya heard those words from Asad she pushed the door and hugged him tight, she was so overwhelmed that tears began pouring her milky cheeks!

"Zoya, you alright?" Asad said wiping away her tear  that slid from the corner of her eye with his thumb

"Thank you!" she whispered bleakly and hugged him again

"Ssh! It's okay!" he tried to calm her down by patting her black slowly!

"Asad everyone is happy but-" she paused

"but what?" he asked

"Are you happy?" she questioned, her questioned froze him in his place, his body language tensed up and Zoya noticed it frowning a little, "Asad you are not doing this solely for me, aren't you?"  she looked into her mystique blue eyes beseechingly trying to decipher any answer she would get .

Asad cupped her face, there was not just one word possible answer for that question. Ofcourse he was doing it only for her, he couldn't put her into shame for a fault he has partnered for maybe more than half the committed amount! But he also was happy that he will be having the positive aura of his life, his Zoya!

"Asad I know you are too ambitious, I know that you wouldn't have married at such early stage and I don't want to be a burden on you, Please say truth!"

"I love you Zoya!" this is what he could say not getting any answer

"I love you too Asad!" she hugged him again



"Asad did you talk to her?" Max asked the next day as they both caught up in the nearby cafeteria

"I am marrying her, day after tomorrow!" Asad declared

"Asad are you ready?" Max questioned him

"That's the only way to salvage things Max!" Asad said "I think I will defo go for managing both things together!"

"Asad it's not that simple as you think, look as per you say there is no problem if you fly high but if you fall it will be a problem not only for you but Zoya too!" Max said

"I know!"

"What if we call some boys in and get that clip deleted forcefully!" Max voiced out

"Max you really think that it will only be one clip, it would have been multiplied umpteenth time!" he shrugged off

"Asad make sure that your decision won't be insidious for both of you!" Max said and Asad nodded as both of them got up and bid adieu for the day!


Asad and Zoya got married as per the scheduled they had planned in extremely hushed and low key affair, not even their close friends except Max was informed... Asad didn't want to take any chance he knew Rajat will be the biggest malice if he even got to know by any chance. Though a small ceremony it had got both the bride and groom exhausted but they clearly were looking forward for their life with each-other!

Both of them were clearly exhausted by the whole day long consuming activities, Zoya stood awake waiting for Asad for long time but he didn't retire at the prescribed time, he had an interview next day and he yet was unprepared! When he got time off for sleep he came to his room to find Zoya already in bed drifted into a cosy slumber , he smiled seeing a smile adorning her face adding to her cuteness... without disturbing her he slipped beside her carefully lifting the blanket upon him so that he doesn't wake her up!


Asad got up in midnight to find his and Zoya's legs tangled into a mess, he felt embarrassed ofcourse from now his bed is not only his but his wife's too... he just cannot experiment all those taekwondo positions in sleep he sensed that his left leg was in between her legs and her head was on his stomach with hands spread across his waist. He giggled as he imagined them to be fighting some sleeping martial-arts on their bed! His loud giggle was enough for Zoya to wake up, in no time she realised their awkward position,  she tried moving out from the compromising state but Asad tightened his legs around hers trapping him in the confined love of his arms. She blushed to such extent that even the darkness of the room couldn't hide her blush!

"Asad..." she said in low whisper

"Hmm..." he repled as his nose traced her cheeks

"Leave me... it's almost..." she began only to be stopped by his mouth as he placed a soft kiss on her lips.

"Zoya, you smell beautiful!" Asad talked seductively as his legs found way through her milky thighs teasing her.

"What are you upto?" Zoya asked as she bid her lip to stop a moan when his hands reached her most intimate part. Zoya closed her eyes giving away feeling way too complacent. Asad in a moment covered them with the white sheets that were long back scattered off them,  what happened after that is none of our business and definitely something I don't wanna elaborate as you see I have already reached 2000 words so either you be sane enough to make them stop just at a kiss or let your imagination turn wild!


**To Be Continued!**


Zoya got up the next day to find her side empty! She got up to call Asad before she found a note at the table near the bed 'Off for interview, play for me love!' she smiled affectionately kissing the note wishing her hubby all the success in his life!

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