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FF || Yeh Hai Mohabbatein || chap 1-page 11|| 30/4 (Page 11)


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Originally posted by mayraa

Interesting prologue dear
Do Continue soon
Thanks dear

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nice teaser update soon

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Woooww interesting teaser...
Complete opposite as ruhi is ishita's daughter..
Continue soon and do pm me when you update.

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Originally posted by Cutie-smiley10

nice teaser update soon
Thanks dear

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Originally posted by lerinim

Woooww interesting teaser...
Complete opposite as ruhi is ishita's daughter..
Continue soon and do pm me when you update.
Sure dear and thanks

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Hey friends, finally back with update. Sorry for my late hosts, exams are coming so get less time to write. The update is quiet short, please bear it till my exams gets over. Enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 1

Raman reached at his apartment, he was going to park his car but a tempo was blocking his way, Raman pressed the horn irately. "Arey who's this yaar!!"

He irately murmurred and finally gets down from his car after not getting any reply from the driver.

He shouted while walking towards the car, "Hey!! Is it a way to park your van in the middle of the road... Park it aside immediately!!"

As Raman finished his words, he saw a small girl peeped her head out from the van.

She said, "Sorry uncle... We're new here. We're unloading our stuffs... See!! We've big big things."

Raman couldn't resists but smiled seeing her cuteness, he asked, "So, you are new here?"

She replied, "Yes..." Her face dropped and she continued looking down, "Mumma was saddy saddy... Dada (father) left us!! So me and thatha decided to bring her here, she'll be happy now."

Raman's expression changed, he went in a deep thought when he heard someone calling, "Ruhi... Rooh?? What are you doing there? Come up fast."

Ruhi looked up and smiled saying, "Yes Mumma..."

She then looked at Raman and said, "Bye uncle!! Mumma calling."

Raman smiled and looked up to see who's her mother, but before Raman could see her, she turned her face, so he couldn't able to see her. Then Raman looked at Ruhi who was trying to gets down from van when Raman lifted her and landed her on ground and she ran inside hurriedly.

Raman shouted concerned, "Don't run fast..."

He saw her going and in a time of span, his eyes gets moist when he felt a tap on his houlder, he wiped his tears quickly and turned. "You?" Mr.Iyer asked.

Raman composed himself, "Oh!! I'm sorry sir.. Actually I couldn't able to park my car, so just came here to ask the driver to park aside.

Mr. Iyer replied," Oh!! I am sorry beta... Actually we shifted here in the morning only, so just unloading our things. "

"It's okay sir... You carry on!!" Saying this Raman was going to leave but stopped and turned at him again asking, "Umm!! Sir.. If you don't mind can I help you?"

Mr.Iyer said, "No!! It's okay.. it's almost done."

"Please sir.. I insist. "

Mr.Iyer nodded smilling when Raman helped them to unloading the van. Meanwhile unloading a big stuff, Raman's hand injured slightly.

" Arey? You hand is bleeding... Come inside, I'm staying on third floor, come!! I'll treat you. " Mr. Iyer said concern.

"It's okay sir.. I'm staying here also and my apartment is also on thrid floor, I'll do it myself. Thank you."

"Oh! So you're staying here?" Raman nodded.

"Then please come at our place. "

"Sure sir."

Raman smiled and was going to leave when Mr.iyer called him.

"Yes? "

" Your name? "

"oh!! I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Raman Bhalla." Mr.Iyer looked at him for sometime and said, "Raman Bhalla? I heard your name somewhere!!" Raman looked at him confused, Mr.Iyer asked, "are you the owner of Bhalla industries??"

Raman replied, "Yes."

"Oh!! Then I might be heard abut you in television... The news channels always showed your interviews." Raman smiled.

"Sir.. I've to leave. See you later." Mr.Iyer nodded and they went to their respective ways.

Iyer's house

Mr.Iyer walked in house when Ruhi jumped in his lap happily, he then took a seat on the sofa when Madhvi asked, "Arey Vishwa... Where were you? You took long time.."

"Yes Madhvi.. I was talking with Raman Bhalla. You remember Raman Bhalla the industrialist, he lived next to our door."

Ruhi excitedly jumped, "Thatha that uncle was so nice. He helped Ruhi to get down from that van."

"Ruhi??" Ishita shouted from behind. She reached at her yelling, "I told you no never talk with any stranger and.. And what were you doing there alone?"

"Mumma I am sorry." She pouted.

Ishita melted seeing her cute expression. She took Ruhi on her lap, "Bachha I told you no or wasn't safe to talk with anyone. See!! They could harm my Rooh!! I already lost your dadda.. Now I don't want to loose my Ruhi." her eyes gets moist.

"I am sorry mumma. I will not repeat it. Please don't cry. " Ruhi wiped her tears with her tiny hand and hugged her mother.

"Ruhi.. Custard kon khayega??" Madhvi called from kitchen.

(Ruhi.. Who will have Custard??)

"Mein.. Mein.." Ruhi jumped on floor from Ishita's lap and ran to the kitchen, Ishita too was going to leave when Mr. Iyer stopped her saying, "Ishu wait. I want to talk with you."

"Appa please. I know what you are going to say to me. Yes!! I know I am getting over possessive for her but I will do anything to protect my daughter. I already lost Subhhu now I really don't have courage to lose her." She said in a straight forward face and went to her room.

Raman was applying some ointment on his wound when a smile came on his lips while recalling Ruhi. "Ruhi.." He chuckled.

Just then Mrs. Bhalla walked in his room and seeing his wound she gets worried for him, "Raman puttar.. How did this happen?"

"Nothing ma. I am fine." he just shrugged off her hand.

"What do you think Raman? If you won't say, I won't get to know.. That my son is in pain. Tell me puttar what's bothering you!! I noticed you from when you are back from Chennai, you supposed to lost somewhere. Even I heard you weren't attend few meetings. What happened puttar? Won't you tell your ma?" Raman pulled her and made her sit on the bed and he himself sat on the ground and rested his head on her lap, she caressed his hair with love, "What happened Raman?"

"Ma I know how it feels when your loved one left you forever and I never want anyone to go through the pain.."

"Raman.. Puttar what happened?"

Raman realized what he was going to share with her, he gets up saying, "Nothing ma!! I have an important meeting. Bye!!" saying this he moved out from the room.

Raman walked out from his apartment when he collide with Ruhi who was playing there, "Oh sorry!!" Ruhi looked up apologize.

"It's okay beta." Raman smiled. Ruhi stared at him for sometime and recalled her mother's words and ran inside, Raman looked at her confuse. As soon as Ruhi walked in Mr. Iyer walked out and meet with him, "Sorry beta... Actually Ruhi's maa asked her not to talk with any stranger, so may be for that she didn't talk with you."

"It's okay." he smiled and left from there.

At office

Raman was sitting in his cabin when Mihir walked in and found him lost in somewhere, "Raman? Are you okay?" his voice bring him back and he looked up at him, "What happened?" Raman nodded.

"Raman tell me!!"

"Mihir... Did you call them? Is.. Is his family fine? That girl.." Raman asked worried.

"Raman.. Why are you asking about them? I already told you, I handled the situation." Mihir assured.

"I know damn it!!" Raman banged his fist on the table and went to the window side, "I know you handled everything well but..."

"Raman?" Mihir placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Yaar woh guilt mujhe andaar hi andaar khaye ja rahi hai... Kash!! Kash mein..." He again hit his fist on the wall.

"Raman relax!! You did nothing wrong. It wasn't in your hand."

"Mihir, please. Leave me alone!!" he requested.

"Okay. But you take care." Understanding the situation, Mihir left the cabin.

In the evening, Ruhi was sitting at the dining table with a pout, "Rooh? What happened?" Ruhi looked at Ishita with a pout and said, "Ruhi hates milk." she moved the milk glass towards Ishita.

"Ruhi??" Ishita glared at her.

"No. No. No!! I am not going to listen to you. You said, dadda will call me but see!! It's night, he didn't call me today also. I am not going to have this milk nor I will eat anything." She ran out from their when Mrs. Iyer was going to follow her but Ishita stopped her and goes behind Ruhi with the milk glass.

"Ruhi listen!!" Ishita shouted.

But didn't listen to her and stated climbing down the stairs when she collide with Raman, she was going to fall but he hold her in the nick of time. "Be careful." Ruhi looked up at him and then again at Ishita, she shrugged off his hand and went. Raman looked at Ishita confused, "Is.. Is there any problem?"

"No. Everything is fine. Thank you." She followed Ruhi. Though Raman had no right to interfere in their lives but seeing Ruhi, he felt she was in pain and that hurt him so he too followed them.

Raman went out and searched for them and found Ruhi sitting on a bench, he walked towards them B but stopped in a far.

"Ruhi?" Ishita called. But she turned her face another side. "My baby is angry?"

"Yes. Ruhi doesn't want to talk with you mummy and dadda." she replied annoyed.

"Dadda? What he does?" She asked controlling her tears.

"You both lied to me. Dadda said he will come to me soon and will give me my gifts but it had been more than a week he didn't arrive nor he talked with his Rooh and every time whenever I asked you about dadda you made excuses. You lied to me that dadda will call me, you lied to me that he will come back soon. I miss him." She cried, Ishita couldn't hold her emotions, she cried and left from there and the conversation was witness by Raman and Mr. Iyer.

Raman felt very bad for Ruhi, he wanted to sooth her pain, "Sir.. Can I talk with Ruhi?" Mr. Iyer nodded.

Raman went to her and took a sit beside her, Ruhi didn't bother to look at him. "I thought you are a big girl." Raman said looking at her when Ruhi looked at her cutely. "You know big girls never cries." he said wiping her tears.

"I hate mumma and dadda." her eyes again filled with tears.

"Hmm!! I understand. And you should be!! After all they lied to Ruhi." Raman said making a thoughtful expression.

"How did you know?" She asked innocently.

"I heard when you said to your mother. They are very bad. They lied to Ruhi. Ruhi's dadda didn't keep his promise. Ruhi should hate them."

"NO!!" She suddenly said aloud.

"Why?" She stayed quiet. "Okay.. Come with me!!" Raman lifted her and took her near to his car and made her sit on the bonnet. "Tell me does Ruhi has toys?"

"Yes. Ruhi has many toys. Doraemon, chota bhim, Ganesha and.. And you know Ruhi has a Barbie set." She said remembering the toys.

"Oh wow!! Ruhi has many toys.. Who gave toys to Ruhi?"

"Dadda... Dadda buy it for Ruhi. Dadda has money, dadda does work no!!" she said.

"Exactly!! Dadda does work and earn money so that he can buy toys for his little Ruhi. And if dadda doesn't work, he always play with Ruhi then how will be buy gift for Ruhi?"

"Hmm!! You mean dadda is busy to earn money that's why he can't come to meet? And even he can't get time to call?" She asked sarcastically.

"Yes baby."

"I am sorry dadda." She apologize.

"Now go and say sorry to mumma. She was crying no?"

"No. I won't go. If I go, mumma will feed me milk forcibly." She made faces, Raman sighed.

"Don't you like milk?"

"No. It's yucky!!" She again made faces.

"Hmm!! You are right. I too never liked milk but you know my mummy fed me forcibly." Raman said while remembering his childhood.

"Your mummy?"

"Yes. I too have khadoos mummy like your."

"My mumma isn't khadoos!!" She said with a pout.

"Then why aren't you listening her?" Raman asked sarcastically.

"Because I don't like milk. It's smell bad." She said rubbing her nose, Raman chuckled.

"Then have it with Born-Vita."

"Mumma doesn't allow." Raman sighed.

"Ruhi do you know milk helps us to make our brain sharp!! And make us intelligent." Ruhi nodded, "I am already intelligent."

"Really? But not than me." Raman said faking an attitude.

"No. No. No!!" Ruhi started throwing her hands when Raman held her hands and said, "Okay fine. Let's play a game."

"Game?" She asked curiously.

Raman nodded, "Tell me on which standard you are studying?" She showed his two fingers with attitude, just like Raman did before.

"Then you know Addition, Multiplication right?" Ruhi nodded, "Okay. Now I will ask you few mathematical questions, let's see how fast you answer them."

"Okay!!" She excitedly said.

"So your first question is, what the is the answer of 2+5??" Ruhi looked at him blankly and then started thinking and then started counting, meanwhile Raman was looking at her antics with a smile. Finally she stopped counting and was going to answer when Raman said, "7.. Right?" Ruhi looked at him with a nod.

"See!! I answered before you." Ruhi made faces, "Next?"

Raman smiled and asked, "2*4?"

Ruhi started murmuring 2 's table and was going to answer but again Raman answered, "8." Ruhi looked at him for some time and then said, "You are cheater."

"How?" He sarcastically asked.

"Before asking me, you does the counting." Raman sighed, "Now I will ask you question." Raman nodded. Ruhi thought for a while, then did some counting, draw some patterns on her hand and then asked, "11+5?"

Raman looked at her with a smile when Ruhi, to get double sure, start counting and then looked at Raman who was silent, she smiled and wax going to answer, Raman answered, "16."

Ruhi made faces and after a brief thought she asked, "4*6?" and as usual Raman answered before her, she asked few questions and finally gave up with a deep sigh.

"So? Who's more intelligent? You or me?" Raman asked lifting her chin.

"You." she said sadly.

"Do you know!! I used to drink milk that's why I am intelligent than you." Raman cutely said.

"But it smells yuck."

"I have a solution. If you want you can try it." He suggested when Ruhi curiously looked at him. "See!! When mumma gives you milk glass just take a deep breath and hold your breath and then close your eyes and drink the milk in one go. This way smell never reach to your tiny nose." he said while touching his finger on her nose, she rubbed.

"Did you drink like this?"

"Yes." Raman nodded.

"Okay. I will try. From now I will drink milk regularly and then you will see I will be more intelligent than you." She proudly said. Raman smiled on her words when Ruhi asked, "Now bring me down. I have to go." Raman nodded and again lifted her and landed her on ground, she was going to leave when stopped and signaled Raman to bend, he does when Ruhi kissed on his cheek, "Ouch!! It pinched..." She giggled while rubbing her lips and ran away, Raman smiled brightly and went to Mr. Iyer who was admiring them from long time.

"Thank you. You handled her." Mr. Iyer said.

"She is so cute." Raman smiled and remembered Ruhi was talking about her father, "ugh!! Sir.. Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure!!"

"Ruhi's father?" Raman asked with hesitation.

"He is no more!! He met with an accident." Mr. Iyer said and hearing it, Raman too went in a thought which Mr. Iyer noticed, "Raman? Are you alright?"

Raman nodded and said, "Let's go inside." saying this he walked in.


Suspense killing right?? Hmm!! I understand.. I won't stretch it longer. The entire scenario will reveal in next update.

Please read and do comment.


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So Ruhi is cupid here. She is too cute. Has Raman anything to do with accident? I felt so

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Originally posted by sririt

So Ruhi is cupid here. She is too cute. Has Raman anything to do with accident? I felt so
that's twist of tale... Tongue

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