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Originally posted by nahtani88

Really Interesting
Update Soon
Thanks 4 The PM
Thanks dear

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Originally posted by anisha960

continue soon
Thanks dear
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Hey friends, finally back with the first shot. Please read and drop your comments.


"Alright, alright.. I had heard enough!! God!! you kept repeating the same thing over and over again, aren't you tired? My ears will bloat sooner all later thanks to you... Why am I still talking to you anyway?" Raman gripped on his steering wheel, turned the black plastic around as he took corner while his free hand fixed his earpiece. "I'd told you that I don't care. Why would I wait in my office when it is lunch hour? Haven't you heard of lunch hour? Or that girl human resource hired, haven't she heard of lunch hour? Can't she come a bit earlier?"

"I apologize for it, Raman. Her meeting with you was supposed to be at eleven but she got stuck in traffic due to a massive car accident downtown and end up being late and uh!!" Raman had his ear perked up when he noticed how his manager's breathing turned messy and then he heaved a sigh, stuttering his words out. "She said she... She will appreciate it if you can come back as fast as you can since she uh... She has o-other important thing to do too."

He snorted in retort, could not believe what he just heard. Isn't that girl being ridiculous now? "That is not my business. Listen here, Mihir. My older sister is away for the whole week, my dad is busy with his work and my mother can't drive. No one is here to take care of my niece's transportation to kindergarten and thus she left her under my care. I don't care if she is running late for whatever important thing she needed to do. She should learn to leave home earlier next time." Raman unbuckled his seat belt once he had his car parked beside the green gate of the kindergarten that his niece was attending. Grunting, he jumped out of his car and leaned against the boot of his car, waiting for her there.

"But Raman.."

"How many times exactly that you need me to repeat?" Raman cut her short. "I don't care about that auditor's business. She need to learn how to respect me before I can start to respect her. I will only be back after I send my niece home. Do anything to entertain her and if she wants to leave then tell her - do as she please." Without waiting for his respond, Raman cut the line off. At the same time a cute little girl ran onto him, hugged his thighs as she squealed happily. "Hey, sweetheart. Do you miss me?"

Raman bent down slightly so that he was able to take her into his arms and brought her up, squeezing the girl that made her giggled in delight. "Of course Annie misses you mama(uncle)." She kissed him on both his cheek before pulling away. "Oh, Raman mama. There is this one of Annie's friend. His mummy could not make it today to pick him up and Annie wonders whether it is okay if we send him home instead."

"Your friend?" Ananya nodded and Raman took a glance on the digital clock on his dashboard before he nodded. Part of him felt that it was not the right thing to do because that auditor probably would still be waiting for him in his office but that concern did not last long in him. "Of course. Go call him." Hearing that, Ananha stretched a very huge smile and jumped out of the car immediately, ran into the building and a few minutes later came out with a boy around her age trailing behind. He reached behind to open the back door for the boy to enter. "Hey, little boy. May I know your name?"

"Adi.. Aditya Iyer."

The little boy wat sitting straight on the edge of the seat, being stiff and awkward that made Raman to chuckle over his adorable act. "Ah!! Aditya." He reached out to shake the boy's hand and poked his cute nose playfully. "Why are you being so stiff? Make yourself comfortable. Don't be afraid of RKB."

Right after he uttered those words in attempt to calm the boy down, he caught a soft snort from his side and noticed that it came from Ananya who had her left brow curled up in wonder. "What RKN?" She puffed her cheeks and turned around to face Aditya. "Don't worry, Adi. Hs is a nice guy even though sometimes he acts weird and pisses mummy off so be comfortable." Raman gritted his teeth at his niece and lunged to squeeze her cheeks. She whined loudly and hit his arms until he let go. "Drive, mama."

"By the way.." Raman was about to turn his car's engine start when he suddenly remembered something and turned around to have another look at Aditya. "Have you told your mummy that you will be going home with us?" The boy stopped on his way of buckling seat belt around his small body and shook his head. "You should tell her. She will get worried and also, in case she is already on her way here." Raman rubbed his nape before he fished his smartphone and handed it to the boy. "Here. Use my phone to call her. Do you remember his number?"

Aditya's eyes brightened as he nodded eagerly and took the phone from the older male. He bit his lower lips with his forehead frowned as he tried to remember his mummy's number before he typed it into the phone, causing Raman to chuckle as he watched him. How can this boy be so cute! The car filled with silence as the three of them waited for the line to be connected.

"Mummy? Mummy!" Aditya squealed when the line was connected, too happy to hear his mummy's voice after a long day in kindergarten. How much he missed her. "It is Adi." Raman could not help the smile that was making its way up to his lips, loving the way the boy interacted with his mummy. He is surely mummy's kid and Raman found him amazingly adorable. How he wished one day he will have son like this too. "It is okay, mummy. Adi understands that mummy needs to find more money for Adi's toys. Ananya will send me back so mummy doesn't have to worry about Adi."

There was a long silence after that that caused Aditya to frown over it. "What's wrong?"

"Mummy does not leave house key for Adi. Mummy usually leaves it under the vase in front of our door."

The way Aditya' face contorted into showed that he was about cry. Raman bit his lower lips and tried to make his brain work. "How about you ask her where she is now and RKB will send you there to her." The smile Aditya had on earlier returned immediately as he hummed and told his mummy the exact same thing.

Raman walked out of the lift in a rushed manner, was about to dash into his office when his secretary stopped him halfway. He grunted and turned to face her. "What is it, Mihir? Can't you see I am in hurry here? I need to see that auditor to apologize and then I need to rush to human resource. I have a very important matter in hand and..."

"That auditor you are talking about just left like five minutes ago, Raman."

"What?!" Raman dropped his jaw. What he meant that the auditor left? "What do you mean she left? I thought I did told you to make her wait until I return."

"No, you did not." Mihir replied lazily, looking very unamused with the matter.

"All you told me is that you are going to teach her how to respect others and that you allow her to do as she pleased until you return - so she did as she pleased, left about five minutes ago. By the way, if you are wondering, she already finished reading all the files of monthly reports that all the branches handed us two days ago. She will come again tomorrow to proceed with pre-documentation."

Once again in a span of an hour, Raman's jaw almost dropped down onto the tiled floor. "Are you serious?" He blinked dumbly as he tried to interpret Mihir's words once again in case he understood or heard them wrong.

"Finished? Really? There are thirty files of daily sales from our all thirty stores across the country. She read them all?" He probably heard her wrong because that was impossible.

Mihir heaved a sigh, the laziness in his tone was now more apparent. "Read, yes and also summarized all the important columns. And if she is not capable of that then I won't recommend her Raman and if you still unaware of it." Mihir raised his hand and pointed his index finger toward a light green clock hung on the wall behind his boss. "You actually arrived one hour late than you should. Lunch hour ended about an hour ago."

"I have an emergency case." Raman muttered, his lips unconsciously jutted forward and pouted. He was never the tardy type but the sudden situation he got himself into caused him to be late. Mihir knew that too but he seemed very pissed off right now, probably was still sulking over the scold Raman gave him earlier.

"You are an hour late, Raman. Someone was waiting for you in order to get some work done and end up doing it alone.." He grunted under his breath. "I know you need to pick Ananya up from kindergarten but I don't think it will take as much time as this. Where else did you go?"

The MD winched his nose, wrinkled the skin around it as he inhaled a little bit too loudly. "I didn't go to somewhere else. Ananya told me that one of her friend's mummy could not make it to take him home today so she asked me to help him and then turned out that his mummy forgot to leave their house key so I kind of drove around the blocks to find his mummy's working place which turned out to be my company."

"Why am I not surprised that you still don't remember our office's address?"

"You know it is not such a big matter. I have a lot of other stuffs that are more important to take note on instead of our office's address." He said, shrugging.

"Anyway, I drove all over the place for about half an hour before I realize it is my company and now as we speaking, the boy is in our lobby waiting for his mummy while I am up here trying to apologize to now-gone auditor and then needs to rush to human resource to confirm whether Aditya's mummy really is working here."

"Should I even ask whether you know his mummy's name or not?" Mihir sighed when Raman muttered a string of curse under his breath. "How did you even managed to get this position seriously, Raman?" Raman did not have time to answer him because he already rushing toward the lift, heading down to lobby to find Aditya again but he was too late. Aditya was nowhere to be found.


The sun was already high up on the sky but Raman still had no intention of leaving his comfortable bed. He was getting bored of laying but he had no strength to stand up so he needed to settle idly on his bed. Raman had no idea what was happening or what happened to him but he woke up to a severe headache, hurting like crazy while his nose started to get runny. He did not remember bathing the rain or took alcohol yesterday, or even the days before. Probably because he was too tired from work.

Knowing how the headache won't do him any good for the whole day, he phoned Mihir to inform that he won't be coming to office today and asked him to cancel all his appointments. He said it was okay but did not cut the line off before spurting a long line of nags, said that he should come to office today instead because he practically promised the auditor that they will start to work on pre-documentation for the annual report today. Raman winced when he caught it clearly how unamused he was with the fact that Raman will stubbornly stay home that day. Raman did not give a damn about the auditor, nor that he mind about the promise. Heck, he promised nothing.

Raman heaved a content sigh as he let his eyes stuck on the clean white ceiling of his room. Even though he felt relaxed to be able to lay comfortably like this, it was darn boring. Since seven years ago, Raman had been indulging himself with work and nothing else. He barely had time to enjoy himself, all too drowned by paper works and meetings and then he made his own business at such young age. All his hard work paid.

"I still need to pick Annie up today though." Raman wriggled on his bed, messing his sheets at the thought and suddenly felt annoyed at his older sister who left for a company trip in Australia with her husband. She left Ananya under Mr and Mrs Bhalla's care but Mr Bhalla was busy with his works while Mrs Bhalla does not know how to drive so it left only Raman to manage Ananya's transportation - only if she got home already today. "Ugh."

Raman quickly shook his head, stopped himself before his unconscious mind drag the blame onto Ananya. The poor little girl was always left behind, each time her mother went for outstation. Now Raman wondered why his older sister won't bring Ananya along even when it was school holiday.

He checked on his clock. It was just half past nine and there was still long time until Ananya is done with her kindergarten. Meaning, Raman still have time to laze around and sleep. He hummed in satisfaction and rolled under his blanket, slowly drifted into sleep again.

Instead of waiting inside his car like he did yesterday, Raman went out and leaned against his boot, both hands stuffed inside his pockets as he waited for the school's time to over. It felt better to be outside, inhaling the fresh air instead of taking in too much warm air from his car heater. The clock finally hit one o'clock and the bell rang. As fast as that, the children started to run out of the building, filling the yard and headed over toward the main gate.

Raman kept his eyes open for his niece in case he missed her in such a huge wave of kids but he saw the little boy from yesterday instead. The boy was walking aimlessly, unlike the other kids who were all excited to meet their mothers or fathers. Raman called for him.

"Hey, little boy." Raman got onto his knees and greeted the boy, showed him his best smile where the boy returned with something alike. "Is your mummy coming today?" He did not get any answer but a sigh instead. The boy was now pouting while his eyes stuck onto the ground, cheeks puffed and Raman knew why that was. "It is okay. RKB can send you home too today - ugh, send you to your mummy."

"Adi, why didn't you wait - oh, Raman mama." Ananya suddenly appeared and brightened up once she saw her uncle, quickly jumped to hug him. "Umm.. Can we send Adi to his mummy too today? Adi told Annie that his mummy is busy like yesterday too."

Raman smiled at the girl and ruffled her hair. "Of course, sweetheart." He turned to look at the little boy who was trying his best to avoid the older male's eyes, probably was shy as he was to bother him to send him home. "Does your mummy busy like this every day?"

Aditya shook his head eagerly, lips still pouting as he spoke. "No. Mummy only goes out to work sometimes but mummy never fail to pick Adi up before." He was being so cute that Raman barely able to hold himself in.

"Maybe your mummy suddenly gets extremely busy. Mummy needs to work more to buy more amazing toys for Aditya." Raman concluded, trying to make the boy feel better which seemed to be a success since he saw how the boy's face got lit up. "Don't worry, champ. RKB will send you to mummy but you still need to inform her first." Raman handed his phone to the boy and waited until he settled with it and kept his phone back into his pocket. "What does she said? Is it okay if I picks you up too today?"

"Yup." The boy grinned and later fished something out of his school bag. "Mummy gave Adi this.. this morning." He raised the bunch of keys up, wriggles them happily as he showed to Raman. "Can RKB send Adi home instead?" Raman nodded eagerly, just like what Aditya done just now.

The two were exchanging grins when suddenly they caught coughing sound that came from Ananya. "Mama.." She tugged his sleeve and made him turn to face the reflection side of his car, moved slightly to get Aditya into the same position. "Don't you think that Aditya does resemble Raman mama when he is smiling?"

Raman frowned and only then took a good look on both of their smiling faces. Ananya was right. They looked exactly the same, as if Aditya was a small copy of Raman. The boy had almost all his apparent features like his sharp pointy nose and plump lower lips, not to mention his thick black hair. Minus the small sharp eyes and chubby cheeks (somehow the two features reminded him to someone he had been trying to forget over these years but still failed to do so).
No. He won't be getting there again and being sad over it once more so he quickly waved it off and told the two kids to get into his car, drove off the compound.

Raman sent Ananya to his parent's house first and stayed there for lunch (more like his mother forced him to stay). He thought of sending Aditya home first but he figured that way the boy won't be having his lunch so he decided not to. Mrs Bhalla on the other hand was so happy to meet Aditya. His mother was squealing once she got her eyes on the boy, hugged him so tightly and can't quit from pinching his nose.

"You look so much like Raman when he was a little boy." She said and wet the boy's face with kisses. Raman grimaced and helped Aditya to escape from the craziness, fixed him with lunch and then drove him to his house.


"Is that your house?"

Aditya nodded and brought his hand up to point at one of the balconies at the high up. "Level five."

Raman gaped at how luxury the building looked. It looked more like a condo instead of a normal apartment. Must be expensive; he thought. Whoever Aditya's mummy was, Raman was sure she hold a huge rank at her work place. Her pay must be high to be able to live at such place. "Is anyone home?" Raman asked as he walked side by side with the boy into the building. "Where is your daddy, by the way?"

Aditya stopped walking when Raman spurted the question out. Seeing how the boy's face fell made Raman cursed himself mentally. "Adity never meets daddy." He felt his heart clenched hearing how broken the voice was. That explained why no one came to pick him up when his mummy was unavailable.

"RKB is sorry." He mumbled, got on his knees and quickly pulled the boy into his arms. "It is okay, champ. You still have your mummy right. Mummy takes a great care of you even without daddy."

The boy nodded eagerly and snuggled into the warmness. "Yes. Mummy is the best." The words were muffled by Raman's shirt but Raman still catch him clearly. "RKB is warm. So much like mummy." The boy hummed in content. "Aditya likes it here." He snuggled even closer to Raman and he caught the gesture, stood up with Aditya still in his arms and carried him inside the lift. "Um, RKB. Can RKB stay with Adi until mummy comes back? Adi is afraid being alone and it is not fun."

Raman smiled hearing how cute the boy's whine was. He ruffled Aditya's soft hair with his free hand before nodding. "Sure. RKB does not have to go to work too today so RKB can stay."

"Aditya.. Champ!!" Raman called for the little boy as he slumped himself onto the luxury black leather sofa that was situated in the middle of the living room facing the wide flat screen television. The boy curled to hug him once he settled down and Raman took him into his arms, let the boy to snuggle on him. "What does your mummy do?"

Raman had been wondering about it since the time Aditya told him that they were living in that expensive apartment complex. The curiosity did not turn down but just shot higher especially after he had his eyes fall on the modern house decor in the house. Aditya's mummy must be amazing. She brought up a little boy by herself and yet she still managed to make so much money. Raman could not imagine if that happened to him. He wondered whether he able to survive even a week.

Aditya hummed long as he gave the question a thought. "Adi is not really sure b-but mummy says that mummy do some calculations, write long essays and count money."

"Huh?" Raman blinked at the boy, not really catching on what kind of work would it be. Calculations? Essays? Count money? Nothing adds up and again, the boy was just four years old. He probably did not understand yet what his mummy actually doing. Essays can be report. Maybe his mummy is a banker but does banker earns this much? Seeing the frown on the boy's face, Raman uttered a smile to ease it and ruffled his hair. "Wanna play some game until mummy comes home?"

The boy's face lit up. He jumped up and nodded eagerly. "Adi knows what to play!" He exclaimed loudly and ran toward a door which Raman deemed to be either his bedroom or his playroom. It was barely a minute before the boy came out again, dragging a huge basket of toys. Raman blinked dumbly and face palmed himself. Kids. "Here." Aditya stood up proudly, pointing at the basket with a huge smile on his face. "RKB can choose."

"Waa! So many toys. RKB does not know what to choose. Can Adi choose for me?"

"Of course!" Aditya hummed loudly, waves his fist on the air wildly before he started to dig into the pile of toys. Raman just watched him in mused before the boy finally came up again with two boxes of remote control car. He shoved one of the boxes into Raman's arm. "Let's play this. Adi is good in car race."

They spent the rest of the evening playing almost all the toys in Aditya's basket and barely realized how fast the time fly. None of them noticed that it was already late in the evening until the sound of bell echoed within the house. "Mummy is home!" Aditya exclaimed and quickly get onto his feet. The next second Raman realized, the boy was already out of his sight. He chuckled at how eager the boy was to meet his mummy. Too adorable.

Being left behind like that, Raman decided to help the boy tidied up his toys by putting them back into the basket before he slowly made his way toward the door, thought of greeting the boy's mummy. He could hear how loudly the boy was telling every single detail of what he had done today. Raman dipped his head down to greet the lady who currently had Aditya in his arms. "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Iyer. My name is Raman."


At cue, Raman hastily brought his head up and had his eyes shot open when he landed them on her face. They kept staring at each other, shock clearly laced within their stares. "Mummy, RKB, what's wrong?" Aditya waved around, trying to get his mummy back into sane.

"R.. RKB?" Aditya's mummy asked in disbelief, looked at her son and then brought her eyes back to the other male.

"Ish.. Ishita!!"

"RKB knows mummy?"

Once again Ishita gave a look at her son, scoffed so loud that Raman almost jumped because of it. "RKB?" Raman saw how she rolled her eyes, clicked her tongue and walked inside of the house, heading over to living room and put Aditya down on the sofa. "I think your task here is done. Thank you but I hope you can leave now."

"B-but mummy, can't RKB stay for dinner? He bought Adi lunch earlier. Please."

"RKB?" Ishita scoffed once more but gave her son a stern no. She gestured the main door to Raman, her eyes signalled him to leave at once. Raman pouted but still did as told. He knew his position of being the guest here and if the owner of the house said that he needed to leave, then he should leave. "Hey Aditya.. Champ.." Raman came and kneed in front of the boy, ruffled his hair lovingly before he spoke. "See you again, okay." He wanted to kiss the boy's cheek but Ishita was glaring at him so he grabbed his key and left the house.


I hope you liked it. Please do comment and hit the like.


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so good
ishu n raman has past
adi is ishra's baby????
i want this one true
like raman adi bonding
LOL raman doesnt know his office addresss

awww how cute adi said "RKB is warm. So much like
mummy." The boy hummed in
content. "Aditya likes it here." He
snuggled even closer to Raman

watng 4 ishu raman confrontation on past
thanks 4 pm

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wow that was amazing
really loved it 
plz update asap 
cant wait to know more
thank u

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Originally posted by sulochana90

wow that was amazing
really loved it
plz update asap
cant wait to know more
thank u
Thanks dear. Will update soon.

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Amazing update...
Loved raman-adi bonding..
continue soon

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Wao nice. When Ananya told to RKB that Aditya looks like Raman,  I became happy. I knw now aditya is ishra baby. Continue it soon

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