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Rishbala FF: WANTED !- Chapter 8 updated on pg.81 (30/9/16) (Page 75)

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Originally posted by zelja89

Superb update, loved it Smile
 Thanks dear Smile

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Originally posted by ..neelanjana

Interesting update 
Madhu is on the mission... Hopefully she'll be successful !! 
Feeling bad for Radha ji... 
Madhu and Rishbh's  convo was good.. 
Nice read 
Thanks dear Smile
Let's see dear!
Thanks for liking and commenting Big smile
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Originally posted by Snehalokwani200

Thanks dear Smile
Hehe yes the mission is on! LOL
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Originally posted by heemasomani


Will update within this week Smile
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Thanks for the likes and comments...enjoyed reading them Hug
I will update within this week for you all know am bad at promises LOL

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                                                   Banner credits: Dunyasha

You think this is the first time am looking at you?

That this is the first time I got lost in your magical eyes?

That this is the first time I hear your heart beat whenever you are near me?

That this the first time I can see your soul?


Let me tell you that this is the first time you are realizing all this...

As you are not like me and moreover not in love like me!

                                      CHAPTER 8:  A Living Nightmare

RK looked at Madhu...who was walking towards nowhere...defeated. He couldn't understand what's happening to her...he felt so helpless to see her in that state. Suddenly something clicked in his mind and he decided to meet someone close to Madhu to know about her...

1:30 am

Shamsher Malik opened his eyes sleepily, disturbed by the land phone which kept on ringing. His wife, now fully awake was looking at him irritated. He got out of Bed and looked at the caller name. Why is he calling at this time? He wondered. He picked up the call quickly.

"Hello Sir! Rishab Kundra here. Sorry for interrupting you at this time."

"You already interrupted Mr.Kundra. So what's the matter?"

"There is an urgent enquiry...can I come to your house?"

"In my home? Malik asked shocked."

"Yes Sir. Or would you like to come to Station?"

"It's Ok. You come here Mr.Kundra."

"Alright. Will be there soon."

Malik , now wide awake from sleep looked at Padmini. He explained her.

"What does he want? Haven't we helped him in Balraj's case?"

"I don't know. He is a  very honest Officer. Something serious should have happened. Else he won't call us this time."

"I hope our daughter is safe." Padmini said all of a sudden, worried.

"Leave that to me...she is on her night duty...OP Department."

RK came inside few minutes later. He was waiting outside at a good distance from Malik Mansion...and made the call. He was restless. His police instinct which is right in most of the cases, said something wrong is gonna happen. So he had called Malik on unofficial enquiry. He had rights to bring him to Police Station but he respected a Wise person and more than that...his Madhu's father.

"Welcome Mr.Kundra! What happened?"

"Sir...where is Madhu?"

"Our daughter is safe. Why? Anything happened?" Padmini asked before Malik...her voice laced with worry.

"No nothing Mrs.Malik. I just want to know if somebody is troubling her. Don't get me wrong but her name is linked with the death of some infamous criminals."

"Criminals?" Malik asked shocked. "My daughter doesn't...doesn't...involve in such activities..."

"I know Mr.Malik. She is being targeted by Underworld Don Sultan if my sources are to be believed...I didn't say she is a Criminal. I said she maybe a Victim."

"What?" Padmini slumped down hearing it. Malik was the first one to come out of shock.

"Isn't Balraj the Don...and Sultan his right hand in his crimes?"

"Rightly said Mr.Malik. But Balraj was found dead four days before."

"What? How? We, media people weren't informed."

"Mr.Malik this news is strictly confidential. The Department is gonna publicly announce his brutal death tomorrow. So in his absence...Sultan is the Don. We have a secret agent from us working with them for quite sometime."

"Oh ok...Please take a seat Officer. Sorry..."

"Manners can wait Mr.Malik. What currently bothers me is Madhu's safety. She is safe now...but not for long. Or you people...anyone in your family related to Sultan or Balraj?"

"What? No! We don't..." but Malik stopped short seeing his attention wavering. His gaze fixed on a photo hanging in the wall.

"Is that Madhu?" RK asked seeing two girls picture. It was a picture of two little girls playing in a Beach. The little one looked so much like Madhu. Her eyes and her adorable dimples.

"Yes!" Padmini answered after long smiling softly. She was oblivious to their conversation thinking about their daughter.

"And who is the other one?" RK asked rather quietly. He didn't know why but he felt so worried and something terribly gone wrong.

"That's not related to our discussion" Mr.Malik said to him worriedly.

" are lying. I feel there is something lot more than you or I, could perceive. Please be honest" he said sternly standing up from his seat.

"No Mr.Kundra."

"She is my elder daughter..." Padmini shouted and broke down crying. Her voice echoed around the silent hall. RK looked at them shocked. He asked his lower cadre officers to do a background check on Malik much before he knew Madhu. To be exact two and a half years before...and he found nothing suspicious. Or was the report wrong?

"Who is she?"

"Dipali Malik, my elder daughter" Malik replied his face writhed in agony.

"Where is she?"

"We don't know."

"Don't know...?" RK felt his temper rising. "How? Why? Where is she? Is she dead..."

"No she is not." Padmini shouted again. Then she softened her tone. "I don't know if she is alive or dead. But I want to believe she is alive...I don't have proof. This is my hope...a mother's hope..."

"You lost her somewhere?" RK asked. That was the best conclusion he could come up.

Malik nodded. "Yes, we did lose her...forever. In a festival..."

RK quickly stood up. "Thanks for your time Mr and Mrs.Malik. I heard what I wanted to know. I will do the investigation and..."He stopped, thinking..."Mrs.Malik I will find your daughter."

Padmini looked at him tearfully and folded her hands respectfully. RK indicated a No' and left the place quickly.


Trishna was in deep sleep. She woke up annoyed as the knocking continued. "Coming!" She shouted irritated and went out. She rubbed her eyes to see the time...3 am. She looked at her parents worriedly. They are alright right? Her eyes moved to a person standing against the door. The the presence of a stranger in their home startled her. Her eyes grew wide as she noticed that he was no stranger...but her best friend's lover.

"ACP Rishab Kundra."

"I know Rishab. Sorry... Sir."

"Rishab is fine. You are Madhu's friend."

Trishna nodded still uncomfortable. "What brings you here at this time?"

RK looked at her parents. "Can I have a word with her in private?"

Her parents darted worried glances towards Trishna.

"Trust me, your daughter is safe." RK pulled out his ID card from the side pocket and showed it to them. "I am here on unofficial am in Mufti."

They exited knowing that she is safe while Trishna stood there nervously. RK was scrutinising her.

"How can I help you Rishab?"

"Where is Madhu?" RK asked directly.

"She...she is on her Apollo."

"Don't lie Trishna" RK looked at her angrily.

"I really don't know. Maybe she went to a party or something" Trishna answered sweating.

RK sat on the sofa as if he owned the place and gestured her to sit.

"Can I ask you something?"


"How did you find my address?"

"I am a Police Officer. So I have access to the confidential record of duty Doctors working in Apollo."

"Oh...then you could have called me right?"

"I did call you...5 times. But Madam was so lost in sleep that she didn't find the need to attend the call" RK smiled seeing her messy hair and sleepy eyes.

"Oh...sorry!" Trishna flushed.

"Now answer me. Is this yours?" RK asked showing her an earring. Trishna's gaze froze as she looked at it. She didn't know what to say. She was too stunned to react.

"Looking at your reaction I am sure this is yours" RK dismissed her carelessly. "So?"

"I didn't do anything" Trishna answered quickly.

"I didn't blame you either Trishna. I know you are innocent. You are not directly involved. But if you speak we can uncover something."

Trishna hesitated before speaking. "All I know is that Balraj is dead...that too Madhu said to me. And the earring belongs to Madhu."

RK looked at her incredulously. "You sure you are not gonna speak up the truth?" RK asked outraged at her lie.

Trishna was left wondering how did he catch her lie? "This is the truth. Madhu is interested in she keeps track of..."

"Balraj and Sultan?" RK asked rising his eyebrows. Trishna looked at him shocked. It is as if he is leading her to the truth.

"I don't have anymore time to waste. Your face is the index of your mind. And I did get what I came for. So I better be leaving." RK said and left immediately while Trishna sat on the floor bewildered by the turn of events.


A young lady walked around the Hospital with her head down. Her footsteps were hardly heard. She was careful to cover her as not to reveal her identity. She covered herself from head to toe in a simple Saree with a high blouse. Her face covered with the veil. She went to the OPD ward and sat there waiting for her turn. Almost everyone working there knew her.

The Hospital Ward boy and Nurses passed by. They stopped short seeing her. They all talked in ushered voices seeing her. But made sure she heard all of it.

"Is she the one from that area?"

"Yes she is. And do you know she visits every month."

"I don't know why such people exist. Maybe that Doctors inside had called her to keep her warm?"

"I bet. Look at her how she is shamelessly sitting..."

"She comes here know she is HIV positive."

They kept talking shamelessly about her...and making fun of her. Hearing them few patients present there started looking at her disgustingly...some in a lewd way.

She closed her ears unable to hear their taunts. Her eyes burned with tears. She cast a dead look at them directly. And all others recoiled in shock, seeing her blood shot eyes and a big scar on her forehead. They moved away fearfully while the Lady sat there rigid waiting for her name to be called.

Soon a young and beautiful Doctor came out of the Cabin and called 'Dipali'.

Dipali stood up and walked with her head bent low careful not to see anyone. While the Doctor looked at her intrigued.

"HIV is not a sin." The Doctor started looking at her directly.

"I know. Our society is like that." Dipali replied diminutively.

The Doctor studied her carefully... "You are suffering from HIV for past three years."


"Are you taking your medications regularly?"

"Yes but sometimes I forget."

"You can't be careless in these matters."

"You don't know who I am."

"What makes you say that Miss.Dipali Malik?" She stressed her surname.

Dipali looked at her intrigued. "Who are you?"

"Someone you can trust."

"You well know I am a prostitute. Then why are you treating me with respect?" Dipali asked furiously but inside, she was glad someone is talking to her normally.

"How can I not respect you Didu? You are a girl forced into this profession and moreover my sister...which is far more enough to earn my love and respect" the young Doctor said softly tears freely flowing out from her beautiful eyes.

"Madhu?!!!" Dipali asked shocked.



Waiting for your likes and comments. So how is the twist? Wink  


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OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!CryCry i guess i m having a coronary attack...CryCry oh god! its hurting...CryCry my darling Dips... aww... CryCry Yes, very well said HIV is not a SIN!!!! so filthy people should stop talking f**king things... DeadDead 
Interesting and thrilling update!!!

Guess madhu had found her long lost sister and when she met her after her long time she comes to know about her health issues... so she didn't want to take her to her parents becos seeing their daughter in this state will hurt them more than missing her for years... so Madhu decided to treat her and also guess she had run a background check on where Dipali was all these years and what happened to her and also the reason behind her current state... and its clear that... Those two f**kers Balraj and Sultan kidnapped Dipali and used her... as a prostitute... first time i m feeling something strange for Dips... usually i love to see her as a vamp.. a sexy bitch... or jolly friend.. but here i see her in a different light.. i respect her... she was forced into something she never wished to do... her fate was f**king cruel so its not her fault... well, its actually the faults in her stars (Faults in our stars - by John Green - my favorite book so quoting that line LOL) 

Rk is smart... he almost neared the truth... he is aware o the fact that something is bothering madhu and madhu is also associated in the crimes... well not a part of those two f**kers business.. but a part in killing them business... she killed ballu and sullu just got missed... one down and one more to go... i guess it will go soon... 

Trishna is such a goof ball... she didn't say much but her face gave away everything to Rk... i love the attitude Rk showed when he was at Malik's place and at Trishna's... so like a police officer! tough, rude and to the point... only when he saw the photo of Madhu and her sis he got little emotional.. otherwise he was so professional... 

very well written update dear..
loved it... thanks!

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Nice update .
More Suspense and thriller story.
Deepali is sister of Madhu.
New twist.
That's why she has some connections with Balraj and sultan.
She loves her sister very much.
Trishna face is index of her mind.
She express all answer in her face.
Rk is so clever.He has known Face and mind reading.
Where has madhu gone?
Last part is so touching. Feel bad for Dipali.
I think,Dipali pushed by Balraj and Sultan to prostitute.
Update soon.

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