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Rishbala FF: WANTED !- Chapter 8 updated on pg.81 (30/9/16) (Page 66)

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Originally posted by anish17

Originally posted by vishuv

Unga commentuku evlo time aagudu akka! Lol!

Thanks for coming Anish akkaHug
Love youHeart

Haha so sorry sowmy for taking time to reply me Wink It's Ok akka Wink

College padikum podhu thaan questions kettadhu illai so ippo yavadhu questions kettu knwolegde increase pannalam nu paartha ,Vida maatriye ROFL I will ask more questions on further updates too LOL
Eppa knowledge increase pannama ippa akka glad am a part of it LOL

That song line from " naanum rowdy thaan movie " - ennai maatrum kadhale nu oru song varum .
Aama...semma song! My fav is "thangame" LOLEmbarrassed

Yes biochemistry thaan Embarrassed lecture was superb Wink

Hehe dialogue lam appadiye oru flow la varudhu LOL Aama ama...kavithaiya kothudu ROFL

Aww I only need to thank you for sending pm to this awesome story and otherwise I would have missed :( 
Thank you akka! Embarrassed

Irundhalum most welcome solliduraen WinkLOL Haha! Ippa nan enna reply pannanum Ermm Embarrassed

Love you too sowmy HugHeart
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P.s neeyum sudha maadhiri nalla counter kudukurae Wink superb En Guru ve avangha dhan LOL LOL

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Thanks for likes and comments!
Here is the next part

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                                    (Banner credits: Dunyasha)

Hello friends! Here is the next part...hope you enjoy reading. As asked by the few readers I had unwound few mysteries. Hope you get an insight to the plot...and discover few more things.

Happy reading!   

You sleep in my sleep
You cry in my tears
There is your whisper in my thoughts,
even when you're not there, you are there
You're the result of my pain...
They are the wishes of my heart, my love!      

                                          CHAPTER 7: TARGET MISSED

RK came running towards the Hospital as soon as Rudra called him. He speedily climbed the stairs rather than waiting for the lift, he was well acquainted with the Hospital. He noticed Rudra sitting outside with his hands covering his face.

"What happened? Is Ma alright?"

"Yes she is. Doctor said it's one of the serious side effect of chemotheraphy."

"Hmm...Hope she gets well soon and not betray us like our father. I have a  happy news to share with both of you" RK said to Rudra rather grimly.

Before Rudra could answer Madhu passed by the corridor. She looked at RK and Rudra in surprise. 

"Rishab is everything alright?"

"No Madhu. Just that Ma..."

"What? What happened to Radha aunty? I will check on her." Madhu quickly went inside the Ward. She came out after few minutes. She looked at both of them and asked to no one in particular. "I would like to have a word with you."

Both the brothers looked at each other quizzically and followed her to the Cabin.

"You do know that she shouldn't stress herself right?"


"Her heart muscles are slightly damaged."

RK and Rudra stiffened hearing her.

Mahu gave a sad smile. She was noticing both of them. RK was deeply troubled. He was playing with the paper weight though his concentration was somewhere else. 

"She is fine now. We Doctors could save her from the disease. But it's purely the patient's will power and determination to fight the demons help them survive. Or they may be mentally traumatized. They may fail themselves even if the world's medications are given. And that's the positive side to aunty."

They both looked at her confused.

"She is very strong. Though the Chemotheraphy procedure is causing serious damage, her regular intake of medication and check up, most importantly you both are helping her fight the disease."

The brothers smiled softly looking at each other. RK now understood that his mother is alright.

"Don't worry Rishab and Rudra. She would be hale and healthy soon. I will take care of her."

RK had a strange smile playing on his lips hearing her which didn't go unnoticed by Rudra.

Madhu turned the page analyzing the report deeply and then asked "who is taking care of her?"

RK replied "It's Rudra. Most of the day am living in Station."

Madhu smiled indicating she knew it while Rudra looked down embarrassed.

"You don't know Madhu he would boss Ma liker a mother hen."
Madhu laughed along with Rudra. Their laughter died as they heard a sound.


"Han Trishna, come."

"Our Chief Doctor is calling you."

"I will see to it. You come here."

Madhu turned to the brothers. "RK and Rudra meet Trishna my colleague cum best friend!"

Trishna smiled. "No I am her bestest friend!"

Everyone laughed good naturedly. 

"Ok I should get going. Before that, Rishab a minute please?"

RK followed her out of the cabin while Trishna was with Rudra. Rudra winked at RK gesturing Madhu while RK scowled at him in reply.

"Rishab, take care of Ma. She is stressed. No major problem but make sure you be with her always" said Madhu.

"I will try Madhu."

"Your Mom had done Mastectomy 5 months before. With her consent we can go for breast reconstruction surgery."

RK pondered over her suggestion. "Madhu I think Ma won't agree to it."
"Not a problem Rishab. It's our duty to ask."

"Are you handling her case?"

"No. Our Chief Doctor and Oncologist is doing that job. We would be doing the follow up. I joined here only a year before after my internship."
RK nodded. "What about Trishna?"

"We were college mates. She too joined the same Hospital. We both are responsible for know na Out patients."


"Rishab how did you people find out? Cancer is usually detected at the last stage. It's effect is drastic at that period called Metastasis. At early stage it's asymptomatic. Many patients miss that phase. They come to be operated only during the third or fourth or the worst, latent phase. How did you people catch the sign?"

RK said "Ma noticed a lump on her right nipples a year ago. We didn't have any idea about that. Anyways we quickly admitted her to the Hospital. Never in our dreams we thought that it's actually Cancer.
The Doctor said that she is at stage 2. So it's curable. But Ma would suffer serious side effect during the treatment."

"Hmm...good. everything will be alright soon."

RK seemed disturbed but then he quickly caged her. Madhu looked at him shocked while RK smirked at her.

"You could have asked all this inside your cabin itself right?"

"Oh that..." Madhu looked everywhere except him. How could she tell him that he wanted to console him saying she is there for him? How could she tell him that she felt so hurt to see him troubled?

"You are my friend Rishab."

"So are you Madhu."

Madhu looked at him eye to eye. Both got lost in each other's eyes. Both were unaware that they are standing in a corridor in the Hospital.

"Don't you think there is more into it? There is something more than friendship? A bond that connects us whenever and wherever we are?" RK asked Madhu involuntarily. He moved a strand of her hair falling over her face. Madhu sensing the movement came back to reality as his words hit her. She pushed him gently and looked down trying to get her feelings under control.

Oh my god! What am I doing? Why am I spoiling Rishab's future? Why am I near him? Am a bad news.That too to my Rishab. I don't want his future to be tainted because of me. Because of my past.


"Rishab your brother and mother needs you. I have an urgent work at my hand now. Will come back soon. Bye!"

Madhu turned and went away abruptly without waiting for his answer while RK looked at her retreating form painfully.

Why are you pushing me from yourself Madhu? What are you hiding from me? I don't care about your past. What are you hiding behind your facade? Come back.

RK was lost in his thoughts when Rudra came near him. "What did Bhabi say? You look lost."

RK shook his head and replied "Nothing important." 

They moved towards their mother's room and waited outside for her to gain consciousness.

"What is the good news you are going to tell?"

"Now it's not important. I will tell you later." RK sighed and went back to looking at the floor which held his fascination few seconds before.

Madhu took her fancy handbag matching with the colour of her knee length summer dress. She applied light make up and let her free hair fall on her shoulders. She strolled along the Bar sexily as she searched for some one in the crowd. Seating herself comfortably on the couch she ordered whisky and sat there relaxing well aware of the lecherous eyes coursing through her. Soon enough as expected the man approached her. His eyes scanning her body lustfully. Madhu, though uncomfortable looked at him smiling seductively.

"Why are you stalking me?" She asked directly to the stranger while he looked at her surprised.

"You know me?"

"Anything that concerns you my dear, is of my concern. If I am not wrong you were present yesterday too. Behind the tree looking at me when I was with RK."

"Well! You know me. Very smart indeed! For a woman, you have a good body" he replied still eyeing her as if he is gonna eat her up.

"My face is here Mr.Sultan" Madhu said furiously seeing him looking at her everywhere except her eyes. She can't bear any other man except RK see her like this. 

"One can't do everything only by looking at face sweetheart." He stopped and then continued "You know my name too?"

"I know your history, geography and everything about you." Madhu pulled him closer." So Sultan ready for the night?"

Sultan grinned at the thought. He is lucky today. Madhu herself had fallen for his charms. But the poor guy is mistaken. What he didn't know was it wasn't Madhu who fell into his trap but him who fell into her trap.

Sultan slipped his hands around her waist and brought her closer to him. Madhu smiled at him but inside she wanted to strangle him for daring to keep his hands on her. She belongs to Rishab alone. No one else. But she is helpless.

They reached the hotel room. Sultan looked at her anticipating.

"Hey you am I boring you?" asked Madhu pouting.

"No sweetheart am forever at your service" said sultan eyeing her.

"Shall we get into business baby?" asked Madhu seductively.

Sultan grinned like a predator. "Sweetheart never thought that you would be so bold."

"Well expect the unexpected!"

The beautiful hotel atmosphere was filled with rich aroma and perfumes. The scented candles and the sexy lady lying on the bed further enhanced the beauty. Neither Madhu nor Sultan know what's gonna happen next. But something drastic is gonna happen definitely... the unexpected...
After the candle light dinner sultan got up from his seat and neared madhu. He came closer to her while Madhu moved backward blushing. Sultan was having difficulty controlling his wild hormones. To be exact they met only a week before but now they have progressed to reach this level. Not exactly met, but met in the bar. He is not a saint. Yet he hasn't longed for any woman as he did for Madhu. He once again admired her from top to bottom. She was all his. Yes his, only his...

Madhu initiated the first step. She knew what's gonna happen next. Quickly she hugged him. Sultan grinned with excitement. He isn't a patient man. He held her robe. At the very moment Madhu froze. She moved back abruptly.

"No No not now " she blabbered.

"What happened?" Sultan asked without a tinge of concern in his voice clearly displeased that she is postponing it.

"Sultan go out...he shouldn't find..Sullu"...

"Who would find Madhu?"

Madhu worriedly looked at him and said "my parents are here. I can feel their presence Sultan..."

"It's no joke madhu. How do you know? You don't believe me right?"

"Shut up!" Madhu spat out furiously. "When I say something you have to trust me. I expect you to follow it." Noticing his glare she looked down "Please go out."

Without a second glance Sultan moved out. Madhu calmed her violent heart beat. Parents...she she knew who was there. She knew, just knew who it was. No one has ever made her feel like that. When he is around even without seeing him she knew he is there. That is enough to bring peace to her heart. Her love was true. Her heart knew that he also loves her. But she never heeded to her heart. She followed the command of her brain mechanically. She knew there was no happy future for them. She needs to follow her goal, her very meaning of her life. But how could she confess her love to him? when the biggest obstacle in her life was him. Even now he had come to meet her. But how could she face him? she started sweating. She took nervous steps towards the exit door. She came to the parking lot only to face those mystic dark eyes. Even in that situation, his gaze made her weak, her heart skipped a thousand beats. The admiration and love in his eyes made her want to hide in his embrace. At the very moment she wanted to escape into her dream world, where there was on one between them. She looked at his eyes to confess her forbidden love but was pulled back to reality by his soft electrifying touch. He was about to say something excitedly, when Madhu turned back as always as she had done. Her heart broke seeing his pain. But...No...she couldn't turn back.

She walked further to escape the reality, rather to go away from him but her heart wished to see him again. She turned back, to see him standing there. And once again she was hypnotized by his magical eyes. Once again she fell in love with him, with her RK, her true love, her soulmate...



So how is the part? Is it nice? Finally included the prologue. Few more parts to go...I hope to complete this story within the end of this year. Let's see...
Next update would be "Who am I?" and "Chain my Heart".

Thanks for reading patiently! Do like and comment.

Note: Mastectomy - Removal of the whole breast (here Radhaji is suffering from Breast prevent its danger the whole affected tissue, ie. breast is removed)

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Brilliant update! Clap
So the target was Sultan & he got missed because of Rk's presence? What the hell was he doing there? 
When I first read the prologue... And Madhu said she could feel her parents presence I was like... Okay its gonna be a ghost story... Lol! Silly me!

Just one small doubt dear... The part in color wasnt flash back right? U just put it in color becos it contains the prologue lines right? Bcos i started wondering why not Madhu could have killed Sultan after meeting up with Rk... And Sultan's death news could be the happy news which Rk wanted to share... Lol! I know this so stupid to relate those two scenes... You have clearly titled this chappy "target missed" lol... Then how come Madhu would have kissed him? Lol! Rk probably wanted to share about his liking for Madhu to his mom and Rudra... But he hold it back to burst it in a better timing or after proposing madhu & getting her consent to marry him... Lol! 

Loved the first half so much... Both the brothers were so worried for their mother but felt better when Madhu assured them by going through her medical reports... 
Radha is stressing herself... I guess she needs a bahu to look after her Lol! 
Rk, man, i know you are one dutiful police officer but you should spend more time with your momma & care her too... U get so much time to go phone shopping with you doctor dearest but cant spend time with momma bear? Lol! 

I want Madhu's mission to kill Sultan to accomplish soon so that Rk can escape her from her crime & kept her under arrest in his bedroom! Oh my i started blushing at the thought... How sexy will Madhu look with her hands cuffed and tied up to the bed post? Rk staring at his criminally beautiful wife... Aww... 

I m sure Madhu is not doing any mistake... May be a crime in the eyes of law... But not her... She is surely avenging for someone dearer to her... Curious to know what f**ked her calm and ordered life... She seems to be one respectef doctor... But she is the most WANTED in the criminal record i guess... Haha... Feeling sad for her that she could dream of a happy life with the man she loves... 
She hated to go near that sultan or be touched and hugged by him (I wanted to strangle him for dreaming of having and even touching what's rightfully Rk's)... But still she did for someone's sake... 
I want Rk to find Madhu's secret and help her in a way he can... He will surely understand her & support her too... 

Story is getting so interesting... 
Thanks for unfolding a bit of secrets... More to reveal... For that we will wait! 

U r just doing a fab job dear... Handling the suspense so well & keeping your readers hooked up! 

Take your time to update as i know u will be joining college by next week... Whenever u get time... Write in bits and piece.. One day it will make a whole update which u can post it... 

Love u

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Second! !!
awesome update Sowmi! !!
Finally u reach prologue. ..
so..madhu is in mission! !
She trap sultan. .
i just want to kick that sultan when he said
she is his ' only his '
madhu scared from her past ..
poor madhu !!
Thanks for pm dear...

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wonderful update 

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Posted: 06 September 2016 at 10:56am | IP Logged

Loved it. Why does madhu think her past makes her unworthy for rk? What is she hiding? Pls don't tell me she was raped or work as prostitute to get her villians to their end. That wuld literally break me. I get it that she's doing all this for her sister. It was her sister who killed ballu right? Hope rk helps her kill all her enemies and they unite and also save her sister. So u've reached up to the prolugue part. Waiting for the next update. This doctor police love story reminds me of theri movie. Hope rishbala get United and nothing happens to either of them . Thanks for the pm

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superb update :-D thank you for the pm

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