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Rishbala FF: WANTED !- Chapter 8 updated on pg.81 (30/9/16) (Page 55)

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Originally posted by AakifahZahraa

WOAH! first of all thankyou for dedicating dis part to you Heart
and the banner is awesome! u hav got many fans ha? this part is d best... evry update is better dhan the previous! 
u are wanting all of us to wait so badly...! who is didu here? and dat scene where madhu hid her drawing was the best part! and not to mention rk-madhu romance was amazing too..! and congrats ..u are a goldie now! i need treat ClapBig smile

waiting for the next update EAGERLY!
Oh oh thanks Aaku!! You deserve this. Yeah my friend cum reader made the banner. Love you too dear Embarrassed
Haha thanks, You are the last one to wish me for becoming a goldie LOLLOL This update is your treat LOLTongue

Lol 2morrow is our result Ouch

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Originally posted by madhurish

Beautiful banner!
Thanks akka! Coz of Duni Big smile
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Originally posted by leena45678

soumya... amazing update dear.. sorry for late commenting. U give title to all the chapters. love it. banner is amazing. This is a crime thriller so enjoying it more. Rk in police avatar. Update soon..
Thanks Hiba...sure will update Big smile
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Hello friends! Here is the next part...this part is light hearted I think. As few of you asked fully Rishbalacious update!! Hope you like it! 

                                   CHAPTER 6: THE RISE OF THE DEVIL 

Unless we share someone's pain 
We don't get separated from our own pain
Here only my days
And here only my mornings begin
Here I have to live and die
Here are all my pilgrimages

                            Banner credits: Dunyasha (Thanks buddy Hug)

Sultan was looking at a Woman in the Park. She was talking to her Male companion. Sultan fumed seeing the man besides her flirting with her. He was clearly displeased to see him trying to get familiar with her. 

Sultan's friend cum employee was looking at his Boss curiously. "Boss what's the matter? Just order me I will get her tonight."

Sultan looked at him angrily "That's not easy, you idiot. Do you know who she is?"

The employee looked at Sultan fearfully and said "No."

"She is the daughter of an Editor, which means our job is tougher. I want her first for myself before selling her."

"As you wish Boss!"

Sultan looked at the Woman lustfully. "Now it's not the right time. We should better move out before he catches us."

"Boss who is that 'he'?"

"The man beside her, ACP Rishab Kundra. Don't you know that we are in the next Wanted list after our leader Balraj. We don't want to run into trouble now. I have few drug dealings to finish and the another one too..."Sultan continued. The meaning of 'another one' translates to Prostitution or better Human Trafficking. "Let's go."

In the distance RK and Madhu were talking animatedly settled comfortably on the farther deserted corner of the Park.

"You are Rudra's bro?"

"Yes!" RK smiled seeing her excited.

"Do you know how much he talks about you? He would keep on saying my bro did that, did this, he traced a criminal...My God so many heroic stories!!"

RK smiled at her warmly. He was giving attention more to her adorable dimples than to her words. He was lost in her beauty.

"Rishab are you listening?" Madhu asked frustrated seeing his concentration wavering.

"Yes darling I am!" RK replied involuntarily to which Madhu's cheeks turned pink. She looked down at her feet as if it's the most interesting thing in the World. Both were lost in their own World, with Madhu looking down and RK admiring her. Madhu was the first to recover. She decided to ask a question that was bugging her for long.

"Rishab aren't you scared?"

"Scared of what?" RK asked confused.

"Your job Rishab. You very well know what I am trying to say. Being a Policeman has its advantages. You should always be alert na? I heard that you are very honest and dutiful towards your service. Many people to whom I inquired always had good things to say about you..."

RK cut her, Madhu "You asked about me to others?"

"Yeah! So?" Madhu asked innocently.

"Ahaan! I like it" RK winked at her.

Madhu again looked down to hide her blush. "You can't hide natural beauty Madhu." Madhu blushed even more hearing it. She wished that this moment stays forever. That she would love to be  Rishab's Madhu. But alas that can never happen. She sighed.

"Rishab no beating around the bush. Tell me truthfully."

RK  looked at her. His face had a wry smile. "My father is my inspiration to become a Police Officer. He is the former Commissioner of Police in this city."

Madhu listened attentively.

"Our family was different. While every one in the family refused to give my mom's hand to my father, they both ran away." RK smiled recalling the memory when his Ma narrated her love story.
"Wow! Love story it is then!"

"Yes!" RK smiled seeing her child like amazement.

"But what unusual thing is there? Like all lovers they both eloped and married. Then?"

"The unusual thing is Madhu, my parents wanted me to follow my dream career. I wanted to become like my father. To my surprise they accepted my decision happily without revolting."

"That's great Rishab!"

"But Ma encouraged me further even after knowing that my dad was killed for following his duty."

Madhu was taken aback hearing him.

"He was killed by few dumb criminals who were forcing him to release an Accused. My father refused. To which those spineless good for nothing cowards killed him. He was vastly outnumbered. 6 bas***ds killed him. Brutally!" RK finished as tears covered his face remembering the terrible sight he saw. His father's dead body in the funeral. Being the elder brother, he lighted the pyre.

Madhu held his hand giving him support and wiped his tears. "I am there for you Rishab. Don't let these tears fall..."

RK looked at Madhu unconvinced. Madhu helped him up. "Come we will go to the shop and shop for the phone" Madhu smiled at him to cheer him up. "Or else the offer would be over. Today is the last date." RK nodded and wiped his tears. Madhu was so specific that she should go at this particular day to shop with him. He didn't understand the reason but he agreed. She wanted to buy the mobile on offer keeping in consideration of not wasting his money. While RK disagreed that it was his pleasure to spend for her, Madhu disagreed and made him agree to her idea somehow.

He was on cloud nine as her soft hands touched his, she didn't think of the necessity to leave his hand even after she helped him get up. Neither did He.

Moving inside RK was back to normal while Madhu was disturbed with the thought of the killer who did that to Rishab's father. She didn't want to question him again but her talkative nature didn't stop her.

"Rishab if it's Ok with you may I know who the killer is?" Her curiosity got the better of her.

RK who was now under control replied as his face turned red in anger "Balraj Choudary." 
He hunted for him not only because of his infamous criminal records, to fulfil his personal vengeance too.

A divine smile lit Madhu's face as she watched him. "Rishab, Balaraj is dead!" She said happily.

RK turned to look at her sharply. Nobody knew that Balraj was dead. The Media wasn't announced. The meeting with the Reporters was scheduled the next day. Not even his brother, Rudra knew it. Then how could she know it?

Madhu was aware of his suspicious eyes. But she didn't know why...

"How do you know?" RK interrogated her.

Madhu looked at him nervously as she sensed her slip. She said the best answer that she could come up with "Rudra."

RK smiled at her satisfied not wanting to give away the reason behind. While Madhu felt that the smile was fake. She quickly changed the topic getting him into the conversation.

 "You encounter all the criminals?"

RK smirked at her and replied "Only when the mood strikes me. Not all the accused are criminals. The law can forget punishing a guilty but it should never punish an innocent. A good example is the case of our assassination of our CM. Innocents were misled. They weren't even aware that they are committing a crime." 

"How could that be possible Rishab? Don't you know they are also somehow responsible for the crime?"

"Madhu think..." they were interrupted by the Salesman. "Sir Madam here is the mobile."

"Is there no discount offer?"

"Madam No. The offer is there, but it's only available when you order it online."

"Wow! Perfect!" Madhu smiled sarcastically. "Aren't we buying the same model and the same company?"

"Yes Mam but still..."

Madhu was about to get into an argument when RK pulled her away to the bill counter.

RK paid the bill as Madhu looked around curiously. She changed her grumpy face as RK asked her not to argue. All of a sudden she spotted someone at a distance. She started breathing heavily looking at a man in a distance. RK who was always aware of Madhu looked at her and saw her going stiff. She looked at the direction of her eyesight but there was nothing. 

"Madhu come we will go."

 No response.

"Madhu! Listen..."

 No response.

"Madhuuu!!!" RK shook her. His touch made her come out of her reverie as she starred at the surrounding to get back to normal. She avoided his eyes for the fear of letting the truth known. RK was startled to see the first sign of vulnerability in his Madhu. Her eyes bore a profound sadness. Soon enough the mask was back.

"Let's go out Rishab" Madhu faked a smile pulling him out.

RK looked behind him again to see what disturbed Madhu but he was unsuccessful.

Madhu's mind was working faster than a Nuclear missile thinking about the implications of her next move. For that, first she should make sure that nobody knows her identity. Or else her sister's life would be in danger.

RK excused himself to attend the call from Mukund. Madhu nodded and started looking through her new mobile. It was his first gift. Madhu shyly smiled looking at him. Then as the thought struck her, a frown formed on her face. She couldn't be with him. No, she can't be with him. He deserves someone better. Madhu looked at RK sadly. Now she was living her dream by being with him. She shouldn't get too familiar with him, for, it would risk his life. Madhu looked at RK unhappily. 

RK received a disturbing news from Mukund. The DNA Fingerprinting Analysis Lab had revealed that the fingerprint didn't match the suspect's fingerprint. He was thinking deeply analysing the failure of the situation, when an idea struck him. He decided to do it next day.

He looked at Madhu who was staring at him sadly. The same sadness in her eyes...

"Madhu what happened? Are you alright?"

"Yes Rishab. Was just disturbed thinking about a patient" Madhu lied. RK clearly understood, for, he loved Madhu intensely which made him look into her soul rather than the words.

"Come on Madhu let's eat something. I am famished."

Madhu agreed as they went to a small hotel nearby. RK who wanted to see a smiling Madhu asked her, "Madhu do you know Rachel?"

"Yes. She is working in my father's office". Madhu in turn questioned him. "You know Rachel loves Rudra?"

"Is it?" RK asked with glee. "You know Rudra too loves Rachel?"

Madhu looked at him surprised hearing the new info. "Wow!"

"My brother's half conversation would be about her only. From their meeting to dating. I used to feel like I have heard a teenage love story."

Madhu burst out laughing hearing him talk dramatically about his brother.

"He used to say that his heart said that he should pursue her. You know she is the one made for him...they are born to be together etc etc etc..."

"Wow! He is so dramatic just like you" Madhu smiled at him and continued turning serious "The heart won't do anything for that. I don't know why all the brainless lovers use the word 'heart'. It clearly shows that they didn't read their biology books properly."

"Excuse me!" RK said clearly offended. He too is a lover. Though he didn't propose her.

"Look Rishab!" , Madhu's face resembled a Professor teaching her student, "When a person falls in love 12 areas of the brain work in tandem to release euphoria inducing chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline and vasopressin. Brain chemical dopamine is at higher levels in those who are in love. Dopamine is key to our experiences of pleasure, pain, desire, addiction, euphoria,etc. So it's clearly the work of brain." Madhu stopped abruptly seeing him not listening to her.


RK was busy admiring her while she kept on talking. "I did listen. I can even repeat your long lecture. Wanna try me?"

Madhu looked at him displeased. "Am not lecturing you idiot!"

"Then what was that long speech for? I have a simple logic behind it."

"What's that?" Madhu asked eagerly.

"When you are in love your heart beats at a higher rate. From your explanation I can say that when you and me, truly connect, your brain syncs up with my brain, causing my heart to beat faster." 

RK and Madhu were lost in each other. RK's logic behind the heart being linked with love was proving to be true, as the couple's heart beat in sync with each other. Their frantic heart beats triggered by the Sympathetic Nervous System...


Thanks for reading! Hope it met your expectations...Big smile
Do like and comment...Big smile

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REs! first! Big smileWinkLOL

fabulous update!
Madhu's slip made him suspect her... in fact he already suspects her seeing her dead body sketch... 
this is called "Sketch potu thookuradhu" ROFL
okay... that creep sultan was lusting her & also planning to have her before he sell her in the market... that will never happen in your dream too you bloody moronDead Rk is there with her... but i feel Madhu will kill him before he could encounter him... she is just working on his sketch.. LOL

LMAO!!! Madu & her medical terminology... i loved Rk's explanation... it was Idhaya-logicalLOL
whereas Madhu's lecture about brain-heart-love connection was indeed a lecture worth giving in a seminar hall.. 
LOL! I'm sure Rk didn't get a single word she said... he just got lost in her beauty... LOL

why madhu went stiff seeing 'you know who' ??LOL 
this story is really tricky... quite difficult to guess... 
i salute Rk's mother for letting him pursue is dream career... she is so brave.. 
loved the update.. thanks for the pm dear!

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Chapter 6 updated! 
Sorry for the delay...have been busy with my results and counselling...

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Originally posted by madhurish

REs! first! 
Wow akka! So fast! Clap Just a 2 mins gap...great stalker Lol Big smile

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Fantastic update

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