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Enough! AsYa OS

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Take place during the ZoyAan track, enjoy!

Enough !

Zoya was cleaning some things in the Siddiqui's living room and she accidentally pushed a mud and it fell before she could stop it, broking into tiny pieces. She went to the kitchen to take the bin so she could clean the mess she created and went back there.

"Look at what you did!" Raziya shouted as the poor woman. Zoya was startled by her sudden burst and walked into a piece of the mud cutting her feet severely.

She stared at her feet while blood where flowing from it. She stopped herself from crying.

"Have you seen? Now you have injured yourself! You're so stupid that I can't even know how your mother had managed to bring such stupidity in this world." Raziya said.

"Enough!" Zoya screamed and all the family member came downstairs. "I have enough of you Raziya! I have enough of being criticized for whatever I do in this house! You know what? Nothing but you stops me from leaving this house! Nikhat is now married. But as you keep insulting me then Allah hafiz! I'm done being humiliated in this house! First you forced me into wearing these traditional clothes, then you forced me into cutting all relations I had with the Khan. I had accepted all your insults towards me but today I've enough! I don't care if you're being humiliated because your bahu left the house..What am I saying? I'm not even your bahu. My mother-in-law is only Dilshad Ahmed Khan and the only husband I accept is Asad Ahmed Khan! I won't stay in a place when I'm not wanted just to please your love for respect and anythings of this type! Today itself I'm going back home! And that means that I want a divorce." Zoya said sobbing and then she goes to Ayaan's room to pack her belongings. She was done. Her wound was very deep but she didn't care. Sheereen and Dadi bi wanted to stop her but she resisted.

"Dadi, you've always been a tremendous support for me but now, it's time for me to go home. I'm not made to be Zoya Ayaan Ahmed Khan, my only name will always be Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan. Mrs Khan, I think you must stop believing that Raziya is always right because it's wrong. You can think by yourself." Zoya left and she glanced at the mansion before disappearing in a taxi. She smiled to herself and looked at her blouse and the jeans she was wearing. Her blouse was red, his favorite color. She still didn't heal her wound.

She arrived in front of Khan Villa and glanced at her feet. It was covered in blood and it was also swollen. She knocked on the door and as soon as Dilshad opened the door, Zoya collapsed on her arms.

"Zoya?" Dilshad called but Zoya had fainted due to her feet.

Dilshad called Asad and he came immediately.

"Please Asad take her to her room!" She urged him to do so as she was staring at her little Zoya. Asad brought Zoya inside and carried her to her room. He laid her on the mattress and Dilshad brought into the room the first aid kit. He pulled off her shoe and looked at her feet. It was very bad. There was a huge piece of glass in her feet!

'And she walked with it just to come back home..' He thought and began healing her wound.

When he had done cleaning her wound, he left to prepare the dinner for Zoya. While he was finishing the pizza, Zoya had woken up. She stared at her feet and saw that it was already bandaged. She opened her closet to see that her clothes were already back in place. A tear fell down from her watering eye as she realized that she was really back home, a home where she was wanted and loved.

She took her pajamas as it was already past 8.00 p.m. and she left to the bathroom to take a shower. All her things were in place. It seemed like she had never left the Khan Villa.

Asad had served her mother then he went to Zoya's room to wake her up to eat.

"Miss Faroo.." He stopped dead in his track when he saw Zoya leaving her bathroom with a towel on. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her. He had missed her so much. He blushed deeply and she too. In a tiny voice she whispered:

"Mr Khan? May I change?" She asked and he nodded before going back outside. He sat next to his ammi and took her hand in his on seeing her tense face.

"Your father has called me Asad. They wanted to know if Zoya was here." Dilshad said and Asad clenched his jaw tightly.

"What did you say?" He asked.

"I said that I don't know where she is. I didn't want all of them to come here and disturb her." She announced.

"You're totally right. Miss Farooqui needs some rest and I suppose that they have must been cruel with her. Because she's the brave type of girl. She wouldn't flee from a place if she didn't have a good reason to do so." He said and Zoya heard him. She smiled on knowing that he finally starting to understand her.

"As soon as the divorce between Ayaan and Zoya would be announced, I will organize your wedding. Don't worry Asad. Everything will be okay. If I have to tie her wrist to mine to stop her from going anywhere I'll do so.. And I'll do the same for you too." Dilshad said and Asad and Zoya blushed.

"I won't go anywhere phuphi." Zoya said and walked to sit next to Asad. She intertwined her fingers with his and smiled at him.

"When I was there, I realized how important you are to me. In my heart you're already my ammi and Asad is already my husband. I had never felt so relieved to be able to call you as my own." Zoya declared and Asad smiled at her while Dilshad was overwhelmed with joy on seeing her children happy together.

After the dinner, Dilshad went to sleep and as soon as she heard Dilshad's house closing, Zoya threw herself in Asad's arms and cried.

She was clutching his shirt tightly, not wanting to let him go.

"Would you mind telling me why you're this sad Zoya?" He asked softly.

"He..They..She was always dismissing me. Aunty Razia always told awful things about me and today she just criticized my mother. And I was enough Asad. I was enough of so much hatred. I couldn't bear being this hated." She sobbed.

"But what about Ayaan? Didn't he take care of you?"

"He tried to but as soon as the situation was in her favor, she didn't miss a second to criticize me. And the worst part was that Ayaan's mother was believing her!" Zoya cried harder and Asad hugged her tightly, kissing the top of her head.

"No one will hurt you now Zoya. You will never go back there." He sealed this promise with a mind-blowing kiss. Zoya was stupefied but she melt in the kiss. They were back together now.

"Asad.. I know that's wrong..but can I sleep with you?" She asked shyly and Asad wanted to refuse but she seemed so vulnerable, it seemed like Raziya hatred had shaken her to the core. He hugged her tightly and lifted her. Then he carried her to his room. He laid her on the bed and went to her room to pick her cover.

"Goodnight Zoya." He said and kissed her forehead. Then he slept on his side of the bed. On the middle of the night, he heard her sobbing and he turned around and engulfed her into a hug.

"Please Zoya don't cry. I can't stand seeing you this sad. I'm sorry that I have hurt you by sending you there. I would have never done so if I had known what they would do to you." He kissed her temple and lulled her to sleep.

He kept her pressed against his torso as they slept peacefully. On the morning, when did Dilshad went to wake up her Zoya, she almost fainted on seeing her bed empty. She walked to Asad's room to urge him to look after Zoya but what she saw in this room broke her heart. He was hugging Zoya tightly, and she was holding his hands. The fact that both of them had different covers assured her that they did nothing during this night. Zoya had stains of tears on her cheek and Dilshad thought that their meeting must had been emotionally exhausting. She closed the door, not feeling like waking them up yet.

She was preparing the breakfast when she heard the doorbell. She opened the door and saw that all the Khan and the Siddiqui were there.

"We are here to take back our daughter-in-law." Sheereen said harshly.

"What the heck are you doing in my house? There is no daughter-in-law here for you!" Dilshad screamed waking up Asad and Zoya.

"Dilshad!" Sheereen shouted, raising her hand in the air.

"What now? You'll slap me on my own house? Enough! Yesterday, I saw the most heartbreaking sight a mother could see. I saw my daughter exhausted because of the amount of blood she had lost because you don't care about her safety."

"Like she's a baby.." Raziya said and Dilshad glared at her.

"No she isn't a baby but if you had considered Zoya as a part of your family, she wouldn't have ran back home!"

"Don't even think that you can criticize us, you're nothing Dilshad!" Raziya replied.

"Enough!" Asad shouted, his voice resonating on the walls of the house. "Isn't it enough for you to insult the woman I love? Now you're insulting my mother?" He said, clutching his fists while Zoya was hiding behind him in her Winnie the Pooh pajamas.

"You must cooperate Asad. We're just here to take Zoya back home." Ghafoor Siddiqui said. "She's our daughter-in-law now. She is not yours."

"Look how she's dressed already with these indecent clothes!" Raziya said.

"Hey! Stop it right now. You won't come here to criticize my wife-to-be nor my mother. Zoya and Ayaan are not married because both of them just don't approve this wedding. They don't love each other and they'll never do so. I don't know for you but a daughter-in-law must have the assurance that she's accepted by her family-in-law like their daughter. You proved that Zoya, even though she would have agreed to this wedding would have been treated like a piece of shit! Because you can value relationships! You're so deep in your need of prosperity that you didn't even realize that Ayaan and Humeira were finally together! So I don't want to be disrespectful but leave me and my family alone! For God's sake! Zoya won't come with you!" He shouted then he was going to carry Zoya to her room to cure her wound when Badi Bi called him. She cupped his face and kissed her forehead.

"Take care of Zoya beta." She whispered and he left with her.

"Now I would like you to leave my house." Dilshad announced and they left without further replies.

Asad finished to cure Zoya's wound and she grabbed his hand.

"Thanks Mr Khan..For what you said." She whispered.

"I'd do anything for you. Even life isn't enough to tell you how much I love you." Asad answered and hugged her while Dilshad was smiling.

Dilshad walked towards them and cupped their cheeks.

"Right after the divorce, I want you to get married." She announced.

Asad and Zoya smiled to each other as they were finally happy together.

5 years later.

A pregnant Zoya was running after her three years old son.

(Author's note: You won't believe me if I tell you that this little boy is a mix of Surbhi Jyoti and KSG that I created on www.MorphThing.com! But that's true! He's so cute!) 

"Please Sahil! Enough is enough!" She said as he was running all around the house fully naked.

He was going to hide under the table when Asad caught him.

"You little fella, come here!" Asad said and Sahil giggled because his father tickled him. Asad dressed his son then Sahil left to play in his grandmother's room. Asad hugged Zoya and kissed her temple.

"You're so romantic today! What's wrong?" She teased him. Asad kissed her neck and she smiled, blushing a bit.

"I love you Zoya.." He whispered as he kissed her earlobe.

"Enough Mr Khan.." She replied, whispering as well.

"Anything is strong enough to stop me from loving my beautiful wife." He said and she melted in his words.

"Anything is strong enough to separate us." he added

"But we're strong enough to fight against the world." She answered and locked their lips in a mesmerizing kiss as the eternity wasn't long enough to express their love...  

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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
nice os...
muskaan17rocks Goldie

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
Beautiful os
Loved reading it
Was a treat to read how asad and dilshad supported zoya against the siddiqui family
Eagerly waiting for the update of your other stories
Please continue them soonSmile
_yash_ Groupbie

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
nilusoni IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 12:19am | IP Logged
superb os loved it
thanx for pm
plz pm me for next
asifiqbalsh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 12:44am | IP Logged
Nice OS dear
-PizzyLuvAsya- Senior Member

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 3:29am | IP Logged
Itsh me Julli
Okay so I'm surprised to see you are great writer too !
It was pleasure to read it yar
MOnkEy_rAngEr Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 3:53am | IP Logged
Loved the os 
It's super duper amazing 
Loved how asad-Dilshad stood up for Zoya 
U r an amazing editor too 
The pic of the baby Clap
Very well written :-))

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