Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

:: Happy Birthday LaZyLaDy aka Aankhi ::

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: Scene 1:

Midnight at Kolkata's Hatibagan area...

Two super-hot vampires and one sexy-as-hell chudail are walking on the pavement. Suddenly one vampire stops and sniffs deeply.

Vampire 1: Hey stop! I just smelt biriyani!

Vampire 2: Oh God! You're reacting like you smelt blood..damn fool!

Vampire 1: You damn fool! I smelt biriyani, that means someone is cooking or eating it..and that means...someone is awake...

Chudail :Yes yes. And you can feast on the poor foodie's blood and I can make her slave. Yaahoo!

(She giggles hysterically)

Vampire 2 (still confused) : can be a trap. I mean..who eats biriyani at 2 p.m??

Vampire 1 (thoughtfully) : hmmm that's a point.

Chudail : Ohh..yah. That's surely a trap for us..may be a hunter...

Suddenly she jumps up and yells.

Chudail :I know...I know...I know...

Vampire 2: stop being dramatic. you're not shooting for hindi telly!

Vampire 1: She has made such a bad habit of repeating a word thrice. Like, Nahi nahi nahin!!

Chudail (blushing) : chudails in SSK do that. I thought..ok leave it. I know who the woman is. Just follow me.

Vampire 1(raising a brow) : You sure it's not trap?

Chudail : No no. She's rather a fan of us! Oh of our mimicries on TV. But hey, still she's a fan na? She can't trap us.

Vampire 2: wow. Sounds like an interesting person. Let's go meet her.

Henceforth the 3 devils run towards the source of biriyani...not to eat the dish but to meet the biggest foodie of 2016...or upcoming years!

: Scene 2:

Lazy is sitting on kitchen floor..weeping and gobbling biriyani from a large plate. A big bowl of mutton soup is set just right beside her. well, half empty.

Chudail enters through the window stealthily. She taps on Lazy's shoulder. But she keeps eating.

Chudail (softly) : hey Lazy..see who is here.

Lazy pays no heed. The plate and bowl are the center of her universe currently, not even God or death can divert her mind. Chudail huffs and tries again. This time a little bit louder.

Chudail : Lazzzyyy!! Can youuu hearrr meee??

This gets her attention. She looks up from her plate but her hazed and hungry mind doesn't recognize her.

Lazy (irately) : who the hell are you? And why are you yelling?

Chudail (shocked) :What? You didn't recognize me? I'm chudail! We met last summer at Nicco Park, you were busy eating ice-cream though but I paid attention. You praised my ice-cream.

Lazy : Oh then you're ice-cream vendor at Nicco Park? I see..But why should I remember an ice-cream vendor if he or she doesn't have horns on head?

Chudail (visibly hurt) : Because..I'm sexy-as-hell! But why are you crying buddy?

Lazy (sobbing) : what else I'm supposed to do?? Today's my birthday and I'm sitting alone!

Chudail : And eating like mons-..I mean really alone. Huh! So where are your friends, Titli, Diya, Sadi and Urmi?  Such nice girls they are.(smiling) You didn't invite them for dinner?

Lazy (sobbing more) : I fought with them...(sniffing) They came in morning...(sniff) with a big chocolate cake...but..but...I ate up the whole cake and...and..

Chudail(with wide eyes) : You. Ate. Up. Whole cake?

Lazy : Yeah..I mean I couldn't control myself. They asked to give them some pieces but...I umm..was busy eating and didn't listen.

Chudail (sadly): well then you could have offered them some snacks or drinks?

Lazy : yeah right. (sobbing) but I was so upset because they didn't bring Vivian, Varun and Fawad with them. Tits and Sads had promised to bring them. (sobbing more)

Chudail : Hmm.. they're celebs na? That too married celebs. How could they come??

Lazy(scowling at her):I know that you fool!! But at that time I was so angry and shouted like bull..well you know I'm Taurus! I can't help it!!

Chudail was about to say something when someone hissed from outside. She shifted to the window.

Vampire 2(angrily): heyy have you forgotten that we are here! The mosquitoes are biting us!

Chudail : oh you're not human thus immune to malaria/Chikungunya/dengue/yellow fever.

Vampire 1: But we're not immune to their irritating songs! Just let us in!!

Chudail ( in low tone) : okay okay. Come in. There's a problem here. You need to be smooth..

Vampire 2 enters first. Seeing Lazy he shots a playful grin.

Vampire 2 : Hey beautiful!

Lazy (watching him head to toe uninterestedly) : Are you food vendors like her? Did I order more food?? Well I eat more when I'm sad..

Vampire 2's smile drops. He coughs violently.

Vampire 1 : Hi lazy. I listened what you said from outside. Your friends are terrible.

Lazy(standing up and pointing hand to the door) : GET OUT! Drop the bloody foods and GO! You dare not say a word about my friends!! I LOOOVEEE them!

Chudail (stepping between them) : Hey hey cool down. I promise you I'll bring them back. Please don't behead them!!

Vampire 2 : what? How can she-

Vampire 1 : Hey are you forgetting what we're??

Chudail (whispering) : Don't get her angry please. She can beat up 10 vampires like you when she's angry!

Lazy : What do you mean by "bringing back"? How can you do that?

Chudail (smirking): Leave it on me dear. I'm a witch. I will trick them to come here and celebrate birthday with you.

Lazy(still confused):But you don't look like Patali Devi!

Vampires in unison : What? Patali??

Chudail (hurriedly): I'm not her. But I can work as good as her..even better.

Lazy : ohh then okay. And this two dumbos? What can they do for me?

Vampire 1(stepping forward proudly) : I will bring Fawad, Vivian and Varun.

Vampre 2 : And I'll handle their crazy wives..

Chudail (grinning widely) : problem solved.

Lazy ( cleaning her face) : ohkay. You guys are nice. I will share my foods with you.

Saying so, she picks up three spoons and passes to them.

Lazy : Now each of you can have one spoonful biriyani and one spoonful soup from here, remember just ONE.

The trio exchange glances and do as told without a word.

Vampire 2 :Thanks for the food (with a forced smile) and Happy birthday to you.

Vampire 1: yeah, given that we are luckier than your friends. So happy birthday. Keep smiling and eating..

Chudail : happy birthday and good night.

: Scene 3:

After they leaves Lazy comes to her room. As she opens the wooden the door and switches the light on, someone jumps on her from behind and plants a sloppy kiss on her cheeks.

Titli (yelling): see I kissed her first! See...I won!

Sadi(grinding teeth) : you cheated!

Rifah ( stepping forward): ohh stop fighting you two. This is her birthday. Don't ruin the plans.

This makes the girls quiet and they smile sheepishly.

Lazy (recovering from shock):  You? You came?? After what I did in came?

Diya (frowning): what did you do in morning and when did we come here?

Titli : May be she was dreaming.

Urmi(giggling) : I thought she dreams of hot actors only!

All of them burst into laugh then scream at top pitch.


Lazy (mentally) : Thanks witch for erasing their memory and bringing them back. Muahhh..


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                                                          You are my true friend. You were always with me, you supported me, you boosted me up when I was down. Thanks for being such a friend of mine. Happy birthday Taurus Girl Hug 



                                                    Happy Birthday Lazy Party I wish and hope all your dreamz come true... Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead... keep smiling always Smile... love you loads my chagli  Hug


Happy birthday Ankhi di. Party
May God bless u always!Smile




       The warmest wishes to a special person in my life, who probably knows me more than myself. Thank you for being with me through thick and thin, you know you can always count on me. Let us make you birthday a day to remember!


On this sPeCial day, i wiSh U alll the Very Best... All the jOy U caN eVer haVe aNd maY U be blesseD abundantly tOday..tOmorrOw & dayZ tO cOme___
May U haVe faNtastiC birthday & maNy mOre tO cOmeStar


Lazy di wishing u a very very happy birthdayBig smile.
Tomar ajker dinta khub khub bhalo katuk. Sudhu aj noy tomar sara jibon i jeno khub bhalo kate. 
Ami CC te asar por eta prothom karor birthday holo and seta tomake diyei shuru holo. Ajke khub khub moja koro . Aar ami siggy , edit ki66u banate pari na Sudhu wish korlamBig smileBig smile

Happy birthday to the brightest light in all our lives

Tomar school er sob baccha der ar amader sobai ke khayabe kintuLOLLOL

R tomar jonno ei video tao post korlam amar BIRTHDAY GIFT ROFLROFL

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HAPPY B'DAY ANKHI BABY !!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Lets celebrate your B'day 

Nice thread Girls ! ClapClapClap

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Happy birthday!!!!

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Happy Birth Day Lazy PartyDancing

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Thank uuu Titli Hug
Loooveee uuu muuuhhh Embarrassed
Main itna bhi foodie nehi hu Unhappy
Toda toda hu Embarrassed

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Bon_Vivant IF-Sizzlerz

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Sads muuhhh
Loveee youuu Hug

Dia thanks for the food LOL lovely edit re EmbarrassedHug

@rifi proteeti awesome edits Embarrassed thank you re Hug

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