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bepannaahpyaar. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 4:18pm | IP Logged

"Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned."

I discussed the Malhotra family dynamic & my love for the way EDKV's written (and carried out, despite working under the constraints of an 5x a week Hindi-TV drama mind you) in a response to another post on Tumblr, but now that I'm home, relaxed, and have some time on my hands, I decided I feel really strongly about this topic (AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVED TODAY'S EPISODE) and that I absolutely needed to make a main post about it. So editing that response around to give it the form of a regular post. And this is all because of the wholehearted genuine RESPECT this show has earned from me (on a level that no other show has managed to do). For the way I feel respected as an audience by its writers. Like finally an Hindi show that over-delivers instead of under. One that gives me expectations and lets me keep them. For giving me a male lead that has a brain and uses it, for all the right reasons. He can STAND UP to his family, but still manage to be respectful. He's still you're sexy angry-young-man but he ain't a grade A asshole. He's secure yet vulnerable at the same time. His complexities, his flaws, yet the realistic way he approaches life despite all of that. So realistic! So honest! Shravan is just my favorite male lead ever, and I can't remember how that happened because it happened so fast-I think I realized that this happened after it already did. And I'm so glad it did. And RAMNATH AND SHRAVAN, ahsdjfhaldksfjh I love them as much as I love Nanu & Suman. Just everything about this show, I feel like EVERY GODDAMN EPISODE this show gives me more reasons to love it, and affirms my old ones.

I'm not used to this much respect as an audience from a desi drama!!!! 

Writers <3 *pappies & jhappies*

Anyways, so getting onto the whole Malhotra family drama that happened today; I personally don't have a problem with this whole scenario. And that's because I just love the way how it makes sense, it's an outside situation and the way a family responds to it-and like all families, everyone here had their own individual & realistic reaction to it, which I just loved. The conflict, the reactions, and just overall the basic emotions of the situation were all so convincingly grounded in reality. Now with that said, do I hate Kameeni chachi (hell yeah!) and do I think Varun's a dumbass for taking that deal (Mmmhmm, #ShouldaListenedToShravan *sassy snap*). But even their actions, considering the characters made logical sense and never felt like "villain-moves" implemented by writers.

Ramnath's dilemma (with consideration to the character that he's been etched out to be for us, REF. to the Shravan-Ramnath 2nd Coffee scene. DO ITTT.), Shravan's level headed-ness & firm stance, and Suman's reaction-they all make so much sense.

I guess what I'm just trying to get at here is that I love how rather than some planning/plotting by Chachi or some other family member to create conflict within the family (with regards to this case),this was the situation the CVs used to create drama and to give us ShraMan angst. The kind of angst that breaks your heart but at the same time doesn't want to make you bang your head against the wall because the leads are just being stupid (on TRP demand of course).

And apart from just the ShraMan angle, I also LOVED (and always have loved) the Shravan-Ramnath angle.

"Jab se hosh sambhala hai, aapko aaj pehli baar aankhein jhuka kar baat karte hue dekha hai." If you haven't seen it yet, do go back & watch the Ramnath-Shravan coffee scene (the second one), we get to know a lot more about Ramnath, and the bond between them. In that scene, Ramnath even asks Shravan "Main sahi kar raha hoon na?" I just love such father-child bonds like these where they're both secure enough to be vulnerable to each other, because in desi culture in general (and in TV shows) such a bond is so rare, and for the writers to display this important figure & relationship in Shravan's life without any OTT melodrama/excessive sappiness, I think they deserve recognition & applause.

And so just today, that moment took the episode to another level for me. I'm sure Ramnath is not completely dood-ka-dhula, but I like how he's not being portrayed as downright manipulable just for the heck of it (again ref. to the 2nd coffee scene). 

The same way neither are Kameeni or Mami evil just for the sake of being evil, they are selfish in ways that lead to antagonist-like tendencies, I hate them but I like how they're more like a Kaikeyi from the Ramayan than like Komolika or some vamp from some old Ekta show. People like these exist, it feels like we can know them. What would be unreal to me are vamps that planning on poisoning the family/trying to murder the leads/etc. because "evil."

Basically, I just loved the way the writers orchestrated this kind of situation for drama & angst as opposed to OTT plotting/planning/etc. by vamps. And I love how the characters are consistent, especially Shravan, and how they give attention to equations like Suman-Pushkar, Pushkar-Ramnath, and Shravan-Ramnath in whatever subtle way they do, but yet still keep the moments & developments meaningful & not faltu.

And of course I love how the show's exploring the more understated dimensions of ShraMan's relationship, the way they can fight with each other, but also for each other-even if it meant going against the other.

I'm just so proud to be a fan of this show, it deserves all the love & respect it can get.

-Kriti Heart

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TeriKhamoshiyan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
I'm so happy you told me to watch this show. I can't believe we found this gem together and started this journey together. I can't thank the CV's enough for giving me this show, as a first, that I can proudly say I stuck with from the beginning to the end and that too with a fandom as amazing as our. 

Hat's off the the people of EDKV, to the people who make this show possible and to the people who share my love and respect for a show as fantastic as this. 

The amount of genuine respect I feel for this show is anything beyond I have ever actually had for a show. I can say I have had superficial obsessions (ya know what I am talking about), but never an emotional attachment as I do for EDKV. I feel so emotionally affected by the characters, by this show, it's quite insane actually that in such a short period of time I have fallen so deeply in love with a show. 

"I love how the show's exploring the more understated dimensions of ShraMan's relationship, the way they can fight with each other, but also for each other-even if it meant going against the other."
I love the way you put that because it's so true. They really are made for each, ek duje ke vaaste. And that for me is what love is. It's not this flashing label you just throw around like it's nothing. Love is caring for someone and respecting them. It's when you are willing to support them and be that person to help them better and realize themselves what their potential is. No one person is just putting all the effort in-it comes from both. 

Everything in this show has a purpose. No moment is just added for the sake of it. 
Their eyelocks. 
The handholds. 
And their falls.  Each fall has a purpose. 
A beautiful meaning behind it. Nothing happens in this show without a reason. There's always an underlying purpose, a message that is delivered to us and between the two. 
Truly, their relationship is the embodiment of actions speak louder than words. You actually see how those small details, aka the actions between them have so much more meaning than any dialogue that could be said. 

I'm so happy we have Shravan Malhotra as a character that finally exists on Indian television. He has gone down in history for me already, I'm waiting for it to happen in the world of Indian television as well, because it will. I'm so happy he stood up for what he believed and knows in his heart is right. AND FOR THIS, SOLE CREDIT TO CVS. BIG SA HUG for portraying such a real, consistent character, who yes has his flaws, his falls and insecurities, but still maintains that sense of realism, that we all as people feel. We, as human beings, have our reactions and behavior for events that take place, and so does Shravan, as well as other characters in the show, which is what I also just love. Every person is a human, not some fictitious character so far beyond reality that it's laughable. Each person has a personality unique to themselves and they maintain that with such dignity and realism, it's truly admirable. 

I really agree with the point you brought up about the antagonists of this show. I believe the same. Because even though I don't necessarily agree with Kamini or Mami, I see the logic and where they are coming from. They aren't characters set out to kill or ruin the lives of the lead couple, they are humans who hold their own interests and desires before others, as does everyone else. They want only what's best for their kids and they don't care by what means that is attained. 

I love the dynamics shared between each character too. There's a unique quirk between each relationship which is so loveable and cute to watch and meaningful to watch. No relationship is thrown in there for just the sake of having it thrown in there. 

Pushkar-Ramnath: I loved how today when there was nowhere there in the room, we saw Pushkar supporting Ramnath in the way he knew. Yes he respects him so much to the point where he only calls him sir, but I loved that he genuinely cares and loves him too. It's like a child loving his uncle.

Nanaji-Family: I love Nanaji. I just absolutely love him since day one. He and Ramnath are like parallels to each other in the two separate families. Both of them hold the family together and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the family's happiness is fulfilled. Today, how Nanaji despite giving them all a piece of his mind and saying that the only reason why he gave the go-ahead is because this matter brought the entire family together. I love how he let everyone know exactly why he agreed to whatever he did. He doesn't hold back from saying what he wants and just for me, is the voice of reason for this show. I'd love to see further exploration of Nanaji-Shravan's dynamic in the future as we got to see in the beginning of the show. Nanaji is just another connection Shravan and Suman share and love to watch on screen. 

Shravan-Ramnath: As I've said before when I saw the two coffee scenes, one the time when Shravan was talking about his plan for the party and trying to clear his mind. And the second time when Ramnath was seeking assurance from Shravan. I love their dynamic so much. I'm so happy to see such a real relationship between a father and son, something once again you don't get the opportunity to see on screen, especially with as much dignity and grace as the CV's execute it on EDKV. It's so beautiful to watch how both father and son understand each other and know when to point out each other out. Ramnath didn't directly stop Shravan from handling the case, because he knows internally that Shravan's stance isn't wrong, but from Ramnath's position, especially the situation he's currently stuck in, his priority is maintaining the stability of a family he's put his life into keeping together. I can't blame Ramnath for not being able to tell him directly because he doesn't want him to leave the case but he doesn't want his family to bear the brunt of that decision either. And Shravan, as usual the man of the hour. He called his father out because he knows exactly what predicament he is in and is currently facing the same. I JUST LOVE THESE TWO MAN. 

Proud EDKVian foreva and hamesha. Heart

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jassu7 Newbie

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 5:23pm | IP Logged
I couldn't agree more! This show deserves so much more appreciation compared to the amount it gets, and I'm proud of being a fan of a show where I can hate the antagonists so much, yet still see the (mostly) valid reason(s) they have for acting in such a way. The way that they show that things aren't always dressed with a cherry on top, and that bad situations aren't always only someone died, and came back to life with a "face transplant" (seriously, these people need to understand the difference between changing a face, to changing a character from 5 feet 1/2", to 6ft, 1/2")! Their situations are real. I can see someone getting into a fight/argument over the fact that they feel out of place, unacknowledged - actually, that happens in my house all the time! I can see someone having their sights set on the property, and the prosperity of their children no matter what it takes! I can see someone valuing money over their family because sometimes, you know that in this world, the person who comes out on top, is the one who is willing to lose it all. And as for hating mami, I do too, but you never know, we could see a track that shows the real reason behind her always going after the most profitable deal. Coming over to the Malhotra's, firstly, we need to talk about the superbly underappreciated bond of Vandy and Chachi. If someone (*note Lalaji) is teasing her, her first reaction is Mami-ji! And her MIL does come in her support! There's no drama between the two, honestly, if I didn't know better, my first assumption would've been that Vandy is Kamini's own daughter! Coming to the Ramnath-Pushkar bond, I love how Ramnath loves and treats him like his own son, and Pushkar loves and treats Ramnath like his own father, but is too terrified to call him something other than sir (I would prefer if Pushkar called Ramnath "bade papa"). How they showed that Pushkar didn't go after either one of his brothers, but instead stayed with Ramnath was simply beautiful. The CVs showed how Ramnath and Pushkar both see the two sides of the coin, but because they care for their family so much, they don't want to make a decision that proves one or the other wrong, and creates a rift between them! Plus, kudos to CVs showing Pushkar asking Ramnath if he wanted a cup of coffee, not asking who he thought was right! Moving on, the wonderfully executed dynamic between Ramnath and Shravan just leaves me speechless every time! They can be vulnerable around each other, they know each other so well, and they just understand each other. We saw Ramnath being the understanding dad, and badass lawyer when he gave Shravan advice to "settle out of court", but then we saw the unsure man, who just wants to be like his grandfather, and make him proud today, and after that, we can safely say that the CV's know that not everyone's perfect, and they do a damn well job of showing it! Even Vandy was pretty amazing today! She didn't say anything, but you could see her questioning whether her husband was right or not the entire time! The way that she looked at Varun when he was arguing his point, and how she almost hesitated to talk to Shravan, she was simply brilliant! Going over to the Tiwari's, my favorite characters from that family are hands down Nanu, Suman, and Dabboo! The bond that Nanu and Suman share is similar to the bond that Shravan and Ramnath share. They understand each other, they know when the other has given up, and they become each others pillar, each others strength. Lastly, ShraMan! What can I say about them! Them "moving on" from I hate you, to I still remember everything about you, is beautiful! We don't see Shravan heroically saving Suman every time. We see him letting her fall, and grow on her own because that's how relationships work. And we see that although these two are stubborn, and independent, they know when to say thank you, and when a thank you isn't enough. Thora zyada ho gaya, and I still want to say more But that's the power of an amazing show! I just want to go to all the CVs, the entire cast, and crew of EKDV, and give them a "jhadoo ki jhapphi" because they're f 'in awesome, and they deserve all the appreciation they can get, and so much more! Thank you to them for making such an amazing show, and thank you to Sony for letting them be wonderful and relatable, not TRP machines! :)

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MrDarcyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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I agree Kriti. This show deserves accolades and awards for the writing as much as acting and direction. They have managed to keep it realistic. I LOVED how Shravan did not cower down to Maami's blatant emotional blackmail and said he will do "What is right!". In doing what is right he will save Varun from Khosla too. Khosla knows he is about to loose. So he used his last trump card and Ramnath is also falling under Kamini's "Kameeni" pressure! That woman is Satan! (Sorry just hate her). I cant see anything good in her. Selfish B***h that she is! I understand Varun is her son, but there is a limit. I hate it when she uses Ramnath's clear weakness for keeping his family together as a weapon. But this happens in real life too.

Ramnath knows telling Shravan to give up the case is wrong. So he wont say it in so many words. But because of the family dynamic he is also thinking this. Everyone is talking to Varun, but not to Shravan. They know Shravan wont easily bend. But in the end Khosla has done FRAUD! So is he meant to get away with it now so that Varun can do business with him? Is Mr Tiwari supposed to loose his house over it? It's not even comparable. Despicably selfish is what it is! Lalaji is right. If tomorrow Khosla tells Varun to give up his Dad for him then will he? Khosla is a crook. If Varun cant see that then he is not only selfish and self serving like his Mum, he is a damned Fool too!

Hats off CV's for not making Shravan stupid. Thanks for not making his Dad tell him to do the wrong thing in so many words. Thanks that Shravan questioned his Father about why he is stealing his eyes away, if he knows he is doing right in even expecting Shravan to give up the case so Varun can keep doing business with Khosla. Loved it all. Yes we only had a few ShraMan scenes. But THAT is the beauty of this show. This show makes us want to watch the whole show, not just ShraMan scenes. The whole story, the family dynamics, the characters all make sense! 

This show is for "Intelligent" viewers and I am happy they are finally making a show for that group of viewers. Not just people with group think who just watch meaningless over dramatic masala drama! Most of the producers of Indian TV can learn from this PH and they should be ashamed of how useless and un-creative they are!  Request to the makers, don't change ANYTHING for TRP. It will come to you. Just do quality work like you are doing now! Thank you again! 

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OmaRamdass IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
This is such a great appreciation post
You guys should ensure SONY reads this to let them know how much we are liking the show regardless of the TRP right now.

I have always like realistic shows and anything away from the saas bahu drama which i can never understand in this modern times -how can people love such regressive shows..

The leads are fantastic with their acting and their expressions and the rest of the characters are blending in so well.
i really dont want the leads to fall in love or confess as yet - there needs to be more development between them and then we can have love and marriage later on 

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