~ Building Life ~ (A Swadarsh FF) ~ Note, Page 76 (Page 8)

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Originally posted by Lifez_Beautiful

Ahh it's getting interesting by the day! Grt job! Thumbs Up

BTW dear can you plz mention the Pg number of the latest update too in the title evrytym u update? It wud b mighty helpful to zero in on the right page easily. Smile

Thanks. At the moment, they are yet to sort out their misunderstandings. But Adarsh has already realized that he yelled at her in error. Let us see if good sense prevails...

Teaser: Some simple and cordial scenes are necessary before the next problem, isn't it? Tongue

I normally share the links to the update in the index. Hence no mention of the page number. But I will make sure to mention it going forward. 

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Originally posted by sushfiza

Swadheenta quit d job!!
Waitig fr d next 

Like I was saying, I think it was an impulsive and inexperienced reaction from her. She just wanted to immediately do something to make sure she does not create any problems for Suhasini. Let us see if she realizes that and changes her mind...
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Courage, determination, commitment, toughness, talent, guts. That's what girls are made of!

Your Honor, this is a case of tarnishing the image of a gentleman. Mr. Ahuja ek behetareen builder hai iss country ke, aur itne saare logon ke liye ghar banaya hai. Jo log inke high end gharon ko afford nahi kar sakte, woh inka image kharaab karne ke liye aise galat tareekon ka istamaal kar rahe hai. Mr. Singhvi began his opening remarks at court on a crisp Monday morning. Aise logon ko encourage nahi karte hua, hamari aap se guzaarish hai ki yeh case dismiss kar di jaaye my Lord. 

Swadheenta got up on her feet as Mr. Singhvi took his seat. This was her first ever court hearing, and on a personal level, she was greatly proud of her accomplishment. But, she had the lives of all those farmers in her hands and felt burdened with this responsibility. She took her time and looked around the court house. Her eyes met the ones she had been searching for, and those gave her the required encouragement. She smiled at him, Adarsh.

3 days ago, at the Sinha residence

Suhasini was shocked at Swadheenta's words. Resignation? She had always known that this girl had great potential, dedication, determination and confidence, but her commitment and sincerity made Suhasini very proud of her. Swadheenta was determined to help the farmers, but could not let Suhasini suffer, and was hence willing to quit her job and work independently. Suhasini could not do anything but smile at Swadheenta. Upon Swadheenta's confused face, she replied

Swadheenta, as lawyers, our first resolve should be to never take any decisions without considering all odds and possibilities. We are trained and taught to handle situations and arrive at just results through contemplation, and contemplation is hardly possible when we are distressed. I can tell that you are also emotionally disturbed at the moment. Why don't we talk this over tomorrow in the morning? I know the extent up to which you are willing to go to fight for the farmers, but you are yet to think of how you will fight all this alone. Why don't you sleep on it and meet me again in the morning to discuss? If you feel the same way tomorrow morning as well, then I will accept your resignation. Ok?

Swadheenta considered Suhasini's words. Although still unconvinced, she decided to give it some thought. She agreed to come back the next morning to discuss it with her again. It is only when she turned to leave that she noticed Jaya-Jaidev, Manohar and Adarsh standing behind. Her eyes met Adarsh's briefly and she quickly looked away. She apologized to everyone for intruding and disturbing them at this hour and left. 

Manohar had suggested that it may be best for Abhay and Simmi to stay at the hospital for the night. Simmi was still weak and could use the rest and help. He also wanted a chance to talk to Suhasini at home and understand the complications before Simmi returned. Jaidev, Jaya, Adarsh and Mahonar returned back and were welcomed to a conversation between Swadheenta and Suhasini. Having overheard most of the conversation, they knew that this whole fiasco was neither Suhasini's nor Swadheentha's fault. Manohar, Jaya and Jaidev who were meeting Swadheenta for the first time were truly impressed by her sincerity and commitment. They also felt a sense of helplessness at the situation, and hence with a slight smile and nod of their heads accepted her apology and walked in to the house. Adrash however stood grounded. He had noticed how Swadheenta meet his eyes briefly before walking away. For the second time that night, he ran after her, but this time with intentions to make amends

Swadheenta, wait. 

Ab kya hai? Aur kya baaki reh gaya hai Adarsh? Don't worry.. tumhare family mein kisi ko bhi mere wajhe se kuch nahi hoga. I will make sure of it. Bye

Arre yaar, itni toh shaant thi lunch pe. Itna gussa bhi aata hai tumhe?

Tum bhi toh itna acha bol rahe the lunch pe. Itna gussa tumhe bhi toh aata hai. Anyways, mein late ho rahi hu. Mujhe jaana hai. Bye

How will you go home?

I will get a cab

Let me drop you

No. Thanks. I can manage on my own

I know you can manage everything on your own. Thodi der pehle hi dheka hai maine. Apne liye nahi, mere liye saath chal lo meri? Please. I will feel better if I drop you home... please?

She did not have the energy to fight anymore and hence let him lead the way to his car. After a few minutes in the car, Adarsh pulled over in front of an ice-cream parlor. Upon Swadheenta's questioning gaze, he told her that they had had such heated moments today that he figured both of them could use something cool. She smiled at his suggestion and went in with him. They placed their orders and sat at a table in one corner. 

Swadheenta... I am sorry

Dont apologize. I know you were worried about Simmi (taking a few seconds to gather her thoughts)... I truly did not know Adarsh. Mujhe sach mein nahi pata tha

Adarsh held her hands that were on the table -  I know. I should have let you tell me. I was worried about Simmi, aur saara tension maine tum pe utar diya. I feel terrible about everything I said. Please, I really am sorry.

Ek baat poochu thumse. Sach sach batao ge?

Please, poocho na

Why didn't you come in to hand over the file to me directly Adarsh? Kya itna bura tha hamara lunch ki tum kabhi mujhse milna hi nahi chah te the? If nothing else, I thought we would atleast be friends...

Adarsh was taken back to the lunch and her subsequent phone conversation. He was surpised that she was blaming him for it. Kya? I did not have a good time? Yeh tumse kisne bola? Mein aaya tha, aur file thuje hi deta, lekin I heard you tell someone over phone that you hated my company so much, and that you were irritated. 

What? Yeh kab hua? Maine kab kaha ki mujhe tumne irritate kiya? She then recollected her conversation with Asad regarding her lunch with Jeevan at around the same time. She realized the confusion and started laughing despite herself. She then explained the entire situation to a confused Adarsh. 

Feeling stupid about arriving at judgement against each other, they resolved to themselves to not let it happen again. They felt relieved that there were no misunderstandings between them now. With this sense of freedom, Swadheenta asked

Adarsh, not as Suhasini maam's son, but as a friend, tell me... what should I do now? Mujhe kuch samaj nahi aa raha. Mein unn farmers ka saath nahi chod sakti. Mr. Ahuja galat hai... lekin mein Suhasini maam ke liye koi problem bhi nahi create karna chahti. Kuch samaj nahi aa raha

Swadheenta, Ahuja uncle ke ways hamesha teek nahi hote, yeh baat ham sab jaante hai. Lekin Simmi is a good girl, and Abhay ki wife hai. Our interest is her's and Abhay's welfare. While we don't intend any harm coming Ahuja uncle's way, agar woh galat hai toh unhe saza milni hi chahiye. Hamari majboori hai ki hum kuch nahi kar sakte. And it is just a co-incidence that you have taken up this task. Mujhe nahi lagta ki tumhe apni career risk karni chahiye. Tumhe ek ache lawyer ki guidance ki zarooth hai ek acha career banane ke liye. Mein yeh nahi keh raha ki tum akeli kuch kar nahi sakti, par ek established lawyer ka guidence hona can mean a world of difference. Tum mom se iss case ke khatam hone tak ka sabbatical kyon nahi maangti? Go on a loss of pay or something. That way, you will be representing the farmers independently, lekin iss case ke baad mom can still be your guide, because you will still be employed with her.

Lekin iss case mein bhi mein akeli rahoongi toh haar jaaoongi. I dont have any experience. Mujhe haarne se darr nahi lagta. But the lives of those farmers? Mere wajhe se kharaab ho jaayega sab kuch. Mr. Singhvi se mein kaise ladoongi?

Mukabala shuru hone se pehle tumne haar maanli? Don't worry. Mein hu tumhare saath. And I am sure, unofficially hi sahi, mom will also guide you. Haan, research aur arguments tumhe khud hi karni padegi. But we will support you. I will support you.

Kyon? Tum Simmi ke against jaake mera saath kyon doge?

I am not supporting you against Simmi. I am supporting your fight against Mr. Ahuja. Simmi has to support her dad because he is her father. Lekin mere liye aise koi restrictions nahi hai. Aur end mein jeet sachayi ki honi chahiye. You should not lose simply because Mr. Singhvi has more support then you. 

Lekin mere paas sirf 2 hi din bache hai. 

It is an uphill task, lekin it is also general knowledge that this case didn't have a lawyer till recently. Apne first hearing mein judge ko sirf ek extension ke liye convince karo. Find enough evidence to warrent an extension. Thoda bhi aur time mila, toh you can prepare better.

Ok. Mein koshish karti hu. Tumhe lagta hai ki mein yeh kar paaoongi?

Hahahahhha. Maine toh tumhara lawyer side ab tak dheka nahi hai. Lekin mom ko zaroor barosa hai ki tum karpaaoogi. And I have no reason to doubt her judgement. 


You are welcome. Ab ghar drop kardu?

Haan, yes please

Swadheenta called Suhasini the next day and discussed the possibility that Adarsh had suggested about taking a sabbatical. Suhasini was glad to oblige her with this chance. Swadheenta suggested to Suhasini that she would meet her after the hearing instead of today, for she did not want anyone to assume Suhasini's involvement were she to be seen at the Sinha's residence before the first hearing. Now that they had reached this agreement, she wished to keep Suhasini's name out of this mess, particularly because she knew that Simmi had returned home. Adarsh helped her by being her moral support in the last couple of days, and she willed to do everything she could to fight for justice for the farmers.


She was brought back to the present when Adarsh encouraged her to continue with a nod of his head in the courtroom.

Your honour! Mr. Singhvi is absolutely right. There are many poor people in our country who can go to any extent to tarnish the image of rich people for monetary gains. Lekin woh un logon ko mention karna bhool gaye my lord jo log itne selfish hote hai ki apne faide ke liye gareed logon ko unke hi zameen se beghar kar dete hai. Mere ek client, Mr. Prakash ko hi dhek lijiye. Mr. Singhvi ka kehna hai ke woh zameen Mr. Ahuja ka hai. Unke paas iss baat ka sabooth bhi hai. Zameen ke papers hai jisme Mr. Ahuja ka naam hai. Lekin aise papers toh mere paas bhi hai Your honor. Usi zameen ke papers jisme Mr. Ahuja ka nahi, balki Mr. Prakash ke naam hai. Iss registration document ka date Mr Ahuja ke document se pehle ka hai. Aur mere client ne woh zameen kisi ko nahi bhecha hai aaj tak.  

Objection your Honor

Objection kis baat ka Mr. Singhvi. Iss baat ka ki mere paas yeh original documents aa gaye? 

Silence. Ms. Ramakrishnan, objections pe aap iss court ko ruling dene deejiye. Mr. Singhvi, iss court ko inn documents ke baare mein aur jaankari chahiye. Objection overruled. Please continue Ms. Ramakrishnan

I am sorry your Honour. Mein iss document ko evidence ke tor pe court mein submit karna chahoongi. Yeh mujhe Haryana ke khata office se mile My lord. Aisi kahi saari baatein hai iss case mein, jinhe assess karne ki zarooth hai Your Honour. It is general information that I have taken responsibility of this case only a couple of days ago. Mein koi excuse nahi de rahi, lekin bahut koshish karne ke baad bhi mein saare woh sabooth juta nahi paayi hu iss kam samay mein jisse yeh saabith ho sake ki mere clients ke saath naainsaafi hua hai. Mein iss court se request karthi hu ki mujhe thoda aur time diya jaaye apni sabooth pesh karne ke liye.

My Lord, yeh court ka time waste karne ka ek bahaana hai. Agar koi sabooth hota, toh ab tak mil chuka hota. 

Mr. Singhvi, yeh court iss baat ko maan ti hai ki yeh ek unusual request hai. Lekin yeh baat bhi sahi hai ki Ms. Ramakrishnan ke paas zyada time nahi tha. Since it is a question of the lives of so many people, this court is obliged to honor her request. Ms. Ramakrishnan, this court grants you 2 weeks time to gather your witnesses and proof's. The court is now adjourned. 

Swadheenta was over the moon with this result. Adarsh who was in the courtroom to witness her argument was very pleased with the way she argued. He could not understand why he felt a sense of pride in her accomplishment, but he was happy that she had succeeded in her initial task. He rushed outside and immediately called Suhasini to inform her of the progress. He had a good feeling about this case, and her career. 

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Lovely update.Suhasini is so nice in this with Swadheenta.True sense of mentor.

update soon.

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So finally all the misunderstandings r cleared now.. Wooo...
All the parts r tosome... U r a beautiful writer. I loved this fiction. 

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Conversations - the key to healthy, successful relationships. How often does it happen that people end up making theirs and others' lives miserable due to jumping to conclusions and forming their own assumptions. I'm glad that these two spoke about their differences/misunderstandings without letting their egos rule the moment.

Only one word for Suhasini - Sweetheart!

Reading about/watching realistic and mature characters is refreshing!

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Hey I just read all the parts together and I'm hooked onto this story. Its so good and well written. I loved everything about it. Great work there and I'm also liking that you are so regular in updating. Hug

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Originally posted by olsen_124

Lovely update.Suhasini is so nice in this with Swadheenta.True sense of mentor.

update soon.

Everyone has different shades. Suhasini will also get a chance to get angry etc. But at the moment, nothing has happened to warrant such a reaction. She is an intelligent and balanced woman. Get ego will be hurt in the future, don't worry LOL

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